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libreoffice-impress-3.4.3-3 RPM for x86_64

From Mandriva devel cooker for x86_64 / media / main / testing

Name: libreoffice-impress Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 3.4.3 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 3 Build date: Tue Nov 8 05:16:23 2011
Group: Office Build host:
Size: 785294 Source RPM: libreoffice-3.4.3-3.src.rpm
Packager: Rafael da Veiga Cabral <>
Summary: LibreOffice office suite - presentation
LibreOffice is a full-featured office productivity suite that provides a
near drop-in replacement for Microsoft(R) Office.

This package contains the presentation component for LibreOffice.






* Sun Nov 06 2011 Rafael da Veiga Cabral <> 1:3.4.3-3mdv2012.0
  + Revision: 722934
  - dropped %%undefine debug_package_and_restore as it breaks the install section
  - calling getNextStream instead of getRawStream in the patch
  - poppler 0.18.1 compatibility (DCStream) class dropped
  - glib2.31 requires a single include for glib.h instead of glib/g*.h
  - add poppler-glib-devel buildrequire required for poppler 0.18.1
  - uses mklibname to get the right arch lib
  - add poppler0.18.1.patch:
    makes sdext (pdfimport-extension) poppler 0.18.1 api compatible
  - add support for locales: as, bn, dz,fa, ga,
    gl, gu, hr, kn, lt, lv, mai, ml, mr, nr, nso, or,
    pa-IN, ro, sh, si, sr, ss, st, te, th, tn, ts,
    uk, ve, and xh
  - fix "" leftovers in packages description and summary #64658
  - fix --with-num-cpus
  - add hsqdl 1.8.0 bundled
  - increase rel
  - add java-sdk-openjdk buildrequires
  - add apache-ant-1.8.1, commons-httpclient, commons-codec, commons-lang bandles
  - for experimental building whenever java stack is broken
  --This line, and th s ebelow, will be ignored--
    A    svn+ssh://
  - temporary changes for building purposes:
      removes --with-system-hsqldb
      removes ant-apache-regexp buildrequire
  - imported package libreoffice
    + Oden Eriksson <>
      - fix deps (libwpd-devel[>= 0.9.0]))
      - more debug package deactivation magic
      - sync yet again with what's in cooker (duh!)
      - try to fix the build with iurt
      - avoid downloading all the sources (duh!)
      - build against system graphite2 and textcat libs
      - really use system libwpd, libwpg and libwps libraries
      - use system python-translate
      - reapply -r682801 (fwang) and add more virtual provides
      - don't pull libdbcxx >= 4.2.5-4mdk in vain
      - sync with libreoffice-3.4.2-2.src.rpm
      - sync with libreoffice-3.4.2-1.src.rpm from 2011
      - sync with libreoffice-3.3.2-1.src.rpm in cooker
      - fix deps (libdbcxx)
    + Funda Wang <>
      - use virtual provides



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