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libgpod-lang-0.6.0-79.46 RPM for ppc

From OpenSuSE 11.1 for ppc / ppc

Name: libgpod-lang Distribution: openSUSE 11.1
Version: 0.6.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 79.46 Build date: Sun Dec 7 09:01:51 2008
Group: System/Localization Build host: build52
Size: 104058 Source RPM: libgpod3-0.6.0-79.46.src.rpm
Summary: libgpod translations
libgpod is a library meant to abstract access to iPod content. This
package includes the translations for libgpod

    Jorg Schuler <>
    Christophe Fergeau <>




LGPL v2.1 or later


* Tue Sep 09 2008
  - backport scsi fixes (just some missing headers) and downgrade
    to official release again to not break gtkpod
* Mon Sep 01 2008
  - fix build by updating to an slightly newer snap 0.6.1+20080901.
* Tue May 27 2008
  - buildreq sg3_utils-devel instead of scsi
* Thu Feb 14 2008
  - libgpod3 is not a renamed package so remove the provides/obsoletes
* Sat Feb 09 2008
  - fix some more packaging errors.
  - Remove uneeded dependencies in the -devel package, it only needs
    glib2-devel and glibc-devel (dependant packages may need changes)
  - remove "la" files.
* Tue Jan 29 2008
  - fix some specfile errors
  - move nano support tools to tools subpackage which supplements
    the main package.
* Wed Jan 23 2008
  - fix iPod nano support
* Wed Jan 16 2008
  - Update to version 0.60
  - Rename library package to libgpod3
* Wed Jul 04 2007
  - Update to version 0.5.2
    * namespace cleanup
    * updated translations
    * various fixes
    * New API functions to facilitate copying to the iPod in a
      background thread and implementation of own copying code
    * better sort order on the iPod when displaying
  - renamed main package according to Shared Library Packaging Policy
* Tue Feb 13 2007
  - Do not build unusable static libraries (#238552#c17).
* Thu Feb 01 2007
  - Update to 0.42
  - build python bindings
* Tue Dec 19 2006
  - Spec file cleanup.
  - Splitted libgpod-doc from libgpod-devel.
* Mon Oct 23 2006
  - Update to version 0.4.0
    * added definitions for new sixth generation
      iPod Videos, iPod Nanos and iPod Shuffle
* Sat Jul 01 2006
  - update to version 0.3.2
    * db-artwork-writer.c: increased IPOD_MMAP_SIZE from 2 to 16 MB as
      a temporary workaround until a propoer solution can be
    * db-itunes-parser.h: replaced the #pragma pack(4) with an
      'packed' attribute on _MhiiHeader only.
    * ipod-device.c: (ipod_device_set_property): fixed possible
      segfault when hald is present.
    *, po/es.po: added Spanish translation catalog
    * libgpod-1.0.pc: added gobject-2.0 to 'Requires:' list
    * src/db-itunes-parser.h: add '#pragma pack(4)' to fix 64bit issue
      with padding (at least as a temporary fix).
    * src/ipod-device.c: added HP type color photo ipod 'S492'.
    * po/ja.po: updated Japanese catalog
    * src/ipod-device.c: (ipod_device_set_property): fixed bug that
      caused ipod-detection to fail if hal daemon was not running. As
      a consequence cover art was not written to the iPod.
    * src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (itunesstats_read) Fixed error when reading
      the Shuffle's stat file (0x18 was used as minimal record length
      instead of decimal '18').
    * src/itdb_itunesdb.c, src/itdb_playlist.c, src/ithumb-writer.c:
      removed nested-functions.
    * src/ipod-device.c: (ipod_device_set_property) check hal_context
      before accessing it to avoid segfault when hald is not running.
      (ipod_device_hal_initialize) fixed memory leak: 'error' was not
      freed if libhal_ctx_init() failed.
      (ipod_device_get_model_index_from_table): fix warning about
      unused computed value (thanks to Martin Aumueller)
    * src/ipod-device.c: don't ignore return value of
      fread/fwrite/ftell because of possible compiler warnings.



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