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a2ps-4.14-5.2mdv2010.0 Converts text and other types of files to PostScript(TM) linux/x86_64
a2ps-devel-4.14-5.2mdv2010.0 Include files for a2ps linux/x86_64
a2ps-static-devel-4.14-5.2mdv2010.0 Static libraries for a2ps linux/x86_64
acl-2.2.48-1.1mdv2010.0 Command for manipulating access control lists linux/x86_64
acpid-1.0.10-1.1mnb2 ACPI kernel daemon and control utility linux/x86_64
akonadi-kde-4.3.5-0.2mdv2010.0 Akonadi control center for KDE linux/x86_64
akregator-4.3.5-0.2mdv2010.0 A Feed Reader for KDE linux/x86_64
amor-4.3.5-0.2mdv2010.0 Amusing Misuse Of Resources put's comic figures above your windows linux/x86_64
aoss-1.0.17-4.2mdv2010.0 Wrapper script to ease ALSA-OSS compatibility library usage linux/x86_64
apache-base-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Common files and utilities for apache linux/x86_64
apache-conf-2.2.14-1.2mdv2010.0 Configuration files for Apache linux/x86_64
apache-devel-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Module development tools for the apache web server linux/x86_64
apache-htcacheclean-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Clean up the disk cache (for apache-mod_disk_cache) linux/x86_64
apache-mod_auth_shadow-2.2-11.1mdv2010.0 Shadow password authentication for the apache web server linux/x86_64
apache-mod_authn_dbd-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 User authentication using an SQL database linux/x86_64
apache-mod_cache-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Content cache keyed to URIs linux/x86_64
apache-mod_dav-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) linux/x86_64
apache-mod_dav_svn-1.6.16-0.1mdv2010.0 Subversion server DSO module for apache linux/x86_64
apache-mod_dbd-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Manages SQL database connections linux/x86_64
apache-mod_deflate-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Compress content before it is delivered to the client linux/x86_64
apache-mod_disk_cache-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Implements a disk based storage manager linux/x86_64
apache-mod_dontdothat-1.6.16-0.1mdv2010.0 An Apache module that allows you to block specific types of Subversion requests linux/x86_64
apache-mod_file_cache-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Caches a static list of files in memory linux/x86_64
apache-mod_ldap-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 LDAP connection pooling and result caching DSO:s linux/x86_64
apache-mod_mem_cache-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Implements a memory based storage manager linux/x86_64
apache-mod_php-5.3.6-0.1mdv2010.0 The PHP5 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with apache linux/x86_64
apache-mod_proxy-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 HTTP/1.1 proxy/gateway server linux/x86_64
apache-mod_proxy_ajp-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Provides support for the Apache JServ Protocol version 1.3 (AJP13) linux/x86_64
apache-mod_proxy_scgi-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Provides support for the the SCGI protocol, version 1 linux/x86_64
apache-mod_ssl-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Strong cryptography using the SSL, TLS and distcache protocols linux/x86_64
apache-mod_userdir-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 User-specific directories linux/x86_64
apache-modules-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Standard modules for apache linux/x86_64
apache-mpm-event-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Implements a hybrid multi-threaded multi-process web server (experimental) linux/x86_64
apache-mpm-itk-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server (experimental) linux/x86_64
apache-mpm-peruser-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Implements a hybrid multi-process, multi-threaded web server (experimental) linux/x86_64
apache-mpm-prefork-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server (stable) linux/x86_64
apache-mpm-worker-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 Implements a hybrid multi-threaded multi-process web server (experimental) linux/x86_64
apache-source-2.2.14-1.6mdv2010.0 The apache source code, including Mandriva patches linux/x86_64
apr-util-dbd-freetds-1.3.9-1.1mdv2010.0 DBD driver for FreeTDS linux/x86_64
apr-util-dbd-ldap-1.3.9-1.1mdv2010.0 DBD driver for OpenLDAP linux/x86_64
apr-util-dbd-mysql-1.3.9-1.1mdv2010.0 DBD driver for MySQL linux/x86_64
apr-util-dbd-odbc-1.3.9-1.1mdv2010.0 DBD driver for unixODBC linux/x86_64
apr-util-dbd-pgsql-1.3.9-1.1mdv2010.0 DBD driver for PostgreSQL linux/x86_64
apr-util-dbd-sqlite3-1.3.9-1.1mdv2010.0 DBD driver for SQLite 3 linux/x86_64
apr-util-dbm-db-1.3.9-1.1mdv2010.0 DBD driver for Berkley BD linux/x86_64
aria2-1.6.2-1.4mdv2010.0 Download utility with resuming and segmented downloading linux/x86_64
ark-4.3.5-0.4mdv2010.0 Handle file archives linux/x86_64
automake-1.11-2.1mdv2010.0 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles linux/noarch
automake1.4-1.4.0.p6-5.1mdv2010.0 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles linux/noarch
automake1.7-1.7.9-9.1mdv2010.0 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles linux/noarch
avahi-0.6.25-3.2mdv2010.0 Avahi service discovery (mDNS/DNS-SD) suite linux/x86_64
avahi-dnsconfd-0.6.25-3.2mdv2010.0 Avahi DNS configuration server linux/x86_64
avahi-python-0.6.25-3.2mdv2010.0 Python bindings and utilities for Avahi linux/x86_64
avahi-sharp-0.6.25-3.2mdv2010.0 Mono bindings for Avahi linux/x86_64
avahi-sharp-doc-0.6.25-3.2mdv2010.0 Development documentation for avahi-sharp linux/x86_64
avahi-x11-0.6.25-3.2mdv2010.0 Graphical tools for Avahi linux/x86_64

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