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Packages beginning with letter X

x-unikey-1.0.2-1mdv2007.0 A Vietnamese keyboard input for X-Window linux/sparc
x11-apps-1.0.0-12 X11 apps linux/noarch
x11-data-bitmaps-1.0.1-4mdv2007.0 Bitmaps that are shared between X applications linux/sparc
x11-data-cursor-themes-1.0.3-2 X11 Cursor Themes linux/noarch
x11-data-xkbdata-2.1-2 XKB data files linux/noarch
x11-docs-1.2-2mdv2007.0 Xorg X11 documentation linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-1.0.0-4mdv2007.0 X11 input drivers linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-acecad-1.1.0-2mdv2007.0 input driver for Acecad Flair devices linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-aiptek-1.0.1-2mdv2007.0 input driver for Aiptek HyperPen USB-based tablet devices linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-evdev-1.1.2-7mdv2007.0 input driver for Linux generic event devices linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-fpit-1.1.0-2mdv2007.0 input driver for Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet PCs linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-hyperpen-1.1.0-2mdv2007.0 input driver for HyperPen devices linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-joystick-1.1.0-2mdv2007.0 input driver for joysticks linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-keyboard-1.1.0-2mdv2007.0 Xorg input driver for keyboards linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-mouse-1.1.1-1mdv2007.0 Xorg input driver for mice linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-mutouch-1.1.0-2mdv2007.0 input driver for MicroTouch devices linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-penmount-1.2.0-1mdv2007.0 input driver for PenMount devices linux/sparc
x11-driver-input-void-1.1.0-2mdv2007.0 null input driver linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-1.0.0-4mdv2007.0 X11 video drivers linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-apm-1.1.1-2mdv2007.0 The driver for Alliance Promotion linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-ark-0.6.0-2mdv2007.0 The driver for ARK Logic graphics chipsets linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-ast-0.81.0-1mdv2007.0 CHECK linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-ati-6.6.2-1mdv2007.0 The driver for ATI Technologies linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-cirrus-1.1.0-2mdv2007.0 The driver for Cirrus Logic linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-dummy-0.2.0-2mdv2007.0 The dummy video driver linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-fbdev-0.3.0-2mdv2007.0 The driver for Linux FBDev linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-glint-1.1.1-2mdv2007.0 The driver for 3DLabs Permedia linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-i128- The driver for Number Nine chipsets linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-i740-1.1.0-2mdv2007.0 The driver for Intel i740 linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-mga- The driver for Matrox Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-neomagic-1.1.1-2mdv2007.0 The driver for NeoMagic Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-newport-0.2.0-2mdv2007.0 The video driver for SGI Indy's and Indigo2's Newport video cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-nv-1.2.0-1mdv2007.0 The driver for NVidia Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-rendition-4.1.0-2mdv2007.0 The driver for Rendition (Micron) Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-s3-0.4.1-2mdv2007.0 The driver for generic S3 Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-s3virge-1.9.1-2mdv2007.0 The driver for S3 Virge Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-savage-2.1.1-2mdv2007.0 The driver for S3 Savage Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-siliconmotion-1.4.1-2mdv2007.0 The driver for Silicon Motion Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-sis-0.9.1-2mdv2007.0 The driver for SiS Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-sisusb-0.8.1-1mdv2007.0 The video driver for SiS video chips connected via a Net2280-based USB dongle linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-suncg14-1.1.0-1mdv2007.0 The driver for sun cg14 Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-tdfx-1.2.1-2mdv2007.0 The driver for Voodoo Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-tga-1.1.0-1mdv2007.0 The driver for DEC Tga Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-trident-1.2.1-1mdv2007.0 The driver for Trident Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-tseng-1.1.0-1mdv2007.0 The driver for Tseng Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-v4l-0.1.1-1mdv2007.0 Xvideo extension port for video overlay linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-vesa-1.2.1-1mdv2007.0 The driver for Generic VESA Cards linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-vmware-10.13.0-1mdv2007.0 The driver for VMWare(tm) linux/sparc
x11-driver-video-voodoo-1.1.0-1mdv2007.0 The video driver for Voodoo1 and Voodoo2 video adapters linux/sparc
x11-font-adobe-100dpi-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font adobe-100dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-75dpi-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font adobe-75dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-100dpi-1.0.4-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-100dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-100dpi-1.0.2-1mdv2010.1 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-100dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-100dpi-1.0.1-7mdv2010.0 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-100dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-75dpi-1.0.4-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-75dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-75dpi-1.0.4-2mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-75dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-75dpi-1.0.2-1mdv2010.1 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-75dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-75dpi-1.0.1-7mdv2010.0 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-75dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.4-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.2-1mdv2010.1 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-adobe-utopia-type1-1.0.1-7mdv2010.0 Xorg X11 font adobe-utopia-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-alias-1.0.3-3 Xorg X11 font alias linux/noarch
x11-font-arabic-misc-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font arabic-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-100dpi-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font bh-100dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-75dpi-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font bh-75dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-ttf-1.0.3-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font bh-ttf linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-ttf-1.0.2-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font bh-ttf linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-ttf-1.0.1-1mdv2010.1 Xorg X11 font bh-ttf linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-ttf-1.0.0-7mdv2010.0 Xorg X11 font bh-ttf linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-ttf-1.0.0-5mdv2008.1 Xorg X11 font bh-ttf linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-type1-1.0.3-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font bh-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-type1-1.0.2-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font bh-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-type1-1.0.1-1mdv2010.1 Xorg X11 font bh-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-bh-type1-1.0.0-7mdv2010.0 Xorg X11 font bh-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-bitstream-100dpi-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font bitstream-100dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-bitstream-75dpi-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font bitstream-75dpi linux/noarch
x11-font-bitstream-speedo-1.0.2-4 Xorg X11 font bitstream-speedo linux/noarch
x11-font-bitstream-type1-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font bitstream-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-cronyx-cyrillic-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font cronyx-cyrillic linux/noarch
x11-font-cursor-misc-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font cursor-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-cyrillic-1.0.0-10 X11 fonts cyrillic linux/noarch
x11-font-daewoo-misc-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font daewoo-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-dec-misc-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font dec-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-encodings-1.0.4-2 Xorg X11 font encodings linux/noarch
x11-font-ibm-type1-1.0.3-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font ibm-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-ibm-type1-1.0.2-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font ibm-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-ibm-type1-1.0.1-1mdv2010.1 Xorg X11 font ibm-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-ibm-type1-1.0.0-7mdv2010.0 Xorg X11 font ibm-type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-isas-misc-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font isas-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-jis-misc-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font jis-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-micro-misc-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font micro-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-misc-1.0.0-10 X11 misc fonts linux/noarch
x11-font-misc-cyrillic-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font misc-cyrillic linux/noarch
x11-font-misc-ethiopic-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font misc-ethiopic linux/noarch
x11-font-misc-meltho-1.0.3-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font misc-meltho linux/noarch
x11-font-misc-meltho-1.0.2-1mdv2011.0 Xorg X11 font misc-meltho linux/noarch
x11-font-misc-meltho-1.0.1-1mdv2010.1 Xorg X11 font misc-meltho linux/noarch
x11-font-misc-meltho-1.0.0-6mdv2010.0 Xorg X11 font misc-meltho linux/noarch
x11-font-misc-misc-1.1.2-4 Xorg X11 font misc-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-mutt-misc-1.0.3-4 Xorg X11 font mutt-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-schumacher-misc-1.1.2-4 Xorg X11 font schumacher-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-screen-cyrillic-1.0.4-3 Xorg X11 font screen-cyrillic linux/noarch
x11-font-sony-misc-1.0.3-3 Xorg X11 font sony-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-sun-misc-1.0.3-3 Xorg X11 font sun-misc linux/noarch
x11-font-type1-1.0.0-10 X11 fonts type1 linux/noarch
x11-font-util-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Xorg X11 font utilities linux/sparc
x11-font-winitzki-cyrillic-1.0.3-3 Xorg X11 font winitzki-cyrillic linux/noarch
x11-font-wqy-bitmapfont-1.0.0-0.RC1.3 WenQuanYi Bitmap Song linux/noarch
x11-font-xfree86-type1-1.0.4-3 Xorg X11 font xfree86-type1 linux/noarch
x11-proto-devel-1.0.3-2mdv2007.1 Xorg X11 protocol specification header linux/sparc
x11-scripts-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 scripts for X linux/sparc
x11-server-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 X11 servers linux/sparc
x11-server-common-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 X server common files linux/sparc
x11-server-devel-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 Development files for x11-server linux/sparc
x11-server-source-1.7.6-2mdv2010.1 Xserver source code required to build unofficial servers linux/noarch
x11-server-xdmx-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 Distributed Multi-head X server linux/sparc
x11-server-xephyr-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 KDrive Xephyr X server linux/sparc
x11-server-xfake-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 KDrive fake X server linux/sparc
x11-server-xfbdev-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 KDrive fbdev X server linux/sparc
x11-server-xnest-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 A nested X server linux/sparc
x11-server-xorg-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 X11 server linux/sparc
x11-server-xprt-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 A X print server linux/sparc
x11-server-xvfb-1.1.1-11mdv2007.0 X virtual framebuffer server linux/sparc
x11-sgml-doctools-1.1-2mdv2007.0 Xorg X11 sgml documentation tools linux/sparc
x11-tools-1.0.0-10 X11 tools linux/noarch
x11-util-cf-files-1.0.2-2mdv2007.0 Templates for imake linux/sparc
x11-util-macros-1.15.0-1 Macro used for development linux/noarch
x11-util-modular-0.0.2-11 Set of scripts to manage modular packages linux/noarch
x11-xtrans-devel-1.0.1-1mdv2007.0 Abstract network code for X linux/sparc
x11perf-1.4.1-2mdv2007.0 X11 server performance comparison program linux/sparc
x11vnc-0.8.2-1mdv2007.0 VNC server for the current X11 session linux/sparc
x2vnc-1.7.2-1mdv2007.0 Allows a mouse and a keyboard to control two displays linux/sparc
xalan-c-1.10-0.1_10_0.2mdv2007.0 An XSLT Transformation Engine in C++ linux/sparc
xalan-c-doc-1.10-0.1_10_0.2mdv2007.0 Online manual for Xalan-C, XSLT Transformation Engine linux/sparc
xalan-j2-demo-2.7.1-3 Demo for xalan-j2 linux/noarch
xalan-j2-javadoc-2.7.1-3 Javadoc for xalan-j2 linux/noarch
xauth-1.0.1-7mdv2007.0 X authority file utility linux/sparc
xawtv-3.95-4mdv2007.0 A X11 program for watching TV linux/sparc
xawtv-common-3.95-4mdv2007.0 Common files for fbtv/motv/ttv/xawtv linux/sparc
xawtv-control-3.95-4mdv2007.0 Control video4linux devices linux/sparc
xawtv-misc-3.95-4mdv2007.0 Xawtv miscellous stuff linux/sparc
xawtv-web-3.95-4mdv2007.0 Videotext pages webserver & images capture/upload to a webserver linux/sparc
xbase-2.0.0-5mdk Xbase dBase database file library linux/sparc
xbean-3.7-7 Java plugin based web server linux/noarch
xbean-javadoc-3.7-7 API documentation for xbean linux/noarch
xbiff-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Mailbox flag for X linux/sparc
xbill-2.1-2mdv2007.0 Defend your computers from Wingdows Viruses linux/sparc
xbindkeys-1.7.3-1mdv2007.0 Link keyboard and mouse input events with shell commands linux/sparc
xblast-2.10.0-1mdv2007.0 XBlast TNT a bomberman like game (Multiplayer) linux/sparc
xboard-4.2.7-8mdv2007.0 An X Window System graphical chessboard linux/sparc
xcalc-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Scientific calculator for X linux/sparc
xcave-2.2.4-3mdv2007.0 A wine cellar manager linux/sparc
xchat-2.6.4-2mdv2007.0 Graphical IRC client linux/sparc
xchat-dbus-2.6.4-2mdv2007.0 XChat DBUS plugin linux/sparc
xchat-devel-2.6.4-2mdv2007.0 XChat header for plugin development linux/sparc
xchat-drakcowsay-0.7-1mdv2007.0 xchat plugin for drakcowsay linux/sparc
xchat-osd-1.1-3mdv2008.1 An osd plugin for xchat linux/noarch
xchat-perl-2.6.4-2mdv2007.0 XChat Perl plugin linux/sparc
xchat-ruby-1.1-7mdv2007.1 XChat Ruby plugin linux/sparc
xchat-systray-integration-2.4.5-6mdv2007.0 Systray (Notification Area) Plugin for XChat linux/sparc
xchat-tcl-2.6.4-2mdv2007.0 XChat TCL plugin linux/sparc
xchat-translator-0.1-2 An auto-translate plugin for xchat linux/noarch
xchm-1.9-1mdv2007.0 CHM viewer for UNIX linux/sparc
xcircuit-tcl-3.4.26-1mdv2007.0 Electronic circuit schematic drawing program linux/sparc
xclass-icons-0.6.3-15mdk Xclass icons linux/sparc
xclipboard-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 X clipboard client linux/sparc
xclock-1.0.2-4mdv2007.0 analog / digital clock for X linux/sparc
xcmsdb-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Device Color Characterization utility for X Color Management System linux/sparc
xcompmgr-1.1.1-6mdv2007.0 Sample X Compositing Manager linux/sparc
xcompmgr_hack-2.02-3mdv2007.0 Sample X Compositing Manager linux/sparc
xconsole-1.0.2-3mdv2007.0 monitor system console messages with X linux/sparc
xcoral-3.45-1mdv2007.0 Programmable text editor for Unix users linux/sparc
xcpustate-2.5-23mdv2007.0 An X Window System based CPU state monitor linux/sparc
xcursorgen-1.0.1-2mdv2007.0 create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images linux/sparc
xd3d-8.2.3-1mdv2007.0 A simple scientific visualization tool linux/sparc
xdaliclock-2.23-1mdk A clock for the X Window System linux/sparc
xdbedizzy-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 demo of DBE creating a double buffered spinning scene linux/sparc
xdg-utils-1.0-0.beta3.1mdv2007.0 Interfaces and Tools to allow all applications to easily integrate with the free desktop configuration linux/sparc
xditview-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Display ditroff output linux/sparc
xdm-1.0.5-5mdv2007.0 X Display Manager with support for XDMCP linux/sparc
xdoclet-1.2.3-8.0.5mdv2011.0 XDoclet Attribute Orientated Programming Framework linux/noarch
xdoclet-javadoc-1.2.3-8.0.5mdv2011.0 XDoclet Javadoc linux/noarch
xdoclet-manual-1.2.3-8.0.5mdv2011.0 XDoclet Sample Manuals and Documentation linux/noarch
xdpyinfo-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Display information utility for X linux/sparc
xdrawchem-1.9.9-2mdv2007.0 2D chemical structures drawing tool linux/sparc
xdriinfo-1.0.1-2mdv2007.0 Query configuration information of DRI drivers linux/sparc
xdvi-22.84-4mdv2007.0 An X viewer for DVI files linux/sparc
xdvik-22.84.10-1mdv2007.0 An X viewer for DVI files linux/sparc
xearth-1.1-15mdk An X display of the Earth from space linux/sparc
xedit-1.0.2-3mdv2007.0 Simple text editor for X linux/sparc
xemacs-21.4.19-4mdv2007.0 XEmacs is a highly customizable text editor and application development system linux/sparc
xemacs-devel-21.4.19-4mdv2007.0 Header files for Xemacs linux/sparc
xemacs-ess-5.13-1 Emacs Speaks Statistics package for XEmacs linux/noarch
xemacs-extras-21.4.19-4mdv2007.0 Files that XEmacs has in common with GNU Emacs. linux/sparc
xemacs-mule-el-21.4.19-4mdv2007.0 The .el source files for XEmacs mule extension linux/sparc
xerces-j2-demo-2.11.0-3 Demonstrations and samples for xerces-j2 linux/noarch
xerces-j2-javadoc-impl-2.11.0-3 Javadoc for xerces-j2 implementation linux/noarch
xerces-j2-javadoc-other-2.11.0-3 Javadoc for other xerces-j2 components linux/noarch
xerces-j2-javadoc-xni-2.11.0-3 Javadoc for xerces-j2 XNI linux/noarch
xerces-j2-scripts-2.11.0-3 Additional utility scripts for xerces-j2 linux/noarch
xev-1.0.2-1mdv2007.0 Print contents of X events linux/sparc
xeyes-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 A follow the mouse X demo linux/sparc
xf86dga-1.0.1-7mdv2007.0 Test program for the XFree86 linux/sparc
xfce- Lightweight Desktop Environment linux/sparc
xfce-clipman-plugin- Clipboard history plugin for the Xfce panel linux/sparc
xfce-mcs-manager- Multi channel settings manager for Xfce linux/sparc
xfce-mcs-manager-devel- Header file to build xfce-mcs-manager plugins linux/sparc
xfce-mcs-plugins- Plugins for multi channel settings manager linux/sparc
xfce-panel- Panel for Xfce linux/sparc
xfce-taskmanager-0.3.1-5mdv2007.0 A small taskmanager for Xfce linux/sparc
xfce-utils- Utilities for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/sparc
xfce-weather-plugin- A weather plugin for the Xfce panel linux/sparc
xfce-xfapplet-plugin-0.1.0-2mdv2007.0 XfApplet is a plugin for the Xfce panel linux/sparc
xfce4-artwork-0.2-12mdv2011.0 Additional artwork for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/noarch
xfce4-dev-tools-4.8.0-1 Xfce developer tools linux/noarch
xfce4-icon-theme-4.4.3-4mdv2010.1 Icon theme Rodent for the Xfce Desktop linux/noarch
xfd-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Display all the characters in an X font linux/sparc
xfindproxy-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Locate proxy services linux/sparc
xfishtank-2.1tp-8mdk An X Window System graphic display of an animated aquarium linux/sparc
xfontsel-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Point and click selection of X11 font names linux/sparc
xforms-1.0-3mdk A X11 toolkit library linux/sparc
xfprint- Print dialog and printer manager for Xfce linux/sparc
xfs-1.0.2-13mdv2007.0 Font server for X11 linux/sparc
xfsdump-2.2.42-2mdv2007.0 Administrative utilities for the XFS filesystem linux/sparc
xfsinfo-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 X font server information utility linux/sparc
xfsprogs-2.8.11-1mdv2007.0 Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem linux/sparc
xfwm- Window manager for Xfce linux/sparc
xfwm-themes-4.4.1-2mdv2008.0 Additional themes for Xfwm linux/noarch
xfwm4-themes-4.6.0-6 Additional themes for Xfwm linux/noarch
xfwp-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 X firewall proxy linux/sparc
xgamma-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Alter a monitor's gamma correction through the X server linux/sparc
xgc-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 X graphics demo linux/sparc
xgngeo-16-2 XGngeo - NeoGeo Emulator Front-End linux/noarch
xgraph-12.1-3mdv2007.0 Interactive plotting and graphing X11 in command line linux/sparc
xguest-1.0.8-7 Creates xguest user as a locked down user linux/noarch
xhost-1.0.1-2mdv2007.0 Server access control program for X linux/sparc
xhtml2fo-style-xsl-20051222-5 Antenna House, Inc. XHTML to XSL:FO stylesheets linux/noarch
xhtml2ps-2.0-2.b5.6 GUI frontend for html2ps, a HTML-to-PostScript converter linux/noarch
ximian-artwork-0.2.34-3mdv2007.0 The Default Style for Ximian Desktop linux/sparc
xine-skins-5.0-8 Skins for Xine linux/noarch
xinetd-2.3.14-2mdv2007.0 Xinetd is a powerful replacement for inetd linux/sparc
xinetd-ipv6-2.3.14-2mdv2007.0 Xinetd is a powerful replacement for inetd linux/sparc
xinetd-simple-services-2.3.14-2mdv2007.0 Internal xinetd simple services linux/sparc
xinit-1.0.2-5mdv2007.0 Initialize an X session linux/sparc
xinitrc-2.4.21-3 The default startup script for the X Window System linux/noarch
xinitrc_dbus-0.11.2-1mdv2011.0 Script check DBUS install for pcmanfm 0.9.8 and above linux/noarch
xinput-1.2-9mdk Runtime configuration and test of XInput devices linux/sparc
xkbcomp-1.0.2-2mdv2007.0 Compile XKB keyboard description linux/sparc
xkbevd-1.0.2-2mdv2007.0 XKB event daemon linux/sparc
xkbprint-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Print an XKB keyboard description linux/sparc
xkbutils-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 X.Org X11 XKB utilities linux/sparc
xkill-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Kill a client by its X resource linux/sparc
xlhtml-0.5-6mdv2007.0 Excel 95 and later file converter linux/sparc
xlhtml-cole-0.5-6mdv2007.0 Free C OLE library linux/sparc
xli-1.17.0-11mdv2007.0 XLI - X11 Image Loading Utility linux/sparc
xload-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 System load average display for X linux/sparc
xlockmore-5.22-2mdv2007.0 An X terminal locking program linux/sparc
xlockmore-gtk2-5.22-2mdv2007.0 A GTK2 front-end to xlockmore linux/sparc
xlogo-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 X Window System logo linux/sparc
xlsatoms-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 List interned atoms defined on server linux/sparc
xlsclients-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 List client applications running on a display linux/sparc
xlsfonts-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Server font list displayer for X linux/sparc
xmag-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Magnify parts of the screen linux/sparc
xmailbox-2.5-21mdk An X Window System utility which notifies you of new mail linux/sparc
xmake-1.06-2mdv2007.1 XMAKE allows you to easily construct multiple complex dependencies linux/sparc
xman-1.0.2-4mdv2007.0 Manual page display program for the X Window System linux/sparc
xmds-1.5_2-1mdv2007.0 eXtensible multi-dimensional Simulator linux/sparc
xmerlin-0.9b-8mdv2007.0 Character recognition engine for X11 devices linux/sparc
xmessage-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Display a message or query in a window linux/sparc
xmh-1.0.1-4mdv2007.0 Send and read mail with an X interface to MH linux/sparc
xml-commons-1.4.01-4 Common code for XML projects linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis-1.4.01-3 APIs for DOM, SAX, and JAXP linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis-javadoc-1.4.01-3 Javadoc for xml-commons-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis-manual-1.4.01-3 Manual for xml-commons-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis12-1.2.04-5 JAXP 1.2, DOM 2, SAX 2.0.1, SAX2-ext 1.0 apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis12-javadoc-1.2.04-5 Javadoc for xml-commons-apis12 linux/noarch
xml-commons-apis12-manual-1.2.04-5 Documents for xml-commons-apis12 linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.1-apis-1.4.01-4 JAXP 1.1, DOM2, SAX2, SAX2-ext 1.0 apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.1-apis-javadoc-1.4.01-4 Javadoc for xml-commons-jaxp-1.1-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.1-apis-manual-1.4.01-4 Documents for xml-commons-jaxp-1.1-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.2-apis-1.4.01-4 JAXP 1.2, DOM 2, SAX 2.0.1, SAX2-ext 1.0 apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.2-apis-javadoc-1.4.01-4 Javadoc for xml-commons-jaxp-1.2-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.2-apis-manual-1.4.01-4 Documents for xml-commons-jaxp-1.2-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis-1.4.01-4 JAXP 1.3, DOM 2, SAX 2.0.1, SAX2-ext 1.0 apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis-javadoc-1.4.01-4 Javadoc for xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis-manual-1.4.01-4 Documents for xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.4-apis-1.4.01-4 APIs for DOM, SAX, and JAXP linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.4-apis-javadoc-1.4.01-4 Javadoc for xml-commons-jaxp-1.4-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-jaxp-1.4-apis-manual-1.4.01-4 Documents for xml-commons-jaxp-1.3-apis linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver-1.2-7 Resolver subproject of xml-commons linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver-javadoc-1.2-7 Javadoc for xml-commons-resolver linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver10-1.4.01-4 XmlResolver 1.0 utility from xml-commons linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver10-javadoc-1.4.01-4 Javadoc for xml-commons-resolver10 linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver11-1.4.01-4 XmlResolver 1.1 utility from xml-commons linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver11-javadoc-1.4.01-4 Javadoc for xml-commons-resolver11 linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver12-1.4.01-4 XmlResolver 1.2 from xml-commons linux/noarch
xml-commons-resolver12-javadoc-1.4.01-4 Javadoc for xml-commons-resolver12 linux/noarch
xml-commons-which10-1.4.01-4 XmlWhich 1.0 utility from xml-commons linux/noarch
xml-commons-which10-javadoc-1.4.01-4 Javadoc for xml-commons-which10 linux/noarch
xml-commons-which11-1.4.01-4 XmlWhich 1.1 from xml-commons linux/noarch
xml-commons-which11-javadoc-1.4.01-4 Javadoc for xml-commons-which11 linux/noarch
xml-stylebook-1.0-0.8.b3_xalan2.svn313293 Apache XML Stylebook linux/noarch
xml-stylebook-demo-1.0-0.8.b3_xalan2.svn313293 Examples for xml-stylebook linux/noarch
xml-stylebook-javadoc-1.0-0.8.b3_xalan2.svn313293 API documentation for xml-stylebook linux/noarch
xmlbeans-2.5.0-2mdv2011.0 XML-Java binding tool linux/noarch
xmlbeans-javadoc-2.5.0-2mdv2011.0 Javadoc for xmlbeans linux/noarch
xmlbeans-manual-2.5.0-2mdv2011.0 Documents for xmlbeans linux/noarch
xmlbeans-scripts-2.5.0-2mdv2011.0 Scripts for xmlbeans linux/noarch
xmlclitools-1.61-2mdv2007.0 Command-line xml tools linux/sparc
xmldb-api-0.1-0.1.20011111cvs.1.2.6 XML:DB API for Java linux/noarch
xmldb-api-javadoc-0.1-0.1.20011111cvs.1.2.6 Javadoc for xmldb-api linux/noarch
xmldb-api-sdk-0.1-0.1.20011111cvs.1.2.6 SDK for xmldb-api linux/noarch
xmlformat-1.04-4mdv2010.0 XML Document Formatter linux/noarch
xmlindent-0.2.17-6mdv2007.1 XML stream reformatter linux/sparc
xmlppm-0.98.2-3mdv2007.0 XML data compression program linux/sparc
xmlrpc3-client-3.1.3-5 XML-RPC client implementation linux/noarch
xmlrpc3-common-3.1.3-5 Common classes for XML-RPC client and server implementations linux/noarch
xmlrpc3-javadoc-3.1.3-5 Javadoc for xmlrpc3 linux/noarch
xmlrpc3-server-3.1.3-5 XML-RPC server implementation linux/noarch
xmlstarlet-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Command Line XML Toolkit linux/sparc
xmlto-0.0.18-4mdv2007.1 A tool for converting XML files to various formats linux/sparc
xmltool-3.3-2 Tool to manage XML documents through a Fluent Interface linux/noarch
xmltool-javadoc-3.3-2 Javadocs for xmltool linux/noarch
xmltv-0.5.61-1 A set of utilities to manage your TV viewing linux/noarch
xmltv-druid-0.4.0-5mdv2010.0 Xmltv-druid - A Gnome wizard to configure xmltv grabber jobs linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-ar-0.5.61-1 Argentenian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-be-0.5.53-1mdv2009.1 Belgian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-br-0.5.54-1mdv2009.1 Brazillian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-ch-0.5.61-1 Swiss grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-combiner-0.5.61-1 Grabber to grab data from multiple grabbers at once linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-de-0.5.45-2mdv2007.1 German grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-dk-0.5.61-1 Danish grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-dtv_la-0.5.61-1 Latin American grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-ee-0.5.61-1 Estonian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-es-0.5.61-1 Spanish grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-eu-0.5.61-1 European grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-fi-0.5.61-1 Finnish grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-fr-0.5.61-1 French grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-hr-0.5.61-1 Croatia grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-huro-0.5.61-1 Hungarian-Romanian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-il-0.5.61-1 Israeli grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-in-0.5.61-1 Indian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-is-0.5.61-1 Icelandic grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-it-0.5.61-1 Italian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-jp-0.5.54-1mdv2009.1 Japanese grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-na-0.5.61-1 North-american grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-nc-0.5.50-1mdv2008.1 Nouvelle Caledonie (France) grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-nl-0.5.61-1 Dutch grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-no-0.5.61-1 Norwegian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-pt-0.5.61-1 Portugese grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-re-0.5.59-4mdv2011.0 Reunion island grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-se-0.5.61-1 Swedish grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-uk-0.5.61-1 English grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-za-0.5.61-1 South-African grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-gui-0.5.61-1 Graphical frontends to xmltv linux/noarch
xmlunit-1.3-4 Provides classes to do asserts on xml linux/noarch
xmlunit-javadoc-1.3-4 Javadoc for xmlunit linux/noarch
xmms-1.2.10-33mdv2007.0 The Sound player with the WinAmp GUI linux/sparc
xmms-alsa-1.2.10-33mdv2007.0 ALSA output backend linux/sparc
xmms-ao-0.7-3mdv2007.1 Output plugin for xmms using libao2 linux/sparc
xmms-cdcover-0.2-6mdv2007.0 Visualization plugin for xmms that displays a CD cover if available linux/sparc
xmms-crystality-0.92-9mdv2007.0 Realtime plugin for remastering mp3 sound linux/sparc
xmms-cueinfo-0.2.0-5mdv2007.1 Plugin for XMMS that adds support for reading cue files linux/sparc
xmms-diskwriter-1.2.10-33mdv2007.0 DiskWriter output backend linux/sparc
xmms-esd-1.2.10-33mdv2007.0 ESound output backend linux/sparc
xmms-find-0.5.2-2mdv2007.1 XmmsFind plugin for xmms linux/sparc
xmms-flac-1.1.2-6mdv2007.0 Xmms plugin to play FLAC files linux/sparc
xmms-imms-2.0.3-6mdv2007.0 IMMS plugin for XMMS linux/sparc
xmms-infopipe-1.3-3mdv2007.0 XMMS plugin that report XMMS status via a named pipe linux/sparc
xmms-itouch-0.1.2-4mdv2007.0 XMMS iTouch keyboard control plugin linux/sparc
xmms-jack-0.17-1mdv2007.0 Xmms output plugin for the jack sound server linux/sparc
xmms-lirc-1.4-3mdv2007.1 This is a LIRC plugin for xmms (Infrared Controler) linux/sparc
xmms-mad-0.10-2mdv2007.0 XMMS MPEG audio input plugin based on MAD linux/sparc
xmms-mesa-1.2.10-33mdv2007.0 Visualization plugins that use the Mesa3d library linux/sparc
xmms-mikmod-1.2.10-33mdv2007.0 Sound player with the WinAmp GUI, Mikmod output backend linux/sparc
xmms-modplug-2.05-7mdv2007.0 Modplug Plugin for XMMS linux/sparc
xmms-morestate-1.2-6mdv2007.0 Maintain xmms state information linux/sparc
xmms-mp3cue-0.94-5mdv2007.1 Support for cue files to XMMS linux/sparc
xmms-mplayer-0.3.3-5mdv2007.0 An input plug-in for XMMS that plays videos using MPlayer linux/sparc
xmms-musepack-1.2-3mdv2007.0 XMMS plugin which plays musepack encoded audio files linux/sparc
xmms-nbs-1.0-0.20040615.3mdv2007.0 NBS Output plugin for XMMS linux/sparc
xmms-oggre-0.3-4mdv2007.0 Ogg output plugin for xmms linux/sparc
xmms-scrobbler- A xmms plugin that builds a profile of your musical taste linux/sparc
xmms-sid-0.8.0-0.beta15.2mdv2007.0 XMMS input plugin for C64 SID files linux/sparc
xmms-sidplay-0.40-13mdv2007.0 SidPlay Output plugin for XMMS linux/sparc
xmms-singit-0.0.8-4mdv2007.0 Lyric Displayer and editor plugin for XMMS linux/sparc
xmms-skins-1.2.10-1 XMMS - Skins linux/noarch
xmms-smpeg-0.3.5-6mdv2007.1 This plugin lets you play mpeg videos with the xmms multimedia player linux/sparc
xmms-status-plugin-1.0-7mdv2007.0 A docklet for XMMS linux/sparc
xmms-uade-2.03-1mdv2007.0 Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator Xmms input plugin linux/sparc
xmms-vtx-0.7-5mdv2007.0 Plays VTX files containing music from the ZX Spectrum linux/sparc
xmms-weasel-0.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Hide XMMS window automatically linux/sparc
xmms-xf86audio-0.4.3-1mdv2007.1 Enable XMMS control via XF86Audio keysyms (acme) linux/sparc
xmms-xosd-2.2.14-5mdv2007.0 X On Screen Display, displays XMMS status information linux/sparc
xmmsctrl-1.9-1mdv2007.1 Xmmsctrl is a small xmms control program linux/sparc
xmmsmplayer-0.5-4mdv2007.0 An input plug-in for XMMS that plays videos using MPlayer linux/sparc
xmore-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Plain text display program for the X Window System linux/sparc
xojpanel-0.91-5mdk Graphical tool displaying the contents of the LCD of HP printers linux/sparc
xonotic-data-0.5.0-1 Xonotic data files (graphics, music, maps etc) linux/noarch
xorg-x11-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 X11 metapackage linux/sparc
xorg-x11-100dpi-fonts-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 X Window System 100dpi fonts linux/sparc
xorg-x11-75dpi-fonts-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 A set of 75 dpi resolution fonts for the X Window System linux/sparc
xorg-x11-Xnest-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 A nested X11 server linux/sparc
xorg-x11-Xprt-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 A X11 Print server linux/sparc
xorg-x11-Xvfb-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 A virtual framebuffer X Windows System server for X11 linux/sparc
xorg-x11-doc-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 Documentation on various X11 programming interfaces linux/sparc
xorg-x11-server-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 The X server and associated modules linux/sparc
xorg-x11-xauth-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 Authentication information tool for X linux/sparc
xorg-x11-xfs-7.1.0-6mdv2007.0 Font server for X11 linux/sparc
xosd-tools-2.2.14-5mdv2007.0 Example applications of the xosd library linux/sparc
xpat2-1.07-19mdk A set of Solitaire type games for the X Window System linux/sparc
xpenguins-2.2-6mdv2007.0 Cute little penguins that walk along the tops of your windows linux/sparc
xphelloworld-1.0.1-4mdv2007.0 Sends a test page to an Xprint printer linux/sparc
xplanet-1.2.0-2mdv2007.0 OpenGL based planet renderer linux/sparc
xplsprinters-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Shows a list of Xprint printers and it's attributes linux/sparc
xpn-1.2.6-2mdv2010.0 GTK2 newsreader with full Unicode support linux/noarch
xpp-1.5-3mdk X Printing Panel linux/sparc
xpp2-2.1.10-9.3 XML Pull Parser linux/noarch
xpp2-demo-2.1.10-9.3 Samples for xpp2 linux/noarch
xpp2-doc-2.1.10-9.3 Manual for xpp2 linux/noarch
xpp2-javadoc-2.1.10-9.3 Javadoc for xpp2 linux/noarch
xpp3- XML Pull Parser linux/noarch
xpr-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Dump an X window directly to a printer linux/sparc
xprehashprinterlist-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Recomputes the list of available printers. linux/sparc
xprobe2-0.2-4mdv2007.0 Active ICMP fingerprinting tool linux/sparc
xprop-1.0.2-1mdv2007.0 Property displayer for X linux/sparc
xqf-1.0.4-4mdv2007.0 A network game browser linux/sparc
xrandr-1.0.2-2mdv2007.0 Primitive command line interface to RandR extension linux/sparc
xrdb-1.0.2-3mdv2007.0 X server resource database utility linux/sparc
xrefresh-1.0.2-2mdv2007.0 Refresh all or part of an X screen linux/sparc
xrestop-0.4-2mdv2007.0 X Resource Monitor linux/sparc
xrpm-2.2-10mdv2008.1 An alternative package manager for RPMS linux/noarch
xsane-0.991-2mdv2007.0 Xsane is a frontend for the SANE scanner interface linux/sparc
xsane-gimp-0.991-2mdv2007.0 A GIMP plug-in which provides the SANE scanner interface linux/sparc
xscorch-0.2.0-5mdv2007.0 Clone of Scorched Earth linux/sparc
xscreensaver-5.00-5mdv2007.0 A set of X Window System screensavers linux/sparc
xscreensaver-base-5.00-5mdv2007.0 A set of screensavers linux/sparc
xscreensaver-common-5.00-5mdv2007.0 Utilities used by xscreensaver screensavers linux/sparc
xscreensaver-extrusion-5.00-5mdv2007.0 OpenGL screensaver linux/sparc
xscreensaver-gl-5.00-5mdv2007.0 A set of GL screensavers linux/sparc
xset-1.0.2-2mdv2007.0 User preference utility for X linux/sparc
xsetmode-1.0.0-3mdv2007.0 Set the mode for an X Input device linux/sparc
xsetpointer-1.0.0-3mdv2007.0 Set an X Input device as the main pointer linux/sparc
xsetroot-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Root window parameter setting utility for X linux/sparc
xsettings-kde-0.4-1mdv2007.0 XSettings Daemon for KDE Environment linux/sparc
xsidplay- A Commdore 64 music player and SID chip emulator for X11 linux/sparc
xsidplay-libsidplay2- Xsidplay version based on libsidplay2 linux/sparc
xsm-1.0.1-4mdv2007.0 X Session Manager linux/sparc
xsmbrowser-3.4.0-10mdv2010.0 Tcl/Tk based Samba shares browser linux/noarch
xsp-2.10.2-1 Small Web Server Hosting ASP.NET linux/noarch
xsp-devel-2.10.2-1 Development files for xsp linux/noarch
xsp-doc-2.10.2-1 Development documentation for xsp linux/noarch
xstdcmap-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 X standard colormap utility linux/sparc
xstream-1.3.1-2 Java XML serialization library linux/noarch
xstream-javadoc-1.3.1-2 Javadoc for xstream linux/noarch
xsudo-0.1.0-1mdv2011.0 xsudo permit execute X-application with sudo linux/noarch
xsupplicant-1.2.6-1mdv2007.0 An open source implementation of IEEE 802.1X linux/sparc
xsupplicant-devel-1.2.6-1mdv2007.0 Development files from xsupplicant linux/sparc
xsw-2.5.5-1mdv2007.0 Multiplayer Internet space combat gaming system linux/sparc
xsw-data-2.5.5-5mdv2010.0 Data package for XShipWars linux/noarch
xsw-monitor-2.5.5-1mdv2007.0 XShipWars universe monitor linux/sparc
xsw-server-2.5.5-1mdv2007.0 XShipWars universe server linux/sparc
xsw-stimages-1.8.2-6mdv2010.0 Star Trek image theme for XShipWars linux/noarch
xsw-stsounds-1.5.2-3mdv2010.0 Star Trek sound theme for XShipWars linux/noarch
xsw-unvedit-2.5.5-1mdv2007.0 XShipWars universe editor linux/sparc
xsynth-dssi-0.9.0-2mdv2007.1 Xsynth-DSSI plugin linux/sparc
xsysinfo-1.7-17mdk An X Window System kernel parameter monitoring tool linux/sparc
xterm-215-4mdv2007.0 The standard terminal emulator for the X Window System linux/sparc
xtoolwait-1.3-8mdk A utility which aims to decrease X session startup time linux/sparc
xtouch-0.2-3mdv2007.0 A mk712 touchscreen driver/calibration tool for X linux/sparc
xtrace-0.6.0-1mdv2007.1 An strace like program for tracing X11 connections linux/sparc
xtraceroute-0.9.1-13mdk Graphical OpenGL version of traceroute linux/sparc
xtrap-1.0.2-2mdv2007.0 XTrap sample clients linux/sparc
xtux-20030306-7mdv2007.0 A multiplayer arcade game featuring open-source mascots linux/sparc
xvidtune-1.0.1-5mdv2007.0 Video mode tuner for linux/sparc
xvinfo-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Print out X-Video extension adaptor information linux/sparc
xwd-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 dump an image of an X window linux/sparc
xwininfo-1.0.2-2mdv2007.0 Window information utility for X linux/sparc
xwpick-2.20-13mdk A X Window System screenshot grabber linux/sparc
xwud-1.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Image displayer for X linux/sparc
xxgdb-1.12-24mdk An X Window System graphical interface for the GNU gdb debugger linux/sparc
xxv-1.6-1mdv2011.0 Xtreme eXtension for VDR linux/noarch

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