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Packages beginning with letter Y

yafray-0.0.9-43.29 YafRay: Yet Another Free RAYtracer linux/ppc
yakuake-2.8.1-90.9 yakuake is a terminal for KDE linux/ppc
yaps-0.96-785.22 Yet Another Pager Software linux/ppc
yasm-0.6.2-1.27 YASM is a complete rewrite of the NASM assembler linux/ppc
yasm-devel-0.6.2-1.27 YASM development package linux/ppc
yast2-2.17.54-1.1 YaST2 - Main Package linux/ppc
yast2-CASA-1.7.1535-1.41 YaST2 - Configuration for Novell CASA (Common Authentication Services Adapter) linux/ppc
yast2-add-on-2.17.11-1.22 YaST2 - Add-On media installation code linux/noarch
yast2-add-on-creator-2.17.8-2.1 YaST2- module for creating Add-On product linux/noarch
yast2-apparmor-2.17.4-1.5 YaST2 - Plugins for AppArmor Profile Management linux/noarch
yast2-audit-laf-2.17.7-1.21 YaST2 - Configuration of Linux Auditing (LAF) linux/noarch
yast2-autofs-2.15.4-14.122 YaST2 - Module to Create and Manage autofs Entries in LDAP linux/noarch
yast2-backup-2.17.3-1.1 YaST2 - System Backup linux/noarch
yast2-bootloader-2.17.44-1.1 YaST2 - Bootloader Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-branding-openSUSE-2.17.0-9.10 openSuSE branding for YaST linux/noarch
yast2-ca-management-2.17.6-1.13 YaST2 - CAs, Certificates and Requests Management linux/noarch
yast2-casa-ats-1.7.1575-1.25 YaST2 - Novell CASA Authentication Token Service linux/noarch
yast2-control-center-2.17.3-1.8 YaST2 - Control Center linux/ppc
yast2-control-center-gnome-2.13.3-75.10 YaST2 - Control Center (GNOME version) linux/ppc
yast2-control-center-qt-2.17.3-1.8 YaST2 - Control Center (Qt Version) linux/ppc
yast2-core-2.17.23-1.7 YaST2 - Core Libraries linux/ppc
yast2-core-devel-2.17.23-1.7 YaST2 - Include Files and Documentation for Core Libraries linux/ppc
yast2-country-2.17.29-1.4 YaST2 - Country Settings (Language, Keyboard, and Timezone) linux/ppc
yast2-country-data-2.17.29-1.4 YaST2 - Data files for Country settings linux/ppc
yast2-devel-doc-2.17.54-1.1 YaST2 - Development Scripts and Documentation linux/ppc
yast2-devtools-2.17.6-1.31 YaST2 - Development Tools linux/noarch
yast2-dhcp-server-2.17.2-1.33 YaST2 - DHCP Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-dirinstall-2.17.2-1.15 YaST2 - Installation into Directory linux/noarch
yast2-dns-server-2.17.9-1.22 YaST2 - DNS Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-drbd-2.13.1-215.21 YaST2 - DRBD Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-fingerprint-reader-2.17.6-1.37 YaST2 - Fingerprint Reader Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-firewall-2.17.6-1.1 YaST2 - Firewall Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-firstboot-2.17.4-1.64 YaST2 - Initial System Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-ftp-server-2.17.3-1.19 YaST2 - FTP configuration linux/noarch
yast2-gtk-2.17.8-1.5 YaST2 - Gtk Graphical User Interface linux/ppc
yast2-hardware-detection-2.17.1-1.68 YaST2 - Hardware Detection Interface linux/ppc
yast2-http-server-2.17.5-1.20 YaST2 - HTTP Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-inetd-2.17.3-1.4 YaST2 - Network Services Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-inetd-doc-2.17.3-1.4 YaST2 - Network Services Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-installation-2.17.43-1.2 YaST2 - Installation Parts linux/noarch
yast2-installation-devel-doc-2.17.43-1.2 YaST2 - Installation Parts linux/noarch
yast2-instserver-2.17.3-1.43 YaST2 - Installation Server Configuration and Management linux/noarch
yast2-irda-2.17.2-1.43 YaST2 - Infra-Red (IrDA) Access Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-iscsi-client-2.17.5-1.2 YaST2 - iSCSI Client Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-iscsi-server-2.17.3-1.25 YaST2 - Configuration of iSCSI target linux/noarch
yast2-isns-1.0.4-1.210 YaST2 - Configuration of Internet Storage Naming Service (isns) linux/noarch
yast2-kdump-2.17.14-1.5 Configuration of kdump linux/ppc
yast2-kerberos-client-2.17.5-1.31 YaST2 - Kerberos Client Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-kerberos-server-2.17.5-1.2 YaST2 - Kerberos Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-ldap-2.17.3-1.54 YaST2 - LDAP Agent linux/ppc
yast2-ldap-client-2.17.16-1.33 YaST2 - LDAP Client Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-ldap-server-2.17.17-1.1 YaST2 - OpenLDAP Server Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-libyui-2.17.14-1.20 YaST2 - User Interface Engine linux/ppc
yast2-libyui-devel-2.17.14-1.20 YaST2 - Development Package for User Interface Engine linux/ppc
yast2-live-installer-2.17.2-1.21 YaST2 - Installation from Live Media linux/noarch
yast2-mail-2.17.1-1.19 YaST2 - Mail Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-mail-plugins-2.17.1-1.19 YaST2-Users/Group Plugins for the mail delivery configuration linux/noarch
yast2-mcs-plugin-0.1.0-55.30 YaST2 - MCS plugin for Xfce that starts gsynaptics linux/ppc
yast2-metapackage-handler-0.8.7-1.72 YaST2 - Easy Installation of Add-on RPMs using Metapackages linux/noarch
yast2-mouse-2.16.1-19.41 YaST2 - Mouse Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-multipath-2.17.1-3.15 YaST2 - Multipath Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-ncurses-2.17.11-1.20 YaST2 - Character Based User Interface linux/ppc
yast2-ncurses-devel-2.17.11-1.20 YaST2 - character based user interface linux/ppc
yast2-ncurses-pkg-2.17.10-1.19 YaST2 - Character Based Package Manager Frontend linux/ppc
yast2-network-2.17.60-1.4 YaST2 - Network Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-network-devel-doc-2.17.60-1.4 YaST2 - Developer documentation for yast2-network linux/ppc
yast2-nfs-client-2.17.9-1.15 YaST2 - NFS Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-nfs-common-2.17.4-1.19 YaST2 - NFS Configuration, common parts linux/noarch
yast2-nfs-server-2.17.4-1.19 YaST2 - NFS Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-nis-client-2.17.7-1.14 YaST2 - Network Information Services (NIS, YP) Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-nis-server-2.17.2-1.77 YaST2 - Network Information Services (NIS) Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-nis-server-devel-doc-2.17.2-1.77 YaST2 - Developer documentation for yast2-nis-server linux/noarch
yast2-ntp-client-2.17.7-1.28 YaST2 - NTP Client Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-online-update-2.17.10-1.37 YaST2 - Online Update (YOU) linux/noarch
yast2-online-update-frontend-2.17.10-1.37 YaST2 - Online Update (YOU) linux/noarch
yast2-packager-2.17.50-1.4 YaST2 - Package Library linux/ppc
yast2-pam-2.17.1-1.25 YaST2 - PAM Agent linux/noarch
yast2-perl-bindings-2.17.2-1.34 YaST2 - Perl Bindings linux/ppc
yast2-phone-services-2.16.0-19.117 YaST2 - Phone Services Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-pkg-bindings-2.17.29-1.8 YaST2 - Package Manager Access linux/ppc
yast2-pkg-bindings-devel-doc-2.17.29-1.9 YaST2 - Documentation for yast2-pkg-bindings package linux/noarch
yast2-power-management-2.17.6-1.11 YaST2 - Power Management Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-printer-2.17.48-2.4 YaST2 - Printer Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-printer-devel-doc-2.17.48-2.4 YaST2 - Developer documentation for yast2-printer linux/ppc
yast2-product-creator-2.17.13-1.20 YaST2 - Module for Creating New Products linux/noarch
yast2-profile-manager-2.17.1-1.70 YaST2 - Profile Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-python-bindings-2.17.3-1.36 Python bindings for the YaST platform. linux/ppc
yast2-qt-2.17.23-1.5 YaST2 - Graphical User Interface linux/ppc
yast2-qt-devel-2.17.23-1.5 Development package for graphical YaST2 user interfaces linux/ppc
yast2-qt-pkg-2.17.22-1.1 YaST2 - Graphical User Interface linux/ppc
yast2-registration-2.17.17-1.1 YaST2 - Registration Module linux/noarch
yast2-registration-branding-openSUSE-2.17.17-1.1 YaST2 - Registration Module linux/noarch
yast2-reipl-2.17.2-1.36 YaST2 - IPL loader linux/noarch
yast2-repair-2.17.7-1.29 YaST2 - System Repair Tool linux/noarch
yast2-restore-2.16.2-19.123 YaST2 - System Restore linux/noarch
yast2-ruby-bindings-0.3.2-2.39 Ruby bindings for the YaST platform linux/ppc
yast2-runlevel-2.17.4-1.33 YaST2 - Runlevel Editor linux/noarch
yast2-s390-2.15.1-2.38 YaST2 - S/390 Specific Features Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-samba-client-2.17.11-1.30 YaST2 - Samba Client Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-samba-server-2.17.6-1.2 YaST2 - Samba Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-scanner-2.17.5-2.1 YaST2 - Scanner Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-schema-2.17.4-1.32 YaST2 - AutoYaST Schema linux/noarch
yast2-security-2.17.12-1.9 YaST2 - Security Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-slp-2.16.0-1.41 YaST2 - SLP Agent and Browser linux/ppc
yast2-slp-server-2.17.1-1.60 YaST2 SLP Daemon Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-sound-2.17.13-1.1 YaST2 - Sound Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-squid-2.17.5-1.5 Configuration of squid linux/ppc
yast2-sshd-2.16.2-17.125 YaST2 - SSH Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-storage-2.17.61-2.1 YaST2 - Storage Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-storage-devel-2.17.61-2.1 YaST2 - Storage Library Headers and Documentation linux/ppc
yast2-storage-lib-2.17.61-2.1 YaST2 - Storage Configuration Library linux/ppc
yast2-sudo-2.17.2-1.2 YaST2 - sudo configuration linux/noarch
yast2-support-2.17.18-1.11 YaST2 - Support Inquiries linux/noarch
yast2-sysconfig-2.17.0-1.145 YaST2 - Sysconfig Editor linux/noarch
yast2-system-profile-2.17.2-1.59 A YaST module to interact with system profiling tools linux/noarch
yast2-testsuite-2.16.2-1.94 YaST2 - Testsuite linux/noarch
yast2-tftp-server-2.17.1-1.28 YaST2 - TFTP Server Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-theme-openSUSE-2.17.13-1.3 YaST2 - Theme (openSUSE) linux/noarch
yast2-theme-openSUSE-Crystal-2.17.13-1.3 YaST2 - Theme (openSUSE) linux/noarch
yast2-theme-openSUSE-Oxygen-2.17.13-1.3 YaST2 - Theme (openSUSE) linux/noarch
yast2-trans-af-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Afrikaans English Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-allpacks-2.15.0-74.33 Internal: Require all YaST Translation Packages (Empty) linux/noarch
yast2-trans-ar-2.17.3-1.3 YaST2 - Arabic Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-bg-2.17.7-1.12 YaST2 - Bulgarian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-bn-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Bengali Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-bs-2.17.1-1.20 YaST2 - Bosnian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-ca-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Catalan Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-cs-2.17.7-1.3 YaST2 - Czech Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-cy-2.17.1-1.20 YaST2 - Welsh Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-da-2.17.16-1.5 YaST2 - Danish Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-de-2.17.23-1.1 YaST2 - German Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-el-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Greek Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-en_GB-2.17.6-1.8 YaST2 - British English Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-en_US-2.17.5-1.8 YaST2 - American English Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-es-2.17.21-1.3 YaST2 - Spanish Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-et-2.17.4-1.8 YaST2 - Estonian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-fa-2.17.1-1.20 YaST2 - Persian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-fi-2.17.21-1.5 YaST2 - Finnish Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-fr-2.17.22-1.5 YaST2 - French Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-gl-2.17.19-1.3 YaST2 - Galician Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-gu-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Gujarati Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-hi-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Hindi Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-hr-2.17.11-1.8 YaST2 - Croatian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-hu-2.17.19-1.3 YaST2 - Hungarian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-id-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Indonesian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-it-2.17.20-1.3 YaST2 - Italian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-ja-2.17.17-1.5 YaST2 - Japanese Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-jv-2.17.1-1.20 YaST2 - Javanese Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-ka-2.17.4-1.13 YaST2 - Georgian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-km-2.17.12-1.5 YaST2 - Khmer Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-ko-2.17.21-1.3 YaST2 - Korean Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-lo-2.17.1-1.20 YaST2 - Lao Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-lt-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Lithuanian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-mk-2.17.1-1.20 YaST2 - Macedonian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-mr-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Marathi Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-nb-2.17.16-1.5 YaST2 - Norwegian Translations (Norwegian Bokmaal) linux/noarch
yast2-trans-nl-2.17.16-1.3 YaST2 - Dutch Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-pa-2.17.5-1.8 YaST2 - Punjabi Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-pl-2.17.11-1.8 YaST2 - Polish Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-pot-2.17.0-1.31 All YaST .pot Files (for devel only) linux/noarch
yast2-trans-pt-2.17.4-1.13 YaST2 - Portuguese Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-pt_BR-2.17.22-1.3 YaST2 - Brazilian Portuguese Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-ro-2.17.7-1.8 YaST2 - Romanian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-ru-2.17.14-1.8 YaST2 - Russian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-si-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Sinhala Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-sk-2.17.3-1.8 YaST2 - Slovak Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-sl-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Slovene Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-sr-2.17.1-1.20 YaST2 - Serbian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-stats-2.15.0-2.118 YaST2 - Translation Statistics linux/noarch
yast2-trans-sv-2.17.7-1.3 YaST2 - Swedish Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-ta-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Tamil Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-th-2.17.13-1.3 YaST2 - Thai Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-tr-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Turkish Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-uk-2.17.16-1.5 YaST2 - Ukrainian Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-vi-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Vietnamese Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-wa-2.17.16-1.3 YaST2 - Walloon Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-xh-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Xhosa Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-zh_CN-2.17.10-1.3 YaST2 - Simplified Chinese Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-zh_TW-2.17.5-1.3 YaST2 - Traditional Chinese Translations linux/noarch
yast2-trans-zu-2.17.2-1.20 YaST2 - Zulu Translations linux/noarch
yast2-transfer-2.16.1-1.41 YaST2 - Agent for Various Transfer Protocols linux/ppc
yast2-tune-2.17.6-1.38 YaST2 - Hardware Tuning linux/ppc
yast2-tv-2.17.2-1.56 YaST2 - TV Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-update-2.17.14-1.4 YaST2 - Update linux/ppc
yast2-update-FACTORY-2.17.14-1.4 YaST2 - Update linux/ppc
yast2-users-2.17.27-1.2 YaST2 - User and Group Configuration linux/ppc
yast2-vm-2.16.8-1.15 YaST2 - Virtual Machine Installer linux/ppc
yast2-wagon-2.17.6-1.7 YaST2 - Migration Tool for Service Packs linux/noarch
yast2-x11-2.17.10-1.9 YaST2 - X Window System Configuration linux/noarch
yast2-xml-2.16.1-1.38 YaST2 - XML Agent linux/ppc
yast2-ycp-ui-bindings-2.17.11-1.25 YaST2 - YCP Bindings for the YaST2 User Interface Engine linux/ppc
yast2-ycp-ui-bindings-devel-2.17.11-1.25 YaST2 - Development for YCP Bindings for the YaST2 User Interface Engine linux/ppc
yauap-0.2.3-1.29 The useless audio player linux/ppc
yaz-3.0.34-1.44 Z39.50/SRW/SRU Programs linux/ppc
yelp-2.24.0-3.4 The GNOME 2.x Desktop Help Browser linux/ppc
yelp-lang-2.24.0-3.4 Languages for package yelp linux/ppc
yodl-1.31.18-1186.28 Yet One-other Document Language linux/ppc
yp-tools-2.9-138.9 Network Information Service (YP) client utilities linux/ppc
ypbind-1.22-1.21 NIS client daemon linux/ppc
ypserv-2.19-153.15 YP - (NIS)-Server linux/ppc
ytalk-3.3.0-56.28 Multi-User replacement for Unix talk client linux/ppc
yudit-2.9.0-71.15 Unicode text editor linux/ppc
yum-metadata-parser-1.1.2-107.19 A fast metadata parser for yum linux/ppc
yzis-1.0alpha1-7.47 Vim Clone for KDE linux/ppc

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