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djvulibre-djview3-3.5.21-1.36 RPM for ppc

From OpenSuSE 11.1 for ppc / ppc

Name: djvulibre-djview3 Distribution: openSUSE 11.1
Version: 3.5.21 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.36 Build date: Sun Dec 7 07:22:49 2008
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Other Build host: build52
Size: 1397110 Source RPM: djvulibre-3.5.21-1.36.src.rpm
Summary: DjView3 is a portable DjVu Qt3 based viewer and browser plugin
DjView3 is a viewer and browser plugin for DjVu documents, based on the
DjVuLibre-3.5 library and the Qt3 toolkit.

    Dr Bill C Riemers <>
    Leon Bottou <>
    Yann LeCun <>




GPL v2 or later


* Mon Aug 25 2008
  - update to version 3.5.21
    * Speed improvement on multicore platforms
    * Ddjvu now can produce pdf output.
  - renamed lib to libdjvulibre21 according to Shared Library
    Packaging Policy
* Mon Dec 10 2007
  - update to version 3.5.20
    obsoletes semicolon.patch, strip.patch
    * Csepdjvu handle gsdjvu hyperlink comments.
    * Djvudigital therefore handles hyperlinks.
* Mon Sep 10 2007
  - moved desktop file to djview3 subpackage [#307485]
* Fri Jul 13 2007
  - added trailing semicolon in desktop file (semicolon.patch)
  - splitted off djview3 (Qt3) to make possible have alternative
    djview4 (Qt4) package
* Mon Jun 11 2007
  - fixed djvulibre-devel's Requires with %{version}; [#282833]
* Wed Jun 06 2007
  - renamed lib to libdjvulibre15 according to Shared Library
    Packaging Policy
  - splitted of devel package
  - fixed calling ldconfig in post scripts
* Fri Apr 20 2007
  - moved libs into new libdjvulibre package [#264978]
  - excluding *.la
* Tue Apr 03 2007
  - installing icons and desktop file in %install section
* Tue Mar 27 2007
  - update to version 3.5.19
    * DjVuLibre is distributed under either version 2 of the GPL or
      (at your option) any later version.
    since 3.5.18
    * Renamed djview as djview3.
    * Various enhancement of DDJVUAPI.
    * Partial support for page titles instead of page numbers.
    * Clarification of metadata information.
    * Fixed djvumake mask separation feature.
    * Complain when given a so-called "secure" djvu file.
    * Fixed handling of urls with cgi arguments.
    * Fixed bug related to caching and ddjvuapi.
    * Reorganized ${datadir}/djvu.
    * Provide scripts in ${datadir}/djvu/*/desktop to register
      the djvu mime types and the djview menu entries.
    - obsoletes utf8.patch
* Sat Aug 05 2006
  - specifying --x-libraries and --x-include due to new paths in new 7.x.
  - added qt3-devel-tools and libtiff-devel into BuildRequires which
    enhance functionality
* Wed Jul 12 2006
  - update to version 3.5.17
    - Various enhancement of DDJVUAPI.
    - Compiles with the GCC-4.1.
    - using MSVC using the provided project files.
    - Minor bug fixes in csepdjvu text extraction.
    - Fixed leak in csepdjvu, cpaldjvu and cjb2.



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