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Packages beginning with letter E

e-0.16.999.66770-2 Enlightenment DR 17 window manager linux/x86_64
e-devel-0.16.999.66770-2 Enlightenment library headers and development libraries linux/x86_64
e-uae-0.8.29-2.WIP4.1 A software emulation of the Amiga system linux/x86_64
e00compr-1.0.1-2mdv2011.0 Tools to Read/Write Compressed E00 Files linux/x86_64
e00compr-devel-1.0.1-2mdv2011.0 A Library to Read/Write Compressed E00 Files linux/x86_64
e17_themes-0.2-1mdv2011.0 Enlightenment DR 17 themes linux/x86_64
e2tools-0.0.16-10mdv2011.0 Manipulate files in unmounted ext2/ext3 filesystems linux/x86_64
e3-2.7.1-10mdv2011.0 Tiny editor, well suited for rescue disks linux/x86_64
e4rat-0.2.3-1 Toolset to accelerate the boot process as well as application startups linux/x86_64
e4rat-lib64e4rat-core0-0.2.3-1 Main library for e4rat linux/x86_64
e_dbus-1.2.0-1 E17 basic convenience wrappers around dbus linux/x86_64
e_modules-0.0.1-1.67107.1 Loose collection of third party E17 modules linux/x86_64
easd-2.0.00-6mdv2011.0 Enterprise Audit Shell - Server linux/x86_64
eash-2.0.00-6mdv2011.0 Enterprise Audit Shell - Client shell linux/x86_64
easychem-0.6-6mdv2011.0 2D molecular drawing program linux/x86_64
easymock-1.2-15 Easy mock objects linux/noarch
easymock-javadoc-1.2-15 Javadoc for easymock linux/noarch
easymp3gain-0.5.0-2 Graphical user interface for MP3Gain, AACGain and VorbisGain (GTK2) linux/x86_64
easystroke- A gesture-recognition application for X11 linux/x86_64
easytag-2.1.8-0.20120618.1 Tag editor for MP3, OGG files linux/x86_64
eatmydata-26-1 A small wrapper to disable fsync and related functions linux/x86_64
eboard-1.1.1-1 FICS chess-server interface linux/x86_64
ebtables- A filtering tool for a bridging firewall linux/x86_64
ebview- EBView is a browser for EB/EPWING files linux/x86_64
ec-fonts-mftraced-1.0.12-5mdv2011.0 Type1 PostScript fonts for TeX with european accents linux/noarch
ecap-samples-0.0.3-1mdv2011.0 Simple ecap samples linux/x86_64
ecasound-2.7.2-2mdv2011.0 Sound processing, multitrack recording, and mixing tools linux/x86_64
ecell-3.2.1-2mdv2011.0 A software suite for modeling, simulation, and analysis of biological cells linux/x86_64
ecell-model-editor-3.2.1-2mdv2011.0 E-Cell Model Editor linux/x86_64
ecell-session-monitor-3.2.1-2mdv2011.0 E-Cell Session Monitor linux/x86_64
echo-icon-theme- Echo icon theme linux/noarch
echolib-0.13.1-2mdv2011.0 EchoLink communications library linux/x86_64
echolib-devel-0.13.1-2mdv2011.0 Development files for the EchoLink communications library linux/x86_64
echomine-muse-0.81-0.0.3mdv2011.0 Java API for XMPP/Jabber linux/x86_64
echomine-muse-javadoc-0.81-0.0.3mdv2011.0 Javadoc documentation for muse linux/x86_64
echoping-6.0.2-4mdv2011.0 TCP "echo" performance test linux/x86_64
echoping-devel-6.0.2-4mdv2011.0 Development files and headers for echoping linux/x86_64
ecl-11.1.1-2 Embeddable Common-Lisp linux/x86_64
ecl-doc-11.1.1-2 Documentation for Embeddable Common-Lisp linux/x86_64
eclectus-0.2-2mdv2011.0 Han character dictionary linux/noarch
eclectus-segment-bwpng-0.2-2mdv2011.0 Han character dictionary linux/noarch
eclectus-segment-ordergif-0.2-2mdv2011.0 Han character dictionary linux/noarch
eclectus-segment-redpng-0.2-2mdv2011.0 Han character dictionary linux/noarch
eclectus-voice-female-0.2-2mdv2011.0 Han character dictionary linux/noarch
eclectus-voice-male-0.2-2mdv2011.0 Han character dictionary linux/noarch
eclib-mwrank-0.20120428-1 Mordell-Weil groups of elliptic curves over Q via 2-descent linux/x86_64
eclipse-anyedit-2.3.3-2 AnyEdit plugin for eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-cdt-8.0.0-2 Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) plugin linux/x86_64
eclipse-cdt-mylyn-5.0.1-0.6.2mdv2010.0 Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) SDK plugin linux/x86_64
eclipse-cdt-parsers-8.0.0-2 Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) SDK plugin linux/x86_64
eclipse-cdt-sdk-8.0.0-2 Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) SDK plugin linux/x86_64
eclipse-changelog-2.7.0-1 Eclipse ChangeLog plug-in linux/x86_64
eclipse-checkstyle-5.1.0-3 Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-cle-0.1.6-0.0.2mdv2009.0 Provides editing of grammar and scanner specification files linux/x86_64
eclipse-cmakeed-1.1.5-2 CMake Editor plug-in for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-collabnet-merge-2.2.1-2 CollabNet Merge Client for Subclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-debug-3.7.0-1.3 Debug information for package eclipse linux/x86_64
eclipse-demos-0.0.1-0.2.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse demonstration screencasts linux/noarch
eclipse-dtp-1.8.2-1 Eclipse Data Tools Platform linux/noarch
eclipse-ecj-3.4.2-0.2.5 Eclipse Compiler for Java linux/x86_64
eclipse-eclemma-1.5.2-1 Java code coverage tool plugin for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-egit-0.11.3-2 Eclipse Git plug-in linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-2.4.2-3mdv2011.0 Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Eclipse plugin linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-examples-2.4.2-3mdv2011.0 Eclipse EMF/XSD examples linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-sdk-2.4.2-3mdv2011.0 Eclipse EMF SDK linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-sdo-2.4.2-3mdv2011.0 Service Data Objects (SDO) Eclipse plugin linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-sdo-sdk-2.4.2-3mdv2011.0 Eclipse SDO SDK linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-xsd-2.4.2-3mdv2011.0 XML Schema Definition (XSD) Eclipse plugin linux/noarch
eclipse-emf-xsd-sdk-2.4.2-3mdv2011.0 Eclipse XSD SDK linux/noarch
eclipse-epic-0.6.39-1 Perl Eclipse plug-in linux/noarch
eclipse-fedorapackager-0.1.12-1 Fedora Packager Tools linux/noarch
eclipse-findbugs-1.3.9-3 Eclipse plugin for FindBugs linux/noarch
eclipse-findbugs-contrib-4.2.0-3 Eclipse plugin for findbugs-contrib linux/noarch
eclipse-gef-3.6.2-1 Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) Eclipse plugin linux/noarch
eclipse-gef-examples-3.6.2-1 Eclipse GEF examples linux/noarch
eclipse-gef-sdk-3.6.2-1 Eclipse GEF SDK linux/noarch
eclipse-jdt-3.7.0-1.3 Eclipse Java Development Tools linux/x86_64
eclipse-jgit-0.11.3-1 Eclipse JGit linux/noarch
eclipse-manpage-0.0.1-0.svn24060.1.1 Man page viewer linux/noarch
eclipse-moreunit-2.4.1-1 An Eclipse plugin that assists with writing more unit tests linux/noarch
eclipse-mpc-1.0.1-2 Eclipse Marketplace Client linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-3.5.1-1 Eclipse Mylyn main feature linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-builds-3.5.1-2 Eclipse Mylyn Builds linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-builds-hudson-3.5.1-2 Mylyn Builds Connector: Hudson/Jenkins linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-commons-3.5.1-1 Common libraries for Eclipse Mylyn linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-context-3.5.1-1 Eclipse Mylyn context specific features linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-context-cdt-3.5.1-1 Mylyn Bridge: C/C++ Development linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-context-java-3.5.1-1 Mylyn Bridge: Java Development linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-context-pde-3.5.1-1 Mylyn Bridge: Plug-in Development linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-context-team-3.5.1-1 Mylyn Context Connector: Team Support linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-docs-htmltext-3.5.1-1 Mylyn HtmlText linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-docs-wikitext-3.5.1-1 Mylyn WikiText linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-ide-3.5.1-1 Mylyn Context Connector: Eclipse IDE linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-java-3.0.3-0.4.0mdv2009.1 Mylyn Focused UI linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-pde-3.0.3-0.4.0mdv2009.1 Mylyn Focused UI linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-tasks-bugzilla-3.5.1-2 Mylyn Tasks Connector: Bugzilla linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-tasks-trac-3.5.1-2 Mylyn Tasks Connector: Trac linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-tasks-web-3.5.1-2 Mylyn Tasks Connector: Web Templates (Advanced) (Incubation) linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-trac-3.0.3-0.4.0mdv2009.1 Mylyn Trac Connector linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-versions-3.5.1-1 Eclipse Mylyn Versions linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-versions-cvs-3.5.1-1 Mylyn Versions Connector: CVS linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-versions-git-3.5.1-1 Mylyn Versions Connector: Git linux/noarch
eclipse-mylyn-webtasks-3.0.3-0.4.0mdv2009.1 Mylyn Focused UI linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Babel language packs for the Eclipse platform and various plug-ins linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-ar-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Arabic linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-bg-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Bulgarian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-ca-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Catalan linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-cs-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Czech linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-da-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Danish linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-de-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for German linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-el-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Greek linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-en_AA-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Pseudo Translations linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-en_AU-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for English (Australian) linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-es-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Spanish linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-et-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Estonian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-fa-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Farsi linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-fi-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Finnish linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-fr-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for French linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-he-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Hebrew linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-hi-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Hindi linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-hu-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Hungarian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-id-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Indonesian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-it-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Italian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-ja-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Japanese linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-ko-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Korean linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-mn-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Mongolian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-nl-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Dutch linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-no-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Norwegian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-pl-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Polish linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-pt-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Portuguese linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-pt_BR-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Portuguese (Brazilian) linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-ro-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Romanian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-ru-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Russian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-sv-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Swedish linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-tr-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Turkish linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-uk-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Ukrainian linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-zh-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Chinese (Simplified) linux/noarch
eclipse-nls-zh_TW-3.6.0.v20100814043401-7 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Chinese (Traditional) linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-ar-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Arabic linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-bg-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Bulgarian linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-cs-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Czech linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-da-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Danish linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-de-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for German linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-el-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Greek linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-es-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Spanish linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-fi-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Finnish linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-fr-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for French linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-he-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Hebrew linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-hu-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Hungarian linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-it-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Italian linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-ja-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Japanese linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-ko-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Korean linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-nl-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Dutch linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-no-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Norwegian linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-pl-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Polish linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-pt-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Portuguese linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-pt_BR-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Portuguese linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-ro-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Romanian linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-ru-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Russian linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-sv-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Swedish linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-tr-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Turkish linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-uk-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Ukrainian linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-zh-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Chinese linux/noarch
eclipse-nlspackager-zh_TW-0.2.0-0.5.20080807snap.3mdv2011.0 Eclipse/Babel language pack for Chinese linux/noarch
eclipse-p2-discovery-1.0.0-2 Equinox p2 Discovery linux/noarch
eclipse-pde-3.7.0-1.3 Eclipse Plugin Development Environment linux/x86_64
eclipse-photran-6.0.6-1 Photran End-User Runtime linux/noarch
eclipse-photran-intel-6.0.6-1 Intel Fortran compiler support for Photran linux/noarch
eclipse-photran-xlf-6.0.6-1 IBM XLF Compiler Support linux/noarch
eclipse-phpeclipse-1.2.3-3 PHP Eclipse plugin linux/noarch
eclipse-platform-3.7.0-1.3 Eclipse platform common files linux/x86_64
eclipse-plugin-sysdeo-tomcat-3.1.0-3mdv2011.0 Sysdeo Eclipse Tomcat Launcher plugin linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-4.0.6-1 Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-etfw-ppw-4.0.6-1 PTP Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW) linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-etfw-tau-4.0.6-1 PTP External Tools Framework TAU Support linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-etfw-tau-fortran-4.0.6-1 PTP External Tools Framework: TAU Fortran Enabler linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-gem-4.0.6-1 PTP Graphical Explorer of MPI Programs (GEM) linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-pldt-upc-4.0.6-1 PTP Parallel Language Development Tools UPC Support linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-rdt-4.0.6-1 PTP Remote Development Tools linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-rdt-xlc-4.0.6-1 PTP Remote Development Tools XL C/C++ Compiler Support linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-remote-rse-4.0.6-1 PTP RSE Enabler linux/noarch
eclipse-ptp-sci-4.0.6-1 PTP Scalable Communication Infrastructure (SCI) linux/noarch
eclipse-pydev-1.6.5-1 Eclipse Python development plug-in linux/x86_64
eclipse-pydev-mylyn-1.6.5-1 Pydev Mylyn Focused UI linux/x86_64
eclipse-quickrex-3.5.0-13 QuickREx is a regular-expression test Eclipse Plug-In linux/noarch
eclipse-rcp-3.7.0-1.3 Eclipse Rich Client Platform linux/x86_64
eclipse-rpmstubby-0.6.0-2 Rpm specfile generator for Eclipse features linux/noarch
eclipse-rse-3.2-3 Eclipse Remote System Explorer linux/noarch
eclipse-setools- Eclipse plugin wrapper for SETools Java policy analysis tools for SELinux linux/x86_64
eclipse-shelled-2.0.0-0.M3.1.1 Eclipse Shell script editor linux/noarch
eclipse-slide-1.3.16-2 SELinux policy editing plugin for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-subclipse-1.6.17-1 Subversion Eclipse plugin linux/noarch
eclipse-subclipse-graph-1.6.17-1 Subversion Revision Graph linux/noarch
eclipse-svnkit-1.3.4-2 Eclipse feature for SVNKit linux/noarch
eclipse-swt-3.7.0-1.3 SWT Library for GTK+-2.0 linux/x86_64
eclipse-systemtapgui-1.1-2 Eclipse plugins for SystemTap linux/noarch
eclipse-testframework-3.6.1-2 Eclipse Test Framework linux/noarch
eclipse-texlipse-1.3.0-3.20090829cvs Eclipse plugin for editing Latex linux/noarch
eclipse-veditor-0.6.3-5 Eclipse-based Verilog/VHDL plugin linux/noarch
eclipse-vrapper-0.15.0-0.3.svn351 Vim-like editing in Eclipse linux/noarch
ecm-6.3-0.1434.3 GMP ECM - Elliptic Curve Method for Integer Factorization linux/x86_64
ecore-1.2.1-1 Enlightenment event/X abstraction layer linux/x86_64
ecryptfs-utils-99-1 An Enterprise-class Cryptographic Filesystem for Linux linux/x86_64
edb- Enlightenment database access library linux/x86_64
edb-debugger-0.9.17-1 A free OllyDbg like debugger linux/x86_64
ede-1.2-5mdv2011.0 The core programs for the Equinox Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
edgar-1.01-1 2D Platform Game linux/x86_64
edgar-data-1.01-1 The Legend of Edgar level set linux/noarch
editje-0.9.3-0.66406.1 Edje editor oriented towards UI design linux/x86_64
editobj2-0.4-1 Tkinter dialog box for editing any Python object linux/noarch
edje-1.2.1-1 Complex graphical design & layout library linux/x86_64
edje_viewer-0.1.0-0.20101107.2 A simple viewer for edj files linux/x86_64
edos-dose-tart-2.0-0.20070622.4mdv2010.1 A program that takes care of distribution thinning linux/x86_64
edos-ltp-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for LTP tests linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-drakconf-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (DrakConf) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-drakxnet-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (DrakxNet) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-drakxtools-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (DrakxTools) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-evolution-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (Evolution) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-flash-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (Flash) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-gaim-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (Gaim) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-gnome-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (Gnome) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-installation-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (Installation) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-isv-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (ISV) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-kde-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (KDE) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-mandrivaservice-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (MandrivaService) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-openoffice-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (OpenOffice) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-themes-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (Themes) linux/noarch
edos-mandriva-manual-tests-upgrade-1.0.0-6mdv2011.0 EDOS XML specification files for Mandriva manual test procedures (Upgrade) linux/noarch
edos-testassistant-1.0.4alpha-4mdv2011.0 The EDOS Manual Test Assistant linux/x86_64
edos-testrunner-1.0.4beta-6mdv2011.0 The EDOS Meta Test Runner linux/x86_64
eds-feed-0.5.0-10 Evolution Data Server feed for Galago linux/x86_64
educazionik-2.0.0-0.4mdv2011.0 Italian educational project linux/x86_64
edugraphe-1.1-2 edugraphe is a plotting program in Java linux/noarch
edyuk-1.1.0-4mdv2011.0 Edyuk - fully-featured, highly flexible IDE for Qt 4 linux/x86_64
efax-gtk-3.2.9-1 GTK2 frontend for efax linux/x86_64
efreet-1.2.0-1 Enlightened efreet linux/x86_64
eggdrop-1.6.21-1 IRC bot, written in C linux/x86_64
egoboo-2.8.1-1 3D dungeon crawling game linux/x86_64
egoboo-data-2.8.1-1 Data files for egoboo linux/noarch
egroupware- Web-based groupware suite written in php linux/noarch
egroupware-addressbook-1.6.003-1mdv2010.1 The eGroupWare addressbook application linux/noarch
egroupware-bookmarks- The eGroupWare bookmarks application linux/noarch
egroupware-calendar- The eGroupWare calendar application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-backup-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare backup application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-browser-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare browser application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-chatty-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare chat application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-comic-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare comic application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-email-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare email application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-filescenter-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare filescenter application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-forum-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare forum application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-ftp-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare ftp application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-fudforum-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare fudforum application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-headlines-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare headlines application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-jinn-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare jinn application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-messenger-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare messenger application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-phpldapadmin-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare phpldapadmin application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-projects-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare projects application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-skel-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare skel application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-soap-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare soap application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-stocks-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare stocks application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-switchuser-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare switchuser application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-tts-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare tts application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-xmlrpc-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare xmlrpc application linux/noarch
egroupware-developer_tools- The eGroupWare developer_tools application linux/noarch
egroupware-egw-pear- php-pear classes for eGroupWare linux/noarch
egroupware-emailadmin- The eGroupWare emailadmin application linux/noarch
egroupware-etemplate-1.6.003-1mdv2010.1 The eGroupWare %{etemplate} application linux/noarch
egroupware-felamimail- The eGroupWare felamimail application linux/noarch
egroupware-filemanager- The eGroupWare filemanager application linux/noarch
egroupware-gallery- The eGroupWare gallery application linux/noarch
egroupware-icalsrv-1.6.003-1mdv2010.1 The eGroupWare iCal server linux/noarch
egroupware-importexport- The eGroupWare import/export function linux/noarch
egroupware-infolog- The eGroupWare infolog application linux/noarch
egroupware-manual- The eGroupWare messenger application linux/noarch
egroupware-mydms-1.6.003-1mdv2010.1 Advanced tool for shared files linux/noarch
egroupware-news_admin- The eGroupWare news_admin application linux/noarch
egroupware-notifications- User notifications for eGroupWare linux/noarch
egroupware-phpbrain- The eGroupWare phpbrain application linux/noarch
egroupware-phpsysinfo- The eGroupWare phpsysinfo application linux/noarch
egroupware-polls- The eGroupWare polls application linux/noarch
egroupware-projectmanager- The eGroupWare projects application linux/noarch
egroupware-registration- The eGroupWare registration application linux/noarch
egroupware-sambaadmin- The eGroupWare sambaadmin application linux/noarch
egroupware-sitemgr- The eGroupWare sitemgr application linux/noarch
egroupware-syncml- The eGroupWare syncml application linux/noarch
egroupware-timesheet- The eGroupWare timesheet application linux/noarch
egroupware-tracker- The eGroupWare tracker application linux/noarch
egroupware-wiki- The eGroupWare wiki application linux/noarch
ehcache- Easy Hibernate Cache linux/noarch
ehcache-javadoc- Javadoc for ehcache linux/noarch
eiciel- Graphical access control list (ACL) editor linux/x86_64
eigen3-3.0.5-1 Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math linux/noarch
einit-0.40.0-3mdv2011.0 An init system used on Unix-based operating systems linux/x86_64
einit-devel-0.40.0-3mdv2011.0 Development files for einit linux/x86_64
einstein-2.0-1 Remake of old DOS game Sherlock which was inspired by Albert Einstein's puzzle linux/x86_64
eiskaltdcpp-2.2.7-1 Cross-platform program that uses the Direct Connect and ADC protocol linux/x86_64
eiskaltdcpp-gtk-2.2.7-1 GTK frontend for EiskaltDC++ linux/x86_64
eiskaltdcpp-qt-2.2.7-1 Qt frontend for EiskaltDC++ linux/x86_64
ejabberd-2.1.3-2mdv2010.1 A distributed, fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server linux/x86_64
ejabberd-devel-2.1.3-2mdv2010.1 Development files for ejabberd linux/x86_64
ejabberd-doc-2.1.3-2mdv2010.1 Documentation for ejabberd linux/x86_64
ekg-1.8-0.rc2.2mdv2011.0 A client compatible with Gadu-Gadu linux/x86_64
ekg2-1.0-7.20120212.1 Opensource multi-protocol instatnt messaging client linux/x86_64
ekg2-devel-1.0-0.20071213.5mdv2011.0 Development files for ekg2 linux/x86_64
ekiga-3.3.2-2 Voice and Video over IP software (H323 / SIP) linux/x86_64
elementary-1.0.1-1 Basic widget set based on EFL for mobile touch-screen devices linux/x86_64
elementary-icon-theme-2.7.1-1 Elementary icons for GNOME Desktop linux/noarch
elfio-1.0.3-5mdv2011.0 ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) reader and producer implemented as a C++ library linux/x86_64
eliminate-dups-1.2-12mdv2011.0 Eliminates duplicate email messages for qmail users linux/noarch
elinks-0.11.7-5 Lynx-like text WWW browser linux/x86_64
elisa-0.5.37-2mdv2011.0 Media center written in Python linux/noarch
elisa-core-0.5.37-2mdv2011.0 Media center written in Python: core files linux/noarch
elisa-plugins-ugly-0.5.37-2mdv2011.0 'Ugly' plugins for the Elisa media center linux/noarch
elmdentica-0.9.10-0.66729.1 A simple client with Elementary UI linux/x86_64
elmer-6.0.5452-1 Open Source Finite Element Software for Multiphysical Problems linux/x86_64
elsa-0.0.4-0.66786.1 Open Enlightenmet session with pam linux/x86_64
elven-0.2.8-3 The LV2 host Elven linux/x86_64
elyxer-1.2.3-1 Convert LyX source files to HTML output linux/noarch
emacs-EPL-0.7-10mdv2011.0 Control Emacs using Perl as an alternative to Emacs Lisp linux/noarch
emacs-browse-kill-ring-1.3-9mdv2011.0 Interactively insert items from kill-ring linux/noarch
emacs-cedet-1.0-2 Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools linux/noarch
emacs-ebib-1.7.2-1mdv2009.1 BibTeX database manager for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-ecb-2.40-1mdv2010.0 Emacs Code Browser linux/noarch
emacs-elib-1.0-12mdv2011.0 Emacs Lisp Library linux/noarch
emacs-ess-5.13-1 Emacs Speaks Statistics package for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-ess-doc-5.13-1 Emacs Speaks Statistics Documentation linux/noarch
emacs-haskell-mode-2.1-6mdv2011.0 Major mode for editing Haskell code with emacs linux/noarch
emacs-htmlize-1.37-2mdv2011.0 HTML-ize font-lock buffers linux/noarch
emacs-jde- The Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDEE) linux/x86_64
emacs-matlab-3.3.1-1.cvs1.30 Matlab mode for emacs linux/noarch
emacs-mode-compile-2.27-14mdv2011.0 Smart command for compiling files according to major-mode linux/noarch
emacs-php-mode-1.5.0-1mdv2009.1 Major mode for editing PHP code linux/noarch
emacs-psgml-1.2.5-11mdv2011.0 A GNU Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents linux/x86_64
emacs-pymacs-0.24-0.beta2 Bidirectional communication between Emacs Lisp and Python linux/noarch
emacs-tnt-2.4-8mdv2011.0 Emacs based AOL Instant Message Client linux/noarch
emacs-w3m-1.4.4-8mdv2011.0 An Emacs interface to w3m, a web browser and pager linux/noarch
emacs-w3m-el-1.4.4-8mdv2011.0 Web Browser sources for GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-xslide-0.2.2-9mdv2011.0 A GNU Emacs major mode for editing XSL documents linux/noarch
emacs-yaml-mode-0.0.4-2mdv2011.0 Major mode for editing YAML file linux/noarch
emboss-6.4.0-1 The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite linux/x86_64
embryo-1.2.0-1 Enlightenment bytecode virtual machine linux/x86_64
embutils-0.19-4mdv2011.0 Small system utilities for embedded systems linux/x86_64
emelfm- File manager using the two-panel design and Gtk+ linux/x86_64
emelfm2-0.7.3-1mdv2011.0 GTK+ 2 file manager with two-panel format linux/x86_64
emerald-0.8.4-2mdv2010.1 Window decorator for Compiz linux/x86_64
emerald-themes-0.6.0-0.20080210.3mdv2011.0 Themes for the Emerald Window Decorator linux/noarch
emerillon-0.1.90-2 A map viewer for GNOME linux/x86_64
emerillon-devel-0.1.90-2 Development package for emerillon linux/x86_64
emerillon-vala-0.1.90-2 Vala Development package for emerillon linux/x86_64
emesene-2.12.3-1 IM client for the Windows Live Messenger network and others linux/noarch
emesene-1.6.3-3 OS independent MSN Messenger client linux/x86_64
emesene-gtk2-2.12.3-1 emesene GTK interface for emesene client linux/noarch
emesene-qt4-2.12.3-1 emesene Qt4 interface for emesene client linux/noarch
emi-1.5.1-7mdv2011.0 Ecasound Mastering Interface linux/noarch
emifreq-applet-0.18-10 EmiFreq applet is just a little applet to show and control the CPU linux/x86_64
emma-2.0.5312-9 Code Coverage Tool linux/noarch
emma-javadoc-2.0.5312-9 Javadoc for emma linux/noarch
emote-0.0.1-0.66729.1 Emotion icons linux/x86_64
emotion-1.0.1-1 Enlightenment video and media library linux/x86_64
empathy- A IM client based on Telepathy framework linux/x86_64
empower-2.0.0-0.65608.1 A graphical sudo tool based on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries linux/x86_64
emprint-0.1.0-2.64443.1 E17 screen captire utility linux/x86_64
empy-3.3-6mdv2011.0 System for embedding Python expressions and statements in template text linux/noarch
enblend-4.0-2 Tool for compositing images linux/x86_64
encfs-1.7.4-3 Encrypted pass-through filesystem for Linux linux/x86_64
endeavour-3.1.2-6 Graphical file manager linux/x86_64
enemylines4-1.0-9mdv2011.0 A simple futuristic racing game linux/x86_64
engine_pkcs11-0.1.8-3mdv2011.0 PKCS#11 engine for OpenSSL linux/x86_64
enigma-1.03-12mdv2011.0 Puzzle game linux/x86_64
enigma-freeoxyd-1.01-3mdv2009.1 Puzzle game similar to Oxyd linux/x86_64
enjoy-0.1.0-0.66124.1 Enjoy is a music player linux/x86_64
enki-0.6.0-0.66410.1 Enki Photo Manager for E17 linux/x86_64
enlightenment-1.0.10-3 The Enlightenment window manager linux/x86_64
enlil- enil Library for EFL linux/x86_64
entagged-audioformats-java-0.15-6mdv2011.0 Library to access and modify tags in audio files linux/noarch
entagged-audioformats-javadoc-0.15-6mdv2011.0 Javadoc for entagged-audioformats linux/noarch
eog-3.4.3-1 The Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/x86_64
eog-devel-3.4.3-1 C headers needed to build EOG plugins linux/x86_64
eog-plugins-3.4.1-1 Plugins for the Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/x86_64
epdfview-0.1.8-2 Simple and lightweight PDF viewer linux/x86_64
epgsearch-devel-0.9.24-4mdv2011.0 Development headers of epgsearch VDR plugin linux/x86_64
ephoto- Enlightenment photo manager linux/x86_64
epic4-2.10-4mdv2011.0 (E)nhanced (P)rogrammable (I)RC-II (C)lient linux/x86_64
epic5-1.1.2-1 (E)nhanced (P)rogrammable (I)RC-II (C)lient linux/x86_64
epiphany-3.4.2-1 GNOME web browser based on the webkit rendering engine linux/x86_64
epiphany-devel-3.4.2-1 Header files for developing with Epiphany linux/x86_64
epiphany-extensions-3.2.0-1 Extensions for the GNOME Web Browser, Epiphany linux/x86_64
epiphany-gwget-1.0.4-4 Epiphany extension, using gwget as downloader linux/x86_64
epplets-0.12-3mdv2011.0 Applets for enlightenment linux/x86_64
epydoc-3.0.1-10 Edward Loper's API Documentation Generation Tool linux/noarch
eqonomize-0.6-3mdv2010.0 Personal finance program for KDE linux/x86_64
eric-4.4.15-1 Full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE linux/noarch
erlang-appmon-R14B04-1 Utility used to supervise Applications executing on several Erlang nodes linux/x86_64
erlang-asn1-R14B04-1 Provides support for Abstract Syntax Notation One linux/x86_64
erlang-base-R14B04-1 Erlang architecture independent files linux/x86_64
erlang-common_test-R14B04-1 Portable framework for automatic testing linux/x86_64
erlang-compiler-R14B04-1 Byte code compiler for Erlang which produces highly compact code linux/x86_64
erlang-cosEvent-R14B04-1 Orber OMG Event Service linux/x86_64
erlang-cosEventDomain-R14B04-1 Orber OMG Event Domain Service linux/x86_64
erlang-cosFileTransfer-R14B04-1 Orber OMG File Transfer Service linux/x86_64
erlang-cosNotification-R14B04-1 Orber OMG Notification Service linux/x86_64
erlang-cosProperty-R14B04-1 Orber OMG Property Service linux/x86_64
erlang-cosTime-R14B04-1 Orber OMG Timer and TimerEvent Services linux/x86_64
erlang-cosTransactions-R14B04-1 Orber OMG Transaction Service linux/x86_64
erlang-crypto-R14B04-1 Cryptographical support linux/x86_64
erlang-debugger-R14B04-1 Debugger for debugging and testing of Erlang programs linux/x86_64
erlang-devel-R14B04-1 Erlang header linux/x86_64
erlang-dialyzer-R14B04-1 Static analysis tool linux/x86_64
erlang-diameter-R14B04-1 An implementation of the Diameter protocol as defined by RFC 3588 linux/x86_64
erlang-docbuilder-R14B04-1 Tool for generating HTML documentation for Erlang programs linux/x86_64
erlang-edoc-R14B04-1 The Erlang program documentation generator linux/x86_64
erlang-emacs-R14B04-1 Emacs support for The Erlang language linux/x86_64
erlang-erl_docgen-R14B04-1 Documentation generator linux/x86_64
erlang-erl_interface-R14B04-1 Low level interface to C linux/x86_64
erlang-esdl-1.0.1-2mdv2010.0 Erlang OpenGL/SDL api and utilities linux/x86_64
erlang-esdl-devel-1.0.1-2mdv2010.0 Development files for ESDL linux/x86_64
erlang-et-R14B04-1 Event Tracer linux/x86_64
erlang-eunit-R14B04-1 Erlang support for unit testing linux/x86_64
erlang-gs-R14B04-1 Graphics System used to write platform independent user interfaces linux/x86_64
erlang-hipe-R14B04-1 High performance erlang linux/x86_64
erlang-ic-R14B04-1 IDL compiler linux/x86_64
erlang-inets-R14B04-1 Set of services such as a Web server and a ftp client etc linux/x86_64
erlang-inviso-R14B04-1 Erlang trace tool linux/x86_64
erlang-jinterface-R14B04-1 Low level interface to Java linux/x86_64
erlang-manpages-R14B04-1 Erlang man pages linux/x86_64
erlang-megaco-R14B04-1 Framework for building applications on top of the Megaco/H.248 protocol linux/x86_64
erlang-mnesia-R14B04-1 Heavy duty real-time distributed database linux/x86_64
erlang-observer-R14B04-1 Observer, tools for tracing and investigation of distributed systems linux/x86_64
erlang-odbc-R14B04-1 Interface to relational SQL-databases built on ODBC linux/x86_64
erlang-orber-R14B04-1 CORBA Object Request Broker linux/x86_64
erlang-os_mon-R14B04-1 Monitor which allows inspection of the underlying operating system linux/x86_64
erlang-otp_mibs-R14B04-1 Snmp management information base for Erlang linux/x86_64
erlang-parsetools-R14B04-1 Set of parsing and lexical analysis tools linux/x86_64
erlang-percept-R14B04-1 Concurrency profiler tool for Erlang linux/x86_64
erlang-pman-R14B04-1 Process manager used to inspect the state of an Erlang system linux/x86_64
erlang-public_key-R14B04-1 Erlang API to public key infrastructure linux/x86_64
erlang-reltool-R14B04-1 A release management tool for Erlang linux/x86_64
erlang-runtime_tools-R14B04-1 Runtime tools, tools to include in a production system linux/x86_64
erlang-snmp-R14B04-1 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support linux/x86_64
erlang-ssh-R14B04-1 Secure Shell application with ssh and sftp support linux/x86_64
erlang-ssl-R14B04-1 Interface to UNIX BSD sockets with Secure Sockets Layer linux/x86_64
erlang-stack-R14B04-1 Erlang bundle linux/x86_64
erlang-syntax_tools-R14B04-1 Set of modules for working with Erlang source code linux/x86_64
erlang-test_server-R14B04-1 The OTP test sewrver for Erlang linux/x86_64
erlang-toolbar-R14B04-1 Tool bar simplifying access to the Erlang tools linux/x86_64
erlang-tools-R14B04-1 Set of programming tools including a coverage analyzer etc linux/x86_64
erlang-tv-R14B04-1 ETS and MNESIA graphical table visualizer linux/x86_64
erlang-typer-R14B04-1 Type annotator of Erlang code linux/x86_64
erlang-webtool-R14B04-1 Tool that simplifying the use of web based Erlang tools linux/x86_64
erlang-wx-R14B04-1 Graphic system for Erlang linux/x86_64
erlang-xmerl-R14B04-1 XML processing tools linux/x86_64
ermixer-0.8-8mdv2011.0 A full featured OSS mixer linux/x86_64
esmtp-1.2-3 User configurable relay-only Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) linux/x86_64
esvn-0.6.12-3mdv2011.0 The eSvn is a cross-platform (QT-based) GUI for Subversion linux/x86_64
etc-update-20020731-12 Mergemaster for Linux linux/noarch
eterm-0.9.6-1 Terminal emulator linux/x86_64
eternallands-1.9.2-1 A free to play, graphical MMORPG client linux/x86_64
eternallands-data-1.9.2-1 Data files to play Eternal Lands linux/noarch
etftp-1.1.3-14mdv2011.0 The Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol, RFC 1986, client/server linux/x86_64
ethemes-1.1-16mdv2011.0 Themes for Enlightenment linux/noarch
etherape-0.9.12-1 Graphical network viewer modeled after etherman linux/x86_64
etherboot-5.4.4-5mdv2011.0 Software package for booting x86 PCs over a network linux/x86_64
ethos-docs-0.2.2-2mdv2010.1 Documentation for ethos linux/noarch
ethumb-1.0.1-1 Enlightenment thumbnailing library linux/x86_64
etl-0.04.13-2mdv2011.0 Template library for synfig linux/x86_64
etoys-4.1.2388-1mdv2011.0 A media-rich model, game, and simulation construction kit and authoring tool linux/noarch
etrace-1.1-8mdv2011.0 Network tracing tool linux/x86_64
etswitch-0.1.14-9mdv2011.0 ETSWITCH - A *nix 'minimizer' for a few games linux/x86_64
ettercap-ng- Ncurses/Gtk2 based sniffer/interceptor utility linux/x86_64
evas-1.2.1-1 Enlightened canvas library linux/x86_64
eve-0.3.0-1mdv2011.0 A web browser based on the EFL and EWebKit linux/x86_64
eviacam-1.5.3-1 A Cross-Platform Webcam Based Mouse Emulator linux/x86_64
evolution-3.4.4-1 Integrated GNOME mail client, calendar and address book linux/x86_64
evolution-data-server-3.4.4-1 Evolution Data Server linux/x86_64
evolution-devel-3.4.4-1 Libraries and include files for developing Evolution components linux/x86_64
evolution-ews-3.4.4-1 Exchange Connector for Evolution, compatible with Exchange 2007 and later linux/x86_64
evolution-exchange-3.4.4-1 Exchange Connector for Evolution linux/x86_64
evolution-kolab-3.4.4-1 Kolab groupware Connector for Evolution linux/x86_64
evolution-mapi-3.4.4-1 Evolution extension for MS Exchange 2007/2010 servers linux/x86_64
evolution-mono-3.4.4-1 Mono plugin loader for Evolution linux/x86_64
evolution-rss-0.2.5-2 RSS Reader for Evolution Mail linux/x86_64
evolution-sharp-0.21.1-8 Evolution C linux/x86_64
evolution-sharp-devel-0.21.1-8 Evolution C linux/x86_64
evolution-tracker-0.14.2-1 Integrate Evolution with the Tracker desktop search linux/x86_64
evolution-webcal-2.32.0-4 Webcal integration for Evolution linux/x86_64
evolvotron-0.6.1-2 Interactive "generative art" software linux/x86_64
exaile- A powerful GTK+ 2.x media player linux/noarch
exalt-0.9-1.64527.1 ELF based front end network manager linux/x86_64
execline-1.08-4mdv2011.0 A light non-interactive scripting language linux/x86_64
exelearning- eXe eLearning XHTML editor linux/x86_64
exelearning-devel- Development package for eXe based software linux/x86_64
exelearning-manual- The complete manual for eXe linux/x86_64
exiftran-2.09-2 Transform Digital Camera JPEG Images linux/x86_64
exim-4.76-3 The exim mail transfer agent linux/x86_64
exim-doc-4.76-3 Exim documentation linux/x86_64
exim-monitor-4.76-3 X11 monitor application for exim linux/x86_64
exim-plugins-SpamAssassin-4.76-3 Exim SpamAssassin at SMTP time plugin linux/x86_64
exmap-console-0.4.1-8mdv2011.0 Memory analysis tool linux/x86_64
exo-0.8.0-1 An extension library to Xfce desktop environment linux/x86_64
expedite-1.1.1-0.66195.1 Expedite Evas benchmark/test suite linux/x86_64
exquisite-0.0.2-0.60246.1 This is a psplash replacement that is very simple and uses EFL linux/x86_64
ext2resize-1.1.19-5mdv2011.0 Ext2 fs resizer linux/x86_64
ext3grep-0.10.2-1mdv2011.0 Investigation and recovery tool for ext3 filesystem linux/x86_64
extace-1.9.6-5mdv2010.0 Visual sound display/analysis program linux/x86_64
extra-cmake-modules-0.0.1-1 KDE cmake extra modules linux/noarch
extract-xiso-2.5-1 A backup tool for creating and extracting disc image .iso's of XBox games linux/x86_64
extundelete-0.2.0-1mdv2011.0 Investigation and recovery tool for ext3/4 filesystem linux/x86_64
eyelight-0.5.0-0.68638.1 Eyelight is a simple EFL based presentation tool linux/x86_64
ezusbmidi-2002_10_20-10mdv2011.0 Firmware drivers for EZUSB MIDI devices linux/noarch
ezweb-platform-0.1-0.2.svn2768mdv2011.0 EzWeb Platform linux/noarch

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