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Packages beginning with letter Y

yafray-0.0.9-8 Raytracing tool linux/i586
yajl-2.0.4-1 Yet Another JSON Library linux/i586
yasm-1.2.0-1 Modular Assembler linux/i586
yasm-devel-1.2.0-1 Development headers and files for yasm linux/i586
yasm-python-1.2.0-1 Python bindings for yasm linux/i586
ykclient-2.7-1 Implements online validation of Yubikey OTPs linux/i586
ykpers-tools-1.7.0-1 Command line tools for ykpers linux/i586
yodl-3.00.0-1 Your Own Document Language linux/i586
yp-tools-2.10-6 NIS (or YP) client programs linux/i586
ypbind-1.29.91-5 The NIS daemon which binds NIS clients to an NIS domain linux/i586
ypserv-2.22-3 The NIS (Network Information Service) server linux/i586
ytalk-3.3.0-9 A chat program linux/i586

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