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gtkmm2-2.14.1-1.24 RPM for ppc

From OpenSuSE 11.1 for ppc / ppc

Name: gtkmm2 Distribution: openSUSE 11.1
Version: 2.14.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.24 Build date: Sun Dec 7 10:01:59 2008
Group: System/Libraries Build host: build52
Size: 5137221 Source RPM: gtkmm2-2.14.1-1.24.src.rpm
Summary: C++ Interface for GTK2 (a GUI Library for X)
Gtkmm provides a C++ interface to the GTK+ GUI library. gtkmm2 wraps
GTK+ 2. Highlights include typesafe callbacks, widgets extensible via
inheritance, and a comprehensive set of widget classes that can be
freely combined to quickly create complex user interfaces.

    Murray Cumming <>
    Daniel Elstner <>
    Karl Nelson <>
    Tero Pulkkinen <>
    Elliot Lee <>
    Phil Dawes <>
    Erik Andersen <>
    Bibek Sahu <>
    Mirko Streckenbach
    Havoc Pennington <>
    Guillaume Laurent <>
    Todd Dukes <>
    Peter Lerner <>
    Herbert Valerio Riedel <>




GPL v2 or later; LGPL v2.1 or later


* Fri Oct 03 2008
  - Update to version 2.14.1:
    + Windows build fixes
* Thu Sep 25 2008
  - add pangomm-devel to devel package requires
* Thu Sep 18 2008
  - Update to version 2.23.8:
    + ComboBox: Added get/set_button_sensitivity()
    + FileChooser: Added set_file(), select_file(), unselect_file(),
      taking a Gio::File. Added get_files(),
      set_current_folder_file(), get_current_folder_file(),
      get_file(), gtk_file_chooser_get_file(), get_file(),
    + LinkButton: Added get/set_visited() and the property
    + StatusIcon: Added set() taking a Gio::Icon. Added get_icon()
      and gicon property. Added constructor taking a Gio::Icon.
    + Adjustment, StatusIcon: Reimplement some get_*() functions
      with new C functions instead of direct struct access
    + PrintSettings: Added get/set_number_up_layout(), using the
      new NumberUpLayout enum.
    + SelectionData: Changed get_data() to not return a length too,
      and added get_length(), as it was in gtkmm 2.12, to match
      latest GTK+
    + Widget: Changed the get_allocation() implementation back to
      direct struct field access, to match latest GTK+.
    + Added a file because a small gmmproc utility
      is GPL (bgo##550789).
* Thu Sep 18 2008
  - Require pangomm-devel to build.
* Tue Aug 12 2008
  - Update to version 2.13.6:
    + pangomm is now in its own tarball
    + AccelGroup: Added get_is_locked() and  get_modifier_mask()
    * CellRendererPixbuf: Added gicon property
    * Clipboard: Added request_uris(), wait_for_uris(),
    * Entry: Added get/set_overwrite_mode()
      Added overwrite_mode and text_length properties
    * Dialog: Reimplemented get_action_area() and
      get_content_area() with the new accessor functions
    * Entry: Reimplemented get_text_length() with the new accessor
    * HandleBox: Reimplemented is_child_detached() with
    * IconInfo: Added IconInfo(icon_theme, pixbuf) constructor
    * Image: Added a set() overload that takes a Gio::Icon
      Added get_gicon() and gicon property
    * Layout: Reimplemented get_bin_window() with the new accessor
    * Menu: Added get_accel_path() and get_monitor() and many
      new properties
    * MenuItem: Added get_accel_path().
      Added right-justified and submenu properties
    * MessageDialog: Added get_image()
    * Printer: Added get_default_page_size()
    * PageSetup: Added load_from_file() and  load_from_key_file()
      Added create_from_file() and create_from_key_file()
    * Plug: Added get_embedded() and get_socket_window()
      Added embedded and socket_window properties
    * PrinterSettings: Added load_from_file() and
      load_from_key_file(). Added create_from_file() and
    * ScaleButton: Added set/get_orientation(),
      get_plus_button(), get_minus_button(), get_popup()
      Added orientation property
    * SelectionData: Reimplemented get_data(), get_data_type(),
      get_format(), and get_display() with the new accessor
    * ScaleButton: Added set/get_orientation(),
      get_plus_button(), get_minus_button(), get_popup()
      Added orientation property
    * Settings: Added many properties
    * Socket: Added get_plug_window()
    * StatusIcon: Added get_x11_window_id()
    * ToolItem: Added toolbar_reconfigured()
    * Tooltip: Added set_icon_from_icon_name()
    * TreeViewColumn: Added get_tree_view()
      Deprecated the existing cell_get_size() and added another,
      because the cell_area parameter has changed to a const in
    * Widget: Added damage_event signal.
      Added window property
      Added get_snapshot()
      Reimplemented get_allocation() and get_window() with the new C
      accessor functions instead of direct struct field access
    * Builder: Added versions of create_from_file(),
      create_from_string(), add_from_file(), and add_from_string()
      that take an ID or array of IDs, to allow building of only a part of
      the file, as was already possible with libglade
    * CellRendererCombo: Wrapped the changed signal
    * FileChooser: get_preview_widget(): Avoid an endless loop.
    * Printer: Added is_paused() and is_accepting_jobs()
    * ComboBoxEntry: Added get_active_text()
    * Widget: Added the drag_failed signal, with no default signal
    + Calendar: Removed spurious ; characters (bgo#54484).
* Tue Jul 01 2008
  - Update to version 2.13.1:
    + Various API additions and bugfixes
    + For a fuller account, see the included NEWS file.
* Sat Apr 12 2008
  - Update to version 2.12.7:
    + Container: Avoid a useless warning about remove() with custom
      containers (bgo#518002)
    + Build: Fixed a warning from g++ 4.3 (bgo#524874)
    + UIManager: add_ui_from_string(): Fix a problem with use of
      non-ASCII text in UI markup
    + TreeModel::Path (TreePath): TreePath(In pbegin, In pend)
      constructor: initialize gobject_ to avoid a crash (bgo#50043).
* Tue Mar 18 2008
  - Update to version 2.12.5:
    + Improved documentation
    + Build fixes
  - The file hitherto known as /usr/bin/demo has been
    renamed to /usr/bin/gtkmm-demo.
* Wed Jan 30 2008
  - Update to version 2.12.4:
    + Gtk::RecentAction: Derive from RecentChooser - this class was
      unusable before and we didn't want to wait for the next
      major GTK+ and gtkmm versions to fix it
    + Build fix with gcc 4.3 pre-releases
  - Respin gtkmm2-gcc43.patch
  - Remove libtool archives.
* Tue Nov 27 2007
  - Update to version 2.12.3:
    + Bug fixes
    + Improved documentation.
* Wed Oct 17 2007
  - Fix build with GCC 4.3.
* Mon Sep 17 2007
  - Update to version 2.12.0:
    * RecentAction: Rearrange the constructor parameters, to match
      the other Action classes; added more default parameters
  - This release requires gtk+ version 2.14.0.
* Tue Sep 11 2007
  - Update to version 2.11.8:
    + Gdk::Cairo::set_source_color(), set_source_pixbuf(), set_source_pixmap():
    Deprecated the existing versions of these methods and added overloads that
    take a const RefPtr& instead.
    + Deprecated Gdk::Cairo::rectangle(), replacing it with
    add_rectangle_to_path().  and deprecated Gdk::Cairo::region(), replacing it
    with add_region_to_path(),
    because these names are clearer.
    + Documentation: Tutorial: DrawingArea: Corrected a mention of
    PixBuf to Pixbuf. Bug #465961
* Sat Sep 01 2007
  - Update to version 2.11.7:
    + Build fixes
    + Documentation markup changes for future appearence in
* Tue Jul 31 2007
  - Update to version 2.11.6
    * Pixbuf:
    - Added constructors that do not take dest_x
    and dest_y (which are ignored in this case).
    - get_formats(): Corrected the reference counting.
    * Builder: Removed get_type_from_name().
    * IconView:
    - set_tooltip_item(), set_tooltip_cell():
    Use Tooltip only via a RefPtr.
    (Murray Cumming)
    - Added get_tooltip_context_path()
    and get_tooltip_context_iter().
    (Marko Anastasov)
    * LinkButton: Added set_uri_hook() and unset_uri_hook().
    * PrintJob: Added a const version of get_surface()
    * PrintSettings: Corrected the typedef for SlotForeach -
    the ustring&s should be const. I do not believe that anybody could
    have been using this, so I think it is OK to change it.
    * Tooltip: Added set_tip_area().
    * TreeView:
    - Added convert_widget_to_tree_coords(),
      convert_tree_to_widget_coords(), convert_widget_to_bin_window_coords(),
      convert_bin_window_to_widget_coords(), convert_tree_to_bin_window_coords(),
      set_tooltip_row(), set_tooltip_cell(), set_tooltip_column(),
    (Murray Cumming)
    - Added get_tooltip_context_path() and get_tooltip_context_iter().
    (Marko Anastasov)
    * Widget: Added keynav_failed(), error_bell(),
    modify_cursor(), unset_cursor(),
    set_has_tooltip(), get_has_tooltip().
    (Murray Cumming)
    * Documentation:
    - Corrected lots of API reference documentation.
    (Murray Cumming, Marko Anastasov, Jonathan Jongsma)
    - Added a Tooltip example. (Marko Anastasov)
    * Color: Added to_string().
    * Context: Added set_base_gravity(), get_base_gravity(),
    get_gravity(), set_gravity_hint(), get_gravity_hint().
    * FontDescription: Added set_gravity() and get_gravity().
    * FontFace: Added is_synthesized().
    * GlyphString: Added get_width().
    * Layout: Added is_wrapped(), is_ellipsized() and
    * Screen: Added is_composited(), set_font_options(),
    get_font_options(), set_resolution(), get_resolution(),
    * IconView:
    Added set_tooltip_item(), set_tooltip_cell(),
    * MenuToolButton.hg: Added set_arrow_tooltip_text() and
    * StatusIcon: Added set_screen() and get_screen().
    (Murray Cumming)
    * TextBuffer: Addded cursor-position property.
    (Marko Anastasov)
    * TreeVIew: Added is_rubber_banding_active()
    (Murray Cumming)
  - Use %fdupes.
* Thu Jul 12 2007 
  - Update to version 2.11.4
  - Fixes to class documentation.
  - Updated widget class - to match the new tooltips API.
  - Converter from libglade's .glade files to GtkBuilder .ui files.
  - Some examples were added to the documentation.
* Wed Apr 11 2007
  - Update to version 2.10.8
  - Fixes for #409102, #383340, #395572, #387708,
    [#371882], #366930, #369335, #358268, #358268, and #352226.
* Fri Jan 12 2007
  - Spec file cleanup.
* Tue Dec 19 2006
  - Move to /usr.
* Wed Oct 18 2006
  - update to version 2.10.2
  - Added --enable-atk=no option, to disable the build and use
    of the atkmm API, for use in embedded environments
  - Book: Added Plug and Socket chapter to book, with example
* Tue Oct 10 2006
  - Use Obsoletes (#211085).
* Wed Sep 27 2006
  - Provide old devel package name.
* Tue Sep 26 2006
  - Merged packaging changes from gtkmm24.
  - Provide old package name.
* Sat Sep 16 2006
  - update to version 2.10.1
  - gtkmm now depends on cairomm
  - AccelMap: Added lookup_entry()
  - Button: Added get/set_image_position()
  - many other additions



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