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RPM of Group System/Base

coreutils-6.12-2.5mdv2009.0 The GNU core utilities: a set of tools commonly used in shell scripts linux/i586
debugmode-8.81-10.7mdv2009.0 Scripts for running in debugging mode linux/i586
fetchmail-daemon-6.3.8-8.1mdv2009.0 SySV init script for demonize fetchmail for retrieving emails linux/i586
initscripts-8.81-10.7mdv2009.0 The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts linux/i586
keyutils-1.2-8.1mdv2009.0 Linux Key Management Utilities linux/i586
krb5-workstation-1.6.3-6.4mdv2009.0 Kerberos 5 programs for use on workstations linux/i586
mandriva-kde-translation-2009.1-0.1mdv2009.0 Localization files for Mandriva kde strings linux/noarch
msec-0.50.12-1.1mdv2009.0 Security Level management for the Mandriva Linux distribution linux/i586
portreserve-0.0.3-1.2mdv2009.0 TCP port reservation utility linux/i586
shadow-utils-4.0.12-17.1mdv2009.0 Utilities for managing shadow password files and user/group accounts linux/i586
sound-scripts-0.56-1.1mdv2009.0 The sound scripts linux/noarch
sudo-1.6.9p17-1.3mdv2009.0 Allows command execution as root for specified users linux/i586
timezone-2010h-0.2mdv2009.0 Timezone data linux/i586
timezone-java-2010h-0.2mdv2009.0 Timezone data for Java linux/i586
util-linux-ng-2.14.1-4.1mdv2009.0 A collection of basic system utilities linux/i586

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