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RPM of Group Development/Kernel

d80211-source-0.1-0.20060906.3mdv2008.1 Dscape wireless stack (d80211) source code linux/noarch
dkms-Dta1xx- Kernel driver for Dektec Dta1xx linux/noarch
dkms-Dta1xxNw- Kernel network driver for Dektec Dta1xx linux/noarch
dkms-Dtu2xx- Kernel driver for Dektec Dtu2xx linux/noarch
dkms-gl860-0.2n-1mdv2009.1 Driver for Genesys gl860 webcams linux/noarch
dkms-gspcav1-1.00.20-2mdv2009.0 DKMS-ready driver for spca5xx webcams linux/noarch
dkms-omfs-0.8.0-2mdv2009.1 DKMS-ready driver for the Rio Karma omfs file system linux/noarch
dkms-omnibook-20080513-0.274.1mdv2009.0 DKMS-ready module adding kernel support for several omnibook-compatible laptops linux/noarch
dkms-qc-usb-0.6.6-7mdv2009.1 DKMS-ready driver for the old Quickcam Express webcams linux/noarch
dkms-qc-usb-messenger-1.7-7mdv2011.0 DKMS-ready driver for the Quickcam USB Messenger linux/noarch
dkms-thinkpad-6.0-2mdv2009.1 DKMS-ready module adding kernel support for older Thinkpad laptops linux/noarch
dkms-tp_smapi-0.40-4mdv2011.0 DKMS-ready module for SMAPI BIOS of ThinkPad laptops linux/noarch
fusion-devel-8.1.1-1mdv2011.0 Headers for developing programs that will use Fusion linux/noarch
ketchup-0.9.8-5mdv2011.0 Linux Kernel source switch/update tool linux/noarch
klive-20070203-6mdv2011.0 Script to gather information about kernel usage linux/noarch
mac80211-source-0.1-0.20070621.1mdv2008.1 Dscape wireless stack (d80211) source code linux/noarch
madwifi-source- Madwifi drivers source code linux/noarch

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