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RPM of Group Games/Arcade

alienarena-data-20111014-1 Data files for Alien Arena 2011 linux/noarch
astromenace-data-1.2-1 Hardcore 3D space shooter with spaceship upgrade possibilities linux/noarch
astromenace-data-de-1.2-1 Russian localization of the AstroMenace game linux/noarch
astromenace-data-ru-1.2-1 Russian localization of the AstroMenace game linux/noarch
crack-attack-music-1-11 Music files for crack-attack linux/noarch
crack-attack-sounds-1-11 Sound files for crack-attack linux/noarch
freedoom-0.7-1 Complete independent Doom game linux/noarch
frogatto-gamedata-1.1.1-2 Game data for frogatto linux/noarch
maniadrive-data-1.2-4mdv2011.0 ManiaDrive data files linux/noarch
openarena-data-0.8.5-2mdv2011.0 An open-source content package for Quake III Arena linux/noarch
shareware_doom_iwad-1.9-0mdv2008.0 Doom v1.9 shareware iwad. linux/noarch
slune-1.0.15-5mdv2011.0 A multiplayer 3D racing and car-crashing game in Python linux/noarch
solarwolf-1.5-9 2D frantic arcade game of collecting boxes and dodging bullets linux/noarch
spacepong-0.0.2-3mdv2010.0 An innovative pong like game linux/noarch
stepmania-data-3.9-7mdv2010.0 A rythm game : data files linux/noarch
stepmania-stepmix1-1-6mdv2010.0 StepMania StepMix1 song pack linux/noarch
torcs-data-1.3.1-2mdv2010.0 Data files for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-data-cars-extra-1.3.1-2mdv2010.0 Extra cars for TORCS linux/noarch
trackballs-music-1.4-5mdv2010.0 In-game music for Trackballs - A Marble Madness-like game linux/noarch
trigger-rally-data-0.5.2-5mdv2010.0 Data files for the Trigger rally racing game linux/noarch
urbanterror-data-4.1.1-1 Urban Terror data files (graphics, music, maps etc) linux/noarch
vavoom-vmdl-1.4.3-2mdv2010.0 VMDL files for vavoom linux/noarch
vdrift-data-0.4-0.20100630.1mdv2011.0 Data files for the VDrift driving simulation linux/noarch
vegastrike-data-0.5.0-3mdv2011.0 Data files for vegastrike linux/noarch
worminator-data-3.0R2.1-5mdv2010.0 Data for Worminator linux/noarch
xonotic-data-0.5.0-1 Xonotic data files (graphics, music, maps etc) linux/noarch

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