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drakxtools-14.33-1 RPM for i586

From Mandriva devel cooker for i586 / media / main / release

Name: drakxtools Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 14.33 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 1 Build date: Sat Nov 3 18:15:46 2012
Group: System/Configuration/Other Build host:
Size: 789020 Source RPM: drakxtools-14.33-1.src.rpm
Packager: Per Øyvind Karlsen <>
Summary: The drakxtools (diskdrake, ...)
Contains many Mandriva Linux applications simplifying users and
administrators life on a Mandriva Linux machine. Nearly all of
them work both under XFree (graphical environment) and in console
(text environment), allowing easy distant work.

- drakbug: interactive bug report tool
- drakbug_report: help find bugs in DrakX
- drakclock: date & time configurator
- drakfloppy: boot disk creator
- drakfont: import fonts in the system
- draklog: show extracted information from the system logs
- draksec: security options managment






* Sat Nov 03 2012 Per Øyvind Karlsen <> 14.33-1
  + Revision: 821764
  - link rpcinfo-flushed against libtirpc
  - new version:
    	o include FIRMWARE packages from Cards+ in detected graphical drivers,
    	  not to remove radeon-firmware if a matching card is present
    	  (mga#6438, mga#7641)
    	o diskdrake:
    	  - offer resizing NTFS again (broken by ntfsprogs -> ntfs-3g switch)
    	o drakclock:
    	  - do not crash if timezones cannot be listed (mga#6787)
    	o drakfont:
    	  - fix moving font files with space in their names (mga#2689)
    	  - fix ttmkfdir path
    	  - fix a crash
    	o don't add 'umask=0' as mount options for cdroms, it won't be accepted
    	  for iso9660 fs
* Mon Jun 04 2012 Per Øyvind Karlsen <> 14.24-1
  + Revision: 802390
  - create /etc/fstab before creating initrd, otherwise mkinitrd will fail
* Mon Jun 04 2012 Per Øyvind Karlsen <> 14.23-1
  + Revision: 802378
  - fix some name mess caused during earlier merging
* Fri May 25 2012 Per Øyvind Karlsen <> 14.22-1
  + Revision: 800544
  - use internal dependency filter
  - cleanups
  - new version 14.22:
  - drakauth: don't update UsePAM option in sshd configuration
  - fix urpmi_add_all_media
  - harddrake2: allow writing 0 as module option, and forbid options
    with spaces (from Colin)
  - export res_init function to perl lib
    o bind mount /dev inside chroot rather than copy nodes (mga#5730)
  - packageByName: Fix noarch handling/search on 64bit as they're in 32 and 64 bit
    media and in some cases it may return the not-installed rpm while the other is.
    (it was found by default.jpg/xorg.conf not being done by configureX step, even
    with task-x11 installed)
  - fix rebooting on autoinstall by using a "wider" regexp (otherwise udevd was
    not found by fuzzy_pidofs) and gives some time to udevd process to disappear.
    Also, don't try to unmount /dev as it's still used by other processes.
  -, Allow to set urpm curl options in order to be able
    to make curl quiet when running an autoinstall in text mode. This can
    be set throught the new option "curl_options" in the auto_inst file.
    Also, use '-s' by default when downloading VERSION and auto_inst file.
  - harddrake:
    o do not disable cpufreq on non-laptops
    o remove double apmd check
  - drakxservices:
    o systemd support (mga#3253, mga#3740, mga#4910, mga#5122)
    o use non-blocking mode for service restart (mga#4439)
  - finish-install: make sure sbin is added to PATH
  - ensure swap partition is activated in dracut (e.g. for swap on LVM, RAID etc)
  - include persistant storage udev rules needed to see new uuids during install
  - interactive::curses:
    o make sure ranges are always within limits (mga#646)
  - drakauth:
    o fix actually displaying "Domain Windows for authentication"
  - drakboot:
    o support the "quiet" kernel command line argument to hide kernel text
    o display mountpoint if available, and size+fs_type if we have nothing
      else (mga#5460)
  - fix mdkapplet crashing on live migration when there's a new major version of
    perl (mga#3042)
  - reduce resident memory of net_applet (5Mb aka 11%%) & mgapplet (7Mb aka 14%%)
  - harddrake service:
    o recognize XZ compressed proprietary driver modules properly (mga#4767)
    o cpufreq performance governor is no longer a module
    o reduce default timeout from 10 to 2mn (mga#4772)
  - localedrake:
    o add hime
    o remove chinput, kinput2, oxim, xcin
  - finish-install: do not try to replace home path for device files
    after live install (#1148)
  - modify a string in to be more grammatically correct
    (spotted by Sigrid Carrera, on mageia-i18n ML)
  - Fix libnotify API
  - make drakclock systemd compatible
  - fix crashing on parsing garbaged DMI info (mga#4329)
  - diskdrake:
    o drop support for reiser4 (mga#5680)
    o use better cipher for encrypted fses (mga#3092)
    o fix error on removing LVs
    o fix resizing LVs (mga#4666)
    o fix partition numbering on GPT (mga#3091)
* Mon May 21 2012 Matthew Dawkins <> 13.52-5
  + Revision: 799811
  - rebuild for parted
* Mon Feb 20 2012 Denis Silakov <> 13.52-4
  + Revision: 778096
  - Patch drakboot to recognize grub2 and be recognizable by grub2-mkconfig
    + Matthew Dawkins <>
      - corrected macros, vendor=Mandriva _vendor=mandriva
      - cleaned up spec, better organized
      - made spec more distro agnostic
      - removed legacy conflicts, provides, and versioning in reqs
      - removed clean section
* Tue Jan 24 2012 Paulo Andrade <> 13.52-3
  + Revision: 767463
  - Rebuild with newer perl.
* Fri Jan 06 2012 Andrey Bondrov <> 13.52-2
  + Revision: 758017
  - Add patch16 to fix bug 64980
* Mon Dec 19 2011 Tomasz Pawel Gajc <> 13.52-1
  + Revision: 743845
  - update to new version 13.52
  - add support for systemd in drakxservices (from Mageia and dmorgan)
  - add support for lxde (from kazancas)
  - Atom processor below N series (Atom 2xx, 3xx) need use p4clokmode, not acpi (from kazancas)
  - detect-devices.patch from kazancas
   o merge cpufreq detection logic into detect_devices::hasCPUFreq(), which is cleaner and enable us to install cpufreq on more cases
   o add support to detect if CPU microcode is upgradable
   o detect machines needing cpufreq
      (getInputDevices,hasNumpad) detect (at least some (eg: Compaq USB numpad)
   o use EVIOCGBIT ioctl instead of trying to parse key field from /proc/bus/input/devices to avoid issues on 64bit kernel with 32bit userspac
  - drakfont.patch from kazancas
   o rename Ooo as LibreOffice
   o enable support for LibreOffice/gs/... only if available
  -merge faceicon patch
  - match partitions when one of them as device_alias to the device of the other
  - fix spaces are not allowed between options in /etc/fstab
  - harddrake patch from kazancas
    o Robustify the PulseAudio configs (don't try and write files if they do not exists.
      Doing so previously would result in blank files that then causes problems
      when installing PulseAudio as the "config" files are not overwritten properly which can result in broken PA startup)
   o Remove the "Enable 5.1..." option. This is now done via card profiles in native GUIs for GNOME and KDE (or pavucontrol)
   o Add more options for CPU info
  - credit Mageia just in case if any of these changes comes frem its svn
* Thu Dec 15 2011 Александр Казанцев <> 13.51-17
  + Revision: 741441
  - Atom processor below N series (Atom 2xx, 3xx) need use p4clokmode, not acpi
* Fri Nov 18 2011 vsinitsyn <vsinitsyn> 13.51-15
  + Revision: 731647
  - Added leftover file for the previous commit
  - Fixed clipped string in Russian translation (bug 64756)
* Wed Oct 12 2011 Александр Казанцев <> 13.51-14
  + Revision: 704477
  - drop kernel_cmp patch ovoid problem with future update
* Sun Oct 02 2011 Александр Казанцев <> 13.51-13
  + Revision: 702472
  - move bootloader::cmp_kernel_versions() from bootloader to any for drakx-net
* Sat Oct 01 2011 Александр Казанцев <> 13.51-12
  + Revision: 702213
  - Sync with Mageia drakxtools 13.63 changes:
   * patch
     - add lxsession/lxlogout in
   * fs patch
     - match partitions when one of them as device_alias to the device of the
     - fix util-linux-ng rename for util-linux
     - fix spaces are not allowed between options in /etc/fstab
   * partitioning patch
     - always align partitions to start at megabyte boundaries to avoid performance issues with drives with 4k physical sectors
   * harddrake patch
      - Robustify the PulseAudio configs (don't try and write files if they do not exists. Doing so previously would result in blank files that then causes problems when installing PulseAudio as the "config" files are not overwritten properly which can result in broken PA startup)
      - Remove the "Enable 5.1..." option. This is now done via card profiles in native GUIs for GNOME and KDE (or pavucontrol)
      - Add more options for CPU info
   * drakfont.patch
      - rename Ooo as LibreOffice
      - enable support for LibreOffice/gs/... only if available
   * detect-devices.patch
     - merge cpufreq detection logic into detect_devices::hasCPUFreq(), which is cleaner and enable us to install cpufreq on more cases
     - add support to detect if CPU microcode is upgradable
     - detect machines needing cpufreq
     - (getInputDevices,hasNumpad) detect (at least some (eg: Compaq USB numpad)
     - use EVIOCGBIT ioctl instead of trying to parse key field from /proc/bus/input/devices to avoid issues on 64bit kernel with 32bit userspace
   * secure patch
     - fix default level being 'standard'
     - fix reading security level with new msec
* Sat Oct 01 2011 Александр Казанцев <> 13.51-11
  + Revision: 702203
  - fix bug #64337 with failed notifications and net applet crash
    + Matthew Dawkins <>
      - changed one last libdrakx-net & drak3d to suggests
      - changed drakx-net, drakx-net-text, libdrakx-net and drak3d to Suggests
      - a few cleanups of requires
      - more clean up of spec, bracketing of macros, buildroot
      - cleaned up spec, bracketing of macros
* Fri Aug 26 2011 Oden Eriksson <> 13.51-10
  + Revision: 697240
  - rebuild asked by alex_burmashev
* Mon Aug 22 2011 Alex Burmashev <> 13.51-9
  + Revision: 696107
  - disbled initrd generation on install stage
* Fri Aug 19 2011 Alex Burmashev <> 13.51-8
  + Revision: 695308
  - modified grub patch for installator
* Thu Aug 18 2011 Alex Burmashev <> 13.51-7
  + Revision: 695216
  - added new patch to split user and root creation
* Wed Aug 17 2011 Alex Burmashev <> 13.51-6
  + Revision: 694879
  - changed patch for theme check (rosa compatibility)
  - changed installer grub hide patch
* Thu Aug 11 2011 Alex Burmashev <> 13.51-4
  + Revision: 693914
  - hide installer grub window, changed icon size and theme check
* Thu Aug 04 2011 Alex Burmashev <> 13.51-3
  + Revision: 693178
  - increased timeout to 30 min
* Wed Aug 03 2011 Alex Burmashev <> 13.51-2
  + Revision: 693020
  - silent boot patch
* Mon Jun 27 2011 Eugeni Dodonov <> 13.51-1
  + Revision: 687508
  - 13.51:
  - add support for check_min_sys_requirements
* Mon Jun 27 2011 Alex Burmashev <> 13.50-4
  + Revision: 687489
  - added module to check system requirements
* Tue Jun 14 2011 Eugeni Dodonov <> 13.50-3
  + Revision: 685143
  - Drakperm is no longer with us since at least 2009.1..
* Mon May 30 2011 Funda Wang <> 13.50-2
  + Revision: 681971
  - rebuild for new parted
* Fri May 13 2011 Eugeni Dodonov <> 13.50-1
  + Revision: 674360
  - 13.50:
  - fix mkinitrd execution
* Tue May 10 2011 Eugeni Dodonov <> 13.49-1
  + Revision: 673364
  - 13.49:
  - roll back to mkinitrd-compatible form. Mkinitrd or dracut invocation depends
    on what is configured in /etc/alternatives
* Wed Apr 27 2011 Antoine Ginies <> 13.47-1
  + Revision: 659609
  - remove -f msecperms's parameter
    switch to dracut
* Tue Apr 26 2011 Antoine Ginies <> 13.46-2
  + Revision: 659288
  - updated translation, fix util-linux package name
* Thu Apr 21 2011 Anssi Hannula <> 13.46-1
  + Revision: 656363
  - new version 13.46
  - service_harddrake:
    o load new drivers or ask for reboot also if the driver is switched due to
      a hardware change instead of an ldetect-lst change
    o show yes/no buttons instead of ok/cancel when asking about running a
      config tool
    o show a dialog about having to use nokmsboot if we couldn't automatically
      reconfigure the boot loader (e.g. when booted directly from a foreign
      bootloader) (Mageia bug #893)
* Sun Apr 17 2011 Anssi Hannula <> 13.45-1
  + Revision: 654053
  - version 13.45
  - service_harddrake:
    o adapt splash handling for plymouth (for showing dialogs)
    o add/remove nokmsboot boot option if needed
    o ask for a reboot after a driver switch if needed, and load the new driver
      if no reboot is needed
    o do not switch a display driver if speedboot has already started X server,
      in that case simply disable speedboot for next boot
  - add nokmsboot boot option also if the bootloader is installed after setting
    up a conflicting display driver (e.g. draklive-install)
* Thu Feb 24 2011 Eugeni Dodonov <> 13.42-1
  + Revision: 639725
  - 13.42:
  - increase default disk size needed to suggest /home partition
* Tue Feb 22 2011 Eugeni Dodonov <> 13.41-1
  + Revision: 639406
  - 13.41:
  - allow finish-install to remove unused packages
* Wed Feb 02 2011 Eugeni Dodonov <> 13.40-1
  + Revision: 635308
  - 13.40:
  - do not copy files which live on separate partitions when creating
    minimal root
  - keep log of cp_afx
  - cpufreq: add support for Athlon/Phenom II processors (#58477)
* Wed Nov 24 2010 Eugeni Dodonov <> 13.39-1mdv2011.0
  + Revision: 600427
  - 13.39:
  - fix use of arrays as a reference (#60659, #61553)
  - install static device symlinks under /lib/udev/devices (Andrey Borzenkov)
* Sun Aug 01 2010 Funda Wang <> 13.35-4mdv2011.0
  + Revision: 564234
  - rebuild for perl 5.12.1
* Wed Jul 21 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.35-3mdv2011.0
  + Revision: 556538
  - do not require no more existing perl-suid (needed by fileshareset and filesharelist)
    (to be really fixed)
* Wed Jul 21 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.35-2mdv2011.0
  + Revision: 556528
  - rebuild for new perl
* Tue Jun 22 2010 Olivier Blin <> 13.35-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 548608
  - 13.35
  - add scrollbar to partitionning wizard if needed
  - user management: focus on first entry in dialog, root password if
    superuser is asked, user real name otherwise (#54910)
  - change India default timezone name from Asia/Calcutta to
    Asia/Kolkata (#59715)
  - timezone/ change Brazil/East entries to America/Sao_Paulo,
    Brazil/East is the deprecated/old time zone name
* Sat Jun 05 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.34-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 547135
  - drakauth:
    o fix installing lib64sasl2-plug-gssapi instead of
      libsasl2-plug-gssapi on 64bit machines when 32bit media are
      available (#57728)
  - harddrake:
    o fix displaying encoded reason
    o fix translating reasons for 2nd stage warning
  - localedrake:
    o fix listing locales only providing UTF8 metadata (#59634, Herton
      Ronaldo Krzesinski)
    o further fix listing locales (#58543)
* Fri Jun 04 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.33-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 547112
  - lookup major:minor of devices outside $::prefix
  - display lock icon for not enabled dmcrypt too
  - disable dmcrypt before deleting partition, evin if inside lvm/raid
  - fix loading of btrfs module
* Wed Jun 02 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.32-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 546938
  - don't lose mountpoint if suggested partition was swap (#59510)
  - copy all devices to target
* Wed May 26 2010 Christophe Fergeau <> 13.31-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 546137
  - 13.31:
  - service_harddrake: reconfigure X server after distro upgrades when video
    driver has changed (#53753)
* Wed May 26 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.30-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 546094
  - task-kde3-minimal is dead, and there is now task-gnome-minimal
  - do not remove important networking packages even if they seem unused (#49668)
* Mon May 24 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.29-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 545803
  - don't use ::isInstall to position the release not
    window on top of everything (doesn't work on the Ones), use
    any::set_wm_hints_if_needed instead (#59155)
  - handle raid metadata version
  - force raid metadata to be 0.90 if /boot is on raid 1
  - fix detection of /var partition
  - fix raid 0 to be handled as raid
* Wed May 19 2010 Olivier Blin <> 13.28-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 545331
  - 13.28
  - display_help: allow scripts to close window, for first time wizard
    (by default webkit only allows it for first page in history or for
    pages opened by DOM, requires webkit-1.2.0-3mdv2010.1)
  - always set resume= when a swap is available, regardless of its size (#34681)
* Mon May 17 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.26-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 544908
  - enable acl by default on ext2/3/4 fs
  - enable user_xattr on home for ext2 too
  - allow setting acl option in diskdrake
  - default to defaultFS in LVM, not ext2
* Tue May 11 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.25-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 544513
  - bugfix for draklive-install: use short locale name when matching
    locales-* packages to detect unused locales (fixes bug #44270)
  - diskdrake:
    o don't ask to reboot after resize if not needed
    o do not ask to reboot after resizing LUKS if not mounted
  - workaround mapper/* being symlinks in dmraid support
* Mon May 10 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.24-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 544302
  - devices:
    o get major/minor of device mapper correctly now that they are links
  - fix creation of device mapper devices in fs::any::prepare_minimal_root
    (this fixes initrd creation from one if using lvm)
* Fri Apr 30 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.23-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 541331
  - diskdrake:
    o fix the crypto mountpoint checks for the create case
    o partially fix resize of active encrypted volumes
    o fix race when creating encrypted partition out of install
* Thu Apr 29 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.22-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 540956
  - diskdrake:
    o correctly set mountpoint on included partition, not encrypted one
    o refuse to have /boot encrypted
  - finish-install:
    o wait for network-up before trying to configure it (blino)
  - diskdrake:
    o do not warn about data loss when changing type of unformatted partition
    o do not write partition table after creation if not needed
    o handle deleting encrypted partitions
    o display lock icon on encrypted partitions
    o fix loading of dmcrypt info now that /dev/mapper/* are symlinks
    o fix creating encrypted LVM
    o fix display of non unlocked encrypted partitions
    o re-use existing strings
* Tue Apr 27 2010 Christophe Fergeau <> 13.20-2mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 539570
  - rebuild so that shared libraries are properly stripped again
* Wed Apr 21 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 13.20-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 537704
  - iskdrake:
    o allow resizing empty FAT (#58770)
    o offer encryption in a more visible way when creating a partition
    o remove cryptoloop from diskdrake interface and transparently use dm-crypt
    o support having dm-crypt partition with non default FS
    o do not display dm-crypt partitions in separate tab, display included
      partition directly in-place
    + Christophe Fergeau <>
      - 13.19:
      - service_harddrake:
        o remove 'Disable "dri"' from xorg.conf if nouveau is being used
      - drakxservices:
        o translate more service descriptions (#46640)
      - detect "Rack Mount" Chassis as server
      - diskdrake:
        o use device label even if it was not changed  (#47456)
        o allow resizing btrfs
        o allow creating btrfs and nilfs2
      - drakboot
        o remove "restricted" option from general advanced options (wasn't doing
          anything with grub, and wasn't really useful with lilo)
        o add per-boot-entry "lock" checkbox in advanced options to be able to
          protect booting these entries with a password
* Wed Mar 17 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.15-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 523694
  - include 'mpt2sas' SCSI driver (#57833)
  - add mdadm raid10 support
  - package so that "release notes" button works in Ones
    & Flash live media (#58199) (broken since version 12.48 - 7 September 2009)
  - harddrake:
    o identify HECI controllers as system devices (#58215)
* Sat Feb 27 2010 Funda Wang <> 13.12-2mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 512198
  - rebuild for new parted
* Thu Feb 25 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.12-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 511108
  - add support for asturian (#56990)
  - detect_devices:
    o fix merging PCI devices info from sysfs which resulted in
      ill-informed devices matching (#57711)
  - handle new drivers:
    o webcam: stv06xx (#53940)
  - run_program:
    use home and logname of user we are dropping privileges to, not 501
  - harddrake:
    o display info about cores
    o do not display 2 decades old CPU bugs
    o try harder to match webcams (#53940)
  - drakboot:
    o fix crypted password detection
  - add missing requires on xset
* Thu Feb 04 2010 Anssi Hannula <> 13.10-3mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 500958
  - rebuild due to missing packages
* Thu Feb 04 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.10-2mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 500891
  - handle new drivers:
    o ATA: pata_atp867x, pata_piccolo, pata_rdc
    o DVB: dvb-usb-ec168, dvb-usb-friio, earth-pt1
    o ISDN: avmfritz, mISDNinfineon, netjet, speedfax, w6692
    o network: vmxnet3
    o radio: radio-miropcm20, radio-usb-si470x
    o RAID: 3w-sas, hpsa, pmcraid
    o SCSI: be2iscsi, bfa, pm8001, vmw_pvscsi
    o TV: cx25821, saa7164
    o wifi: r8187se, r8192_pci, r8192u_usb, rt2800pci, vt6655_stage, vt6656_stage
  - drakboot:
    o default to always crypt grub passwords
    o ensure /boot/grub/menu.lst permissions are 0600 since it can
      contains a password
    o fix support for crypted grub passwords
* Thu Feb 04 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.9-2mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 500580
  + rebuild (emptylog)
* Thu Feb 04 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.9-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 500568
  - drakboot:
    o add support for crypted grub passwords
    o always display security settings
    o allow timeout to be '0'
* Tue Jan 26 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.5-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 496867
  - drakboot:
    o fix reading security level
    o enable to set bootloader password in high security level
  - harddrake
    o detect "Hitachi" & "Maxtor" vendors for more hard discs
    o fix displaying empty info for USB discs
    o fix detecting firewire controllers with newer kernels
    o guess real vendor names for SCSI discs like we do for IDE devices
    o fix bootloader entry name for rc kernels
    o remove mnb from bootloader entry name like we do for mdv
* Thu Jan 07 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.4-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 487167
  - installation mount points: reset unknown partitions types to default
    fs (ext4) instead of hardcoded ext3
  - detect_devices:
    o fix detecting pcmcia serial devices
  - diskdrake:
    o show Ext4 instead of Ext3 in the gtk filesystems button box
  - harddrake:
    o fix detecting some cameras
* Sun Dec 27 2009 Funda Wang <> 13.2-3mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 482619
  - rebuild for parted
* Mon Dec 14 2009 Pascal Terjan <> 13.2-2mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 478529
  - Bump release...
    + Thierry Vignaud <>
      - fix creating devices
        (really "fix handling hdX/sdX devices (#53107)")
* Sun Dec 13 2009 Anne Nicolas <> 13.1-3mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 478232
  - bump again for build system
  - Bump release for packages lost in bs
    + Thierry Vignaud <>
      - diskdrake
        o fix setting volume label instead of MBR's one for FAT fses (#52853)
      - localedrake
        o drop support for configuring KDE3
        o fix configuring ibus (#56130, #56311)
        o install 'ibus-qt4' if configuring ibus under KDE4 (#56311)
* Tue Dec 01 2009 Thierry Vignaud <> 13.0-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 472378
  - bugfix for draklive-install: use ::prefix in pkgs::remove_unused_packages
  - devices detection:
    o fix reading USB details (#55690)
    o fix SCSI driver module name
    o fix sysfs device path from usb devices
  - partitioning wizard:
    o unmount swap too when unmounting all partitions
    o do not suggest Windows mountpoint for mounted partitions
      (breaks install if the Win partition is the installer media)
    o suggest non-removable disks first
  - harddrake:
    o do not display bogus "0" ids for hard disks
    o fix detecting some mice
  - bootloader:
    o do not add removable drives as "Windows" entry in bootloader
    o do not pass deprecated --ifneeded option anymore to mkinitrd
  - detect better invalid dos partition table (fixes a crash in harddrake)
  - mygtk2:
    o allow labels to be set selectable
  - diskdrake:
    o allow copying disk and partition infos (#55886)
  - localedrake:
    o do not warn about already installed packages when run as user
* Thu Nov 19 2009 Thierry Vignaud <> 12.78-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 467407
  - kill draksplash
  - bootloader-config:
    o fix migrating swap to UUID
  - drakboot
    o remove CONSOLE_LOGO support
    o rework UI layout to account for CONSOLE_LOGO support removal
  - diskdrake:
    o allow to convert ext2/3 to ext4 but do not enable flags
    o don't request ntfs-3g on target not yet installed system if we are
      run inside draklive-install (#55160)
    o fix detecting hidden partitions as recovery
    o fix handling hdX/sdX devices (#53107)
  - display_help:
    o handle window.close() events (#55099)
    o hide Gtk+ "close" button when displaying first time wizard that
      now has a HTML "close" button again
  - harddrake:
    o use actual package name to check for libalsa-plugins-pulseaudio
      availability instead of using the name of a provide
  - partitioning wizard:
    o only display Help button in install



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