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Packages beginning with letter N

nabi-0.15-1mdv2007.1 Simple Hangul X Input Method linux/sparc
nagios-2.5-5mdv2007.0 Host/service/network monitoring program linux/sparc
nagios-check_bl-1.0-9mdv2011.0 A Nagios plugin to check against RBL linux/noarch
nagios-check_bl-1.0-4mdv2007.0 A Nagios plugin to check against RBL linux/sparc
nagios-check_connections-2.1.0-1mdv2009.1 A Nagios plugin to check the number of TCP connections linux/noarch
nagios-check_cups_queue-20060627-12mdv2011.0 Nagios cups plugin linux/noarch
nagios-check_diskio-3.0.3-2mdv2011.0 Nagios plugin to monitor the amount of disk I/O linux/noarch
nagios-check_kdc-20050715-10mdv2011.0 Nagios kdc plugin linux/noarch
nagios-check_lm_sensors-3.1.0-5mdv2011.0 A Nagios plugin to monitor sensors values linux/noarch
nagios-check_logfiles- Check log files for specific patterns linux/noarch
nagios-check_memcached-1.1-7mdv2011.0 MemCached health check for Nagios linux/noarch
nagios-check_memcached-1.1-1mdv2007.0 MemCached health check for Nagios linux/sparc
nagios-check_memory-1.0-3mdv2011.0 Check memory linux/noarch
nagios-check_mk-1.1.10-1 A new general purpose Nagios-plugin for retrieving data linux/noarch
nagios-check_mk-agent-1.1.10-1 Agent for check_mk linux/noarch
nagios-check_mysql_health- Check MySQL linux/noarch
nagios-check_netapp-20060619-4mdv2011.0 Check Network Appliance (NetApp) filers linux/noarch
nagios-check_nfs4-0.2-4mdv2011.0 NFSv4 monitoring for clients and servers linux/noarch
nagios-check_rsync-1.02-5mdv2011.0 Nagios rsync plugin linux/noarch
nagios-check_sip-1.2-6mdv2011.0 A Nagios plugin to check SIP servers and devices linux/noarch
nagios-check_snmpp-0.5.1-2mdv2007.1 snmpp plugin for nagios linux/sparc
nagios-check_spamd-0.01-6mdv2011.0 Spamd monitoring script for use with Nagios linux/noarch
nagios-check_syncrepl-20080409-8mdv2011.0 Check the open ldap syncrepl linux/noarch
nagios-check_temperature-1.1-7mdv2011.0 A Nagios wrapper script around digitemp linux/noarch
nagios-check_temperature-1.1-1mdv2007.0 A Nagios wrapper script around digitemp linux/sparc
nagios-check_whitelist-0-7mdv2011.0 Examine and manipulate SpamAssassin's auto-whitelist db linux/noarch
nagios-check_x224-9734-2mdv2011.0 Nagios x224 plugin linux/noarch
nagios-check_xendomains-20070528-10mdv2011.0 Nagios Xen plugin linux/noarch
nagios-check_zone_auth-1.12-2mdv2011.0 Check DNS zones synchronisation linux/noarch
nagios-conf-3.0-5mdv2011.0 This package contains sample configuration for nagios linux/noarch
nagios-devel-2.5-5mdv2007.0 Provides include files that Nagios-related applications may compile against linux/sparc
nagios-imagepaks-1.0-5mdv2009.1 Nagios Image Packs linux/noarch
nagios-rad_eap_test-0.23-2mdv2011.0 Nagios compatible shell script used for testing radius EAP methods linux/noarch
nagios-theme-nuvola-1.0.3-7mdv2011.0 Nagios Nuvola Style linux/noarch
nagios-www-2.5-5mdv2007.0 Provides the HTML and CGI files for the Nagios web interface linux/sparc
nagiosgraph-1.4.3-1mdv2011.0 Visualization addon for nagios linux/noarch
nagisa-keyboard-0.0.1-2mdv2007.1 A software keyboard for SCIM linux/sparc
nagvis-1.5.9-1 Visualization addon for nagios linux/noarch
nail-11.25-2mdv2007.1 A MIME capable implementation of the mailx command linux/sparc
namazu-2.0.14-1mdv2007.1 Namazu is a full-text search engine linux/sparc
namazu-cgi-2.0.14-1mdv2007.1 A CGI interface for Namazu linux/sparc
named-report-1.4-7mdv2011.0 ISC BIND 9 named log message summary and report tool linux/noarch
nano-1.3.11-3mdv2007.0 Nano is a tiny console text editor that aims to emulate Pico linux/sparc
nanoxml-2.2.3-4.1.5mdv2011.0 Small XML parser for Java linux/noarch
nanoxml-javadoc-2.2.3-4.1.5mdv2011.0 Javadoc for nanoxml linux/noarch
nanoxml-lite-2.2.3-4.1.5mdv2011.0 Lite version of nanoxml linux/noarch
nanoxml-manual-2.2.3-4.1.5mdv2011.0 Manual for nanoxml linux/noarch
nanoxml-manual-lite-2.2.3-4.1.5mdv2011.0 Manual for the lite version of nanoxml linux/noarch
nant-0.91-1 Build tool for Mono and .NET linux/noarch
nas-1.8-1mdv2007.0 Network Audio System linux/sparc
nasm-0.98.39-3mdv2007.1 The Netwide Assembler, a portable x86 assembler with Intel-like syntax linux/sparc
nasm-doc-0.98.39-3mdv2007.1 Extensive documentation for NASM linux/sparc
nasm-rdoff-0.98.39-3mdv2007.1 Tools for the RDOFF binary format, sometimes used with NASM linux/sparc
nautilus-2.14.1-6mdk Nautilus is a file manager for the GNOME desktop environment linux/sparc
nautilus_thumbnailers-0.0.3-8 A collection of scripts that create thumbnails for files linux/noarch
nbs-client-1.0-0.20040615.1mdv2007.1 Network Broadcast Sound Daemon (Client Listener) linux/sparc
nbs-server-1.0-0.20040615.1mdv2007.1 Network Broadcast Sound Daemon linux/sparc
nbsmtp-1.00-1mdv2007.0 nbSMTP: no-brainer SMTP linux/sparc
nc6-1.0-1mdv2007.1 Reads and writes data across network connections using TCP or UDP linux/sparc
ncftp-3.1.9-4mdv2007.0 An improved FTP client linux/sparc
nco-3.1.4-1mdv2007.0 Arithmetic and metadata operators for netCDF and HDF4 files linux/sparc
ncompress-4.2.4-32mdv2007.0 Fast compression and decompression utilities linux/sparc
ncpfs-2.2.6-2mdv2007.0 Utilities for the ncpfs filesystem, a NetWare client for Linux linux/sparc
ncsmtp-0.2-8mdv2011.0 Null Client SMTP daemon with aliases support linux/noarch
ncurses-5.5-1.20051029.3mdv2007.0 A CRT screen handling and optimization package linux/sparc
ncurses-extraterms-5.5-1.20051029.3mdv2007.0 Some exotic terminal descriptions linux/sparc
ndesk-dbus-0.6.1a-8 Managed D-Bus implementation linux/noarch
ndesk-dbus-devel-0.6.1a-8 Development files for ndesk-dbus linux/noarch
ndesk-dbus-glib-0.4.1-7 Managed D-Bus implementation - GLib integration linux/noarch
ndesk-dbus-glib-devel-0.4.1-7 Development files for ndesk-dbus-glib linux/noarch
ndiff-2.00-2mdv2007.0 Compare putatively similar files, ignoring small numeric differences linux/sparc
ndiswrapper-1.21-1mdv2007.0 NdisWrapper binary loader utility linux/sparc
ndoc-1.3.1-3 Code Documentation Generator for .NET linux/noarch
ndoc-devel-1.3.1-3 Code Documentation Generator for .NET linux/noarch
ndsad-1.33-2mdv2007.0 NDSAD captures traffic information and translates it into Cisco NetFlow format linux/sparc
nekohtml-1.9.14-4 HTML scanner and tag balancer linux/noarch
nekohtml-demo-1.9.14-4 Demo for nekohtml linux/noarch
nekohtml-javadoc-1.9.14-4 Javadoc for nekohtml linux/noarch
nessus-2.2.8-1mdv2007.0 Nessus security scanner linux/sparc
nessus-client-2.2.8-1mdv2007.0 Nessus GTK+ client linux/sparc
nessus-devel-2.2.8-1mdv2007.0 Development headers for nessus linux/sparc
nessus-plugins-2.2.8-1mdv2007.0 Nessus security scanner plugins linux/sparc
net-snmp-mibs-5.3.1-2mdv2007.0 MIBs for the NET-SNMP project linux/sparc
net-snmp-trapd-5.3.1-2mdv2007.0 The trap collecting daemon for net-snmp linux/sparc
net-snmp-utils-5.3.1-2mdv2007.0 Network management utilities using SNMP, from the NET-SNMP project linux/sparc
net-tools-1.60-18mdv2007.1 The basic tools for setting up networking linux/sparc
net-wireless-0.2-11mdv2008.1 Wireless access for NetSaint linux/noarch
netacct-mysql-0.78-1mdv2007.0 Network traffic accounting daemon linux/sparc
netatalk-2.0.3-8mdv2007.0 Appletalk and Appleshare/IP services for Linux linux/sparc
netatalk-devel-2.0.3-8mdv2007.0 Appletalk and Appleshare/IP services for Linux development files linux/sparc
netbeans-6.9-3 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) linux/noarch
netbeans-apisupport-6.9-3 Common NetBeans Platform Development Related Libraries for NetBeans linux/noarch
netbeans-cvsclient-6.9-3 NetBeans CVS Client Library linux/noarch
netbeans-ide-6.9-3 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Libraries for NetBeans linux/noarch
netbeans-ide10-6.5-3mdv2010.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Libraries for NetBeans linux/noarch
netbeans-java-6.9-3 Common Java Related Libraries for NetBeans linux/noarch
netbeans-javaparser-6.9-2 NetBeans Java Parser linux/noarch
netbeans-platform-6.9.1-2 NetBeans Platform 12 linux/noarch
netbeans-platform-harness-6.9.1-2 Build harness for NetBeans Platform 12 linux/noarch
netbeans-platform-javadoc-6.9.1-2 Javadoc documentation for NetBeans Platform 12 linux/noarch
netbeans-resolver-6.7.1-4 Resolver subproject of xml-commons patched for NetBeans linux/noarch
netbeans-svnclientadapter-6.7.1-3 Subversion Client Adapter linux/noarch
netbook-kde4-config-2011-0.23 Mandriva KDE configuration linux/noarch
netcdf-devel-3.6.1-1mdv2007.1 Libraries to use the Unidata network Common Data Form (netCDF) linux/sparc
netdiscover-0.3-0.beta6.1mdv2007.1 A network address discovering tool linux/sparc
nethogs-0.6.1-0.cvs20050321.6mdv2007.0 Top-like monitor for network traffic linux/sparc
netkit-telnet-0.17-1mdv2007.0 Client for the telnet remote login protocol linux/sparc
netkit-telnet-server-0.17-1mdv2007.0 A extremely unsecure telnet server linux/sparc
netpbm-10.34-2mdv2007.0 Tools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats linux/sparc
netperf-2.4.2-2mdv2007.1 Performance testing tool for TCP/UDP linux/sparc
netpipe-3.6.2-2mdv2007.1 Protocol independent performance tool linux/sparc
netplug-1.2.9-3mdv2007.1 Hotplug-style support for network cables linux/sparc
netprofile-0.28-4 Manage network profiles linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-firewall-0.28-4 firewall configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-network-0.28-4 network configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-proxy-0.28-4 proxy configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-services-0.28-4 service management plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-urpmi-0.28-4 urpmi configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netstat-nat-1.4.6-1mdv2007.0 Displays NAT connections, managed by netfilter/iptables linux/sparc
netty-3.2.3-3 An asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for Java linux/noarch
netty-javadoc-3.2.3-3 API documentation for netty linux/noarch
netwag-5.35.0-4mdv2010.0 A graphic front-end to netwox linux/noarch
neverball-1.4.0-5mdv2007.0 NeverBall arcade game linux/sparc
newt-0.51.6-12mdk A development library for text mode user interfaces linux/sparc
nexp-0.2-2mdv2011.0 Tool for browsing and monitoring KDE Nepomuk database linux/noarch
nexuiz-data-2.5.2-4mdv2011.0 Data files for the open-source first-person shooter Nexuiz linux/noarch
nfoview-1.9.5-1 Simple viewer for NFO files linux/noarch
nfs-utils-1.0.9-4mdv2007.1 The utilities for Linux NFS server linux/sparc
nfs-utils-clients-1.0.9-4mdv2007.1 The utilities for Linux NFS client linux/sparc
nfswatch-4.99.6-1mdv2007.0 An NFS traffic monitoring tool linux/sparc
ngrep-1.44-3mdv2007.0 Network Traffic sniffer, with pattern matching like grep linux/sparc
nikto-2.1.4-3 Web Server and CGI Scanner linux/noarch
nil-000516-21mdv2007.1 NiL Isn't Liero linux/sparc
nkf-2.07-0.1mdv2007.0 Network Kanji code conversion Filter linux/sparc
nload-0.6.0-2mdv2007.1 Ncurses network traffic and bandwidth monitor linux/sparc
nlog-1.0-3mdv2011.0 Logging library for Mono linux/noarch
nlog-devel-1.0-3mdv2011.0 Development files for nlog linux/noarch
nmap-4.11-1mdv2007.0 Network exploration tool and security scanner linux/sparc
nmap-frontend-4.11-1mdv2007.0 Gtk+ frontend for nmap linux/sparc
nmap2nagios-0.1.3a-4mdv2010.0 Generates template-based object configuration files for Nagios linux/noarch
nmh-1.0.4-10mdv2007.0 A capable mail handling system with a command line interface. linux/sparc
nmis-2.00-4mdv2011.0 Network Management Information System linux/noarch
nocatauth-0.82-10mdv2010.0 Third party wireless authentication system linux/noarch
nocatauth-gateway-0.82-10mdv2010.0 NoCatauth gateway linux/noarch
nodeview-2.0.3-3mdv2007.0 OpenKiosk central server containing the client information database linux/sparc
noflushd-2.7.5-2mdv2007.0 Daemon that sends idle disks to sleep linux/sparc
noip-2.1.1-4mdv2007.1 Linux client for the dynamic DNS service linux/sparc
nomarch-1.4-1mdv2007.0 GPLed Arc de-archiver linux/sparc
nopaste-0.280.0-1 easy access to any pastebin linux/noarch
not-yet-commons-ssl-0.3.11-4 Library to make SSL and Java Easier linux/noarch
not-yet-commons-ssl-javadoc-0.3.11-4 API documentation for not-yet-commons-ssl linux/noarch
notefinder-0.4-4mdv2011.0 Full-featured exteansible desktop note-taking application for Unix linux/noarch
notemeister-0.1.7-8mdv2011.0 GNOME ideas and notes organizer linux/noarch
notification-daemon-0.3.5-3mdv2007.0 Notification Daemon linux/sparc
notify-sharp-0.4.0-5 C linux/noarch
notify-sharp-devel-0.4.0-5 Development files for notify-sharp linux/noarch
notify-sharp-doc-0.4.0-5 Development documentation for notify-sharp linux/noarch
nouveau-firmware-20091212-2 Nouveau firmware files linux/noarch
nrg2iso-0.4-2mdv2007.1 Convert Nero CD Images to ISO linux/sparc
nrpe-2.5.2-1mdv2007.0 Host/service/network monitoring agent for Nagios linux/sparc
nrpe-plugin-2.5.2-1mdv2007.0 Provides nrpe plugin for Nagios linux/sparc
nscd-2.4-4mdv2007.0 A Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd) linux/sparc
nsinstall- Netscape portable install command linux/sparc
nslint-2.1a3-6mdk A DNS lint checker linux/sparc
nspluginwrapper- A compatibility layer for Netscape 4 plugins linux/sparc
nspluginwrapper-i386- A compatibility layer for Netscape 4 plugins linux/sparc
nss-3.11-1mdv2007.1 Netscape Security Services linux/sparc
nss_ldap-250-1mdv2007.1 NSS library and PAM module for LDAP linux/sparc
nss_mdns-0.7-4mdv2007.0 Multicast dns support for glibc domain resolver linux/sparc
nss_postgresql-0.6.1-3mdv2007.1 NSS library for postgresql linux/sparc
nss_tinycdb-0.74-4mdv2007.1 Constant database library linux/sparc
nss_updatedb-6-1mdv2007.0 A caching nss module for disconnected operation linux/sparc
nss_wins-3.0.23b-7mdv2007.0 Name Service Switch service for WINS linux/sparc
nta-1.0-7mdv2011.0 Network traffic analyzer linux/noarch
ntlogon-0.11.0-2mdv2010.0 Autogenerator for NT logon scripts linux/noarch
ntop-3.2-10mdv2007.0 Network and traffic analyzer linux/sparc
ntp-4.2.0-31mdv2007.0 Synchronizes system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) linux/sparc
ntp-client-4.2.0-31mdv2007.0 The ntpdate client for setting system time from NTP servers linux/sparc
ntsysv-1.3.25-2mdv2007.0 A system tool for maintaining the /etc/rc*.d hierarchy linux/sparc
nullidentd-1.0-6mdv2007.1 Minimal identd server implementing the auth protocol (RFC 1413) linux/sparc
nulog-2.1.5-2mdv2011.0 Firewall log analysis interface written in python linux/noarch
numlock-2.0-17mdv2007.0 Numlock key locker linux/sparc
nuphp-0.1.2-2mdv2010.0 nuphp is a PHP4 and PHP5 library used by Nuface2 and other projects linux/noarch
nusoap-0.7.3-2mdv2010.0 NuSOAP - SOAP Toolkit for PHP linux/noarch
nut-2.0.1-6mdv2007.0 Network UPS Tools Client Utilities linux/sparc
nut-cgi-2.0.1-6mdv2007.0 CGI utils for NUT linux/sparc
nut-devel-2.0.1-6mdv2007.0 Development for NUT Client linux/sparc
nut-monitor-1.1-2mdv2010.0 NUT (Network UPS Tools) GUI Client linux/noarch
nut-server-2.0.1-6mdv2007.0 Network UPS Tools server linux/sparc
nvclock-0.8-0.b2.1mdv2007.1 Overclocking tool for NVIDIA graphic boards linux/sparc
nxagent-2.0.0-1mdv2007.0 NX X server based on Xnest linux/sparc
nxdesktop-2.0.0-1mdv2007.0 A NX rdesktop agent linux/sparc
nxproxy-2.0.0-1mdv2007.0 Provide the protocol compression and caching part of the NX scheme linux/sparc
nxssh-2.0.0-1mdv2007.0 NX ssh client linux/sparc
nxtvepg-2.7.6-5mdv2007.1 NexTView EPG decoder and browser linux/sparc
nxviewer-2.0.0-1mdv2007.0 The nxviewer is a NX vnc agent linux/sparc

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