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Packages beginning with letter E

e2fsprogs-1.41.1-11.9 Utilities for the Second Extended File System linux/ppc
e2fsprogs-devel-1.41.1-11.9 Dummy development package linux/ppc
e3-2.6.3-1.20 Tiny Editor with Many Different Modes like Vi, Emacs, and Wordstar linux/ppc
eID-belgium-2.6.0-121.9 Belgian eID middleware linux/ppc
eIDconfig-belgium-1.1.3-1.12 Configuration toolkit for the Belgian eID middleware linux/ppc
eb-4.3-62.22 EB is a C Library for Accessing CD-ROM Books linux/ppc
ebdev-4.3-62.22 EB Header Files and Libraries linux/ppc
eblook-1.6.1-41.20 Command Line Tool for Searching Electronic Dictionaries linux/ppc
ebtables-v2.0.8-56.32 Ethernet Bridge Tables linux/ppc
ebview-0.3.6-131.32 Electronic Book Viewer: Program for Reading EPWING CD-ROM Dictionaries linux/ppc
ec-fonts-mftraced-1.0.12-244.24 Type1 PostScript Fonts for TeX with European Accents linux/noarch
eciadsl-usermode-0.11-1.22 A Beta-Quality Usermode Driver for the ECI ADSL USB Modem linux/ppc
ecj-3.3-1.163 Eclipse Compiler for Java linux/noarch
ecj-bootstrap-0.755-6.2 Eclipse Java Compiler linux/noarch
eclipse-3.4-6.2 Eclipse Platform and Java IDE linux/noarch
eclipse-archdep-platform-3.4-6.2 Eclipse platform common files linux/ppc
eclipse-jdt-3.4-6.2 Eclipse Java development tools linux/noarch
eclipse-pde-3.4-6.2 Eclipse Plugin Development Environment linux/noarch
eclipse-platform-3.4-6.2 Eclipse platform common files linux/noarch
eclipse-source-3.4-6.2 Eclipse Source linux/noarch
ecryptfs-utils-61-1.17 Userspace Utilities for ecryptfs linux/ppc
ecryptfs-utils-64bit-61-1.10 Userspace Utilities for ecryptfs linux/ppc
ed-0.2-1001.11 Standard UNIX Line Editor linux/ppc
edict-20060807-1.86 The Japanese Dictionary Files for Jim Breen's EDICT Project linux/noarch
edict-emacs-0.9.8-675.164 edict.el, an Emacs Front-end for EDICT linux/noarch
eel-2.24.1-2.16 The Eazel Extensions Library linux/ppc
eel-devel-2.24.1-2.16 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
eel-lang-2.24.1-2.16 Languages for package eel linux/ppc
efont-serif-ttf-20010312-503.112 Free and Open Scalable Electronic Font linux/noarch
efont-unicode-0.4.2-42.126 Unicode Font by /efont/ linux/noarch
eiciel- GNOME ACL viewer and editor linux/ppc
eiciel-lang- Languages for package eiciel linux/ppc
eject-2.1.0-115.23 A Program to Eject Media under Software Control linux/ppc
ekiga-3.0.1-1.21 A Gnome based SIP/H323 teleconferencing application linux/ppc
ekiga-lang-3.0.1-1.21 Languages for package ekiga linux/ppc
elfutils-0.137-3.19 Higher-level library to access ELF linux/ppc
elib-1.0-1263.165 A Lisp Library for GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-22.3-4.6 GNU Emacs Base Package linux/ppc
emacs-auctex-11.85-7.114 AUC TeX: An Emacs Extension linux/noarch
emacs-el-22.3-4.6 Several Lisp Files for GNU Emacs linux/ppc
emacs-info-22.3-4.6 Info files for GNU Emacs linux/ppc
emacs-nox-22.3-4.6 GNU Emacs-nox: An Emacs Binary without X Window System Support linux/ppc
emacs-vm-7.19-53.29 VM - a mail reader for GNU Emacs linux/ppc
emacs-w3-cvs-794.56 Emacs/W3--a WWW Browser for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-x11-22.3-4.6 GNU Emacs: Emacs binary with X Window System Support linux/ppc
emil-2.1.0beta9-853.22 E-Mail Filter linux/ppc
empathy-2.24.1-1.24 Empathy GNOME Instant Messenger linux/ppc
empathy-devel-2.24.1-1.24 Empathy IM Application Framework linux/ppc
empathy-lang-2.24.1-1.24 Languages for package empathy linux/ppc
enblend-enfuse-3.2-1.32 Tool for Composing Images linux/ppc
encfs-1.5.0-1.15 Userspace Encrypted File System linux/ppc
enchant-1.4.2-16.48 Generic Spell Checking Library linux/ppc
enchant-devel-1.4.2-16.48 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
enchant-voikko-1.4.2-16.48 Generic Spell Checking Library - Voikko Plugin linux/ppc
engdic-0.2-1.84 Little Korean <-> English Dictionary linux/noarch
engine_pkcs11-0.1.5-5.9 OpenSSL PKCS#11 Engine linux/ppc
enlightenment- A Good-Looking Window Manager for the X Window System linux/ppc
enscript-1.6.4-152.9 An ASCII to PostScript(tm) Converter linux/ppc
eog-2.24.1-1.21 Eye of GNOME for the GNOME 2.x Desktop linux/ppc
eog-devel-2.24.1-1.21 Eye of GNOME for the GNOME 2.x Desktop linux/ppc
eog-lang-2.24.1-1.21 Languages for package eog linux/ppc
epg-0.0.13-1.158 GnuPG interface for Emacs linux/noarch
epic-2.10-1.28 Enhanced Programmable ircII Client linux/ppc
epiphany-2.24.1-1.25 GNOME Web Browser Based on the Mozilla Rendering Engine linux/ppc
epiphany-branding-openSUSE-11.1-1.25 openSUSE branding of epiphany linux/noarch
epiphany-branding-upstream-2.24.1-1.25 Upstream branding of Epiphany linux/ppc
epiphany-devel-2.24.1-1.25 GNOME Web Browser based on the Mozilla Rendering Engine linux/ppc
epiphany-doc-2.24.1-1.25 Developer Documentation for Epiphany linux/ppc
epiphany-extensions-2.24.1-2.20 Extensions Collection for Epiphany linux/ppc
epiphany-extensions-lang-2.24.1-2.20 Languages for package epiphany-extensions linux/ppc
epiphany-lang-2.24.1-1.25 Languages for package epiphany linux/ppc
epos-2.5.37-59.22 A Open Text-To-Speech Synthesis Platform linux/ppc
epplet-base-0.10-16.45 Applets for the Enlightenment Window Manager linux/ppc
epydoc-3.0.1-1.25 Tool for Generating Python API Documentation linux/ppc
eric-4.2.1-1.22 Python IDE linux/ppc
eruby-1.0.5-225.27 eruby is an implementation of eRuby by C linux/ppc
eruby-devel-1.0.5-225.27 eruby is an implementation of eRuby by C linux/ppc
esound-daemon-0.2.39-3.11 A sound daemon for Enlightenment and GNOME linux/ppc
esound-utils-0.2.39-3.11 A sound daemon for Enlightenment and GNOME linux/ppc
espeak-1.39-2.30 TTS system for English/German and other languages linux/ppc
espeak-devel-1.39-2.30 TTS system for English/German and other languages linux/ppc
etherape-0.9.7-168.8 A Graphical Network Monitor linux/ppc
ethtool-6-78.8 Examine and Tune Ethernet-Based Network Interfaces linux/ppc
evince-2.24.1-1.21 GNOME Document Viewer linux/ppc
evince-devel-2.24.1-1.21 GNOME Document Viewer linux/ppc
evince-doc-2.24.1-1.21 GNOME Document Viewer linux/ppc
evince-lang-2.24.1-1.21 Languages for package evince linux/ppc
evoldap2-client-2.4.12-4.5 NTLM patched OpenLDAP library for Evolution linux/ppc
evoldap2-devel-2.4.12-4.5 Libraries, Header Files and Documentation for NTLM patched OpenLDAP linux/ppc
evolution- The Integrated GNOME Mail, Calendar, and Address Book Suite linux/ppc
evolution-data-server- Evolution Data Server linux/ppc
evolution-data-server-devel- Evolution Data Server Development Files linux/ppc
evolution-data-server-doc- Additional Package Documentation for the evolution-data-server linux/ppc
evolution-data-server-lang- Languages for package evolution-data-server linux/ppc
evolution-devel- Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/ppc
evolution-exchange-2.24.1-4.7 Evolution Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 linux/ppc
evolution-exchange-doc-2.24.1-4.7 Documentation about the Evolution Connector for MS Exchange 2000/2003 linux/ppc
evolution-exchange-lang-2.24.1-4.7 Languages for package evolution-exchange linux/ppc
evolution-galago-0.5.0-38.39 Evolution Data Server Feed for Galago linux/ppc
evolution-lang- Languages for package evolution linux/ppc
evolution-mono-providers-0.1.1-2.11 Evolution backends written using mono linux/ppc
evolution-pilot- The Integrated GNOME Mail, Calendar, and Addressbook Suite linux/ppc
evolution-sharp-0.18.1-2.12 Mono Bindings for Evolution linux/ppc
evolution-webcal-2.24.0-1.32 Evolution Webcal linux/ppc
evolution-webcal-lang-2.24.0-1.32 Languages for package evolution-webcal linux/ppc
exif-0.6.17-1.8 Small Command Line Utility to Show and Change EXIF Information in JPEG Files linux/ppc
exifprobe-2.0.1-32.22 JPEG and TIFF Structure Analyzer with EXIF and MakerNote Support linux/ppc
exiftool-7.42-2.28 A Highly Customizable Perl Script for Reading and Writing Meta Information in Files linux/ppc
exiftran-2.07-1.46 Transform Digital Camera JPEG Images linux/ppc
exim-4.69-70.12 The Exim Mail Transfer Agent, a Replacement for sendmail linux/ppc
eximon-4.69-70.12 Eximon, an graphical frontend to administer Exim's mail queue linux/ppc
eximstats-html-4.69-70.12 Create HTML reports of exim logs linux/ppc
exiv2-0.17.1-31.3 Tool to access image Exif metadata linux/ppc
exmh-2.7.2-97.51 Front-End for nmh Written in tcl/tk linux/noarch
exo-0.3.4-106.26 Library libexo is targeted at application development linux/ppc
exo-devel-0.3.4-106.26 Library libexo is targeted at application development linux/ppc
exo-doc-0.3.4-106.26 Documentation for libexo linux/ppc
expat-2.0.1-87.15 XML Parser Toolkit linux/ppc
expect- A Tool for Automating Interactive Programs linux/ppc
expect-devel- Header Files and C API Documentation for expect linux/ppc
extreme-tuxracer-0.4-94.10 Open source racing game featuring Tux the Linux Penguin linux/ppc
ez-ipupdate-3.0.11b8-264.4 A Small Utility for Updating a Dynamic DNS Service linux/ppc

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