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Packages beginning with letter I

i2c-tools-3.0.1-39.5 A heterogeneous set of I2C tools for Linux linux/ppc
i4l-base-2008.12.2-1.1 ISDN for Linux Basic Utilities linux/ppc
i4l-isdnlog-2008.12.2-1.1 An ISDN line logging and control utility linux/ppc
i4l-vbox-2008.12.2-1.1 A Voice Answering Machine for isdn4linux linux/ppc
i4lfirm-2008.12.2-1.1 ISDN firmware for active ISDN cards linux/ppc
ib-bonding-0.9.0-137.20 infiniband bonding tool linux/ppc
ibm-data-db2-2.0.1-1.14 Database connectivity for DB2 linux/ppc
ibmasm-3.0-45.26 IBM Advanced System Management Drivers linux/ppc
ibmrtpkgs-2-6.5 IBM Utilities for SLERT linux/ppc
ibsim-0.4-5.8 InfiniBand fabric simulator for management linux/ppc
ibvexdmtools-0.0.1-74.5 Tools for VNIC/IB linux/ppc
iceWMCP-3.2-83.52 An IceWM Configuration Panel linux/noarch
iceWMCP-addons-3.2-83.52 An IceWM Configuration Panel linux/noarch
icecast-2.3.2-1.66 Audio Streaming Server linux/ppc
icecream-0.9.2-1.8 For Distributed Compile in the Network linux/ppc
icecream-monitor-1.0-188.27 Monitor Program for the icecream Compile Farm linux/ppc
icedax-1.1.8-3.28 A CD-Audio Grabbing tool linux/ppc
ices-2.0.1-82.34 Source Client for icecast Streaming Server linux/ppc
icewm-1.2.36-1.21 Window Manager with a Taskbar linux/ppc
icewm-default-1.2.36-1.21 Window Manager with a Taskbar--Default Version linux/ppc
icewm-gnome-1.2.36-1.21 Windowmanager with Taskbar - gnome version linux/ppc
icewm-lite-1.2.36-1.15 IceWM Window Manager--Lite Version linux/ppc
icewm-themes-0.1-547.88 Themes for the IceWM Window Manager linux/noarch
icmpinfo-1.11-691.11 A Tool for Looking at ICMP Messages linux/ppc
icon-naming-utils-0.8.7-1.21 Icon Name Specification Mapping Script linux/noarch
icu-4.0-6.8 International Components for Unicode linux/ppc
icu-data-4.0-6.8 International Components for Unicode (Sources for the Data in ICU) linux/ppc
id3lib-3.8.3-175.20 A Library for Manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags linux/ppc
id3lib-devel-3.8.3-175.20 Documentation and Headers for id3lib linux/ppc
id3lib-examples-3.8.3-175.20 Example Applications for the id3lib Library linux/ppc
id3v2-0.1.11-77.17 A Command Line Editor for ID3V2 Tags linux/ppc
ida-2.07-1.46 image viewer & editor linux/ppc
identity-abstraction-0.1.620-186.68 A Java open source implementation of an identity-abstraction sdk linux/noarch
idep-0.5-107.22 Track the Dependencies in your C or C++ Code linux/ppc
idutils-4.2-19.29 Language-Independent Identifier Database Tool linux/ppc
idzebra-2.0.32-1.42 Fielded Free Text Engine with a Z39.50 Front-End linux/ppc
idzebra-devel-2.0.32-1.42 Fielded Free Text Engine with a Z39.50 Front-End linux/ppc
idzebra-doc-2.0.32-1.42 Documentation for the idzebra Package linux/ppc
ifmetric-0.3-5.29 A tool to change the metric of an interface. linux/ppc
ifntarab-1.2.1-409.9 Arabic Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
ifntasia-1.2.1-409.9 Asian Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
ifntchia-1.2.1-409.9 Chinese Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
ifntchib-1.2.1-409.9 Big Chinese Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
ifntethi-1.2.1-409.9 Ethiopic Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
ifnteuro-1.2.1-409.9 European fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
ifntjapa-1.2.1-409.9 Japanese Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
ifntjapb-1.2.1-409.9 Big Japanese Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
ifntphon-1.2.1-409.9 IPA font for the X Window System linux/noarch
ifplugd-0.28-210.8 Daemon Activating Network Interfaces on Cable Plug linux/ppc
iftop-0.17-52.27 Real-Time Interface Bandwidth Usage linux/ppc
ikvm- A JVM Based on the Mono Runtime linux/noarch
ilbc-3951-57.22 Internet Low Bitrate Codec linux/ppc
imap-devel-2006c1_suse-67.20 IMAP4rev1/c-client Development Environment linux/ppc
imap-lib-2006c1_suse-67.20 IMAP4rev1/c-client Development Environment linux/ppc
imapfilter-2.0.10-9.17 a mail filtering utility linux/ppc
img2eps-0.2-1.22 Bitmap Image to Encapsulated PostScript Converter linux/ppc
imgSeek-0.8.6-143.38 Photo Collection Manager and Viewer with Content-Based Query linux/ppc
imgvtopgm-2.0-584.26 Palm Pilot Image Viewer to PGM Converter linux/ppc
imhangul-0.9.11-222.18 GTK+-2.0 Hangul Input Modules linux/ppc
imhangul-64bit-0.9.11-222.8 GTK+-2.0 Hangul Input Modules linux/ppc
imlib-1.9.14-359.28 A Shared Library for Loading and Rendering 3D Images linux/ppc
imlib-64bit-1.9.14-359.3 A Shared Library for Loading and Rendering 3D Images linux/ppc
imlib-config-1.9.14-359.28 Configuration Tool for imlib linux/ppc
imlib-devel-1.9.14-359.28 Imlib Development Environment linux/ppc
imlib2-1.4.2-2.5 Image handling and conversion library. linux/ppc
imlib2-devel-1.4.2-2.5 Imlib 2 - development libraries linux/ppc
imlib2-filters-1.4.2-2.5 Imlib 2 - plugin filters linux/ppc
imlib2-loaders-1.4.2-2.5 Imlib 2 - image loaders linux/ppc
indent-2.2.10-1.38 Indent Formats C Source Code linux/ppc
indic-fonts-2008.11.13-1.8 Professional Indian Language TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
infiniband-diags-1.4.1-5.8 OpenIB InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools linux/ppc
info-4.12-1.147 A Stand-Alone Terminal-Based Info Browser linux/ppc
info2html-2.0-104.112 Program to Convert Info Pages into HTML Pages linux/noarch
initviocons-0.5-55.40 Terminal Initialization, e.g. for the iSeries Virtual Console linux/ppc
inkscape-0.46-62.28 Inkscape Vector Illustration Program linux/ppc
inkscape-extensions-dia-0.46-62.28 Inkscape Vector Illustration Program - Dia Import Extension linux/ppc
inkscape-extensions-extra-0.46-62.28 Inkscape Vector Illustration Program - Extra Extensions linux/ppc
inkscape-extensions-fig-0.46-62.28 Inkscape Vector Illustration Program - Fig Import Extension linux/ppc
inkscape-extensions-gimp-0.46-62.28 Inkscape Vector Illustration Program - The GIMP Extensions linux/ppc
inkscape-extensions-skencil-0.46-62.28 Inkscape Vector Illustration Program - Skencil Import Extension linux/ppc
inkscape-lang-0.46-62.28 Languages for package inkscape linux/ppc
inn-2.4.2-170.37 InterNetNews linux/ppc
inn-devel-2.4.2-170.37 InterNetNews development files linux/ppc
input-utils-2007.06.22-155.23 A Set of Utilities for Input Devices linux/ppc
insserv-1.12.0-22.14 A Program to Arrange Initialization Scripts linux/ppc
inst-source-utils-2008.11.24-1.5 Utilities for creating customized installation sources linux/noarch
install-initrd-1.0-1.8 Create initrd for Installation linux/ppc
install-initrd-branding-openSUSE-11.53-1.8 openSUSE theme for install-initrd linux/ppc
intlfnts-1.2.1-409.9 Documentation for the International Fonts linux/noarch
intlfonts-bdf-1.2.1-409.9 Fonts from the GNU Intlfonts Package in BDF Format linux/noarch
intlfonts-ttf-1.2.1-409.9 TrueType Fonts from the GNU Intlfonts Package linux/noarch
intltool-0.40.5-1.13 Internationalization Tool Collection linux/noarch
iotop-0.2.1-16.31 Top Like UI to Show Per-Process I/O Going on linux/ppc
ip_resend-0.4-111.40 Demand Dial Accelerator linux/ppc
ipadic-2.6.3-75.84 Standard Japanese dictionary for ChaSen linux/noarch
ipmitool-1.8.10-3.3 Utility for IPMI Control linux/ppc
ipod-sharp-0.8.1-1.48 Library for Interacting with Apple iPod® Devices linux/ppc
iproute2-2.6.25-41.20 Advanced Routing linux/ppc
iprutils-2.2.13-1.7 Utilities for the IBM Power Linux RAID Adapters linux/ppc
ipsec-tools-0.7.1-10.39 IPsec Utilities linux/ppc
iptables- IP Packet Filter Administration linux/ppc
iptables-devel- Libraries, Headers and Development Man Pages for libipq linux/ppc
iptraf-3.0.0-138.3 TCP/IP Network Monitor linux/ppc
iputils-ss021109-292.21 IPv4and IPv6 Networking Utilities linux/ppc
ipvsadm-1.24-297.52 A Utility for Administering the Linux Virtual Server linux/ppc
ipw-firmware-8-67.9 Firmware for Intel PRO/Wireless WLAN Cards linux/noarch
ipxrip-0.7-994.11 IPX Routing Daemon linux/ppc
irda-0.9.18-196.45 Necessary Tools for Using the Infrared Port linux/ppc
irqbalance-0.55-120.8 Balance IRQs on SMP Machines linux/ppc
irssi-0.8.12-30.19 A Modular, Secure, and Well Designed IRC Client linux/ppc
irssi-devel-0.8.12-30.19 Development package for irssi linux/ppc
irssi-extra-2007.8.27-1.97 Scripts and Themes for the irssi IRC Client linux/noarch
iscan-free- Free Image Scan Version with epkowa Driver for Epson Scanners linux/ppc
iscsitarget-0.4.15-89.9 Open Source iSCSI Target with Professional Features linux/ppc
iscsitarget-kmp-default-0.4.15_2.6.27.7_9.1-89.9 Open Source iSCSI Target with Professional Features linux/ppc
iscsitarget-kmp-ppc64-0.4.15_2.6.27.7_9.1-89.9 Open Source iSCSI Target with Professional Features linux/ppc
isdngw-0.3.4-72.30 An ISDN to H.323 Gateway linux/ppc
isns-2.1.02-56.34 Internet Storage Naming Service linux/ppc
iso-codes-3.3-1.29 ISO Code Lists and Translations linux/noarch
iso-codes-devel-3.3-1.29 ISO code lists and translations linux/noarch
iso_ent-2000.11.03-805.8 Character Entity Sets for ISO 8879:1986 linux/noarch
isorelax-0.1-3.42 Public interfaces useful for applications to support RELAX Core linux/noarch
isorelax-javadoc-0.1-3.42 Public interfaces useful for applications to support RELAX Core linux/noarch
ispell-3.3.02-1.21 A Spell Checker linux/ppc
ispell-american-3.3.02-1.21 American ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-brazilian-1.5-363.31 Brazilian ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-british-3.3.02-1.21 British ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-bulgarian-4.1-1.20 Bulgarian Ispell Dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-catalan-1.5-363.31 Catalan ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-czech-1.5-363.31 Czech ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-danish-1.5-363.31 Danish ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-dutch-1.5-363.31 Dutch ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-esperanto-1.5-363.31 Esperanto ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-estonian-1.5-363.31 Estonian ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-finnish-1.5-363.31 Finnish ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-french-1.5-363.31 French ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-german-1.5-363.31 German ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-greek-1.5-363.31 Greek ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-hungarian-1.3-4.20 Hungarian Ispell Dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-italian-1.5-363.31 Italian ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-ngerman-1.5-363.31 New German ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-norsk-1.5-363.31 Norwegian ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-nswiss-1.5-363.31 New Swiss ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-polish-1.5-363.31 Polish ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-portuguese-1.5-363.31 Portuguese ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-russian-1.5-363.31 Russian ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-slovak-0.3.2-1.20 Slovak Ispell Dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-slovene-1.5-363.31 Slovenian ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-spanish-1.5-363.31 Spanish ispell dictionary linux/ppc
ispell-swedish-1.5-363.31 Swedish ispell dictionary linux/ppc
istanbul-0.2.2-146.18 Istanbul desktop session recorder linux/ppc
istanbul-lang-0.2.2-146.18 Languages for package istanbul linux/ppc
itcl-3.4-3.22 Object Oriented Extension for Tcl linux/ppc
itcl-64bit-3.4-3.6 Object Oriented Extension for Tcl linux/ppc
itcl-devel-3.4-3.22 Header Files and C API Documentation for Itcl linux/ppc
itk-3.4-13.26 Object Oriented Extension for Tcl linux/ppc
itrace-0.9-167.25 Instruction Tracing Tool linux/ppc
itrace-64bit-0.9-167.19 Instruction Tracing Tool linux/ppc
itrace-kmp-ppc64-0.9_2.6.27.7_9.1-167.25 Instruction Tracing Tool linux/ppc
ivman-0.6.14-201.11 A Generic Handler for HAL Events linux/ppc
ivtv-1.3.0-1.10 Driver Implementation for iCompression or Conexant Video Capture Cards linux/ppc
ivtv-firmware-1.3.0-1.10 driver implementation for iCompression or Conexant video capture cards linux/ppc
iw-0.9.4-1.39 Configuration utility for nl80211 based wireless drivers linux/ppc
iwatch-0.2.1-1.86 iWatch is a realtime filesystem monitoring program. linux/noarch
iwidgets-4.0.1-340.34 Widget Extension for Tcl/Tk linux/noarch
iwl3945-ucode- Firmware for Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG WLAN Cards linux/noarch
iwl4965-ucode- Firmware for Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN Cards linux/noarch
iwl5000-ucode-5.4.A.11-2.9 Firmware for Intel PRO/Wireless 5100 ABGN and 5300 ABGN WLAN Cards linux/noarch

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