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Packages beginning with letter K

k3b-1.0.5-48.22 A Universal CD and DVD Burning Application linux/ppc
k3b-arts-1.0.5-48.22 aRts Sound Output for k3b linux/ppc
k3b-devel-1.0.5-48.22 A Universal CD and DVD Burning Application linux/ppc
k3b-lang-1.0.5-48.22 Languages for package k3b linux/ppc
kadslwatch-01.00.06-178.18 Monitor for Fritz!Card DSL Controllers linux/ppc
kaffeine-0.8.7-1.60 Xine-Based Multimedia Player linux/ppc
kaffeine-gstreamer-0.8.7-1.60 Multimedia Player using Gstreamer linux/ppc
kaffeine-lang-0.8.7-1.60 Languages for package kaffeine linux/ppc
kakasi-2.3.4-393.22 Filter to Convert Kanji Characters to Hiragana, Katakana, or Romaji linux/ppc
kakasi-devel-2.3.4-393.22 header file and libraries of KAKASI linux/ppc
kakasi-dict-2.3.4-393.22 The base dictionary of KAKASI linux/ppc
kalsatools-1.5.0-499.36 KDE Tools for ALSA linux/ppc
kamix-0.0.7e-247.31 KDE Mixer for ALSA linux/ppc
kanji-lookup-1.0-655.30 Simple Program That Allows Kanji Lookup Using Radical Tables linux/ppc
kanjipad-2.0.0-196.32 Japanese handwriting recognition linux/ppc
kasumi-2.3-1.27 Dictionary Tool for Anthy linux/ppc
katalog-0.4-205.6 Create Catalog Files from Media and Search Them linux/ppc
katapult- An application launcher linux/ppc
kbarcode-2.0.7-1.44 Barcode and Label Printing Application linux/ppc
kbd-1.14.1-16.6 Keyboard and Font Utilities linux/ppc
kbdsniffd-0.4-1.31 keyboard grabber daemon linux/ppc
kbiff-3.9-2.19 An Application to Check for New E-Mail linux/ppc
kblocks-4.1.3-3.8 KBlocks - classic falling blocks game linux/ppc
kbuild-0.1.3svn1785-2.13 framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks linux/ppc
kcall-0.7.0-106.22 SIP (Voice over IP) Solution for KDE and Kontact linux/ppc
kcfgcreator-0.3-161.28 KDE Configuration Dialog Creator for KConfig XT linux/ppc
kchmviewer-3.1-46.28 KDE chm Viewer (MS Windows Compressed HTML Documents) linux/ppc
kcm_gtk-0.7svn20070827-20.31 KDE control module for switching GTK+ style linux/ppc
kconfigeditor-0.9.5-75.30 KDE Configuration Editor for Administrators linux/ppc
kdbg-2.1.0-1.28 Graphical User Interface for GDB linux/ppc
kdbus-0.8.6_SVN_20070413-1.28 D-BUS service browser for KDE linux/ppc
kde-susetranslations-11.1-6.4 SUSE KDE Translations linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-af-3.5.10-2.41 Afrikaans Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ar-3.5.10-2.41 Arabic translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-az-3.5.10-2.41 Azerbaijan Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-be-3.5.10-2.41 Belarusian translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-bg-3.5.10-2.41 Bulgarian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-bn-3.5.10-2.41 Bengali translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-br-3.5.10-2.41 Breton Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-bs-3.5.10-2.41 Bosnian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ca-3.5.10-2.41 Catalan Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-cs-3.5.10-2.41 Czech Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-csb-3.5.10-2.41 Czech Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-cy-3.5.10-2.41 Welsh Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-da-3.5.10-2.41 Danish Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-de-3.5.10-2.41 German Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-de-data-3.5.10-2.41 German Application Data for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-de-doc-3.5.10-2.41 German Manuals for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-el-3.5.10-2.41 Greek Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-en_GB-3.5.10-2.41 English (UK) Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-eo-3.5.10-2.41 Esperanto translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-es-3.5.10-2.41 Spanish Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-et-3.5.10-2.41 Estonian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-eu-3.5.10-2.41 Basque translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-fa-3.5.10-2.41 Farsi translations for KDE 3 linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-fi-3.5.10-2.41 Finnish Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-fr-3.5.10-2.41 French Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-fy-3.5.10-2.41 Frisian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ga-3.5.10-2.41 Irish Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-gl-3.5.10-2.41 Galician Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-he-3.5.10-2.41 Hebrew Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-hi-3.5.10-2.41 Hindi Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-hr-3.5.10-2.41 Croatian translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-hu-3.5.10-2.41 Hungarian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-is-3.5.10-2.41 Icelandic translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-it-3.5.10-2.41 Italian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ja-3.5.10-2.41 Japanese Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-kk-3.5.10-2.41 Kazakh Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-km-3.5.10-2.41 Khmer Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ko-3.5.10-2.41 Korean translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-lt-3.5.10-2.41 Lithuanian translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-lv-3.5.10-2.41 Latvian translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-mk-3.5.10-2.41 Macedonian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-mn-3.5.10-2.41 Mongolian translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ms-3.5.10-2.41 Malay translations for KDE 3 linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-nb-3.5.10-2.41 Norwegian (Bokmaal) Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-nds-3.5.10-2.41 Low Saxon translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-nl-3.5.10-2.41 Dutch Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-nn-3.5.10-2.41 Norwegian (Nynorsk) Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-pa-3.5.10-2.41 Punjabi translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-pl-3.5.10-2.41 Polish Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-pt-3.5.10-2.41 Portuguese Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-pt_BR-3.5.10-2.41 Brazilian Portuguese Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ro-3.5.10-2.41 Romanian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ru-3.5.10-2.41 Russian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-rw-3.5.10-2.41 Kinyarwanda Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-se-3.5.10-2.41 Northern Sami translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-sk-3.5.10-2.41 Slovak Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-sl-3.5.10-2.41 Slovenian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-sr-3.5.10-2.41 Serbian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-srLatn-3.5.10-2.41 Serbian Latin translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ss-3.5.10-2.41 Swati translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-sv-3.5.10-2.41 Swedish Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-ta-3.5.10-2.41 Tamil Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-te-3.5.10-2.41 Tamil Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-tg-3.5.10-2.41 Tajik translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-th-3.5.10-2.41 Thai translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-tr-3.5.10-2.41 Turkish Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-uk-3.5.10-2.41 Ukrainian Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-uz-3.5.10-2.41 Uzbek translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-uzcyrillic-3.5.10-2.41 Uzbek translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-vi-3.5.10-2.41 Vietnamese translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-wa-3.5.10-2.41 Walloon translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-zh_CN-3.5.10-2.41 Simplified Chinese Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde3-i18n-zh_TW-3.5.10-2.41 Chinese Translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-akonadi-4.1.3-3.10 KDE Resources for PIM Storage Service linux/ppc
kde4-akonadi-devel-4.1.3-3.10 KDE Resources for PIM Storage Service linux/ppc
kde4-akregator-4.1.3-3.10 RSS Feed Reader linux/ppc
kde4-amarok-2.0-1.1 Media Player for KDE linux/ppc
kde4-amarok-lang-2.0-1.1 Languages for package kde4-amarok linux/ppc
kde4-amor-4.1.3-1.21 On-Screen Creature linux/ppc
kde4-ark-4.1.3-2.6 KDE Archiver Tool linux/ppc
kde4-blinken-4.1.3-4.2 Simon Says Game linux/ppc
kde4-bovo-4.1.3-3.8 Five-in-a-row Board Game linux/ppc
kde4-cervisia-4.1.3-2.8 CVS Frontend linux/ppc
kde4-digikam-0.10.0-60.4 A KDE Photo Manager linux/ppc
kde4-digikam-devel-0.10.0-60.4 A KDE Photo Manager Build Environment linux/ppc
kde4-dolphin-4.1.3-3.4 KDE File Manager linux/ppc
kde4-filesystem-4.1.3-1.7 KDE4 Directory Layout linux/ppc
kde4-gwenview-4.1.3-4.4 Simple Image Viewer for KDE linux/ppc
kde4-juk-4.1.3-4.11 Jukebox linux/ppc
kde4-kaddressbook-4.1.3-3.10 Address Manager linux/ppc
kde4-kalarm-4.1.3-3.10 Personal Alarm Scheduler linux/ppc
kde4-kalgebra-4.1.3-4.2 Math Expression Solver and Plotter linux/ppc
kde4-kalzium-4.1.3-4.2 Periodic Table of Elements linux/ppc
kde4-kanagram-4.1.3-4.2 Anagram Game linux/ppc
kde4-kapptemplate-4.1.3-2.8 Template for KDE Application Development linux/ppc
kde4-kate-4.1.3-2.8 Advanced Text Editor linux/ppc
kde4-kate-devel-4.1.3-2.8 Advanced Text Editor Development Headers linux/ppc
kde4-katomic-4.1.3-3.8 Sokoban-like logic game linux/ppc
kde4-kbattleship-4.1.3-3.8 Battleship game linux/ppc
kde4-kblackbox-4.1.3-3.8 Logic game linux/ppc
kde4-kbounce-4.1.3-3.8 Bounce ball game linux/ppc
kde4-kbreakout-4.1.3-3.8 A breakout like game linux/ppc
kde4-kbruch-4.1.3-4.2 Excercise Fractions linux/ppc
kde4-kbugbuster-4.1.3-2.8 Bugzilla Client linux/ppc
kde4-kcachegrind-4.1.3-2.8 Frontend for Cachegrind linux/ppc
kde4-kcalc-4.1.3-2.6 Scientific Calculator linux/ppc
kde4-kcharselect-4.1.3-2.6 KDE Character Selector linux/ppc
kde4-kcm_gtk-1.1-115.17 KDE control module for switching GTK+ style linux/ppc
kde4-kcolorchooser-4.1.3-4.4 Color Chooser linux/ppc
kde4-kcron-4.1.3-1.16 Cron job configuration tool linux/ppc
kde4-kdepasswd-4.1.3-3.4 KDE Password Changer linux/ppc
kde4-kdessh-4.1.3-2.6 Remote Application Executor linux/ppc
kde4-kdf-4.1.3-2.6 Disk Usage Viewer linux/ppc
kde4-kdialog-4.1.3-3.4 KDE version of xdialog linux/ppc
kde4-kdiamond-4.1.3-3.8 Single player puzzle game linux/ppc
kde4-kdm-4.1.3-10.1 KDE login and display manager linux/ppc
kde4-kdm-branding-openSUSE-11.1-66.4 KDE login and display manager linux/ppc
kde4-kdm-branding-upstream-4.1.3-10.1 KDE login and display manager - upstream branding linux/ppc
kde4-kdnssd-4.1.3-4.10 Zeroconf Support for KDE linux/ppc
kde4-keditbookmarks-4.1.3-3.4 KDE Bookmark Editor linux/ppc
kde4-kerry-0.2.90-4.4 Desktop search tool linux/ppc
kde4-kfilereplace-4.1.3-2.12 Search & Replace Tool linux/ppc
kde4-kfind-4.1.3-3.4 KDE Find File Utility linux/ppc
kde4-kfloppy-4.1.3-2.6 Floppy Formatter linux/ppc
kde4-kfourinline-4.1.3-3.8 Four Wins game linux/ppc
kde4-kgamma-4.1.3-4.4 Display gamma configuration linux/ppc
kde4-kgeography-4.1.3-4.2 Geography Trainer linux/ppc
kde4-kget-4.1.3-4.10 Download Manager linux/ppc
kde4-kgoldrunner-4.1.3-3.8 Action & Puzzle Solving Game linux/ppc
kde4-kgpg-4.1.3-2.6 Encryption Tool linux/ppc
kde4-kgreeter-plugins-4.1.3-10.1 The KDE Greeter Plugin Components linux/ppc
kde4-khangman-4.1.3-4.2 Hangman Game linux/ppc
kde4-kig-4.1.3-4.2 Interactive Geometry linux/ppc
kde4-kimagemapeditor-4.1.3-2.12 HTML Image Map Editor linux/ppc
kde4-kinfocenter-4.1.3-3.4 KDE Information Center linux/ppc
kde4-kio_audiocd-4.1.3-4.11 KDE I/O Slave for Audio CDs linux/ppc
kde4-kio_beagle-0.4.0-2.47 KIO Slave for Beagle linux/ppc
kde4-kio_kamera-4.1.3-4.4 KDE I/O-Slave for Cameras linux/ppc
kde4-kio_svn-4.1.3-2.8 KDE KIO-Slave for SVN linux/ppc
kde4-kio_sysinfo-11.1-66.4 System Information KIO-Slave linux/ppc
kde4-kio_sysinfo-branding-openSUSE-11.1-66.4 System Information KIO-Slave linux/ppc
kde4-kio_sysinfo-branding-upstream-11.1-10.35 System Information KIO-Slave Branding linux/noarch
kde4-kiosktool-4.1.1.svn859930-2.34 Kiosk Admin Tool linux/ppc
kde4-kipi-plugins-0.2beta3-1.17 KDE Plug-Ins for Image Manipulation linux/ppc
kde4-kiriki-4.1.3-3.8 Yahtzee-like Game linux/ppc
kde4-kiten-4.1.3-4.2 Japanese Reference/Study Tool linux/ppc
kde4-kjots-4.1.3-3.10 Note Taker linux/ppc
kde4-kjumpingcube-4.1.3-3.8 Tactical board game linux/ppc
kde4-klettres-4.1.3-4.2 Alphabet Learning Game linux/ppc
kde4-klines-4.1.3-3.8 Tactical game linux/ppc
kde4-klinkstatus-4.1.3-2.12 Link Checker linux/ppc
kde4-kmag-4.1.3-1.21 Screen Magnifier linux/ppc
kde4-kmahjongg-4.1.3-3.8 Mahjongg game linux/ppc
kde4-kmail-4.1.3-3.10 Mail Client linux/ppc
kde4-kmines-4.1.3-3.8 Minesweeper-like game linux/ppc
kde4-kmix-4.1.3-4.11 Sound Mixer linux/ppc
kde4-kmousetool-4.1.3-1.21 Automatic Mouse Click linux/ppc
kde4-kmouth-4.1.3-1.21 Speech Synthesizer Frontend linux/ppc
kde4-kmplot-4.1.3-4.2 Mathematical Function Plotter linux/ppc
kde4-kmtrace-4.1.3-2.8 Memory Allocation Debugging Tool linux/ppc
kde4-knetwalk-4.1.3-3.8 Puzzle game linux/ppc
kde4-knetworkconf-4.1.3-1.16 KDE Network Configuration Module linux/ppc
kde4-knewsticker-4.1.3-4.10 RDF newsticker applet linux/ppc
kde4-knode-4.1.3-3.10 News Reader linux/ppc
kde4-knotes-4.1.3-3.10 Popup Notes linux/ppc
kde4-kolf-4.1.3-3.8 Miniature golf game linux/ppc
kde4-kollision-4.1.3-3.8 Kollision linux/ppc
kde4-kolourpaint-4.1.3-4.4 Paint Program linux/ppc
kde4-kommander-4.1.3-2.12 Editor to build dialogs and application linux/ppc
kde4-kompare-4.1.3-2.8 File Comparator linux/ppc
kde4-konqueror-4.1.3-3.4 KDE File Manager and Browser linux/ppc
kde4-konqueror-plugins-4.1.3-2.5 Konqueror Related Addons linux/ppc
kde4-konqueror-plugins-lang-4.1.3-2.5 Languages for package kde4-konqueror-plugins linux/ppc
kde4-konquest-4.1.3-3.8 Galactic strategy game linux/ppc
kde4-konsole-4.1.3-3.4 KDE Terminal linux/ppc
kde4-kontact-4.1.3-3.10 Personal Information Manager linux/ppc
kde4-kopete-4.1.3-4.10 Instant Messenger linux/ppc
kde4-kopete-devel-4.1.3-4.10 Instant Messenger - Development Files linux/ppc
kde4-korganizer-4.1.3-3.10 Personal Organizer linux/ppc
kde4-kpat-4.1.3-3.8 Patience card game linux/ppc
kde4-kpercentage-4.1.3-4.2 Exercise Percentages linux/ppc
kde4-kppp-4.1.3-4.10 Internet Dial-Up Tool linux/ppc
kde4-krdc-4.1.3-4.10 Remote Desktop Connection linux/ppc
kde4-kreversi-4.1.3-3.8 Reversi board game linux/ppc
kde4-krfb-4.1.3-4.10 Desktop Sharing linux/ppc
kde4-kruler-4.1.3-4.4 Screen Ruler linux/ppc
kde4-ksame-4.1.3-3.8 Strategic board game linux/ppc
kde4-kscd-4.1.3-4.11 CD Player linux/ppc
kde4-kshisen-4.1.3-3.8 Shisen-Sho Mahjongg-like game linux/ppc
kde4-ksirk-4.1.3-3.8 ksirk linux/ppc
kde4-ksnapshot-4.1.3-4.4 Screen Capture Program linux/ppc
kde4-kspaceduel-4.1.3-3.8 Space arcade game linux/ppc
kde4-ksquares-4.1.3-3.8 Strategic board game linux/ppc
kde4-kstars-4.1.3-4.2 Desktop Planetarium linux/ppc
kde4-kstars-data-4.1.3-4.2 Desktop Planetarium linux/noarch
kde4-kstartperf-4.1.3-2.8 KDE Benchmarking Tool linux/ppc
kde4-ksudoku-4.1.3-3.8 Generate and Solve Sudoku Puzzles in 2D or 3D linux/ppc
kde4-kteatime-4.1.3-1.21 Tea Cooker linux/ppc
kde4-ktimer-4.1.3-2.6 Countdown Launcher linux/ppc
kde4-ktimetracker-4.1.3-3.10 Personal Time Tracker linux/ppc
kde4-ktnef-4.1.3-3.10 TNEF Format Viewer linux/ppc
kde4-ktouch-4.1.3-4.2 Touch Typing Tutor linux/ppc
kde4-kttsd-4.1.3-1.21 Text-to-Speech linux/ppc
kde4-ktuberling-4.1.3-3.8 Potato drawing editor linux/ppc
kde4-kturtle-4.1.3-4.2 Logo Programming Environment linux/ppc
kde4-ktux-4.1.3-1.21 Tux Screen Saver linux/ppc
kde4-kubrick-4.1.3-3.8 Kubrick is a game based on Rubik's Cube linux/ppc
kde4-kuiviewer-4.1.3-2.8 UI Files Viewer linux/ppc
kde4-kupdateapplet-0.8.34-2.1 openSUSE System Updater Applet (KDE4) linux/ppc
kde4-kupdateapplet-packagekit-0.8.34-2.1 packagekit plugin for KDE updater applet linux/ppc
kde4-kupdateapplet-zypp-0.8.34-2.1 zypp plugin for KDE updater applet linux/ppc
kde4-kuser-4.1.3-1.16 User Account Manager linux/ppc
kde4-kwalletmanager-4.1.3-2.6 Wallet Management Tool linux/ppc
kde4-kweather-4.1.3-1.21 Weather service and applet linux/ppc
kde4-kwikdisk-4.1.3-2.6 Removable Media Utility linux/ppc
kde4-kwin-4.1.3-10.1 KDE Window Manager linux/ppc
kde4-kwordquiz-4.1.3-4.2 Vocabulary Trainer linux/ppc
kde4-kwrite-4.1.3-3.4 KDE Text Editor linux/ppc
kde4-kxsldbg-4.1.3-2.12 XSLT Debugger linux/ppc
kde4-l10n-bg-4.1.3-2.1 Bulgarian (bg) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-ca-4.1.3-2.1 Catalan (ca) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-cs-4.1.3-2.1 Czech (cs) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-csb-4.1.3-2.1 Kashubian (csb) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-da-4.1.3-2.1 Danish (da) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-de-4.1.3-2.1 German (de) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-de-data-4.1.3-2.1 German (de) Application Data for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-de-doc-4.1.3-2.1 German (de) Manuals for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-devel-4.1.3-2.8 KDE SDK Package linux/ppc
kde4-l10n-el-4.1.3-2.1 Greek (el) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-en_GB-4.1.3-2.1 British English (en_GB) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-eo-4.1.3-2.1 Esperanto (eo) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-es-4.1.3-2.1 Spanish (es) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-et-4.1.3-2.1 Estonian (et) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-fi-4.1.3-2.1 Finish (fi) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-fr-4.1.3-2.1 French (fr) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-fy-4.1.3-2.1 Frisian translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-ga-4.1.3-2.1 Irish Gaelic (ga) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-gl-4.1.3-2.1 Galician (gl) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-hi-4.1.3-2.1 Hindi (hi) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-hu-4.1.3-2.1 Hungarian (hu) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-it-4.1.3-2.1 Italian (it) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-ja-4.1.3-2.1 Japanese (ja) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-kk-4.1.3-2.1 Khmer (km) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-km-4.1.3-2.1 Khmer (km) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-ko-4.1.3-2.1 Korean (ko) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-ku-4.1.3-2.1 Kurdish translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-lt-4.1.3-2.1 Lithuanian translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-lv-4.1.3-2.1 Latvian (lv) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-mk-4.1.3-2.1 Macedonian (mk) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-ml-4.1.3-2.1 Mayalayam translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-nb-4.1.3-2.1 Norwegian Bokmål (nb) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-nds-4.1.3-2.1 Low Saxon (nds) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-nl-4.1.3-2.1 Dutch (nl) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-nn-4.1.3-2.1 Nynorsk translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-pa-4.1.3-2.1 Punjabi (pa) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-pl-4.1.3-2.1 Poliosh (pl) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-pt-4.1.3-2.1 Portugese (pt) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-pt_BR-4.1.3-2.1 Brazilian (pt_BR) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-ru-4.1.3-2.1 Russian (ru) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-sl-4.1.3-2.1 Slovenian (sl) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-sr-4.1.3-2.1 Serbian (sr) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-sv-4.1.3-2.1 Swedish (sv) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-ta-4.1.3-2.1 Tamil (ta) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-th-4.1.3-2.1 Thai (th) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-tr-4.1.3-2.1 Turkish (tr) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-uk-4.1.3-2.1 Ukranian (uk) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-wa-4.1.3-2.1 Wallon translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-zh_CN-4.1.3-2.1 Chinese simplified (zh_CN) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-l10n-zh_TW-4.1.3-2.1 Chinese traditional (zh_TW) translations for KDE linux/noarch
kde4-lokalize-4.1.3-2.8 KDE Translation Editor linux/ppc
kde4-lskat-4.1.3-3.8 German Skat game linux/ppc
kde4-marble-4.1.3-4.2 A generic map viewer linux/ppc
kde4-marble-data-4.1.3-4.2 Generic map viewer data linux/noarch
kde4-marble-devel-4.1.3-4.2 A generic map viewer: Build Environment linux/ppc
kde4-okular-4.1.3-4.4 Document Viewer linux/ppc
kde4-okular-devel-4.1.3-4.4 Document Viewer - Development Files linux/ppc
kde4-parley-4.1.3-4.2 Vocabulary Trainer linux/ppc
kde4-plasma-addons-4.1.3-5.16 Additional Plasmoids linux/ppc
kde4-plasmoid-quickaccess-0.7.1-4.15 Quick Access Plasmoid linux/ppc
kde4-plasmoid-quicklauncher-0.4-4.18 QuickLauncher Applet linux/ppc
kde4-printer-applet-4.1.3-2.6 System tray utility to show current print jobs linux/ppc
kde4-step-4.1.3-4.2 Step - A interactive physics simulator linux/ppc
kde4-style-phase-4.1.3-1.21 KDE Widget Style linux/ppc
kde4-superkaramba-4.1.3-2.6 Desktop Widgets linux/ppc
kde4-sweeper-4.1.3-2.6 KDE Privacy Utility linux/ppc
kde4-umbrello-4.1.3-2.8 UML Modeller linux/ppc
kde4-webkitpart-4.1.1.svn856106-2.34 WebKit render engine for Konqueror linux/ppc
kde4-yakuake-2.9.4-8.34 Retractable Terminal for KDE linux/ppc
kdeaccessibility3-3.5.10-11.32 Tools for Handicapped People to Use the GUI linux/ppc
kdeaccessibility3-icons-3.5.10-11.32 Monochrome icons for KDE linux/ppc
kdeaccessibility4-4.1.3-1.21 kdeaccessibility Base Package linux/ppc
kdeaccessibility4-icons-4.1.3-1.28 Monochrome Icon Set for KDE linux/noarch
kdeaddons3-games-3.5.10-1.40 Additional Modules for Atlantik linux/ppc
kdeaddons3-kate-3.5.10-1.40 A text editor for KDE linux/ppc
kdeaddons3-kicker-3.5.10-1.40 KDE kicker applets linux/ppc
kdeaddons3-konqueror-3.5.10-1.40 Konqueror Related Add-Ons linux/ppc
kdeaddons3-kontact-3.5.10-1.40 Additional Modules for Kontact linux/ppc
kdeaddons3-sound-3.5.10-1.40 Plugins for noatun linux/ppc
kdeadmin3-3.5.10-1.43 KDE System Administration linux/ppc
kdeadmin4-4.1.3-1.16 kdeadmin base package linux/ppc
kdeartwork3-3.5.10-1.42 KDE Themes linux/ppc
kdeartwork3-kscreensaver-3.5.10-1.42 Screensaver from KDE linux/ppc
kdeartwork3-sound-3.5.10-1.42 Sound themes for KDE linux/ppc
kdeartwork3-xscreensaver-3.5.10-1.42 XScreensaver Support for KDE linux/ppc
kdeartwork4-4.1.3-1.21 kdeartwork base package linux/ppc
kdeartwork4-emoticons-4.1.3-1.27 Emoticons package linux/noarch
kdeartwork4-icons-4.1.3-1.27 KDE icon packages linux/noarch
kdeartwork4-kwin-4.1.3-1.21 KDE window manager theme package linux/ppc
kdeartwork4-kworldclock-4.1.3-1.27 KDE Worldclock Maps linux/noarch
kdeartwork4-screensaver-4.1.3-1.21 KDE screensaver package linux/ppc
kdeartwork4-sounds-4.1.3-1.27 KDE sound package linux/noarch
kdeartwork4-wallpapers-4.1.3-1.27 Wallpapers package linux/noarch
kdebase3-3.5.10-17.4 The KDE Core Components linux/ppc
kdebase3-SuSE-11.1-65.4 SUSE KDE Extension linux/ppc
kdebase3-SuSE-branding-openSUSE-11.1-65.4 SUSE KDE Extension linux/ppc
kdebase3-SuSE-branding-upstream-11.1-2.11 SUSE KDE Extension linux/ppc
kdebase3-SuSE-lang-11.1-65.4 Languages for package kdebase3-SuSE linux/ppc
kdebase3-beagle-3.5.10-17.4 Beagle dependent plugins for KDE desktop linux/ppc
kdebase3-devel-3.5.10-17.4 KDE Base Package: Base, Build Environment linux/ppc
kdebase3-extra-3.5.10-17.4 KDE Base package: Extra Applications linux/ppc
kdebase3-kdm-3.5.10-17.4 The KDE login and display manager linux/ppc
kdebase3-nsplugin-3.5.10-17.4 Netscape plugin support for KDE linux/ppc
kdebase3-runtime-3.5.10-17.4 Runtime Dependencies of KDE3 Applications linux/ppc
kdebase3-samba-3.5.10-17.4 KDE Base package: Windows Connection Module linux/ppc
kdebase3-session-3.5.10-17.4 The KDE Session linux/ppc
kdebase4-4.1.3-3.4 The Base KDE Apps linux/ppc
kdebase4-libkonq-4.1.3-3.4 KDE Konqueror Libraries linux/ppc
kdebase4-nsplugin-4.1.3-3.4 Netscape plugin support for KDE linux/ppc
kdebase4-openSUSE-11.1-66.4 openSUSE KDE Extension linux/ppc
kdebase4-openSUSE-lang-11.1-66.4 Languages for package kdebase4-openSUSE linux/ppc
kdebase4-runtime-4.1.3-4.1 The KDE Runtime Components linux/ppc
kdebase4-session-4.1.3-2.1 The KDE Session linux/ppc
kdebase4-wallpapers-4.1.3-10.1 KDE 4 Wallpapers linux/noarch
kdebase4-workspace-4.1.3-10.1 The KDE Workspace Components linux/ppc
kdebase4-workspace-branding-openSUSE-11.1-66.4 openSUSE KDE Extension linux/ppc
kdebase4-workspace-branding-upstream-4.1.3-10.1 The KDE Workspace Components linux/ppc
kdebase4-workspace-devel-4.1.3-10.1 The KDE Workspace Components linux/ppc
kdebase4-workspace-ksysguardd-4.1.3-10.1 KDE base package: ksysguard daemon linux/ppc
kdebindings3-3.5.10-14.34 Bindings for Qt and KDE Libraries linux/ppc
kdebindings3-java-3.5.10-14.13 Java Bindings for KDE linux/ppc
kdebindings3-javascript-3.5.10-14.34 JavaScript Bindings and Interpreter for KDE linux/ppc
kdebindings3-javascript-devel-3.5.10-14.34 JavaScript Bindings and Interpreter for KDE linux/ppc
kdebindings3-perl-3.5.10-14.34 DCOP Perl Bindings for KDE linux/ppc
kdebindings3-ruby-3.5.10-14.34 Ruby Bindings for Qt and KDE Libraries linux/ppc
kdebluetooth-1.0_beta8-171.37 Bluetooth Support for KDE linux/ppc
kdebluetooth-devel-1.0_beta8-171.37 Header files and libraries for kdebluetooth linux/ppc
kdebluetooth-lang-1.0_beta8-171.37 Languages for package kdebluetooth linux/ppc
kdebluetooth4-0.2-12.29 Kdebluetooth4 is the bluetooth framework for KDE4. It adds a lot of bluetooth abilities to the KDE4 desktop. linux/ppc
kdedesktopcheck-0.1-2.87 perl script that does quite some integrity checks on .desktop-files linux/noarch
kdeedu3-3.5.10-1.33 Education Applications linux/ppc
kdeedu4-4.1.3-4.2 General Data for KDE Education Applications linux/ppc
kdeedu4-noarch-4.1.3-4.2 General Data for KDE Education Applications linux/noarch
kdegames3-3.5.10-1.33 Games for KDE linux/ppc
kdegames3-arcade-3.5.10-1.33 Arcade games for KDE linux/ppc
kdegames3-board-3.5.10-1.33 KDE board games linux/ppc
kdegames3-card-3.5.10-1.33 Card games for KDE linux/ppc
kdegames3-devel-3.5.10-1.33 Games for KDE: Build Environment linux/ppc
kdegames3-tactic-3.5.10-1.33 Tactic and logic games for KDE linux/ppc
kdegames4-carddecks-default-4.1.3-3.9 Default Card Decks for KDE Games linux/noarch
kdegames4-carddecks-other-4.1.3-3.9 Further Card Decks for KDE Games linux/noarch
kdegraphics3-3.5.10-1.41 Base Libraries for KDE Graphics Applications linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-3D-3.5.10-1.41 3D Scene Creator linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-devel-3.5.10-1.41 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-extra-3.5.10-1.41 Small KDE Graphics Applications linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-fax-3.5.10-1.41 KDE fax viewer linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-imaging-3.5.10-1.41 Image-Related KDE Applications linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-kamera-3.5.10-1.41 KDE digital camera application linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-pdf-3.5.10-1.41 KDE PDF File Viewer linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-postscript-3.5.10-1.41 KDE Postscript File Viewer linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-scan-3.5.10-1.41 Kooka, the Scanning Program for KDE linux/ppc
kdegraphics3-tex-3.5.10-1.41 DVI File Viewer linux/ppc
kdegraphics4-4.1.3-4.4 kdegraphics base package linux/ppc
kdelibs3-3.5.10-21.10 KDE Base Libraries linux/ppc
kdelibs3-64bit-3.5.10-21.7 KDE Base Libraries linux/ppc
kdelibs3-arts-3.5.10-21.10 KDE aRts support linux/ppc
kdelibs3-arts-64bit-3.5.10-21.7 KDE aRts support linux/ppc
kdelibs3-default-style-3.5.10-21.10 The default KDE style linux/ppc
kdelibs3-default-style-64bit-3.5.10-21.7 The default KDE style linux/ppc
kdelibs3-devel-3.5.10-21.10 KDE Base Package: Build Environment linux/ppc
kdelibs3-devel-doc-3.5.10-21.10 Additional Package Documentation linux/noarch
kdelibs3-doc-3.5.10-21.10 Documentation for KDE Base Libraries linux/ppc
kdelibs4-4.1.3-4.9 KDE Base Libraries linux/ppc
kdelibs4-core-4.1.3-4.9 KDE Base Libraries linux/ppc
kdelibs4-doc-4.1.3-4.9 Documentation for KDE Base Libraries linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-3.5.10-1.44 KDE Multimedia Libraries linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-CD-3.5.10-1.44 KDE Audio CD Tools linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-arts-3.5.10-1.44 KDEMM aRts support linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-devel-3.5.10-1.44 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-extra-3.5.10-1.44 Additional KDE Sound Applications linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-jukebox-3.5.10-1.44 KDE Jukebox for MP3 and Ogg Vorbis Files linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-midi-3.5.10-1.44 KDE MIDI File Player linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-mixer-3.5.10-1.44 KDE sound mixer linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-sound-3.5.10-1.44 KDE sound applications and plugins linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-video-3.5.10-1.44 KDE Video Player linux/ppc
kdemultimedia3-video-xine-3.5.10-1.44 Xine plugin for Noatun linux/ppc
kdemultimedia4-4.1.3-4.11 kdemultimedia base package linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-3.5.10-12.9 KDE Network Libraries linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-IRC-3.5.10-12.9 IRC application for KDE linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-InstantMessenger-3.5.10-12.9 Chat applications for KDE linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-devel-3.5.10-12.9 Build environment from kdenetwork linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-dialup-3.5.10-12.9 KPPP Modem Dialing Tool linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-lan-3.5.10-12.9 LAN Applications linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-lisa-3.5.10-12.9 Network Scanner Daemon linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-news-3.5.10-12.9 News-related KDE application linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-query-3.5.10-12.9 Clients for Internet Databases linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-vnc-3.5.10-12.9 Exporting of VNC and Connecting of VNC/RDP Sessions linux/ppc
kdenetwork3-wireless-3.5.10-12.9 Wireless Card Manager linux/ppc
kdenetwork4-4.1.3-4.10 KDE Network Base Package linux/ppc
kdenetwork4-filesharing-4.1.3-4.10 KDE Network Libraries linux/ppc
kdepim3-3.5.10-8.12 Personal Information Manager Software for KDE linux/ppc
kdepim3-devel-3.5.10-8.12 Personal Information Manager software for KDE linux/ppc
kdepim3-kpilot-3.5.10-8.12 This Package allows Communication with the 3COM Palm Pilot linux/ppc
kdepim3-mobile-3.5.10-8.12 Cell Phone Support linux/ppc
kdepim3-notes-3.5.10-8.12 Note taking application linux/ppc
kdepim3-time-management-3.5.10-8.12 Personal Information Manager linux/ppc
kdepim4-4.1.3-3.10 Base package of kdepim linux/ppc
kdepim4-devel-4.1.3-3.10 KDE Personal Information Management Base Package: Build Environment linux/ppc
kdepim4-wizards-4.1.3-3.10 KDE Personal Information Management Wizards linux/ppc
kdepimlibs4-4.1.3-5.1 KDE PIM Libraries linux/ppc
kdesdk3-3.5.10-1.39 The KDE Software Development Kit linux/ppc
kdesdk3-devel-3.5.10-1.39 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
kdesdk3-kdecvs-3.5.10-1.39 KBugBuster linux/ppc
kdesdk3-profile-3.5.10-1.39 Profiling Tools linux/ppc
kdesdk3-translate-3.5.10-1.39 Tools to Handle Translations linux/ppc
kdesdk4-4.1.3-2.8 KDE SDK Package linux/ppc
kdesdk4-kdeaccounts-4.1.3-2.8 KAddressBook Plugins for Developer Database linux/ppc
kdesdk4-scripts-4.1.3-2.8 Scripts for KDE Development linux/ppc
kdesvn-1.0.2-1.23 KDE Subversion Client linux/ppc
kdetoys3-3.5.10-2.42 Nice Toys for KDE linux/ppc
kdetoys4-4.1.3-1.21 Kdetoys Base Package linux/ppc
kdetv-0.8.9-162.28 A Program for Watching TV in KDE linux/ppc
kdetv-lang-0.8.9-162.28 Languages for package kdetv linux/ppc
kdeutils3-3.5.10-1.41 KDE Utility Programs linux/ppc
kdeutils3-devel-3.5.10-1.41 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
kdeutils3-extra-3.5.10-1.41 KDE Utility Programs linux/ppc
kdeutils3-laptop-3.5.10-1.41 KDE utility programs for laptop users linux/ppc
kdeutils4-4.1.3-2.6 Base Package of KDE Utility Programs linux/ppc
kdevelop3-3.5.3-1.37 Integrated Development Environment for the X Window System, Qt, KDE, and GNOME linux/ppc
kdevelop3-devel-3.5.3-1.37 Integrated Development Environment: Build Environment linux/ppc
kdewebdev3-3.5.10-12.38 KDE Web Development Suite linux/ppc
kdewebdev4-4.1.3-2.12 kdewebdev base package linux/ppc
kdiff3-0.9.92-236.27 Feature-Rich Code Comparison Utility linux/ppc
kdirstat-2.4.4-255.11 Graphical Directory Statistics for Used Disk Space linux/ppc
kdissert-1.0.6c-152.31 Mindmapping Tool linux/ppc
kdrill-6.4-16.28 "Kanji Drill"--Kanji Quiz and Japanese Dictionary for the X Window System linux/ppc
kdump-0.7.3-1.5 Script for kdump linux/ppc
kepas-0.9.1-1.34 Kepas - KDE Easy Publish and Share linux/ppc
kernel-coverage-0.1-1.22 kernel coverage imageing, galaxy poster linux/ppc
kernel-default- The Standard Kernel linux/ppc
kernel-default-base- Base Modules of the Standard Kernel linux/ppc
kernel-default-extra- Extra Modules for the Standard Kernel linux/ppc
kernel-docs-2.6.3-3.12 Kernel Documentation linux/noarch
kernel-kdump- kernel for kdump linux/ppc
kernel-ppc64- Kernel for ppc64 Systems linux/ppc
kernel-ppc64-base- Kernel for ppc64 Systems - base modules linux/ppc
kernel-ppc64-extra- Kernel for ppc64 Systems - extra modules linux/ppc
kernel-ps3- kernel for ps3 bootloader linux/ppc
kernel-source- The Linux Kernel Sources linux/ppc
kernel-syms- Kernel Symbol Versions (modversions) linux/ppc
kernel-vanilla- The Standard Kernel - without any SUSE patches linux/ppc
kerneloops-0.12-29.12 Tool to collect kernel oopses and submit them to linux/ppc
kerneloops-applet-0.12-29.12 Tool to collect kernel oopses and submit them to linux/ppc
kerry-0.2.2-136.22 Desktop search tool linux/ppc
kerry-lang-0.2.2-136.22 Languages for package kerry linux/ppc
ketchup-0.9.8-1.86 Tool for downloading and updating Linux kernel source trees linux/noarch
kexec-tools-2.0.0-47.5 Tools for fast kernel loading linux/ppc
keychain-2.6.8-1.82 A Key Management Application for SSH2 RSA/DSA and GnuPG Keys linux/noarch
keyutils-1.2-107.4 Linux Key Management Utilities linux/ppc
keyutils-devel-1.2-107.4 Development package for building linux key management utilities linux/ppc
keyutils-libs-1.2-107.4 Key utilities library linux/ppc
keyutils-libs-64bit-1.2-107.4 Key utilities library linux/ppc
khunphan-0.55-327.37 Traditional Thai Puzzle Board Game in 3D with Wooden Blocks linux/ppc
kiax-0.8.4-117.30 Voive-over-IP client for Asterisk (IAX protocol) linux/ppc
kile-2.0.2-1.12 A LaTeX Source Editor and TeX Shell linux/ppc
killerd-1.1-100.11 Daemon for automatic killing of login shells linux/ppc
kinput2-v3.1-520.15 Kanji Input Server for the X Window System linux/ppc
kinternet-0.75-220.27 SUSE Internet Connect Tool linux/ppc
kio-locate-0.4.5-237.6 KDE I/O Slave for the locate Command linux/ppc
kio_beagle-0.3.1-156.29 KIO Slave for Beagle linux/ppc
kio_ipodslave-0.8.pre2-1.28 Browsing iPod within KDE linux/ppc
kio_iso-1.99.1.svn6082-3.1 KIO slave to access ISO images linux/ppc
kio_slp-0.4.1-1.28 SLP Browsing with Konqueror linux/ppc
kio_sysinfo-11.1-65.4 System Information KIO-Slave linux/ppc
kiosktool-1.0-252.11 Kiosk Admin Tool linux/ppc
kipi-plugins-0.1.5-65.11 KDE Plug-Ins for Image Manipulation linux/ppc
kipi-plugins-lang-0.1.5-65.11 Languages for package kipi-plugins linux/ppc
kisdnwatch-01.00.10-80.18 A Monitor for CAPI 2.0-Based ISDN Devices linux/ppc
kismet-2008_05_R1-19.41 An 802.11 Wireless Network Sniffer linux/ppc
kitchensync-3.5.10-8.12 KDE Synchronization application based on OpenSync linux/ppc
kiwi-3.01-13.1 OpenSuSE - KIWI Image System linux/ppc
kiwi-doc-3.01-13.1 OpenSuSE - KIWI Image System Documentation linux/ppc
kiwi-instsource-3.01-13.1 KIWI - Installation Source creation linux/ppc
kiwi-instsource-plugins-openSUSE-11-0-1.20-3.9 OpenSuSE - KIWI Image System linux/noarch
kiwi-instsource-plugins-openSUSE-11-1-2.1-1.5 OpenSuSE - KIWI Image System linux/noarch
kiwi-tools-3.01-13.1 OpenSuSE - KIWI tools collection linux/ppc
klamav-0.44-41.19 Frontend for clamav linux/ppc
klogd-1.4.1-708.12 The kernel log daemon linux/ppc
kmobiletools- Mobile Phone Management linux/ppc
kmymoney-0.8.9-1.30 A Personal Finance Manager linux/ppc
kmymoney-devel-0.8.9-1.30 A Personal Finance Manager linux/ppc
knights-0.6-555.23 A Nice, Themeable Chess Front-End linux/ppc
knock-0.5-66.27 A Port-Knocking Client linux/ppc
knockd-0.5-66.27 A port-knocking server linux/ppc
knoda-0.8.3-1.28 A Database Front-End linux/ppc
knoda-devel-0.8.3-1.28 Database frontend linux/ppc
koffice-1.6.3-211.10 Libraries and Base Files for the KDE Office Suite linux/ppc
koffice-database-1.6.3-211.10 Database Application Based on KOffice Libraries (kexi) linux/ppc
koffice-database-mdb-1.1.0-20.18 MDB file migration driver for Kexi linux/ppc
koffice-database-mysql-1.6.3-211.10 KOffice Database Application MySQL Back-End linux/ppc
koffice-database-psql-1.6.3-211.10 KOffice Database Application PostgreSQL Back-End linux/ppc
koffice-devel-1.6.3-211.10 The Build Enviroment from KOffice linux/ppc
koffice-extra-1.6.3-211.10 Small Add-On Applications for KOffice linux/ppc
koffice-i18n-bg-1.6.3-1.78 Bulgarian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-ca-1.6.3-1.78 Catalan translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-ca-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Catalan translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-cs-1.6.3-1.78 Czech translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-cy-1.6.3-1.78 Welsh translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-da-1.6.3-1.78 Danish translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-da-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Danish translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-de-1.6.3-1.78 German translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-de-doc-1.6.3-1.78 German translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-el-1.6.3-1.78 Greek translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-en_GB-1.6.3-1.78 English (UK) translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-en_GB-doc-1.6.3-1.78 English (UK) translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-es-1.6.3-1.78 Spanish translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-es-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Spanish translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-et-1.6.3-1.78 Estonian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-et-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Estonian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-eu-1.6.3-1.78 Basque translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-fa-1.6.3-1.78 Farsi translations for KDE applications linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-fi-1.6.3-1.78 Finnish translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-fr-1.6.3-1.78 French translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-fr-doc-1.6.3-1.78 French translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-ga-1.6.3-1.78 Irish Gaelic translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-gl-1.6.3-1.78 Galician translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-hu-1.6.3-1.78 Hungarian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-it-1.6.3-1.78 Italian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-it-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Italian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-ja-1.6.3-1.78 Japanese translations for KDE linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-km-1.6.3-1.78 Khmer translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-lv-1.6.3-1.78 Latvian translations for KDE linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-ms-1.6.3-1.78 Malay translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-nds-1.6.3-1.78 Low Saxon translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-ne-1.6.3-1.78 Dutch translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-nl-1.6.3-1.78 Dutch translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-nl-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Dutch translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-pl-1.6.3-1.78 Polish translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-pt-1.6.3-1.78 Portuguese translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-pt-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Portuguese translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-pt_BR-1.6.3-1.78 Brazil Portuguese translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-pt_BR-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Brazil Portuguese translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-ru-1.6.3-1.78 Russian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-ru-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Russian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-sk-1.6.3-1.78 Slovak translations for KDE linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-sk-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Slovak translations for KDE linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-sl-1.6.3-1.78 Slovenian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-sl-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Slovenian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-sr-1.6.3-1.78 Serbian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-srLatn-1.6.3-1.78 Serbian translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-sv-1.6.3-1.78 Swedish translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-sv-doc-1.6.3-1.78 Swedish translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-tr-1.6.3-1.78 Turkish translations for KDE linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-uk-1.6.3-1.78 Ukrainian translations for KDE linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-zh_CN-1.6.3-1.78 Simplified Chinese Translations for KOffice linux/noarch
koffice-i18n-zh_TW-1.6.3-1.78 Chinese translations for KDE linux/noarch
koffice-illustration-1.6.3-211.10 Illustration and Image Manipulation Applications Based on KOffice Libraries (krita, karbon, kivio) linux/ppc
koffice-planning-1.6.3-211.10 Project managent applications based on KOffice libraries linux/ppc
koffice-presentation-1.6.3-211.10 A KOffice Program to Create Presentations linux/ppc
koffice-python-1.6.3-211.10 Python support and scripts for KOffice scripting linux/ppc
koffice-ruby-1.6.3-211.10 Ruby support and scripts for KOffice scripting linux/ppc
koffice-spreadsheet-1.6.3-211.10 A Spreadsheet for KDE linux/ppc
koffice-wordprocessing-1.6.3-211.10 A KDE Word Processor linux/ppc
kommander-3.5.10-12.38 Editor to build dialogs and application linux/ppc
kommander-runtime-3.5.10-12.38 Runtime to execute Kommander based applications linux/ppc
kompozer-0.7.10-1.40 Web Authoring System linux/ppc
konkretcmpi-0.8.6-1.30 An open-source library/tool for rapidly developing CMPI providers in the C programming language linux/ppc
konserve-0.10.3-81.28 A Small Backup Tool linux/ppc
konversation-1.1-18.9 A User-Friendly IRC Client for KDE 3 linux/ppc
konversation-lang-1.1-18.9 Languages for package konversation linux/ppc
koules-1.4-789.28 X Action Game with Multiplayer, Network, and Sound Support linux/ppc
kover-2.9.6-22.28 A CD Case Cover Editor linux/ppc
kpackagekit-0.3.1-3.10 KDE interface for PackageKit linux/ppc
kpartx-0.4.8-26.4 Manages partition tables on device-mapper devices linux/ppc
kphotoalbum-3.1.1-61.7 Photo Indexing and Tagging Tool linux/ppc
kpl-3.3-16.28 A Program for Graphically Presenting Data Sets and Functions linux/ppc
kpowersave-0.7.3_svn3167-1.12 KDE Frontend for Battery Monitoring, Suspend, CPU Freq and General Power Management Support linux/ppc
kpowersave-lang-0.7.3_svn3167-1.12 Languages for package kpowersave linux/ppc
kradio-1.0beta3b_20060920-104.32 Comfortable V4L and V4L2 Radio Application for KDE linux/ppc
krb5-1.6.3-131.8 MIT Kerberos5 Implementation--Libraries linux/ppc
krb5-64bit-1.6.3-131.9 MIT Kerberos5 Implementation--Libraries linux/ppc
krb5-apps-clients-1.6.3-131.8 MIT Kerberos5 client applications linux/ppc
krb5-apps-servers-1.6.3-131.8 MIT Kerberos5 server applications linux/ppc
krb5-client-1.6.3-131.8 MIT Kerberos5 implementation - client programs linux/ppc
krb5-devel-1.6.3-131.8 MIT Kerberos5 - Include Files and Libraries linux/ppc
krb5-devel-64bit-1.6.3-131.9 MIT Kerberos5 - Include Files and Libraries linux/ppc
krb5-doc-1.6.3-131.19 MIT Kerberos5 Implementation--Documentation linux/noarch
krb5-plugin-kdb-ldap-1.6.3-131.11 MIT Kerberos5 Implementation--LDAP Database Plugin linux/ppc
krb5-plugin-preauth-pkinit-1.6.3-131.11 MIT Kerberos5 Implementation--PKINIT preauth Plugin linux/ppc
krb5-plugin-preauth-pkinit-nss-0.7.7-1.24 MIT Kerberos5 Implementation--PKINIT preauth Plugin linux/ppc
krb5-server-1.6.3-131.8 MIT Kerberos5 implementation - server linux/ppc
krb5-ticket-watcher-1.0.1-11.6 A Tray Applet for Watching, Renewing, and Reinitializing Kerberos Tickets linux/ppc
krecord-1.16-220.31 A Sound Recorder linux/ppc
krename-3.9.2-1.25 A Batch Rename Application linux/ppc
krpmbuilder-1.2-17.28 Build an RPM from a tar Archive linux/ppc
krusader-1.99.1.svn6082-3.1 A File Manager linux/ppc
kscope-1.6.2-1.47 Interactive Tool for Browsing C Source Code linux/ppc
kscpm-0.5.4-143.23 KDE Support for SCPM linux/ppc
kseg-0.403-1.31 A Simulator of Euclidean Geometry linux/ppc
ksh-93t-6.5 Korn Shell linux/ppc
ksh-devel-93t-6.5 Korn Shell development environment linux/ppc
ksimus- Simulation, Automation, and Visualization of Electrical Circuits linux/ppc
ksimus-devel- Simulation, Automation, and Visualization of Electrical Circuits linux/ppc
kst-1.7.0-1.17 Real-Time Data Viewing and Plotting Tool with Basic Data Analysis Functionality linux/ppc
kst-devel-1.7.0-1.17 Real-Time Data Viewing and Plotting Tool with Basic Data Analysis Functionality linux/ppc
kst-lang-1.7.0-1.17 Languages for package kst linux/ppc
ksymoops-2.4.11-117.39 Kernel Oops and Error Message Decoder linux/ppc
ksystemlog-4.1.3-1.16 System Log Viewer Tool linux/ppc
kterm-6.2.0-860.28 Kanji Terminal linux/ppc
ktoblzcheck-1.19-1.34 Library to check account numbers and bank codes of German banks documents linux/ppc
ktoblzcheck-devel-1.19-1.34 Library to check account numbers and bank codes of German banks documents linux/ppc
ktoblzcheck-tools-1.19-1.34 Tools to check account numbers and bank codes linux/ppc
ktorrent-3.1.5-1.14 KDE BitTorrent Client linux/ppc
ktorrent-devel-3.1.5-1.14 KDE BitTorrent Client Build Environment linux/ppc
ktorrent-lang-3.1.5-1.14 Languages for package ktorrent linux/ppc
ktranslator-0.4-82.28 Dictionary application for KDE linux/ppc
ktray-0.2-36.31 Independent System Tray Applet linux/ppc
kvirc-3.4.2-2.18 Graphical Front-End for IRC linux/ppc
kvirc-devel-3.4.2-2.18 Graphical Front-End for IRC linux/ppc
kvocabs-0.3.4-109.31 Vocabulary Trainer linux/ppc
kvpnc-0.9.0-1.28 GUI Front-End for openswan and vpnc linux/ppc
kwatch-2.3.3-1.28 A KDE Log File Viewer linux/ppc
kwin-decor-suse2-0.4.1-52.22 The Window Decoration of SUSE - improved linux/ppc
kxmleditor-1.1.4-161.22 A Tool for Browsing and Editing XML Documents linux/ppc

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