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RPM of Group System/Kernel and hardware

IPMI-1.0-12 A simple initscript to load IPMI drivers linux/noarch
acl-2.2.39-2mdv2008.0 Command for manipulating access control lists linux/sparcv9
attr-2.4.32-2mdv2008.0 Utility for managing filesystem extended attributes linux/sparcv9
autosmb-1.1-6mdv2011.0 Automounter script for autods linux/noarch
biosdisk-0.75-5mdv2011.0 Creating BIOS flash floppy images for DELL machines linux/noarch
bootchart-logger-0.9-8mdv2010.0 Boot logging script for bootchart linux/noarch
bootloader-utils-1.15-7 Small utils needed for the kernel linux/noarch
bootsplash-3.3.3-3 Scripts to handle Mandriva themeing linux/noarch
bootsplash-themes-2.1.0-7mdv2011.0 Bootsplash themes linux/noarch
cdemu-0.8-3.203.4mdv2009.0 CD drive simulator linux/noarch
dd_rhelp-0.1.2-5mdv2011.0 A hard disk rescue helper linux/noarch
dkms-adm8211-20060111-6mdv2009.1 DKMS-ready kernel-source for the adm8211 driver linux/noarch
dkms-agrsm-2.1.80-1mdv2009.0 dkms package for agrsm driver linux/noarch
dkms-cdemu-0.8-3.203.4mdv2009.0 CD drive simulator linux/noarch
dkms-drm-experimental-2.3.5-1.20090302.1mdv2009.1 DKMS kernel modules of DRM and DRI drivers - experimental version linux/noarch
dkms-et131x-1.2.3-7mdv2009.0 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet Driver for the ET1301 and ET131x series MACs linux/noarch
dkms-fuse-2.6.4-1mdv2008.0 Linux kernel module for FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) linux/sparcv9
dkms-fusion-8.1.1-1mdv2011.0 Fusion kernel module linux/noarch
dkms-hso-1.2-3mdv2009.1 dkms package for hso driver linux/noarch
dkms-ipw3945-1.2.2-7mdv2009.1 Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection driver linux/noarch
dkms-iwlwifi-1.2.25-7mdv2009.0 Updated version of iwlwifi driver linux/noarch
dkms-lazyfs-0.1.26-6mdv2009.1 Dkms module for the lazyfs module linux/noarch
dkms-lenovo-sl-laptop-0.02-0.2mdv2011.0 Lenovo ThinkPad SL Series Exerimental Driver linux/noarch
dkms-m560x-0.4.0-0.20080229.2mdv2009.1 Driver for the Ali M5603C and M5602 webcam chipsets linux/noarch
dkms-nouveau-0.0.13-0.20090530.1mdv2010.0 Nouveau DRI kernel DKMS module linux/noarch
dkms-nwfermi-0.4.2-1mdv2011.0 DKMS-ready kernel-source for the dkms-nwfermi driver linux/noarch
dkms-ov51x-jpeg-1.5.9-2mdv2009.1 Webcam driver linux/noarch
dkms-pcc-acpi-0.9-5mdv2009.0 ACPI driver for Panasonic laptops linux/noarch
dkms-psb-4.41.1-7mdv2011.0 Poulsbo DRM driver linux/noarch
dkms-pwc-10.0.12-0.rc1.4mdv2009.1 Pwc kernel driver for Philips webcam linux/noarch
dkms-r5u870-0.11.0-6mdv2009.1 Ricoh RY5U870 webcam driver linux/noarch
dkms-r8192se-0015.0127.2010-2mdv2011.0 dkms package for r8192se driver linux/noarch
dkms-rt2860- dkms package for rt2860 driver linux/noarch
dkms-rt2870- dkms package for rt2870 driver linux/noarch
dkms-rt3090- dkms package for rt3090 driver linux/noarch
dkms-rtl8187se-1016.20080716-2mdv2009.1 dkms package for rtl8187se driver linux/noarch
dkms-squashfs-3.4-1mdv2009.1 Squashfs compressed read-only filesystem linux/noarch
dkms-squashfs-lzma-3.3-14 Squashfs compressed read-only filesystem (using LZMA) linux/noarch
dkms-squashfs-lzma-3.3-10mdv2009.1 Squashfs compressed read-only filesystem (using LZMA) linux/noarch
dkms-usbvision- The usbvision driver for some USB TV devices linux/noarch
dkms-v4l-dvb-testing-0-0.hg10785.1mdv2009.1 Experimental version of Linux V4L/DVB subsystem linux/noarch
dkms-vhba-1.2.1-4.20100822.1mdv2011.0 Virtual SCSI HBA kernel module linux/noarch
dkms-vloopback-1.0-5mdv2009.1 Video4Linux Loopback Device linux/noarch
dkms-vt6656-1.19.12-3mdv2011.0 VIA VT6656 wireless USB driver linux/noarch
dkms-xpad-xbox360-0.1-0.20070320.2mdv2009.0 Xpad driver for Xbox 360 controllers linux/noarch
dmidecode-2.9-1mdv2008.0 Tool for dumping a computer's DMI table contents linux/sparcv9
dmsetup-1.02.09-2mdv2008.0 Device mapper setup tool linux/sparcv9
drakopt-1.01-5mdv2009.0 Tool for optimizing IDE drives and detecting some types of problems linux/noarch
dstat-0.7.1-2mdv2011.0 Versatile vmstat, iostat and ifstat replacement linux/noarch
e2fsprogs-1.39-4mdv2008.0 Utilities used for the second extended (ext2) filesystem linux/sparcv9
eject-2.1.5-2mdv2008.0 A program that ejects removable media using software control linux/sparcv9
ezusbmidi-2002_10_20-10mdv2011.0 Firmware drivers for EZUSB MIDI devices linux/noarch
firmware-tools-2.1.14-1mdv2011.0 Scripts and tools to manage firmware and BIOS updates linux/noarch
hal-info-0.0-5.20091130.3 Device information for HAL linux/noarch
ibm-acpi-0.11-5mdv2011.0 IBM ThinkPad ACPI Extras configuration scripts linux/noarch
isdn-light-0.8-23 Networking with the isdn subsystem, light version linux/noarch
isdn4net-1.4.6-21 Networking with the isdn subsystem linux/noarch
iwlwifi-6050-ucode- Intel PRO/Wireless 6050AGN microcode linux/noarch
jfsprogs-1.1.11-1mdv2008.0 IBM JFS utility programs linux/sparcv9
kernel-firmware-20110904-1 Linux kernel firmware files linux/noarch
kernel-firmware-2.6.27-1mnb2 Linux kernel firmware files linux/noarch
laptop-mode-tools-1.59-1 Userland scripts to control "laptop mode" linux/noarch
ldetect-0.7.0-5mdv2008.0 Light hardware detection tool linux/sparcv9
ldetect-lst-0.1.168-1mdv2008.0 Hardware list for the light detection library linux/sparcv9
libdevmapper-event1.02-1.02.09-2mdv2008.0 Device mapper event library linux/sparcv9
libdevmapper1.02-1.02.09-2mdv2008.0 Device mapper library linux/sparcv9
lirc-remotes-0.8.3-0.20080704.4mdv2011.0 Lirc remotes database linux/noarch
makedev-4.4-12 A program used for creating the device files in /dev linux/noarch
mdadm-2.6.1-1mdv2008.0 A tool for managing Soft RAID under Linux linux/sparcv9
media-player-info-7-1mdv2011.0 Media Player Information linux/noarch
mkinitrd-4.2.17-32.sparc.1mdv2008.0 Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules linux/sparcv9
module-init-tools-3.3-pre11.9.sparc.1mdv2008.0 Tools for managing Linux kernel modules linux/sparcv9
nouveau-firmware-20091212-2 Nouveau firmware files linux/noarch
nouveau-firmware-20091212-1mnb2 Nouveau firmware files linux/noarch
pciids-0.7-1.20091201mdv2010.1 PCI ID database linux/noarch
pciutils-2.2.4-10.sparc.1mdv2008.0 PCI bus related utilities linux/sparcv9
pcmcia-cis-firmware-3.2.8-6 PCMCIA CIS overrides linux/noarch
pm-fallback-policy-0.1-9 Power management fallback policy linux/noarch
psb-preload-4.41.1-1mdv2010.0 Auto-loading of Poulsbo DRM driver linux/noarch
python-cdemu-0.8-3.203.4mdv2009.0 CD drive simulator - python module linux/noarch
python-wmd-0.1.2-7mdv2011.0 Driver for the Nintendo Wii Remote linux/noarch
resource-agents-3.0.17-2 Fencing agents for cluster suite linux/noarch
resource-agents-3.0.3-1mdv2010.0 Fencing agents for cluster suite linux/noarch
rtl8192se-firmware-0015.0127.2010-2mdv2011.0 firmware package for r8192se driver linux/noarch
scsiaddgui-1.5-6mdv2010.0 A graphical front end for scsiadd linux/noarch
silo-1.4.13-1mdv2007.1 The SILO boot loader for SPARCs linux/sparcv9
squashfs-lzma-kernel-3.3-14 Virtual package requiring squashfs-lzma modules linux/noarch
squashfs-lzma-kernel-3.3-10mdv2009.1 Virtual package requiring squashfs-lzma modules linux/noarch
sysfsutils-2.1.0-2mdv2008.0 Utility suite to enjoy sysfs linux/sparcv9
sysklogd-1.4.1-13mdv2008.0 System logging and kernel message trapping daemons linux/sparcv9
umlmgr-0.10-3 Uml manager linux/noarch
zd1211-firmware-1.4-5 Firmware files for the ZD1211 chip linux/noarch

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