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evoldap2-client-2.4.12-4.5 RPM for ppc

From OpenSuSE 11.1 for ppc / ppc

Name: evoldap2-client Distribution: openSUSE 11.1
Version: 2.4.12 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 4.5 Build date: Sun Dec 7 00:48:48 2008
Group: Productivity/Networking/LDAP/Clients Build host: build52
Size: 596734 Source RPM: evoldap2-client-2.4.12-4.5.src.rpm
Summary: NTLM patched OpenLDAP library for Evolution
OpenLDAP Client Utilities

This package contains the NTLM patched OpenLDAP client utilities for




BSD 3-Clause


* Fri Nov 21 2008
  - update
* Fri Oct 31 2008
  - Do not install the conf file as other applications linking
    dynamically to LDAP libraries use our libraries.
* Thu Oct 30 2008
  - Create a conf file for the evoldap libraries to pass to ldconfig
* Fri Oct 24 2008
  - Update the package to depend on openldap2-client in SUSE Head.
  - Use correct prefixes for all installation directories, which fixes
    the build failures in evolution-data-server and evolution.
* Thu Oct 23 2008
  - the helper function to create various LDAP controls returned
    wrong error codes under certain circumstances
    (bnc#429064, ITS#5762)
  - Fixed referral chasing in chain-overlay (bnc#438088, ITS#5742)
  - Fixed back-config integration of overlays with private instances
    of databases (translucent, chain, ...) (bnc#438094, ITS#5736)
* Mon Oct 13 2008
  - Added missing #include to slapo-collect
* Sun Oct 12 2008
  - Update to 2.4.12. Most important changes:
    * Fixed libldap ldap_utf8_strchar arguments (ITS#5720)
    * Fixed libldap TLS_CRLFILE (ITS#5677)
    * Fixed librewrite memory handling (ITS#5691)
    * Fixed slapd attribute leak (ITS#5683)
    * Fixed slapd config backend with index greater than sibs (ITS#5684)
    * Fixed slapd custom attribute inheritance (ITS#5642)
    * Fixed slapd firstComponentMatch normalization (ITS#5634)
    * Fixed slapd connection events enabled twice (ITS#5725)
    * Fixed slapd memory handling (ITS#5691)
    * Fixed slapd objectClass canonicalization (ITS#5681)
    * Fixed slapd objectClass termination (ITS#5682)
    * Fixed slapd overlay control registration (ITS#5649)
    * Fixed slapd runqueue checking (ITS#5726)
    * Fixed slapd sortvals comparison (ITS#5578)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl contextCSN detection (ITS#5675)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl error logging (ITS#5618)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl runqueue interval (ITS#5719)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb entry return if attr not present (ITS#5650)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb release search entries earlier (ITS#5728,ITS#5730)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb subtree search with empty suffix (ITS#5729)
    * Fixed slapo-memberof internal operations DN (ITS#5622)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache attrset crash (ITS#5665)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache caching with invalid schema (ITS#5680)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy control return on password modify exop (ITS#5711)
  - removed obsolete patches
* Mon Oct 06 2008
  - remove some problematic test-cases, that cause a lot of
    unreproducable buildfailures
  - check for exisitence of /etc/openldap/slapd.conf in init-script
    assume back-config usage if it isn't present (bnc#428168)
* Wed Sep 24 2008
  - Mark Schema and SuSEfirewall files as %config
  - openldap2-back-perl requires perl
  - Give more meaningful error messages when index configuration
    fails (bnc#429150)
* Fri Sep 19 2008
  - Reduced debug-level during "make test" to reduce required disk
    space and buildtime
* Thu Sep 18 2008
  - Fixed init-script dependencies (bnc#426214)
* Fri Sep 12 2008
  - Backported fix for a crash in back-config when adding entries with
    a too large index (ITS#5684)
  - Backported fix for a crash when adding an invalid olcBdbConfig
    Entry to back-config (ITS#5698)
* Tue Sep 09 2008
  - Removed getaddrinfo workaround. Recent glibc doesn't need it
    anymore (bnc#288879, ITS#5251)
  - Server requires libldap of the same version.
* Mon Sep 08 2008
  - Import back-config support for deleting databases from CVS HEAD
* Tue Sep 02 2008
  - Dropped evolution specific ntlm-bind Patch (Fate#303480)
* Thu Aug 28 2008
  - added ldapns.schema , to allow to use pam_ldap's "check_host_attr"
    and "check_service_attr" features (bnc#419984)
  - backport overlay_register_control fix from HEAD (bnc#420016,
* Mon Aug 18 2008
  - remove outdated options in the fillup_and_insserv call
* Mon Aug 18 2008
  - fixed LSB-Headers in init-script
* Wed Aug 13 2008
  - try to fix build for buildservice
    (BUILD_INCARNATION can be empty)
* Mon Aug 11 2008
  - /usr/lib/sasl2/slapd.conf was moved to /etc/sasl2/slapd.conf
  - adjust ownerships of database directories even when using
* Thu Jul 31 2008
  - Enable back-config delete support
* Tue Jul 29 2008
  - Update to Version 2.4.11. Most important changes:
    * Fixed liblber ber_get_next length decoding (ITS#5580)
    * Added libldap assertion control (ITS#5560)
    * Fixed liblutil missing return code (ITS#5615)
    * Fixed slapd cert serial number parsing (ITS#5588)
    * Fixed slapd check for structural_class failures (ITS#5540)
    * Fixed slapd config backend renumbering (ITS#5571)
    * Fixed slapd configContext OID (ITS#5383)
    * Fixed slapd crash with no listeners (ITS#5563)
    * Fixed slapd sets memory leak (ITS#5557)
    * Fixed slapd sortvals binary search (ITS#5578)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl updates with multiple masters (ITS#5597)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl superior objectClass delete/add (ITS#5600)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl/slapo-syncprov contextCSN updates as internal ops (ITS#5596)
    * Fixed slapo-memberof replace handling (ITS#5584)
    * Added slapo-nssov contrib module
    * Fixed slapo-pcache handling of negative search caches (ITS#5546)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy DNs with whitespaces (ITS#5552)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy modify with internal ops (ITS#5569)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov ACL evaluation (ITS#5548)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov crash with delcsn (ITS#5589)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov full reload (ITS#5564)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov missing olcSpReloadHint attr(ITS#5591)
    * Fixed slapo-unique filter normalization (ITS#5581)
* Mon Jun 30 2008
  - Only apply -fPIE patch to recent Distributions
  - removed -fPIE from the slapcat-2.3 build
  - Adjust BuildRequires for older Distributions
* Fri Jun 27 2008
  - make sure the subpacks are only in one spec file declared
* Tue Jun 24 2008
  - branched off libldap-2_4-2 package to support the shared library
    packaging policy
* Wed Jun 11 2008
  - Update to Version 2.4.10. Most important changes:
    * Fixed libldap ld_defconn cleanup if it was freed (ITS#5518,
    * Fixed libldap msgid handling (ITS#5318)
    * Fixed libldap t61 infinite loop (ITS#5542)
    * Fixed libldap_r missing stubs (ITS#5519)
    * Fixed slapd initialization of sr_msgid, rs->sr_tag (ITS#5461)
    * Fixed slapd missing termination of integerFilter keys
    * Fixed slapd multiple attrs in URI (ITS#5516)
    * Fixed slapd sasl_ssf retrieval (ITS#5403)
    * Fixed slapd socket assert (ITS#5489)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl cookie (ITS#5536)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb MAXPATHLEN (ITS#5531)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb indexing in single ADD/MOD (ITS#5521)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap entry_get() op-dependent behavior (ITS#5513)
    * Fixed slapd-meta quarantine crasher (ITS#5522)
    * Fixed slapo-refint to allow setting modifiers name (ITS#5505)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov contextCSN passing on syncprov consumers
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov csn update with delta-syncrepl (ITS#5493)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov op2.o_extra reset (ITS#5501, #5506)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov searching wrong backend (ITS#5487)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov sending ops without queued CSNs (ITS#5465)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov max csn search on startup (ITS#5537)
    * Fixed slapo-unique config structs (ITS#5526)
    * Fixed slapo-unique filter terminator (ITS#5511)
* Fri May 16 2008
  - Support update from 2.3 releases (bnc#390247)
* Thu May 08 2008
  - Update to Version 2.4.9. Most important changes:
    * Fixed libldap to use unsigned port (ITS#5436)
    * Fixed libldap error message for missing close paren (ITS#5458)
    * Fixed libldap_r tpool pause checks (ITS#5364, #5407)
    * Fixed slapcat error checking (ITS#5387)
    * Fixed slapd abstract objectClass inheritance check (ITS#5474)
    * Fixed slapd add operations requiring naming attrs (ITS#5412)
    * Fixed slapd connection handling (ITS#5469)
    * Fixed slapd frontendDB backend selection (ITS#5419)
    * Fixed slapd pagedresults stale state (ITS#5409)
    * Fixed slapd pointer dereference (ITS#5388)
    * Fixed slapd null argument dereference (ITS#5435)
    * Fixed slapd REP_ENTRY flags (ITS#5340)
    * Fixed slapd value list termination (ITS#5450)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb ID_NOCACHE handling (ITS#5439)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb entryinfo state if db_lock fails (ITS#5455)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb referral rewrite (ITS#5339)
    * Fixed slapd-config overlay stacking (ITS#5346)
    * Fixed slapd-config attribute publishing (ITS#5383)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap connection handler (ITS#5404)
    * Fixed slapd-ldif file name handling & multi-suffix/dir catch
    * Fixed slapd-meta connections on error (ITS#5440)
    * Fixed slapd-meta crash on search (ITS#5481)
    * Various syncrepl fixes (ITS#5407, ITS#5413, ITS#5426, ITS#5430,
      ITS#5432, ITS#5454, ITS#5397, ITS#5470)
    * Various slapo-syncprov fixes (ITS#5401, ITS#5405, ITS#5418,
      ITS#5486, ITS#5433, ITS#5434, ITS#5437, ITS#5444, ITS#5445,
      ITS#5484, ITS#5451)
* Fri Apr 25 2008
  - Adjust ownership of DB_CONFIG to ldap:ldap (bnc#376204)
* Thu Apr 10 2008
  - Compile with glibc 2.8.
* Thu Apr 10 2008
  - added baselibs.conf file to build xxbit packages
    for multilib support
* Thu Apr 03 2008
  - removed apparmor profile
* Mon Mar 03 2008
  - revert last change and make libldap_r available again as some
    packages seem to directly rely on libldap_r. Assume they know
    of the libldap_r's limitations.
* Wed Feb 27 2008
  - Moved libldap_r from -client subpackage to the main server
    package as it is only meant to be used by slapd.
  - Removed static libldap_r.a library and link from
    - devel subpackage. External programs should only use the "normal"
    libldap library.
* Wed Feb 20 2008
  - Update to Version 2.4.8. Most important changes:
    * Fixed libldap extended decoding (ITS#5304)
    * Fixed libldap filter abort (ITS#5300)
    * Fixed libldap ldap_parse_sasl_bind_result (ITS#5263)
    * Fixed libldap result codes for open (ITS#5338)
    * Fixed libldap search timeout crash (ITS#5291)
    * Fixed libldap paged results crash (ITS#5315)
    * Fixed slapd support for 2.1 CSN (ITS#5348)
    * Fixed slapd include handling (ITS#5276)
    * Fixed slapd modrdn check for valid new DN (ITS#5344)
    * Fixed slapd multi-step SASL binds (ITS#5298)
    * Fixed slapd overlay ordering when moving to slapd.d (ITS#5284)
    * Fixed slapd NULL printf (ITS#5264)
    * Fixed slapd NULL set values (ITS#5286)
    * Fixed slapd timestamp race condition (ITS#5370)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config crash on delete (ITS#5343)
    * Fixed slapd cn=config global acls (ITS#5352)
    * Fixed slapd truncated cookie (ITS#5362)
    * Fixed slapd str2entry with no attrs (ITS#5308)
    * Fixed slapd TLSVerifyClient default (ITS#5360)
    * Fixed slapd delta-syncrepl refresh mode (ITS#5376)
    * Fixed slapd ACL sets URI attrs (ITS#5384)
    * Fixed slapd invalid entryUUID filter (ITS#5386)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb idlcache on adds (ITS#5086)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb crash with modrdn (ITS#5358)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb modrdn to same dn (ITS#5319)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb MMR (ITS#5332)
    * Fixed slapd-meta setting of sm_nvalues (ITS#5375)
    * Fixed slapd-monitor crash (ITS#5311)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy only password check with policy (ITS#5285)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy del/replace password without new one (ITS#5373)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov hang on checkpoint (ITS#5261)
* Thu Jan 10 2008
  - Removed bogus debugging output from slapd_getaddrinfo_dupl.dif
* Wed Jan 09 2008
  - Fixed allocation for paged results cookie (Bug #352255, ITS#5315)
* Fri Dec 14 2007
  - Update to Version 2.4.7. Most important changes:
    * Added slapd ordered indexing of integer attributes (ITS#5239)
    * Fixed slapd paged results control handling (ITS#5191)
    * Fixed slapd sasl-host parsing (ITS#5209)
    * Fixed slapd filter normalization (ITS#5212)
    * Fixed slapd multiple suffix checking (ITS#5186)
    * Fixed slapd paged results handling when using rootdn (ITS#5230)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl presentlist handling (ITS#5231)
    * Fixed slapd core schema 'c' definition for RFC4519 (ITS#5236)
    * Fixed slapd 3-way Multi-Master Replication (ITS#5238)
    * Fixed slapd hash collisions in index slots (ITS#5183)
    * Fixed slapd replication of dSAOperation attributes (ITS#5268)
    * Fixed slapadd contextCSN updating (ITS#5225)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb to report and fail on internal errors (ITS#5232)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb dn2entry lock bug (ITS#5257)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb dn2id lock bug (ITS#5262)
    * Fixed slapd-hdb caching on rename ops (ITS#5221)
    * Fixed slapo-accesslog abandoned op cleanup (ITS#5161)
    * Fixed slapo-dds deleting from nonexistent db (ITS#5267)
    * Fixed slapo-memberOf deleted values saving (ITS#5258)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache op->o_abandon handling (ITS#5187)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy single password check on modify (ITS#5146)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy internal search (ITS#5235)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov refresh and persist cookie sending (ITS#5210)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov ignore invalid cookies (ITS#5211)
    * Fixed slapo-translucent interaction with slapo-rwm (ITS#4889)
* Thu Nov 29 2007
  - check for duplicates in getaddrinfo results and ignore them.
    (Bug #288879)
* Tue Nov 27 2007
  - The init-script removed directory access on /etc/openldap/slapd.d
    (Bug #344091)
* Mon Nov 26 2007
  - Update to Version 2.4.6. Initial 2.4 release for "general use".
    New features:
    * Usability/Manageability:
    - More complete Documentation (manual pages and Admin Guide)
    - dynamic configuration and monitoring improvments
    * More functionality
    - New overlays (dds, memberof, constraint)
    - Multimaster syncrepl replication
    * Performance improvments:
    - Further optimized frontend
    - Reduced locking contention in backend
  - back-config support through new sysconfig option
  - Install admin guide from the main tarball, to get rid of the
    admin-guide tarball
  - New sysconfig options:
    * OPENLDAP_START_LDAP to allow to disable the ldap:// listener
    * OPENLDAP_LDAPI_INTERFACES to specify the paths for the ldapi:///
* Mon Oct 29 2007
  - Update to Version 2.3.39. Most important changes:
    * Fixed slapd database/overlay config conflict (ITS#4848)
    * Fixed slapd password_hash config order (ITS#5082)
    * Fixed slapd slap_mods_check bug (ITS#5119)
    * Fixed slapd ACL sets memory handling (ITS#4860,ITS#4873)
    * Fixed slapd ordered values add normalization issue (ITS#5136)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb DB_CONFIG conversion bug (ITS#5118)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap search control parsing (ITS#5138)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap SASL idassert w/o authcId
    * Fixed slapd-ldif directory separators in DN (ITS#5172)
    * Fixed slapd-meta conn caching on bind failure (ITS#5154)
    * Fixed slapd-meta bind timeout assertion (ITS#5185)
    * Fixed slapd-sql concurrency issue (ITS#5095)
    * Fixed slapo-chain double-free (ITS#5137)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache and -rwm interaction fix (ITS#4991)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache non-null terminated array crasher (ITS#5163)
    * Fixed slapo-rwm modlist handling (ITS#5124)
    * Fixed slapo-rwm UUID in filter (ITS#5168)
    * Fixed sasl SASL_SSF_EXTERNAL type (ITS#3864)
    * Fixed liblber Windows x64 portability (ITS#5105)
    * Fixed libldap ppolicy control creation (ITS#5103)
  - Silenced some rpmlint warnings
* Wed Aug 22 2007
  - Call "ldconfig" from %post and %postun in openldap2-client
    (Bug #298297)
* Tue Jul 24 2007
  - Update to Version 2.3.37. Most important changes:
    * Fixed slapd-glue/syncprov interaction (ITS#4623)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap search reference crash (ITS#5025)
    * Fixed slapd-ldbm crash on Compare op (ITS#5044)
    * Fixed slapo-rwm searchFilter double free (ITS#5043)
  - Most important changes in 2.3.36:
    * Fixed slapd mutex bug after failed startup (ITS#4957)
    * Fixed slapd sasl failed Bind bug (ITS#4954)
    * Fixed slapd sasl ssf logging (ITS#5001)
    * Fixed slapd tool op init (ITS#4911)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb no-op crasher (ITS#4925)
    * Fixed slapd-relay crash when no database can be selected (ITS#4958)
    * Fixed slapo-chain RFC3062 passwd exop handling (ITS#4964)
    * Fixed slapo-dynlist multiple group/url[/member] config (ITS#4989)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache handling of abandoned Operations (#5015)
    * Fixed slapo-pcache and -rwm interaction (ITS#4991)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy pwdReset/pwdMinAge (ITS#4970)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy control cleanup from ITS#4665
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov cookie parsing error (ITS#4977)
    * Fixed slapo-valsort crash on delete op (ITS#4966)
    * Fixed libldap referral chasing loop (ITS#4955)
    * Fixed libldap response code handling on rebind (ITS#4924)
    * Fixed libldap SASL_MAX_BUFF_SIZE (ITS#4935)
* Wed Jun 13 2007
  - remove binutils prereq
* Mon May 21 2007
  - reduce duplicated buildrequires against db42 and db45
* Tue May 15 2007
  - imported apparmor profile from apparmor (this profile is not
    enabled by default)
* Fri May 04 2007
  - Update to Version 2.3.35. Most important changes:
    * Fixed ldapmodify to use correct memory free functions (ITS#4901)
    * Fixed slapd acl set minor typo (ITS#4874)
    * Fixed slapd entry consistency check in str2entry2 (ITS#4852)
    * Fixed slapd ldapi:// credential issue (ITS#4893)
    * Fixed slapd str2anlist handling of undefined attrs/OCs (ITS#4854)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl delta-sync modlist free (ITS#4904)
    * Added slapd syncrepl retry logging (ITS#4915)
    * Fixed slapd zero-length IA5string handling (ITS#4823)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb startup with missing shm env (ITS#4851)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap/meta consistency in referral proxying (ITS#4861)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap bind cleanup in case of unauthorized idassert
    * Fixed slapd-meta search cleanup
    * Fixed slapd-meta/slapo-rwm filter mapping
    * Fixed slapd-sql subtree shortcut (ITS#4856)
    * Fixed slapo-dynlist crasher (ITS#4891)
    * Fixed slapo-refint config message (ITS#4853)
    * Fixed libldap time_t signedness (ITS#4872)
    * Fixed libldap_r tpool reset (ITS#4855,#4899)
* Wed May 02 2007
  - Fix comparison with string literal
* Wed Apr 18 2007
  - Fix generation of debuginfo packages.
* Tue Mar 20 2007
  - removed krb5-devel BuildRequires (support via cyrus-sasl)
* Thu Mar 15 2007
  - added Service definitions for SuSEfirewall2 (Bug #251654)
* Thu Feb 22 2007
  - Updated to Version 2.3.34. Most important changes:
    * Fixed libldap missing get_option(TLS CipherSuite) (ITS#4815)
    * Fixed ldapmodify printing error from ldap_result() (ITS#4812)
    * Fixed slapadd LDIF parsing (ITS#4817)
    * Fixed slapd libltdl link ordering (ITS#4830)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl memory leaks (ITS#4805)
    * Fixed slapd dynacl/ACI compatibility with 2.1
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb be_entry_get with aliases/referrals
    * Fixed slapd-ldap more response handling bugs (ITS#4782)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap C-API code tests (ITS#4808)
    * Fixed slapd-monitor NULL printf (ITS#4811)
    * Fixed slapo-chain spurious additional info in response
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov presence list (ITS#4813)
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov contextCSN checkpoint again (ITS#4720)
    * Added slapo-ppolicy cn=config support (ITS#4836)
    * Added slapo-auditlog cn=config support
* Fri Jan 26 2007
  - Updated to Version 2.3.33. Most important changes:
    * Fixed slapd-ldap chase-referrals switch (ITS#4557)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap bind behavior when idassert is always used
    * Fixed slapd-ldap response handling bugs (ITS#4782)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap idassert mode=self anonymous ops (ITS#4798)
    * Fixed slapd-ldap/meta privileged connections handling
    * Fixed slapd-meta retrying (ITS#4594, 4762)
    * Fixed slapo-chain referral DN use (ITS#4776)
    * Fixed slapo-dynlist dangling pointer after entry free
    * Fixed libldap ldap_pvt_put_filter syntax checks (ITS#4648)
* Fri Jan 12 2007
  - Updated to Version 2.3.32. Most important changes:
    * Fixed libldap unchased referral leak (ITS#4545)
    * Fixed libldap tls callback (ITS#4723)
    * Fixed slapd memleak on failed bind (ITS#4771)
    * Fixed slapd connections_shutdown assert
    * Fixed slapd add redundant duplicate value check (ITS#4600)
    * Fixed slapd ACL set memleak (ITS#4780)
    * Fixed slapd syncrepl shutdown hang (ITS#4790)
* Fri Nov 17 2006
  - Fix for a flaw in libldap's strval2strlen() function when processing the
    authcid string of certain Bind Requests, which could allow attackers to
    cause an affected application to crash (especially the OpenLDAP Server),
    creating a denial of service condition (Bug#221154,ITS#4740)
* Tue Nov 14 2006
  - Additional back-perl fixes from CVS. The first revision of the
    patch did not fix the problem completely  (Bug#207618, ITS#4751)
* Fri Oct 27 2006
  - cyrus-sasl configuration moved from %{_libdir}/sasl2 to
    /etc/sasl2/ (Bug: #206414)
* Wed Oct 04 2006
  - Add $network to Should-Start/Should-Stop in init scripts
    (Bug: #206823)
  - Imported latest back-perl changes from CVS, to fix back-perl
    initialization (Bug: #207618)
* Tue Aug 22 2006
  - Updated to Version 2.3.27
    * Fixed libldap dnssrv bug with "not present" positive statement
    * Fixed libldap dangling pointer issue (ITS#4405)
    * Fixed slapd incorrect rebuilding of replica URI (ITS#4633)
    * Fixed slapd DN X.509 normalization crash (ITS#4644)
    * Fixed slapd-monitor operations order via callbacks (ITS#4631)
    * Fixed slapo-accesslog purge task during shutdown
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy handling of default policy (ITS#4634)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy logging verbosity when using default policy
    * Fixed slapo-syncprov incomplete sync on restart issues (ITS#4622)
* Wed Aug 02 2006
  - Updated to Version 2.3.25
    * Add libldap_r TLS concurrency workaround (ITS#4583)
    * Fixed slapd acl selfwrite bug (ITS#4587)
    * Fixed various syncrepl and slapo-syncprov bugs (ITS#4582, 4622,
      4534,4613, 4589)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb lock bug with virtual root (ITS#4572)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb modrdn new entry disappearing bug (ITS#4616)
    * Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb cache job issue
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy password hashing bug (ITS#4575)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy password modify pwdMustChange reset bug (ITS#4576)
    * Fixed slapo-ppolicy control can be critical (ITS#4596)
  - Enabled CLDAP (LDAP over UDP) support



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