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Packages beginning with letter V

v4l-conf-3.95-179.51 Video4linux Configuration Tool linux/ppc
v4l-tools-3.95-179.51 video4linux terminal / command line utilities linux/ppc
vacation- A way to automatically reply to incoming e-mail linux/ppc
vala-0.3.3-5.13 Vala is a new programming language for GNOME linux/ppc
vala-devel-0.3.3-5.13 Vala is a new programming language for GNOME linux/ppc
valgrind-3.3.1-33.5 Valgrind Suite of Tools for Debugging and Profiling linux/ppc
valgrind-devel-3.3.1-33.5 Valgrind Suite of Tools for Debugging and Profiling linux/ppc
vcdimager-0.7.23-120.23 Video CD (VCD) authoring software linux/ppc
vcdimager-64bit-0.7.23-120.3 Video CD (VCD) authoring software linux/ppc
vcdimager-devel-0.7.23-120.23 Video CD (VCD) authoring software linux/ppc
vcron-2.3-136.87 TK-Interface for cron and at linux/noarch
vdr-1.6.0-33.32 Video Disk Recorder linux/ppc
vdr-plugins-0.5-371.47 Plugins for the Video Disc Recorder VDR linux/ppc
viewvc-1.0.5-1.28 ViewVC - Browse a Subversion Repository with a Web Browser linux/ppc
vigra-devel-1.6.0-2.6 VIGRA Library linux/ppc
viki-0.0.SVNr784595-1.22 Visual Keyboard linux/ppc
vim-7.2-7.3 Vi IMproved linux/ppc
vim-base-7.2-7.3 Vi IMproved linux/ppc
vim-data-7.2-7.3 Vi IMproved linux/ppc
vim-enhanced-7.2-7.3 A version of the VIM editor which includes recent enhancements linux/ppc
vinagre-2.24.1-1.24 VNC client for GNOME linux/ppc
vinagre-lang-2.24.1-1.24 Languages for package vinagre linux/ppc
vino-2.24.1-1.19 GNOME VNC Server linux/ppc
vino-lang-2.24.1-1.19 Languages for package vino linux/ppc
vkeybd-0.1.18b-1.28 Vkeybd - Virtual Keyboard Instrument linux/ppc
vlan-1.9-62.22 802.1q VLAN Implementation for Linux linux/ppc
vlna-1.3-1.34 Add non-breakable spaces to Czech text files linux/ppc
vlock-1.4-52.20 It allows you to lock your console display linux/ppc
vmx-manager-0.2.8-10.191 Create, configure, and manage VMware virtual machines linux/noarch
vobject-0.7.1-1.24 A python library to create and parse iCalendar and vCard objects linux/ppc
voikkospell-2.0-2.17 Spellchecker and Hyphenator for Finnish Language linux/ppc
vorbis-tools-1.1.1-172.31 Ogg Vorbis Tools linux/ppc
vpnc-0.5.1-6.20 Client for Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator, IOS routers, PIX / ASA Zecurity Appliances, and Juniper/Netscreen linux/ppc
vrfy-990522-478.22 Tool to verify e-mail addresses and mailing lists linux/ppc
vsftpd-2.0.7-4.23 Very Secure FTP Daemon - Written from Scratch linux/ppc
vtcl-1.6.0-1.87 Visual Tcl linux/noarch
vte-0.17.4-1.22 Terminal Emulator linux/ppc
vte-devel-0.17.4-1.22 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development. linux/ppc
vte-doc-0.17.4-1.22 Additional Package Documentation for vte. linux/ppc
vte-lang-0.17.4-1.22 Languages for package vte linux/ppc
vte016-sharp-2.24.0-2.7 Mono bindings for vte linux/ppc
vym-1.12.2-1.13 VYM (View Your Mind) generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts linux/ppc

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