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Packages beginning with letter R

radeontool-1.5-22.29 A Tool To Change Settings On radeon Graphics Cards. linux/ppc
radvd-1.1-1.34 Router ADVertisement Daemon for IPv6 linux/ppc
ralink-firmware-1.0-24.8 Firmware for Ralink WLAN cards linux/noarch
raptor-1.4.18-28.25 Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit linux/ppc
rarian-0.8.1-5.10 Rarian is designed to be a replacement for scrollkeeper linux/ppc
rarian-devel-0.8.1-5.10 Development files for rarian linux/ppc
rarpd-1.1-649.28 Reverse Address Resolution Protocol Daemon linux/ppc
rasmol- Molecular Graphics Visualization Tool linux/ppc
rasqal-0.9.16-1.40 Rasqal RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/ppc
raw-thumbnailer-0.99.1-4.38 Thumbnailer for digital camera RAW linux/ppc
razor-agents-2.84-1.19 SPAM catalogue inquiry and update tool linux/ppc
rcs-5.7-1005.11 Revision Control System linux/ppc
rdate-1.4-1.22 rdate retrieves the time from an RFC 868 server linux/ppc
rdesktop-1.6.0-37.5 A Remote Desktop Protocol client linux/ppc
rdiff-backup-1.2.1-1.27 Convenient and transparent local/remote incremental mirror/backup linux/ppc
rdist-6.1.5-936.11 "Remote File Distribution" Utility linux/ppc
rds-tools-1.2-3.8 RDS Support Tools linux/ppc
re2c-0.13.5-1.40 Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions linux/ppc
readline-devel-5.2-141.9 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
readline-devel-64bit-5.2-141.9 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
readline-doc-5.2-141.9 Documentation how to Use and Program with the Readline Library linux/ppc
recode-3.6-634.6 Character Set Converter linux/ppc
recode-devel-3.6-634.6 Character Set Converter linux/ppc
redland-1.0.8-1.39 a set of free software libraries that provide support for the Resource Description Framework (RDF) linux/ppc
regexp-1.3-232.69 Simple regular expressions API linux/noarch
regexp-javadoc-1.3-232.69 Javadoc for regexp linux/noarch
regina-3.3-126.33 The Regina REXX Interpreter linux/ppc
reiserfs-3.6.19-116.28 Reiser File System utilities linux/ppc
rekall-2.4.6-105.6 Universal Database Application linux/ppc
rekall-examples-2.4.6-105.6 Universal Database Application linux/ppc
rekall-mysql-2.4.6-105.6 Rekall MySQL Database Backend linux/ppc
rekall-postgresql-2.4.6-105.6 Rekall PostgreSQL Database Backend linux/ppc
rekall-sqlite-2.4.6-105.6 Rekall sqlite Database Backend linux/ppc
rekall-xbase-2.4.6-105.6 Rekall XBase Database Backend linux/ppc
relaxngDatatype-1.0-2.54 RELAX NG Datatype API linux/noarch
relaxngDatatype-javadoc-1.0-2.54 RELAX NG Datatype API linux/noarch
release-notes-openSUSE-11.1.7-1.7 Most Important Changes for This openSUSE Release linux/noarch
releaseforge-1.1-113.23 ReleaseForge to Manage SourceForge Projects linux/ppc
rembrand-1.2-111.9 A tool to remove SUSE/Novell branding from openSUSE linux/ppc
resample-1.7-147.22 Sampling-rate conversion program linux/ppc
rfb-0.6.1-587.28 heXoNet RFB (remote control for the X Window System) linux/ppc
rfbplaymacro-0.2.2-1.22 Replays VNC macros linux/ppc
rfbproxy-1.1.0-1.22 Record or play back a VNC session linux/ppc
rfc-2008.11.5-13.2 The RFCs (Request For Comments) linux/noarch
rhino-1.7-6.14 JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhino-demo-1.7-6.14 JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhino-javadoc-1.7-6.14 JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhino-manual-1.7-6.14 JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhythmbox-0.11.6-7.19 GNOME Music Management Application linux/ppc
rhythmbox-doc-0.11.6-7.19 GNOME Music Management Application linux/ppc
rhythmbox-lang-0.11.6-7.19 Languages for package rhythmbox linux/ppc
rinetd-0.61-930.33 TCP Redirection Server linux/ppc
ripit-3.6.0-78.27 Perl Script to Create .ogg or .mp3 Files from an Audio CD linux/noarch
ristretto-0.0.20-1.17 Image-viewer with Xfce integration linux/ppc
rlog-1.3.7-72.22 C++ Logging Library linux/ppc
rlog-devel-1.3.7-72.22 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
rlwrap-0.30-1.22 A Readline Wrapper linux/ppc
rmail-8.14.3-50.9 Rmail of the BSD Sendmail linux/ppc
rman-3.2-5.22 RosettaMan - Filter for Manpages linux/ppc
rng-tools-2-78.22 Support daemon for hardware random device linux/ppc
rocksndiamonds-3.2.4-82.23 Arcade style game with stereo sounds linux/ppc
root-tail-1.2-16.28 Print Text Directly to the X Window System Root Window linux/ppc
rosegarden4-1.7.0-1.49 MIDI/Audio Sequencer and Notation Editor linux/ppc
routed-0.17-627.33 Routing Daemon which Maintains Routing Tables linux/ppc
rp-pppoe-3.10-1.25 A PPP Over Ethernet Redirector for PPPD linux/ppc
rpcbind-0.1.6+git20080930-5.2 Transport independent RPC portmapper linux/ppc
rpm- The RPM Package Manager linux/ppc
rpm-64bit- The RPM Package Manager linux/ppc
rpm-devel- Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
rpm-devel-static- Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
rpm-python- Python Bindings for Manipulating RPM Packages linux/ppc
rpmlint-0.84-3.5 Rpm correctness checker linux/noarch
rpmlint-Factory-1.0-44.8 Rpm correctness checker - Factory configuration linux/ppc
rpmlint-mini-1.0-213.34 Rpm correctness checker linux/ppc
rpmrebuild-2.2.3-1.27 A tool to build a rpm file from the rpm database linux/noarch
rrdtool-1.3.4-1.21 A tool for data logging and analysis linux/ppc
rrdtool-devel-1.3.4-1.21 A tool for data logging and analysis - Development files linux/ppc
rsh-0.17-706.14 Clients for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, and rcp) linux/ppc
rsh-server-0.17-706.14 Servers for Remote Access Commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/ppc
rsibreak-0.9.0-1.5 Assists in the Recovery and Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury linux/ppc
rsnapshot-1.3.1-1.37 Backup program using hardlinks linux/noarch
rsvg-view-2.22.3-2.4 SVG View using the GNOME Render SVG library linux/ppc
rsvg2-sharp-2.24.0-2.7 Mono bindings for rsvg linux/ppc
rsync-3.0.4-2.24 Replacement for RCP/mirror that has Many More Features linux/ppc
rsyslog-3.18.3-4.26 Rsyslog, the enhanced syslogd for Linux and Unix linux/ppc
rsyslog-doc-3.18.3-4.26 Additional documentation for rsyslog linux/ppc
rsyslog-module-gssapi-3.18.3-4.26 GSS-API support module for rsyslog linux/ppc
rsyslog-module-mysql-3.18.3-4.26 MySQL support module for rsyslog linux/ppc
rsyslog-module-pgsql-3.18.3-4.26 PostgreSQL support module for rsyslog linux/ppc
rsyslog-module-snmp-3.18.3-4.26 SNMP support module for rsyslog linux/ppc
rt2860- Userspace configuration files for rt2860 driver linux/noarch
rtasdispd-0.1-386.14 Shows System Status Messages on pSeries Panel Displays linux/ppc
ruby-1.8.7.p72-5.3 An Interpreted Object-Oriented Scripting Language linux/ppc
ruby-RMagick-1.15.8-83.30 Ruby bindings for ImageMagick linux/ppc
ruby-devel-1.8.7.p72-5.3 Development files to link against Ruby linux/ppc
ruby-doc-html-1.8.7.p72-5.3 This package contains the HTML docs for ruby linux/ppc
ruby-doc-ri-1.8.7.p72-5.3 Ruby Interactive Documentation linux/ppc
ruby-examples-1.8.7.p72-5.3 Example scripts for ruby linux/ppc
ruby-fcgi-0.8.7-1.32 FastCGI bindings for ruby linux/ppc
ruby-gdchart-1.0.0-23.32 A Ruby Wrapper around Bruce Verderaime's GDChart Chart Drawing Utility linux/ppc
ruby-gettext-1.10.0-1.31 Native Language Support for Ruby linux/ppc
ruby-kde4-4.1.3-1.13 Ruby bindings for KDE 4 linux/ppc
ruby-ldap-0.9.7-1.33 A Ruby Extension Library for Accessing the LDAP API linux/ppc
ruby-mysql-2.7.4-1.32 MySQL bindings for Ruby linux/ppc
ruby-racc-1.4.5_all-24.32 A LALR(1) parser generator for Ruby linux/ppc
ruby-satsolver-0.13.0-3.3 A new approach to package dependency solving linux/ppc
ruby-selinux-2.0.71-3.19 SELinux library and simple utilities linux/ppc
ruby-test-suite-1.8.7.p72-5.3 An Interpreted Object-Oriented Scripting Language linux/ppc
ruby-tk-1.8.7.p72-5.3 TCL/TK bindings for Ruby linux/ppc
ruby-yui-0.1.0-5.49 Ruby bindings for yast2-libyui linux/ppc
ruby-zypp-0.4.8-1.18 Ruby bindings for libzypp linux/ppc
ruby-zypptools-0.2.0-1.32 Tools for ZYpp linux/ppc
rubygem-FlexMock-0.6.2-1.32 Simple and Flexible Mock Objects for Testing linux/ppc
rubygem-RedCloth-3.0.4-217.13 RedCloth is a module for using Textile and Markdown in Ruby linux/ppc
rubygem-abstract-1.0.0-2.32 A library which enable you to define abstract method in Ruby linux/ppc
rubygem-actionmailer-2.1.1-2.5 Mail service classes for Ruby on Rails linux/noarch
rubygem-actionmailer-2_1-2.1.1-2.19 Mail service classes for Ruby on Rails linux/ppc
rubygem-actionpack-2.1.1-2.5 Eases web-request routing, handling, and response linux/noarch
rubygem-actionpack-2_1-2.1.1-2.19 Eases web-request routing, handling, and response linux/ppc
rubygem-activerecord-2.1.1-2.5 Implements the ActiveRecord pattern (Fowler, PoEAA) for ORM linux/noarch
rubygem-activerecord-2_1-2.1.1-2.19 Implements the ActiveRecord pattern (Fowler, PoEAA) for ORM linux/ppc
rubygem-activeresource-2.1.1-1.21 Think Active Record for web resources linux/noarch
rubygem-activeresource-2_1-2.1.1-2.19 Think Active Record for web resources linux/ppc
rubygem-activesupport-2.1.1-2.5 Utility classes and extension to the standard library linux/noarch
rubygem-activesupport-2_1-2.1.1-2.19 Utility classes and extension to the standard library linux/ppc
rubygem-capistrano-2.0.0-1.30 A framework and utility for executing commands in parallel on multiple remote machines linux/ppc
rubygem-daemons-1.0.7-1.32 Easy way to convert selfwritten servers into daemons linux/ppc
rubygem-erubis-2.4.0-1.32 Erubis is a pure Ruby implementation of eRuby linux/ppc
rubygem-gem_plugin-0.2.2-1.32 A plugin system based only on rubygems that uses dependencies only linux/ppc
rubygem-highline-1.2.9-1.32 HighLine is a high-level command-line IO library linux/ppc
rubygem-mongrel-1.0.1-1.29 A small fast HTTP library and server that runs Rails, Camping, and Nitro apps linux/ppc
rubygem-needle-1.3.0-2.32 A Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control container for Ruby linux/ppc
rubygem-net-sftp-1.1.0-2.30 Net::SFTP is a pure-Ruby implementation of the SFTP client protocol linux/ppc
rubygem-net-ssh-1.1.2-1.32 Net::SSH is a pure-Ruby implementation of the SSH2 client protocol linux/ppc
rubygem-pg- An extension library to access a PostgreSQL database from Ruby linux/ppc
rubygem-postgres- An extension library to access a PostgreSQL database from Ruby linux/ppc
rubygem-rails-2.1.1-1.14 A web-application framework for the MVC pattern linux/noarch
rubygem-rails-2_1-2.1.1-3.3 A web-application framework for the MVC pattern linux/ppc
rubygem-rake-0.8.3-1.16 Ruby Make linux/ppc
rubygem-sqlite3-1.2.1-1.33 A Ruby interface for the SQLite3 database engine linux/ppc
rubygems-1.3.1-1.3 The Ruby standard for publishing and managing third party libraries linux/ppc
rxp-1.4.8-1.22 XML Parser in C linux/ppc
rxvt-unicode-9.05-1.33 Rxvt X Terminal with Unicode Support linux/ppc
rzip-2.1-29.22 A large-file compression program linux/ppc
rzsz-0.12.20-934.22 X-, Y-, and Z-Modem Data Transfer Protocols linux/ppc

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