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kudzu-0.10-1.armv4l The Netwinder-ARM hardware probing tool. Netwinder.Org
freeswan-1.3-8.armv4l FreeS/WAN IPSEC for Linux Netwinder.Org
wu-ftpd-2.6.0-14.6x.armv4l An FTP daemon provided by Washington University. Netwinder.Org
kernel-2.2.14-20000612.armv4l The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system). Netwinder.Org
kernel-headers-2.2.14-20000612.armv4l Header files for the Linux kernel. Netwinder.Org
samba-2.0.7-4.armv4l Samba SMB server. Netwinder.Org
samba-client-2.0.7-4.armv4l Samba (SMB) client programs. Netwinder.Org
samba-common-2.0.7-4.armv4l Files used by both Samba servers and clients. Netwinder.Org
ghostscript-5.50-1_nw1.armv4l A PostScript(TM) interpreter and renderer. Netwinder.Org
ghostscript-fonts-5.50-1.noarch Fonts for the Ghostscript PostScript(TM) interpreter. Netwinder.Org
urw-fonts-2.0-4.noarch Free versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts. Netwinder.Org
dhcp-3.0b1pl13_cvs-1nw2.armv4l The Internet Software Consortium (ISC) DHCP server Netwinder.Org
dhcp-client-3.0b1pl13_cvs-1nw2.armv4l A DHCP client Netwinder.Org
dhcp-relay-3.0b1pl13_cvs-1nw2.armv4l A DHCP relay Netwinder.Org
nwconfig-2.6-1.armv4l NetWinder Configuration Utility Netwinder.Org
tcpdump-3.4a5-3nw2.armv4l dumps packets that are sent or received over a network interface Netwinder.Org
gmp-2.0.2-10nw1.armv4l A GNU arbitrary precision library. Netwinder.Org
testscripts-os-0.12-1.armv4l Burn-in post-assembly tests for the Netwinder Netwinder.Org
dm-3.1-15.armv4l NetWinder DM ARM Linux setup Netwinder.Org
netwinder-tv-1.0-1.armv4l tvconfig and tv.o - Used to control netwinder tv-out Netwinder.Org
pppoed-0.42-2.armv4l PPP-over-ethernet control daemon Netwinder.Org
MAKEDEV-2.5-2.noarch A script for creating the device files in /dev. Netwinder.Org
SysVinit-2.77-2.armv4l Programs which control basic system processes. Netwinder.Org
anonftp-2.8-1_nw1.armv4l A program which enables anonymous FTP access. Netwinder.Org
apache-1.3.9-8.armv4l The most widely used Web server on the Internet. Netwinder.Org
apache-devel-1.3.9-8.armv4l Development tools for the Apache Web server. Netwinder.Org
apache-manual-1.3.9-8.armv4l Manual and reference for the Apache web server. Netwinder.Org
at-3.1.7-11.armv4l Job spooling tools. Netwinder.Org
auth_ldap-1.4.0-1.armv4l This is a LDAP authentication module for Apache Netwinder.Org
authconfig-2.0-2.armv4l Text-mode tool for setting up NIS and shadow passwords. Netwinder.Org
basesystem-6.0-4.noarch The skeleton package which defines a simple Red Hat Linux system. Netwinder.Org
bash-2.03-7_nw1.armv4l GNU Bourne Again Shell (bash) Netwinder.Org
bc-1.05a-4.armv4l GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator). Netwinder.Org
bdflush-1.5-10.armv4l The process which starts the flushing of dirty buffers back to disk. Netwinder.Org
bind-8.2.2_P3-1.armv4l A DNS (Domain Name System) server. Netwinder.Org
bind-utils-8.2.2_P3-1.armv4l DNS utilities: host, dig, dnsquery, and nslookup. Netwinder.Org
bzip2-0.9.5c-1.armv4l A file compression utility. Netwinder.Org
chkconfig-1.0.7-2.armv4l A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc.d hierarchy. Netwinder.Org
chkfontpath-1.5-1.armv4l Simple interface for editing the font path for the X font server. Netwinder.Org
console-tools-19990302-17.armv4l Tools for configuring the console. Netwinder.Org
cpio-2.4.2-13.armv4l A GNU archiving program. Netwinder.Org
cracklib-2.7-5.armv4l A password-checking library. Netwinder.Org
cracklib-dicts-2.7-5.armv4l The standard CrackLib dictionaries. Netwinder.Org
crontabs-1.7-7.noarch Root crontab files used to schedule the execution of programs. Netwinder.Org
dev-2.7.10-2.armv4l The most commonly-used entries in the /dev directory. Netwinder.Org
dialog-0.6-14.armv4l A utility for creating TTY dialog boxes. Netwinder.Org
diffutils-2.7-16.armv4l A GNU collection of diff utilities. Netwinder.Org
e2fsprogs-1.17-1.armv4l Utilities for managing the second extended (ext2) filesystem. Netwinder.Org
ed-0.2-12.armv4l The GNU line editor. Netwinder.Org
etcskel-2.0-1.noarch Red Hat Linux default files for new users' home directories. Netwinder.Org
file-3.27-3.armv4l A utility for determining file types. Netwinder.Org
filesystem-1.3.5-1.noarch The basic directory layout for a Linux system. Netwinder.Org
fileutils-4.0-8.armv4l The GNU versions of common file management utilities. Netwinder.Org
findutils-4.1-32.armv4l The GNU versions of find utilities (find, xargs, and locate). Netwinder.Org
ftp-0.15-1.armv4l The standard UNIX FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. Netwinder.Org
gawk-3.0.4-1.armv4l The GNU version of the awk text processing utility. Netwinder.Org
gd-1.3-5.armv4l A graphics library for drawing .gif files. Netwinder.Org
gd-devel-1.3-5.armv4l The development libraries and header files for gd. Netwinder.Org
gdbm-1.8.0-2.armv4l A GNU set of database routines which use extensible hashing. Netwinder.Org
getty_ps-2.0.7j-7.armv4l The getty and uugetty programs. Netwinder.Org
git-4.3.17-5.armv4l A set of GNU Interactive Tools. Netwinder.Org
glib-1.2.6-2.armv4l A library of handy utility functions. Netwinder.Org
glibc-2.1.2-4nw1.armv4l GNU libc Netwinder.Org
gpm-1.17.9-3.armv4l A mouse server for the Linux console. Netwinder.Org
grep-2.3-2.armv4l The GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities. Netwinder.Org
groff-1.15-1.armv4l A document formatting system. Netwinder.Org
gzip-1.2.4-14.armv4l The GNU data compression program. Netwinder.Org
hdparm-3.5-1.armv4l A utility for displaying and/or setting hard disk parameters. Netwinder.Org
indexhtml-6.1-1.noarch The Web page you'll see after installing Red Hat Linux. Netwinder.Org
info-3.12h-2.armv4l A stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation. Netwinder.Org
initscripts-4.70-1.armv4l The inittab file and the /etc/rc.d scripts. Netwinder.Org
ipchains-1.3.9-3.armv4l Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities. Netwinder.Org
kbdconfig- A text-based interface for setting and loading a keyboard map. Netwinder.Org
ldconfig-1.9.5-15.armv4l Creates a shared library cache and maintains symlinks for Netwinder.Org
less-340-1.armv4l A text file browser similar to more, but better. Netwinder.Org
libpng-1.0.3-4.armv4l A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files. Netwinder.Org
libstdc++-2.10.0-1nw5.armv4l GNU Compiler Collection - The C++ Library Netwinder.Org
libtermcap-2.0.8-18.armv4l A basic system library for accessing the termcap database. Netwinder.Org
logrotate-3.3-1.armv4l Rotates, compresses, removes and mails system log files. Netwinder.Org
losetup-2.9u-4.armv4l Programs for setting up and configuring loopback devices. Netwinder.Org
lpr-0.48-1.armv4l A utility that manages print jobs. Netwinder.Org
lynx-2.8.2-3.armv4l A text-based Web browser. Netwinder.Org
mailcap-2.0.3-1.noarch Associates helper applications with particular file types. Netwinder.Org
mailx-8.1.1-9.armv4l The /bin/mail program, which is used to send mail via shell scripts. Netwinder.Org
man-1.5g-6.armv4l A set of documentation tools: man, apropos and whatis. Netwinder.Org
man-pages-1.26-5.noarch Man (manual) pages from the Linux Documentation Project. Netwinder.Org
mingetty-0.9.4-10.armv4l A compact getty program for virtual consoles only. Netwinder.Org
mktemp-1.5-1.armv4l A small utility for safely making /tmp files. Netwinder.Org
modutils-2.3.6-1_nw1.armv4l Module utilities and kerneld Netwinder.Org
mount-2.9u-4.armv4l Programs for mounting and unmounting filesystems. Netwinder.Org
mt-st-0.5b-4.armv4l Programs to control tape device operations. Netwinder.Org
ncftp-3.0beta19-2.armv4l An improved FTP client. Netwinder.Org
ncompress-4.2.4-14.armv4l Fast compression and decompression utilities. Netwinder.Org
ncurses-4.2-25_nw1.armv4l A CRT screen handling and optimization package. Netwinder.Org
net-tools-1.53-1.armv4l The basic tools for setting up networking. Netwinder.Org
netkit-base-0.10-37.armv4l The ping and inetd networking programs. Netwinder.Org
newt-0.50-13.armv4l A development library for text mode user interfaces. Netwinder.Org
nfs-server-2.2beta47-1.armv4l NFS server daemons Netwinder.Org
nfs-server-clients-2.2beta47-1.armv4l client apps for use with remote NFS servers Netwinder.Org
nscd-2.1.2-4nw1.armv4l Name Service Caching Daemon Netwinder.Org
nss_ldap-85-1.armv4l NSS library for LDAP Netwinder.Org
ntsysv-1.0.7-2.armv4l A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc.d hierarchy. Netwinder.Org
nwutil-1.4-1.armv4l NetWinder-specific utility programs by Woody Netwinder.Org
openldap-1.2.7-2.armv4l LDAP servers, libraries, utilities, tools and sample clients. Netwinder.Org
openldap-devel-1.2.7-2.armv4l OpenLDAP development libraries and header files. Netwinder.Org
pam-0.68-10.armv4l A security tool which provides authentication for applications. Netwinder.Org
pam_ldap-36-1.armv4l LDAP Pluggable Authentication Module Netwinder.Org
passwd-0.63-1.armv4l The passwd utility for setting/changing passwords using PAM. Netwinder.Org
patch-2.5-9.armv4l The GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files. Netwinder.Org
perl-5.00503-6_nw1.armv4l The Perl programming language. Netwinder.Org
pidentd-3.0.7-5.armv4l An implementation of the RFC1413 identification server. Netwinder.Org
portmap-4.0-17.armv4l A program which manages RPC connections. Netwinder.Org
ppp-2.3.10-3.armv4l The PPP daemon and documentation for Linux 1.3.xx and greater. Netwinder.Org
procmail-3.13.1-4.armv4l The procmail mail processing program. Netwinder.Org
procps-2.0.4-2.armv4l Utilities for monitoring your system and processes on your system. Netwinder.Org
psmisc-18-3.armv4l Utilities for managing processes on your system. Netwinder.Org
pwdb-0.60-1.armv4l The password database library. Netwinder.Org
quota-1.66-8.armv4l System administration tools for monitoring users' disk usage. Netwinder.Org
raidtools-0.90-5.armv4l Tools for creating and maintaining software RAID devices. Netwinder.Org
rdate-0.960923-8.armv4l Retrieving the date and time from another machine on your network. Netwinder.Org
readline-4.0-1_nw1.armv4l Library for reading lines from a terminal Netwinder.Org
redhat-logos-1.1.0-1.noarch Red Hat-related icons and pictures. Netwinder.Org
rmt-0.4b4-11.armv4l Provides certain programs with access to remote tape devices. Netwinder.Org
rootfiles-5.2-5.noarch The basic required files for the root user's directory. Netwinder.Org
rpm-3.0.3-0.32_nw2.armv4l The Red Hat package management system. Netwinder.Org
sed-3.02-4.armv4l A GNU stream text editor. Netwinder.Org
sendmail-8.9.3-15_nw1.armv4l A widely used Mail Transport Agent (MTA). Netwinder.Org
sendmail-cf-8.9.3-15_nw1.armv4l The files needed to reconfigure Sendmail. Netwinder.Org
sendmail-doc-8.9.3-15_nw1.armv4l Documentation about the Sendmail Mail Transport Agent program. Netwinder.Org
setserial-2.15-2.armv4l A utility for configuring serial ports. Netwinder.Org
setup-2.0.5-1.noarch A set of system configuration and setup files. Netwinder.Org
sh-utils-2.0-1.armv4l A set of GNU utilities commonly used in shell scripts. Netwinder.Org
shadow-utils-19990827-2.armv4l Utilities for managing shadow password files and user/group accounts. Netwinder.Org
slang-1.2.2-4.armv4l The shared library for the S-Lang extension language. Netwinder.Org
sox-12.16-3.armv4l A general purpose sound file conversion tool. Netwinder.Org
svgalib-1.3.0-2_nw10.armv4l library for full screen [S]VGA graphics Netwinder.Org
sysklogd-1.3.31-14.armv4l System logging and kernel message trapping daemons. Netwinder.Org
tar-1.13.11-1.armv4l A GNU file archiving program. Netwinder.Org
tcp_wrappers-7.6-9_nw1.armv4l A security tool which acts as a wrapper for TCP daemons. Netwinder.Org
tcsh-6.08.00-6.armv4l An enhanced version of csh, the C shell. Netwinder.Org
telnet-0.10-31.armv4l The client and server programs for the telnet remote login protocol. Netwinder.Org
termcap-9.12.6-15.armv4l The terminal feature database used by certain applications. Netwinder.Org
textutils-2.0-2.armv4l A set of GNU text file modifying utilities. Netwinder.Org
timeconfig-3.0-5_nw1.armv4l Text mode tools for setting system time parameters. Netwinder.Org
tmpwatch-2.0-1.armv4l A utility for removing files based on when they were last accessed. Netwinder.Org
traceroute-1.4a5-16_nw1.armv4l Traces the route taken by packets over a TCP/IP network. Netwinder.Org
unzip-5.40-2_nw1.armv4l unpacks .zip files such as those made by pkzip under DOS Netwinder.Org
util-linux-2.9w-24_nw1.armv4l A collection of basic system utilities. Netwinder.Org
vim-common-5.4-2.armv4l The common files needed by any version of the VIM editor. Netwinder.Org
vim-minimal-5.4-2.armv4l A minimal version of the VIM editor. Netwinder.Org
vixie-cron-3.0.1-39.armv4l The Vixie cron daemon for executing specified programs at set times. Netwinder.Org
wget-1.5.3-5.armv4l A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols. Netwinder.Org
xntp3-5.93-13.armv4l Synchronizes system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP). Netwinder.Org
zip-2.2-1.armv4l A file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIP. Netwinder.Org
zlib-1.1.3-5.armv4l The zlib compression and decompression library. Netwinder.Org
pump-0.7.2-2_nw1.armv4l Bootp and dhcp client for automatic IP configuration Netwinder.Org
ipmasqadm-0.4.2-3.armv4l ipmasqadm utility Netwinder.Org
imap-4.6-3.armv4l Server daemons for IMAP and POP network mail protocols. Netwinder.Org
netatalk-1.4b2+asun2.1.3-5.armv4l AppleTalk networking programs Netwinder.Org
diald16-0.16.5a-2.armv4l Daemon that provides on demand IP links via SLIP or PPP. Netwinder.Org
diald16-config-0.16.5a-2.armv4l Configuration files for diald Netwinder.Org

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