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Packages beginning with letter M

m17n-contrib-1.1.6-1.53 A collection of contributed works to be used with the m17n library linux/noarch
m17n-db-1.5.1-1.55 Database Needed by the m17n Library m17n-lib linux/noarch
m17n-lib-1.5.1-42.50 Multilingual Text Processing Library for the C Language linux/ppc
m17n-lib-devel-1.5.1-42.50 Multilingual text processing library for the C language linux/ppc
m4-1.4.12-1.16 GNU m4 linux/ppc
mISDNuser-1.1.20-2.32 Tools and library for mISDN linux/ppc
mISDNuser-devel-1.1.20-2.32 C header files for mISDN linux/ppc
macutils-2.0b3-153.22 Used to Unpack and Translate Mac Files to a *nix linux/ppc
madbomber-0.2.5-313.38 A Clone of the Atari Game Kaboom! linux/ppc
madfuload-1.2-77.23 Firmware Loader for M-Audio USB Audio Devices linux/ppc
mailman-2.1.11-8.3 The GNU Mailing List Manager linux/ppc
mailsync-5.2.1-17.20 The Mail Sync Tool linux/ppc
mailx-12.2-141.8 A MIME-Capable Implementation of the mailx Command linux/ppc
majorcoo-1.3.2-773.22 Cool Web Interface to Majordomo v1.9x linux/ppc
majordomo-1.94.5-324.20 Mailing List Software linux/ppc
make-3.81-128.6 GNU make linux/ppc
makebootfat-1.4-3.31 Create bootable FAT filesystems linux/ppc
makedev-2.6-409.87 Script for Creating Device Files in /dev linux/noarch
makedumpfile-1.3.1-2.2 Partial kernel dump linux/ppc64
makewhat-2005.11.9-1.40 Create a whatis database linux/ppc
malaga-7.12-1.49 A Grammar Development Environment for Natural Languages linux/ppc
malaga-suomi-1.1-2.54 Description of Finnish Morphology Written in Malaga linux/noarch
man-2.5.2-17.3 A Program for Displaying man Pages linux/ppc
man-pages-3.13-2.5 Linux Manual Pages linux/noarch
man-pages-cs-0.17.20080113-1.67 Czech Manual Pages linux/noarch
man-pages-fr-3.03.0-7.26 LDP Man-Pages (french) linux/noarch
man-pages-it-2.65-419.10 LDP Man Pages (italian) linux/noarch
man-pages-ja-20070615-1.131 LDP man Pages (Japanese) linux/noarch
man-pages-ko-20050219-1.88 LDP man Pages (Korean) linux/noarch
man-pages-pl-2008.12.1-1.3 LDP man Pages (Polish) linux/noarch
man-pages-posix-2003a-2.22 POSIX Manual Pages linux/noarch
man-pages-ru-0.98-2.82 LDP man Pages (Russian) linux/noarch
man-pages-supplement-1.1.0-1.2 Generic man-pages for executables without a dedicated man-page linux/noarch
man-pages-zh_CN-1.5-1.82 Chinese translation of man pages from the CMPP project linux/noarch
manufacturer-PPDs-10.2-243.45 PPD Files from Printer Manufacturers linux/noarch
mathml-dtd-20031021-94.89 MathML DTD linux/noarch
matthewlib-java-0.7.1-3.11 A few useful Java libraries linux/ppc
matthewlib-java-javadoc-0.7.1-3.11 A few useful Java libraries linux/ppc
mbuffer-20080212-1.22 Measuring Buffer linux/ppc
mc-4.6.2.pre1-120.24 Midnight Commander linux/ppc
mc-lang-4.6.2.pre1-120.24 Languages for package mc linux/ppc
mcal-0.7-125.22 A Calendar based on Libmcal linux/ppc
mcelog-0.7-111.4 Log Machine Check Events linux/ppc
mcpp-2.6.4-1.22 Matsui's C Preprocessor linux/ppc
mcrypt-2.6.7-1.22 Replacement for the crypt Command linux/ppc
mdadm-3.0-10.9 Utility for Configuring MD Setup linux/ppc
mdbtools-0.6pre1-15.20 A Suite of Libraries and Programs to Access Microsoft Access Databases linux/ppc
mdbtools-devel-0.6pre1-15.20 All files necessary for development with the MDB Tools libraries linux/ppc
mdbtools-gui-0.6pre1-15.20 A Suite of libraries and programs to access Microsoft Access databases linux/ppc
mdbtools-odbc-0.6pre1-15.20 MDB Tools ODBC driver for unixODBC linux/ppc
meanwhile-1.0.2-1.19 Lotus Sametime Community Client Library linux/ppc
meanwhile-devel-1.0.2-1.19 Lotus Sametime Community Client library linux/ppc
meanwhile-doc-1.0.2-1.19 Lotus Sametime Community Client library linux/ppc
memcached-1.2.6-5.3 A high-performance, distributed memory object caching system linux/ppc
memprof-0.6-213.20 A Memory Profiler with GNOME Interface linux/ppc
memprof-lang-0.6-213.20 Languages for package memprof linux/ppc
mercurial-1.0.2-26.9 Scalable Distributed SCM linux/ppc
mergeant-0.67-1.8 Mergeant--A Database Admin Tool (Development Version) linux/ppc
mergeant-lang-0.67-1.8 Languages for package mergeant linux/ppc
metacity-2.24.0-2.18 A Fast Window Manager for the GNOME 2.x Desktop linux/ppc
metacity-devel-2.24.0-2.18 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development. linux/ppc
metacity-lang-2.24.0-2.18 Languages for package metacity linux/ppc
metacity-themes-0.1-688.113 Themes for the Metacity Window Manager linux/noarch
metamail-2.7.19-1244.25 MIME Mail Handler linux/ppc
meterbridge-0.9.2-285.40 A Meterbridge for the JACK Audio System linux/ppc
mfsm-1.4-288.27 X Window System Based du linux/ppc
mftrace-1.2.15-1.40 Scalable PostScript Fonts for MetaFont linux/ppc
mgdiff-1.0.1-118.27 Compare Files Side by Side linux/ppc
mgetty-1.1.36-26.12 Mgetty Listens for Data, Fax, or Voice Calls on a Serial Line linux/ppc
mgopen-fonts-0.20050518-180.8 Free High-Quality Greek Fonts linux/noarch
mgp-1.13a-1.31 MagicPoint, an X Window System Presentation Tool linux/ppc
mhash-0.9.9-26.22 A Library for Working with Strong Hashes (Like MD5) linux/ppc
mhash-devel-0.9.9-26.22 Static Library and Header Files for mhash Library linux/ppc
mhtml-firefox-0.5-1.23 Provides Firefox with MHTML web archive compatibility linux/ppc
mikachan-fonts-9.1.2006.08.09-165.12 Free Japanese Fonts in "Handwriting" Style by Mika-Chan linux/noarch
mined-2000.14-16.21 Powerful Text Editor with Extensive Unicode and CJK Support linux/ppc
mingetty-1.0.7s-70.40 Minimal Getty for Virtual Consoles Only linux/ppc
minicom-2.3-27.34 A Terminal Program linux/ppc
mininews-2.4.2-170.37 Inews - Post News from an NNTP Client linux/ppc
mipv6d-2.0.2-2.18 MIPL - Mobile IPv6 for Linux linux/ppc
mirror-2.9-886.11 Perl Scripts for Mirroring FTP Servers linux/ppc
misc-console-font-3.5.10-17.4 A font for terminal usage linux/ppc
mjpegtools-1.9.0rc3-1.59 MJPEG Video Capture and Processing Tools linux/ppc
mjpegtools-devel-1.9.0rc3-1.59 MJPEG Video Capture and Processing Tools linux/ppc
mkelfImage-2.5-61.22 Utility to Create ELF Boot Images from Linux Kernel Images linux/ppc
mkinitrd-2.4-34.1 Creates an Initial RAM Disk Image for Preloading Modules linux/ppc
mkvtoolnix-2.4.0-1.26 Tools to Create, Alter, and Inspect Matroska Files linux/ppc
mlmmj-1.2.15-16.21 Mail Server Independent Reimplementation of the EZMLM Mailing List linux/ppc
mlterm- Multilingual Terminal Emulator for X linux/ppc
mlterm-m17n- A m17n plugin for mlterm linux/ppc
mlterm-scim- SCIM plugin for mlterm linux/ppc
mlterm-uim- An uim plugin for mlterm linux/ppc
mmv-1.01b-797.22 Multiple Move linux/ppc
module-init-tools-3.4-56.5 Utilities to Load Modules into the Kernel linux/ppc
mol- Mac on Linux linux/ppc
monit-4.10.1-1.17 Service Manager and Monitor System linux/ppc
mono-addins-0.4-1.19 Mono Addins Framework linux/noarch
mono-basic-2.0-6.36 Mono's VB Runtime linux/noarch
mono-complete-2.0.1-1.14 A .NET Runtime Environment linux/ppc
mono-core-2.0.1-1.14 A .NET Runtime Environment linux/ppc
mono-data-2.0.1-1.14 Database connectivity for Mono linux/ppc
mono-data-firebird-2.0.1-1.14 Database connectivity for Mono linux/ppc
mono-data-oracle-2.0.1-1.14 Database connectivity for Mono linux/ppc
mono-data-postgresql-2.0.1-1.14 Database connectivity for Mono linux/ppc
mono-data-sqlite-2.0.1-1.14 Database connectivity for Mono linux/ppc
mono-data-sybase-2.0.1-1.14 Database connectivity for Mono linux/ppc
mono-devel-2.0.1-1.14 Mono development tools linux/ppc
mono-extras-2.0.1-1.14 Extra packages linux/ppc
mono-jscript-2.0.1-1.14 JScript .NET support for Mono linux/ppc
mono-locale-extras-2.0.1-1.14 Extra locale information linux/ppc
mono-nunit-2.0.1-1.14 NUnit Testing Framework linux/ppc
mono-tools-2.0-6.26 Collection of Tools and Utilities for Mono linux/noarch
mono-web-2.0.1-1.14 Mono implementation of ASP.NET, Remoting and Web Services linux/ppc
mono-winforms-2.0.1-1.14 Mono's Windows Forms implementation linux/ppc
mono-zeroconf-0.8.0-1.29 A cross platform Zero Configuration Networking library for Mono linux/noarch
mono-zeroconf-doc-0.8.0-1.29 A cross platform Zero Configuration Networking library for Mono linux/noarch
mono-zeroconf-provider-avahi-0.8.0-1.29 A cross platform Zero Configuration Networking library for Mono linux/noarch
monodevelop-1.0-96.51 A Full-Featured IDE for Mono and Gtk# linux/noarch
monodevelop-boo-1.0-96.53 Monodevelop Boo Addin linux/noarch
monodevelop-database-1.0-1.139 Monodevelop Database Addin linux/noarch
monodevelop-java-1.0-1.139 Monodevelop Java Addin linux/noarch
monodoc-core-2.0-1.41 Monodoc--A Documentation Browser Written in C# linux/noarch
monsoon-0.15-1.113 A GTK# based bittorrent GUI based on the Monsoon library linux/noarch
monsoon-lang-0.15-1.113 Languages for package monsoon linux/noarch
moodle-1.9.3-1.9 A Course Management System linux/noarch
moodle-af-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Afrikaans linux/noarch
moodle-ar-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Arabic linux/noarch
moodle-be-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Byelorussian linux/noarch
moodle-bg-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Bulgarian linux/noarch
moodle-bs-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Bosnian linux/noarch
moodle-ca-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Catalan linux/noarch
moodle-cs-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Czech linux/noarch
moodle-da-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Danish linux/noarch
moodle-de-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for German linux/noarch
moodle-de_du-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for German (uses 'Du' instead of 'Sie') linux/noarch
moodle-el-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Greek linux/noarch
moodle-es-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Spanish linux/noarch
moodle-et-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Estonian linux/noarch
moodle-eu-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Basque linux/noarch
moodle-fa-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Persian linux/noarch
moodle-fi-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Finnish linux/noarch
moodle-fr-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for French linux/noarch
moodle-ga-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Irish linux/noarch
moodle-gl-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Galician linux/noarch
moodle-he-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Hebrew linux/noarch
moodle-hi-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Hindi linux/noarch
moodle-hr-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Croatian linux/noarch
moodle-hu-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Hungarian linux/noarch
moodle-id-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Indonesian linux/noarch
moodle-is-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Icelandic linux/noarch
moodle-it-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Italian linux/noarch
moodle-ja-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Japanese linux/noarch
moodle-ka-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Georgian linux/noarch
moodle-km-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Cambodian linux/noarch
moodle-kn-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Kannada linux/noarch
moodle-ko-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Korean linux/noarch
moodle-lt-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Lithuanian linux/noarch
moodle-lv-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Latvian linux/noarch
moodle-mi_tn-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Maori linux/noarch
moodle-ms-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Malay linux/noarch
moodle-nl-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Dutch linux/noarch
moodle-nn-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Nynorsk linux/noarch
moodle-no-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Norwegian linux/noarch
moodle-pl-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Polish linux/noarch
moodle-pt-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Portuguese linux/noarch
moodle-ro-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Romanian linux/noarch
moodle-ru-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Russian linux/noarch
moodle-sk-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Slovak linux/noarch
moodle-sl-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Slovenian linux/noarch
moodle-so-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Somali linux/noarch
moodle-sq-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Albanian linux/noarch
moodle-sr-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Serbian linux/noarch
moodle-sv-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Swedish linux/noarch
moodle-th-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Thai linux/noarch
moodle-tl-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Tagalog linux/noarch
moodle-tr-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Turkish linux/noarch
moodle-uk-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Ukrainian linux/noarch
moodle-vi-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Vietnamese linux/noarch
moodle-zh_cn-1.9.3-1.9 Moodle language pack for Chinese (Simplified) UTF8 linux/noarch
motv-3.95-179.51 Video4Linux TV application (Motif) linux/ppc
mouseemu-0.15-200810151034.14 A Program to Activate Mouse Button Emulation on Macs with One-Button Mice linux/ppc
mouseemu-0.15-200810151034.13 A Program to Activate Mouse Button Emulation on Macs with One-Button Mice linux/ppc64
mousepad-0.2.14-1.15 Simple Xfce oriented text editor linux/ppc
mousetweaks-2.24.1-1.24 Tweak mouse settings in GNOME linux/ppc
mousetweaks-lang-2.24.1-1.24 Languages for package mousetweaks linux/ppc
mozilla-bonobo- Mozilla Plug-In for Using Bonobo Components linux/ppc
mozilla-nspr-4.7.1-20.40 Netscape Portable Runtime linux/ppc
mozilla-nspr-64bit-4.7.1-20.19 Netscape Portable Runtime linux/ppc
mozilla-nspr-devel-4.7.1-20.40 Netscape Portable Runtime development files linux/ppc
mozilla-nss-3.12.0-54.11 Network (Netscape) Security Services linux/ppc
mozilla-nss-64bit-3.12.0-54.12 Network (Netscape) Security Services linux/ppc
mozilla-nss-devel-3.12.0-54.11 Network (Netscape) Security Services development files linux/ppc
mozilla-nss-tools-3.12.0-54.11 Tools for developing, debugging, and managing applications that use NSS. linux/ppc
mozilla-xulrunner181- Mozilla Runtime Environment 1.8.1.x linux/ppc
mozilla-xulrunner181-devel- XULRunner/Gecko SDK 1.8.1.x linux/ppc
mozilla-xulrunner181-l10n- Translations for XULRunner 1.8.1.x linux/ppc
mozilla-xulrunner190- Mozilla Runtime Environment 1.9 linux/ppc
mozilla-xulrunner190-devel- XULRunner/Gecko SDK 1.9 linux/ppc
mozilla-xulrunner190-gnomevfs- XULRunner components depending on gnome-vfs linux/ppc
mozilla-xulrunner190-translations- Translations for XULRunner 1.9 linux/ppc
mpfr-devel-2.3.2-3.18 MPFR multiple-precision floating-point library development files linux/ppc
mpfr-devel-64bit-2.3.2-3.20 MPFR multiple-precision floating-point library development files linux/ppc
mpi-selector-1.0.2-4.12 Tool to provide defaults for which MPI implementation to use linux/ppc
mpich-1.2.7p1-126.27 A Portable Implementation of MPI linux/ppc
mpich-devel-1.2.7p1-126.27 A Portable Implementation of MPI linux/ppc
mpt-firmware-1.0-237.1 Configuration files for autoloading mptctl at boot time linux/noarch
mpt-status-1.2.0-50.34 Program Showing the Status of LSI 1030 RAID Controller linux/ppc
mrtg-2.16.2-4.42 The Multirouter Traffic Grapher linux/ppc
msmtp-1.4.16-1.21 An SMTP Client linux/ppc
msr-tools-1.1.2-34.8 Tool for reading and writing MSRs (model specific register) linux/ppc
mstflint-1.4-1.13 Burning Firmware Application linux/ppc
msynctool-0.22-36.27 CLI for synchronization with OpenSync linux/ppc
mt_st-0.9b-1.22 mt-st Controls Magnetic Tape Drives linux/ppc
mtools-3.9.11-165.11 Access Files on an MS-DOS File System linux/ppc
mtools-floppyd-3.9.11-165.11 floppy daemon for remote access to floppy drive linux/ppc
mtp-tools-0.3.4-1.11 Commandline utilities for access to MTP Players linux/ppc
mtr-0.73-14.31 Ping and Traceroute Network Diagnostic Tool linux/ppc
mtr-gtk-0.73-14.31 Ping and Traceroute Network Diagnostic Tool linux/ppc
mtx-1.3.11-48.18 A Program for Controlling the Robotic Mechanism in DDS Auto Loaders linux/ppc
multipath-tools-0.4.8-26.4 Tools to Manage Multipathed Devices with the device-mapper linux/ppc
multisync-gui-0.91.0-178.34 GUI for synchronization with OpenSync linux/ppc
mutt-1.5.17-42.36 Mail Program linux/ppc
mvapich2-0.9.8-125.9 OSU MVAPICH2 MPI package linux/ppc
mvapich2-devel-0.9.8-125.9 OSU MVAPICH2 MPI package linux/ppc
mx4j-3.0.1-223.77 Open Source Implementation of JMX Java API linux/noarch
mx4j-javadoc-3.0.1-223.77 Javadoc for mx4j linux/noarch
mx4j-manual-3.0.1-223.77 Manual for mx4j linux/noarch
mxml-2.5-23.31 Small XML Parsing Library linux/ppc
mxml-devel-2.5-23.31 Development files for mxml linux/ppc
myspell-african-20060117-8.3 African Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-american-20060207-8.3 American Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-australian-20080925-8.3 Australian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-austrian-20071211-8.3 Austrian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-brazilian-20070606-8.3 Brazilian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-british-20050526-8.3 British Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-bulgarian-4.1-8.3 Bulgarian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-catalan-0.1-8.3 Catalan Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-chichewa-0.01-8.3 Chichewa Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-croatian-20031210-8.3 Croatian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-czech-20060303-8.3 Czech Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-danish-20080314-8.3 Danish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-dutch-20070603-8.3 Dutch Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-estonian-1.0-8.3 Estonian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-faroese-0.2.28-8.3 Faroese Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-french-20060914-8.3 French Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-gaelic-scots-0.1.1-8.3 Scottish Gaelic Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-galician-20071107-8.3 Galician Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-german-20071211-8.3 German Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-german-old-20030428-243.6 Old German Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-greek-20041220-8.3 Greek Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-gujarati-20060929-8.3 Gujarati Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-hebrew-1.0-8.3 Hebrew Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-hindi-0.1-8.3 Hindi Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-hungarian-20080315-8.3 Hungarian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-icelandic-20060928-8.3 Icelandic Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-indonese-1.2-8.3 Indonese Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-irish-20060801-8.3 Irish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-italian-20050711-8.3 Italian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-kinyarwanda-1.0-8.3 Kinyarwanda Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-kiswahili-20040316-8.3 Kiswahili Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-kurdish-0.20-8.3 Kurdish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-latvian-20080222-8.3 Latvian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-lithuanian-20031231-8.3 Lithuanian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-macedonian-20031225-8.3 Macedonian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-malagasy-0.03-8.3 Malagasy Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-malay-20050117-8.3 Malay Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-maory-20080630-8.3 Maory Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-marathi-0.1-8.3 Marathi Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-mexican-20051029-8.3 Mexican Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-ndebele-20060120-8.3 Ndebele Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-new-zealand-20030907-8.3 New Zealand Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-norsk-bokmaal-20080310-8.3 Norwegian Bokmaal Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-norsk-nynorsk-20080310-8.3 Norwegian Nynorsk Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-nswiss-20071211-8.3 Swiss Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-occitan-lengadocian-0.2-8.3 Occitan Lengadocian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-persian-20070815-8.3 Persian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-polish-20080514-8.3 Polish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-portuguese-20020629-8.3 Portuguese Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-romanian-20080630-8.3 Romanian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-russian-20040406-8.3 Russian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-setswana-20060123-8.3 Setswana Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-slovak-20060724-8.3 Slovak Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-slovene-20030907-8.3 Slovene Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-sotho-northern-20060123-8.3 Northern Sotho Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-south-african-english-20060120-8.3 South African English Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-20051029-8.3 Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-argentine-0.1-8.3 Argentine Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-bolivian-0.1-8.3 Bolivian Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-chilean-0.1-8.3 Chilean Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-colombian-0.1-8.3 Colombian Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-costa-rican-0.1-8.3 Costa Rican Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-dominican-0.1-8.3 Dominican Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-ecuadorian-0.1-8.3 Ecuadorian Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-guatemalan-0.1-8.3 Guatemalan Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-honduran-0.1-8.3 Honduran Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-nicaraguan-0.1-8.3 Nicaraguan Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-panamanian-0.1-8.3 Panamanian Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-paraguayan-0.1-8.3 Paraguayan Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-peruvian-0.1-8.3 Peruvian Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-puerto-rican-0.1-8.3 Puerto Rican Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-salvadorean-0.1-8.3 Salvadorean Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-uruguayan-0.1-8.3 Uruguayan Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-spanish-venezuelan-0.1-8.3 Venezuelan Spanish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-swati-20060705-8.3 Swati Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-swedish-20080821-8.3 Swedish Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-tagalog-0.02-8.3 Tagalog Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-thai-0.3-8.3 Thai Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-tsonga-20060123-8.3 Tsonga Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-ukrainian-20070527-8.3 Ukrainian Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-venda-20060706-8.3 Venda Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-vietnamese-20070912-8.3 Vietnamese Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-welsh-20040425-8.3 Welsh Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-xhosa-20060123-8.3 Xhosa Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-zulu-20060120-8.3 Zulu Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
mysql-5.0.67-12.12 A True Multiuser, Multithreaded SQL Database Server linux/ppc
mysql-Max-5.0.67-12.12 MySQL - Server with Berkeley DB linux/ppc
mysql-administrator-5.0r12-218.10 A MySQL Server Management, Configuration, and Monitoring Tool linux/ppc
mysql-bench-5.0.67-12.12 MySQL - Benchmarks linux/ppc
mysql-client-5.0.67-12.12 MySQL Client linux/ppc
mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-1.44 Official JDBC Driver for MySQL linux/noarch
mysql-connector-java-javadoc-5.1.6-1.44 Official JDBC Driver for MySQL linux/noarch
mysql-connector-java-manual-5.1.6-1.44 Official JDBC Driver for MySQL linux/noarch
mysql-debug-5.0.67-12.12 MySQL server with debug options turned on linux/ppc
mysql-gui-tools-5.0r12-218.10 Common Files for MySQL GUI Tools linux/ppc
mysql-query-browser-5.0r12-218.10 A Graphical MySQL Query Shell linux/ppc
mysql-test-5.0.67-12.12 MySQL testsuite linux/ppc
mysql-tools-5.0.67-12.12 MySQL tools linux/ppc
mysql-workbench-5.0r12-218.10 A MySQL visual modeling tool linux/ppc
mytop-1.6-1.22 A top Clone for MySQL linux/ppc

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