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RPM of Group System/Servers

VOCP-0.9.3-11mdv2011.0 Complete voice messaging solution linux/i586
VOCP-web-0.9.3-11mdv2011.0 VOCPweb - Part of the VOCP voice messaging system linux/i586
acpi-1.6-1 Displays information on ACPI devices linux/i586
acpid-2.0.16-3 ACPI kernel daemon and control utility linux/i586
ajaxterm-0.10-6mdv2011.0 A web based terminal linux/noarch
am-utils-6.1.5-8mdv2011.0 Automount utilities including an updated version of Amd linux/i586
anonftp-3.0-38mdv2011.0 A program which enables anonymous FTP access linux/i586
anytermd-1.1.29-4mdv2011.0 Anyterm Daemon linux/i586
apache-HTML-Embperl-2.4.0-2 Framework for building web sites with Perl linux/i586
apache-base-2.4.2-0.1 Common files and utilities for apache linux/i586
apache-doc-2.4.2-0.1 The apache Manual linux/noarch
apache-htcacheclean-2.4.2-0.1 Clean up the disk cache (for apache-mod_cache_disk) linux/i586
apache-mod_access_compat-2.4.2-0.1 Group authorizations based on host (name or IP address) linux/i586
apache-mod_actions-2.4.2-0.1 Provides for executing CGI scripts based on media type or request method linux/i586
apache-mod_activex_filter-0.2b-15 Apache module that filter ActiveX on a proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_alias-2.4.2-0.1 Provides for mapping and for URL redirection linux/i586
apache-mod_allowmethods-2.4.2-0.1 Easily restrict what HTTP methods can be used on the server linux/i586
apache-mod_annodex-0.2.2-12 Apache module for server-side support of annodex media linux/i586
apache-mod_anticrack-0.3-17 Mod_AntiCrack module for Apache 2.x linux/i586
apache-mod_antiloris-0.4-5 Protect apache against the slowloris attack linux/i586
apache-mod_antispam-1.0-17 Apache module which can control referer spam linux/i586
apache-mod_apparmor-2.3-1.907.8 Fine-grained AppArmor confinement for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_apreq-2.130.0-3 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_asis-2.4.2-0.1 Sends files that contain their own HTTP headers linux/i586
apache-mod_asn-1.5-4 mod_asn looks up the AS and network prefix of IP address linux/i586
apache-mod_athena-2.2.4-9 Full-featured reverse-proxying and/or stand-alone load balancer linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_basic-2.4.2-0.1 Basic authentication linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_cert-0.3-9 Maps the Subject DN of a X509 client certificate to a username linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_certificate-0.3-4 A client certificate authentication module for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_digest-2.4.2-0.1 User authentication using MD5 Digest Authentication linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_form-2.4.2-0.1 Form authentication linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_form-2.05-18 Form-based, authorization module using MySQL and session management linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_imap-2.2.0-13 Provides authentication against an IMAP mail server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_kerb-5.4-7 Apache module to provides authentifation against a Kerberos server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_memcookie-1.0.2-8 Apache Cookie Authentification Module linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_msfix-0.2.1-16 A module that fix MS XP WebDAV client problem linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_mysql-3.0.0-32 Basic authentication for the apache web server using a MySQL database linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_nds-2.0-16 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_ntlm_winbind-0.0.0-0.r794.10 Enables the Apache Web Server to Authenticate Users against Microsoft like DCs linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_openid-0.5-5 An OpenID authentication module for Apache 2 linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_pam-1.1.1-11 Pam authorisation for Apache linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_pgsql-2.0.3-19 Basic authentication for the apache web server using a PostgreSQL database linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_pubtkt-0.6a-4 A pragmatic Web Single Sign-On (SSO) solution linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_radius-1.5.8-9 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_remote-0.2-0.8 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_sdb-0.12-20 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_shadow-2.3-4 Shadow password authentication for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_token-1.0.3-10 Token based authentication to secure downloads and prevent deep-linking linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_xradius-0.4.6-18 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_authenticache-2.0.8-15 A generic credential caching module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_anon-2.4.2-0.1 Allows "anonymous" user access to authenticated areas linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_core-2.4.2-0.1 Core Authentication linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_dbd-2.4.2-0.1 User authentication using an SQL database linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_dbi-0.9.0-13 Provides Authentication against an SQL database backend linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_dbm-2.4.2-0.1 User authentication using DBM files linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_file-2.4.2-0.1 User authentication using text files linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_imap-0.01-7 Apache module for basic IMAP authentication support linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_nufw-2.2.2-8 A Single Sign On Authentication module for Apache linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_otp-1.1.1-4 Apache module for one-time password authentication linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_sasl-1.1-3 User authentication using Cyrus libsasl2 password verification service linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_socache-2.4.2-0.1 Manages a cache of authentication credentials to relieve the load on backends linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_yubikey-0.1-11 Authentication provider for Yubicos YubiKey linux/i586
apache-mod_authnz_external-3.3.1-2 An apache authentication DSO using external programs linux/i586
apache-mod_authnz_ldap-2.4.2-0.1 LDAP HTTP Basic authentication linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_core-2.4.2-0.1 Core Authorization linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_dbd-2.4.2-0.1 Group Authorization and Login using SQL linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_dbm-2.4.2-0.1 Group authorization using DBM files linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_groupfile-2.4.2-0.1 Group authorization using plaintext files linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_host-2.4.2-0.1 Group authorizations based on host (name or IP address) linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_ldap-0.28-5 LDAP authorization module for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_owner-2.4.2-0.1 Authorization based on file ownership linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_unixgroup-1.0.2-6 Apache Unix Group Access Control Modules linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_user-2.4.2-0.1 User Authorization linux/i586
apache-mod_autoindex-2.4.2-0.1 Generates directory indexes automatically linux/i586
apache-mod_axis2-1.6.0-4mdv2011.0 Apache module that filter ActiveX on a proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_backtrace-0-16 Collects backtraces when a child process crashes linux/i586
apache-mod_bash-0.1.1-7 Apache module which embeds bash linux/i586
apache-mod_benchmark-2.0.1-15 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_bt-0.0.19-24 BitTorrent tracker for the Apache2 web server linux/i586
apache-mod_bt-utils-0.0.19-24 BitTorrent Tracker Library - Utility Programs linux/i586
apache-mod_bucketeer-2.4.2-0.1 Buckets manipulation filter linux/i586
apache-mod_buffer-2.4.2-0.1 Support for request buffering linux/i586
apache-mod_but-3.1-8 Shared Memory / Pre-Authentiation / Reverse Proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_bw-0.8-11 Bandwidth administration module for Apache HTTPD linux/i586
apache-mod_bwshare-0.2.1-9 Bandwidth throttling and balancing by client IP address linux/i586
apache-mod_cache-2.4.2-0.1 RFC 2616 compliant HTTP caching filter linux/i586
apache-mod_cache_disk-2.4.2-0.1 Disk based storage module for the HTTP caching filter linux/i586
apache-mod_cachem-0.2-10 A shared memory support module linux/i586
apache-mod_case_filter-2.4.2-0.1 CaseFilter module linux/i586
apache-mod_case_filter_in-2.4.2-0.1 CaseFilterInFilter module linux/i586
apache-mod_cband- Apache 2 Bandwidth Quota Module linux/i586
apache-mod_cern_meta-2.4.2-0.1 CERN httpd metafile semantics linux/i586
apache-mod_cfg_ldap-1.2-16 Keeping apache VirtualHost configuration in a LDAP directory linux/i586
apache-mod_cgi-2.4.2-0.1 Execution of CGI scripts linux/i586
apache-mod_cgid-2.4.2-0.1 Execution of CGI scripts using an external CGI daemon linux/i586
apache-mod_cguard-0.1-10 Connection Guard Module for Apache 2 linux/i586
apache-mod_charset_lite-2.4.2-0.1 Specify character set translation or recoding linux/i586
apache-mod_chm-0.3.1-15 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_chroot-0.5-12 Mod_chroot makes running Apache in a secure chroot environment easy linux/i586
apache-mod_cidr-0.04-7 Does hash lookups on the inbound connection source in a network router style linux/i586
apache-mod_cidr_lookup-1.2-7 Apache module which enables CIDR lookups linux/i586
apache-mod_coredumper-0.1.0-18 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_countm-3.0-21 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_crowd-1.0-9 Apache Basic Authentication Module written in c for Crowd linux/i586
apache-mod_data-2.4.2-0.1 Convert response body into an RFC2397 data URL linux/i586
apache-mod_dav-2.4.2-0.1 Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) functionality linux/i586
apache-mod_dav_fs-2.4.2-0.1 filesystem provider for mod_dav linux/i586
apache-mod_dav_lock-2.4.2-0.1 generic locking module for mod_dav linux/i586
apache-mod_dav_repos-0.9.6-7 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_dav_svn-1.7.5-1 Subversion server DSO module for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_dbd-2.4.2-0.1 Manages SQL database connections linux/i586
apache-mod_dbi_pool-0.4.0-11 Provides database connection pooling services for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_defensible-1.4-11 An Apache 2.x module intended to block spammers using DNSBL linux/i586
apache-mod_deflate-2.4.2-0.1 Compress content before it is delivered to the client linux/i586
apache-mod_delay-0.9.2-5 Delay module for Apache2 linux/i586
apache-mod_diagnostics-0.1-18 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_dialup-2.4.2-0.1 Send static content at a bandwidth rate limit, defined by old modem standards linux/i586
apache-mod_dir-2.4.2-0.1 Provides for "trailing slash" redirects and serving directory index files linux/i586
apache-mod_dns-1.02-10 DNS Protocol module for Apache 2.x linux/i586
apache-mod_dnsbl-0.11-9 Blacklisting DSO for apache using DNS lookups linux/i586
apache-mod_dnsbl_lookup-0.91-13 A DNSBL and RHSBL enabled module for apache 2.x linux/i586
apache-mod_dnssd-0.6-7 Mod_dnssd adds DNS-SD Zeroconf support to Apache 2.0 using Avahi linux/i586
apache-mod_domaintree-1.6-11 Mass virtual hosting module mapping host names to a directory tree linux/i586
apache-mod_dontdothat-1.7.5-1 An Apache module that allows you to block specific types of Subversion requests linux/i586
apache-mod_dumpio-2.4.2-0.1 Dumps all I/O to error log as desired linux/i586
apache-mod_echo-2.4.2-0.1 A simple echo server to illustrate protocol modules linux/i586
apache-mod_encoding-0.0.20040616-9 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_env-2.4.2-0.1 Modifies the environment which is passed to CGI scripts and SSI pages linux/i586
apache-mod_evasive-1.10.1-16 Evasive Maneuvers Module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_expires-2.4.2-0.1 Generation of Expires and Cache-Control HTTP headers linux/i586
apache-mod_ext_filter-2.4.2-0.1 Pass the response body through an external program before delivery linux/i586
apache-mod_extract_forwarded-2.0.2-12 Extract real source IP for forwarded HTTP requests linux/i586
apache-mod_fakessl-0.4-7 A apache 2.x module for setting an https flag when you are using reverse proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_fastcgi-2.4.6-14 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_fcgid-2.3.6-4 Apache module for FastCGI linux/i586
apache-mod_file_cache-2.4.2-0.1 Caches a static list of files in memory linux/i586
apache-mod_filter-2.4.2-0.1 Context-sensitive smart filter configuration module linux/i586
apache-mod_form-0-17 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_fortress-1.0-15 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ftp-1.0.0-0.4 Apache module for FTP support linux/i586
apache-mod_ftpd-0.14-12 Apache module for FTP support linux/i586
apache-mod_geo-2.0.1-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_geoip-1.2.5-7 Module for apache (2.0.x) to use the GeoIP database linux/i586
apache-mod_gfx-0.1-7 Performs image operations on the fly linux/i586
apache-mod_gnutls-0.5.10-2 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_gzip_disk-0.5-6 Serves pre-compressed HTML files to avoid compression on the fly linux/i586
apache-mod_headers-2.4.2-0.1 Customization of HTTP request and response headers linux/i586
apache-mod_heartbeat-2.4.2-0.1 sends messages with server status to frontend proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_heartmonitor-2.4.2-0.1 centralized monitor for mod_heartbeat origin servers linux/i586
apache-mod_httpbl-0-13 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_i18n-0-12 A Apache module allowing to use gettext as a output filter linux/i586
apache-mod_icpquery-2.0.2-7 Extend Apache's mod_rewrite by internal mapping functions using ICP linux/i586
apache-mod_ident-2.4.2-0.1 RFC 1413 ident lookups linux/i586
apache-mod_ifier-0.8-11 Request filtering and rejection module for Apache2 linux/i586
apache-mod_imagemap-2.4.2-0.1 Server-side imagemap processing linux/i586
apache-mod_include-2.4.2-0.1 Server-parsed html documents (Server Side Includes) linux/i586
apache-mod_info-2.4.2-0.1 Provides a comprehensive overview of the server configuration linux/i586
apache-mod_injection-0.3.1-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ip_count-2.0-17 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ipenv-1.0.2-14 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_jsmin-0-0.r7.7 Apache module which 'minifies' javascript linux/i586
apache-mod_layout-5.1-13 Add custom header and/or footers for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_lbmethod_bybusyness-2.4.2-0.1 Pending Request Counting load balancer scheduler for mod_proxy_balancer linux/i586
apache-mod_lbmethod_byrequests-2.4.2-0.1 Request Counting load balancer scheduler algorithm for mod_proxy_balancer linux/i586
apache-mod_lbmethod_bytraffic-2.4.2-0.1 Weighted Traffic Counting load balancer scheduler for mod_proxy_balancer linux/i586
apache-mod_lbmethod_heartbeat-2.4.2-0.1 Heartbeat Traffic Counting load balancer scheduler for mod_proxy_balancer linux/i586
apache-mod_ldap-2.4.2-0.1 LDAP connection pooling and result caching services linux/i586
apache-mod_ldap_userdir-1.1.18-4 Look up user home directories (for /~user URLs) from an LDAP directory linux/i586
apache-mod_limitipconn-0.23-9 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_line_edit-1.0.0-11 A general-purpose output filter for text documents for Apache linux/i586
apache-mod_load_average-0.1.0-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_log_access-1.03-6 A apache 2.2 module for custom log formats linux/i586
apache-mod_log_config-2.4.2-0.1 Logging of the requests made to the server linux/i586
apache-mod_log_data-0.0.3-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_log_dbd-0.2-12 Writes access logs to a database using the APR DBD framework linux/i586
apache-mod_log_debug-2.4.2-0.1 Additional configurable debug logging linux/i586
apache-mod_log_forensic-2.4.2-0.1 Forensic Logging of the requests made to the server linux/i586
apache-mod_log_rotate-1.00-13 Automatic in-process rotation of transfer log linux/i586
apache-mod_log_sql-1.101-16 Logs to MySQL linux/i586
apache-mod_log_sqlite-0.08-16 Sqlite logging module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_logio-2.4.2-0.1 Logging of input and output bytes per request linux/i586
apache-mod_loopback-2.1-14 A web client debugging tool (DSO) for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_lua-2.4.2-0.1 Provides Lua hooks into various portions of the httpd request processing linux/i586
apache-mod_lua-0.5-12 A module to embed lua in apache linux/i586
apache-mod_macro-1.1.11-4 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_mbox-0.2-1.r670198.10 Mailing list archive browser linux/i586
apache-mod_memcache-0.1.0-14 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_memcached-0.3-10 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_memcached_cache-0.1.0-12 A mod_cache provider module for memcached storage linux/i586
apache-mod_mime-2.4.2-0.1 Associates the requested filename's extensions with the linux/i586
apache-mod_mime_magic-2.4.2-0.1 Determines the MIME type of a file by looking at a few bytes of its contents linux/i586
apache-mod_mime_xattr-0.4-14 Lets you use file system extended attributes data for MIME type detection linux/i586
apache-mod_mm_auth_ldap-3.11-17 LDAP Authentication module for Apache 2.x linux/i586
apache-mod_mono-2.10-3 Mono module for Apache 2 linux/i586
apache-mod_musicindex-1.3.5-6 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_mya-3.0.1-23 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_negotiation-2.4.2-0.1 Provides for content negotiation linux/i586
apache-mod_nss-1.0.8-17 Provides SSL support using the NSS crypto libraries linux/i586
apache-mod_ntlm-0.2-13 NTLM authentication module for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_openpgp-0.5.0-6 A Apache module that implements PGP access authorization linux/i586
apache-mod_optional_fn_export-2.4.2-0.1 optional hook import module linux/i586
apache-mod_optional_fn_import-2.4.2-0.1 ImportLogTransaction module linux/i586
apache-mod_optional_hook_export-2.4.2-0.1 ExportLogTransaction module linux/i586
apache-mod_optional_hook_import-2.4.2-0.1 ImportOptionalHookTestHook module linux/i586
apache-mod_overload-0.2.2-4 Prevents apache overloading by checking load averages linux/i586
apache-mod_parmguard-1.3c-16 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_perl-2.0.7-1 An embedded Perl interpreter for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_php-5.4.5-1 The PHP HTML-embedded scripting language for use with apache linux/i586
apache-mod_protection-0.0.2-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy-2.4.2-0.1 Multi-protocol proxy/gateway server linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_ajp-2.4.2-0.1 AJP support module for mod_proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_balancer-2.4.2-0.1 mod_proxy extension for load balancing linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_connect-2.4.2-0.1 mod_proxy extension for CONNECT request handling linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_express-2.4.2-0.1 Dynamic mass reverse proxy extension for mod_proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_fcgi-2.4.2-0.1 FastCGI support module for mod_proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_fcgi-0-14 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_fdpass-2.4.2-0.1 fdpass external process support module for mod_proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_ftp-2.4.2-0.1 FTP support module for mod_proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_html-2.4.2-0.1 Rewrite HTML links in to ensure they are addressable in a proxy context linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_http-2.4.2-0.1 HTTP support module for mod_proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_scgi-2.4.2-0.1 SCGI gateway module for mod_proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_xml-0.1-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_psldap-0.94-4 A LDAP authentication module for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_pubcookie-3.3.3-12mdv2011.0 Intra-institutional web authentication linux/i586
apache-mod_put-2.0.9-9 Apache module that implement DELETE and PUT http methods linux/i586
apache-mod_python-3.3.1-20 An embedded Python interpreter for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_python-doc-3.3.1-20 Online html documentation for mod_python linux/i586
apache-mod_qos-9.28-5 A quality of service module for the Apache Web Server linux/i586
apache-mod_random-2.1-11 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ratelimit-2.4.2-0.1 Bandwidth Rate Limiting for Clients linux/i586
apache-mod_reflector-2.4.2-0.1 Reflect a request body as a response via the output filter stack linux/i586
apache-mod_remoteip-2.4.2-0.1 Replaces the original client IP address with the useragent IP address linux/i586
apache-mod_replace-0.1.0-14 Replace text strings based on regular expressions linux/i586
apache-mod_reqtimeout-2.4.2-0.1 Set timeout and minimum data rate for receiving requests linux/i586
apache-mod_request-2.4.2-0.1 Filters to handle and make available HTTP request bodies linux/i586
apache-mod_rewrite-2.4.2-0.1 Provides a rule-based rewriting engine to rewrite requested URLs on the fly linux/i586
apache-mod_roaming-2.0.0-14 Enables Netscape Communicator roaming profiles with apache linux/i586
apache-mod_rpaf-0.6-10 Apache module changing remote ip client address for reverse proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_rsbac-0-0.svn.31.6 brings some RSBAC specific features to Apache linux/i586
apache-mod_ruby-1.3.0-5 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ruid-0.6-14 Suexec module for apache 2.x, based on mod_suid2 linux/i586
apache-mod_scgi-1.14-1mdv2011.0 Apache module named mod_scgi that implements the client side of the protocol linux/i586
apache-mod_schema-0.1.8-5 Schema handler module linux/i586
apache-mod_scrmable-0.1-15 Apache module to scramble words linux/i586
apache-mod_security-2.6.3-2 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_sed-2.4.2-0.1 Filter Input (request) and Output (response) content using sed syntax linux/i586
apache-mod_sesehe-0.1.0-11 Modify or remove "Server: " HTTP response header linux/i586
apache-mod_session-2.4.2-0.1 Session support linux/i586
apache-mod_session_cookie-2.4.2-0.1 Cookie based session support linux/i586
apache-mod_session_crypto-2.4.2-0.1 Session encryption support linux/i586
apache-mod_session_dbd-2.4.2-0.1 DBD/SQL based session support linux/i586
apache-mod_setenvif-2.4.2-0.1 Set the environment variables based on characteristics of the request linux/i586
apache-mod_sleep-2.1-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_slotlimit-1.2-4 Dynamic slot allocation linux/i586
apache-mod_slotmem_plain-2.4.2-0.1 Slot-based shared memory provider linux/i586
apache-mod_slotmem_shm-2.4.2-0.1 Slot-based shared memory provider linux/i586
apache-mod_smtpd-0.9-1.r235759.13 A SMTP protocol enabled module for apache 2.x based on qpsmtpd linux/i586
apache-mod_smtpd_rbl-0-1.r239351.12 Mod_smtpd_rbl brings "RBL" (DNSBL/RHSBL) support to mod_smtpd linux/i586
apache-mod_socache_dbm-2.4.2-0.1 DBM based shared object cache provider linux/i586
apache-mod_socache_memcache-2.4.2-0.1 Memcache based shared object cache provider linux/i586
apache-mod_socache_shmcb-2.4.2-0.1 shmcb based shared object cache provider linux/i586
apache-mod_spam_die-0.1.2-16 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_spamhaus-0.7-6 Apache DNSBL module linux/i586
apache-mod_speedycgi-2.220.0-3 SpeedyCGI module for the Apache HTTP Server linux/i586
apache-mod_speling-2.4.2-0.1 Attempts to correct various minor misspellings linux/i586
apache-mod_spin-1.2.0-5 Simple template language with data replacement capabilities for Apache linux/i586
apache-mod_sqil-1.0-10 Structured Query Interface Language (SQIL) module for Apache2 linux/i586
apache-mod_ssl-2.4.2-0.1 Strong cryptography using the SSL and TLS protocols linux/i586
apache-mod_stats-1.1-0.r2137.10 Apache module collecting buildservice download statistics linux/i586
apache-mod_status-2.4.2-0.1 Provides information on server activity and performance linux/i586
apache-mod_substitute-2.4.2-0.1 Perform search and replace operations on response bodies linux/i586
apache-mod_suexec-2.4.2-0.1 Allows CGI scripts to run as a specified user and Group linux/i586
apache-mod_suphp-0.7.1-8 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_svn_view-0.1.0-1.r148.5 Mod_svn_view provides a web-based view of a Subversion repository linux/i586
apache-mod_tcl-1.0.1-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_tidy-0.5.5-13 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_traf_thief-0.01-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_transform-0.6.0-37 XSLT and XIncludes Output filter for Apache 2 linux/i586
apache-mod_umask-0.1.0-10 Mod_umask sets the Unix umask of the Apache HTTPd process after it has started linux/i586
apache-mod_unique_id-2.4.2-0.1 Provides an environment variable with a unique identifier for each request linux/i586
apache-mod_unixd-2.4.2-0.1 Basic (required) security for Unix-family platforms linux/i586
apache-mod_upload-0-13 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_userdir-2.4.2-0.1 User-specific directories linux/i586
apache-mod_usertrack-2.4.2-0.1 Clickstream logging of user activity on a site linux/i586
apache-mod_variety-0.2.1-15 Apache module to serve random files from a directory linux/i586
apache-mod_vdbh-1.0.3-22 A Virtual Database Hosting DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_version-2.4.2-0.1 Version dependent configuration linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_alias-2.4.2-0.1 Provides for dynamically configured mass virtual hosting linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_dbi-0.1.0-9 Provides database connection pooling services for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_hash_alias-1.0-14 Apache HTTPD module for mass virtual hosting linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_ldap-2.3.1-21 This module provides Virtual Hosting based on OpenLDAP database linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_limit-0.2-9 Restrict the number of simultaneous connections per vhost linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_mysql-0.10-20 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_mysql1-2.3.1-21 This module provides Virtual Hosting based on MySQL database linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_pgsql-2.3.1-21 This module provides Virtual Hosting based on PostgreSQL database linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_sqlite3-2.3.1-21 This module provides Virtual Hosting based on SQLite3 database linux/i586
apache-mod_vhs-1.0.32-20 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_watchdog-2.4.2-0.1 provides infrastructure for other modules to periodically run tasks linux/i586
apache-mod_webfilter-0.6-13 An apache content filter module linux/i586
apache-mod_websh-3.5.0-19 Tcl scripting as a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_whatkilledus-0-14 Tracks the current request and logs active requests when a child process crashes linux/i586
apache-mod_wsgi-3.3-5 Python WSGI adapter module for Apache linux/i586
apache-mod_xhtml-0-13 Adds XHTML Namespace processing to the Apache Webserver linux/i586
apache-mod_xhtml_neg-1.0a-9 An XHTML content negotiation module for Apache linux/i586
apache-mod_xml2-0-11 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_xml2enc-2.4.2-0.1 Enhanced charset/internationalisation support for libxml2-based filter modules linux/i586
apache-mod_xmlns-0.97-15 Adds XML Namespace processing to the Apache Webserver linux/i586
apache-mod_xsendfile-0.12-2mdv2011.0 Process X-SENDFILE header cgi/scripts may set linux/i586
apache-mod_xslt_filter-1.5.2-7 Performs XSL transformation on the fly linux/i586
apache-mod_ziplook-0.99-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_zipread-0.1-15 DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_zrkadlo-1.0-0.r2137.10 Redirect clients to mirror servers, based on sql database linux/i586
apache-modules-2.4.2-0.1 Meta package linux/i586
apache-mpm-event-2.4.2-0.1 Implements a hybrid multi-threaded multi-process web server linux/i586
apache-mpm-prefork-2.4.2-0.1 Implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server (stable) linux/i586
apache-mpm-rsbac-2.2.22-4 Implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server with RSABC patch (stable) linux/i586
apache-mpm-worker-2.4.2-0.1 Implements a hybrid multi-threaded multi-process web server (experimental) linux/i586
apache-source-2.4.2-0.1 The apache source code, including Mandriva patches linux/i586
apcupsd-3.14.8-4 Power management software for APC UPS hardware linux/i586
apmd-3.2.2-27 Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS utilities for laptops linux/i586
apolicy-0.73-4mdv2011.0 ACL Policy Daemon for Postfix linux/noarch
apparmor-dbus-2.3-5mdv2011.0 D-Bus support for AppArmor linux/i586
archivemail-0.9.0-1 A tool for archiving and compressing old email linux/noarch
argus- Network transaction audit tool linux/i586
arpd-0.2-11mdv2011.0 ARP reply daemon linux/i586
asterisk-10.6.1-1 The Open Source PBX linux/i586
asterisk-addons-10.6.1-1 Asterisk-addons metapackage linux/i586
asterisk-chan_capi-1.1.5-2mdv2011.0 Asterisk ISDN CAPI channel driver linux/i586
asterisk-chan_ss7-1.3-2mdv2011.0 This module adds SS7 protocol support to the Asterisk PBX linux/i586
asterisk-core-sounds-en-1.4.22-1 English sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-core-sounds-en_AU-1.4.22-1 French sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-core-sounds-es-1.4.22-1 Spanish sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-core-sounds-fr-1.4.22-1 French sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-core-sounds-ru-1.4.22-1 Russian sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-extra-sounds-en-1.4.11-1mdv2011.0 English sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-extra-sounds-fr-1.4.11-1mdv2011.0 France sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-firmware-10.6.1-1 Firmware for the Digium S101I (IAXy) linux/i586
asterisk-moh-freeplay-20090401-2mdv2011.0 Free music files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-moh-opsound-20091226-2mdv2011.0 Free music files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-plugins-ais-10.6.1-1 Modules for Asterisk that use OpenAIS linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-alsa-10.6.1-1 Modules for Asterisk that use Alsa sound drivers linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-calendar-10.6.1-1 Asterisk calendar support linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-cel-10.6.1-1 Asterisk Channel Event Logging linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-curl-10.6.1-1 Modules for Asterisk that use cURL linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-dahdi-10.6.1-1 Modules for Asterisk that use DAHDI linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-fax-10.6.1-1 FAX plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-festival-10.6.1-1 Festival application for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-ices-10.6.1-1 Stream audio from Asterisk to an IceCast server linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-jabber-10.6.1-1 Jabber support for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-jack-10.6.1-1 JACK resources for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-ldap-10.6.1-1 LDAP resources for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-lua-10.6.1-1 Lua resources for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-minivm-10.6.1-1 MiniVM applicaton for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-mobile-10.6.1-1 Asterisk channel driver for bluetooth phones and headsets linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-mp3-10.6.1-1 MP3 plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-mysql-10.6.1-1 MySQL plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-ooh323-10.6.1-1 Objective System's H323 for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-osp-10.6.1-1 Open Settlement Protocol for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-oss-10.6.1-1 Modules for Asterisk that use OSS sound drivers linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-pgsql-10.6.1-1 PostgreSQL plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-pktccops-10.6.1-1 Modules for Asterisk that use the IETF COPS protocol on PacketCable linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-portaudio-10.6.1-1 Modules for Asterisk that use the portaudio library linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-radius-10.6.1-1 Radiusclient plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-saycountpl-10.6.1-1 Modules for Asterisk that support the Polish grammar linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-skinny-10.6.1-1 Modules for Asterisk that support the SCCP/Skinny protocol linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-snmp-10.6.1-1 Brief SNMP Agent / SubAgent support for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-speex-10.6.1-1 SPEEX plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-sqlite-10.6.1-1 SQLite plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-tds-10.6.1-1 FreeTDS plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-unistim-10.6.1-1 Unistim channel for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-voicemail-10.6.1-1 Common Voicemail Modules for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-voicemail-imap-10.6.1-1 Store voicemail on an IMAP server linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-voicemail-plain-10.6.1-1 Store voicemail on the local filesystem linux/i586
asterisk-stat-2.0.1-7mdv2011.0 Asterisk-Stat : CDR Analyser linux/noarch
asterisknow-0-0.r5210.1 GUI for configuring Asterisk linux/i586
at-3.1.13-4 Job spooling tools linux/i586
atftp-0.7-9mdv2011.0 Advanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) client linux/i586
atftp-server-0.7-9mdv2011.0 Advanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server linux/i586
authd-0.2.3-5mdv2011.0 Software for obtaining and verifying user credentials linux/i586
avahi-0.6.31-3 Avahi service discovery (mDNS/DNS-SD) suite linux/i586
avahi-dnsconfd-0.6.31-3 Avahi DNS configuration server linux/i586
avahi-x11-0.6.31-3 Graphical tools for Avahi linux/i586
ax25spyd-0.23-14mdv2011.0 Daemon that listens for AX.25 packets from the kernel-AX.25 linux/i586
axis2c-docs-1.6.0-4mdv2011.0 Documentation for Axis2/C linux/i586
axis2c-tools-1.6.0-4mdv2011.0 Axis2/C tools linux/i586
bamf-daemon-0.2.116-1 Window matching library - daemon linux/i586
bandsaw-0.3.0-8 Band Saw monitor large numbers of computers by monitoring syslog linux/noarch
base-1.4.4-2mdv2011.0 Basic Analysis and Security Engine linux/noarch
bhpos_base-2.0.0-0.beta3.3mdv2011.0 BananaPOS base stuff linux/i586
bind-9.9.1-1.P2.0 A DNS (Domain Name System) server linux/i586
bluez-cups-4.101-4 CUPS printer backend for Bluetooth printers linux/i586
bluez-test-4.101-4 Tools for testing of various Bluetooth-functions linux/i586
boa-0.94.14-0.rc21.3mdv2011.0 Web server linux/i586
bootparamd-0.17-18 A server process which provides boot information to diskless clients linux/i586
bpalogin-2.0.2-10 Client for Telstra's Big Pond Advance cable connections linux/i586
brltty-4.4-1 Braille display driver for Linux/Unix linux/i586
brouette-0.1-0.10045.7 Gets notifications from the prelude manager linux/i586
c-icap-client-0.1.7-3 An ICAP client coded in C linux/i586
c-icap-modules-0.1.7-3 Modules for the c-icap-server linux/i586
c-icap-modules-classify-20111022-1 Classification module for c-icap linux/i586
c-icap-modules-classify-training-20111022-1 Programs to train FHS (Fast HyperSpace) or FNB (Fast Naive Bayes) files linux/i586
c-icap-modules-extra-0.1.6-5 An ICAP module server coded in C linux/i586
c-icap-server-0.1.7-3 An ICAP server coded in C linux/i586
cacti-0.8.7i-5 Php frontend for rrdtool linux/noarch
cacti-cactid-0.8.6k-14 A backend data gatherer for cacti linux/i586
certwatch-1.0-10mdv2011.0 SSL certificate monitoring linux/i586
cget-1.2.98-1 Web page downloader linux/i586
checkpassword-pam-0.99-7mdv2011.0 A checkpassword compatible authentication program linux/i586
cherokee-1.2.98-1 Extremely fast and flexible web server linux/i586
cherokee-devel-1.2.98-1 Extremely fast and flexible web server - development files linux/i586
chrootuid-1.3-6mdv2011.0 Run command in restricted environment linux/i586
clamav-milter-0.97.5-2 The Clam AntiVirus milter Daemon linux/i586
clamd-0.97.5-2 The Clam AntiVirus Daemon linux/i586
clauer-3.0.2-3mdv2011.0 Cryptographic keyring on a USB storage device linux/i586
cleanfeed-20020501-9 A spam filter for Usenet news servers linux/noarch
conserver-client-8.1.18-1mdv2011.0 Serial console server client linux/i586
conserver-daemon-8.1.18-1mdv2011.0 Serial console server daemon linux/i586
coova-chilli-1.2.1-6mdv2011.0 Wireless LAN Access Point Controller linux/i586
courier-authdaemon-0.63.0-6 Courier authentication daemon linux/i586
courier-authlib-0.63.0-6 Courier authentication library linux/i586
courier-authlib-ldap-0.63.0-6 LDAP support for the Courier authentication library linux/i586
courier-authlib-mysql-0.63.0-6 MySQL support for the Courier authentication library linux/i586
courier-authlib-pgsql-0.63.0-6 MySQL support for the Courier authentication library linux/i586
courier-authlib-userdb-0.63.0-6 Userdb support for the Courier authentication library linux/i586
courier-base-4.8.0-1 Courier base files for POP and IMAP servers linux/i586
courier-imap-4.8.0-1 IMAP server that uses Maildirs linux/i586
courier-pop-4.8.0-1 Courier POP servers linux/i586
cpqarrayd-2.3-10 Monitors SmartArray controllers and notifies via SNMP and syslog linux/i586
cpufreq-2.0-1 An initscript to set CPU frequency settings linux/noarch
cronie-1.4.8-2 Cron daemon for executing programs at set times linux/i586
cronie-anacron-1.4.8-2 Utility for running regular jobs linux/i586
cronolog-1.6.2-9 A flexible log file rotation program for Apache linux/i586
curl-loader-0.53-1 A HTTP(S)/FTP(S) application load stress testing tool linux/i586
cvechecker-3.1-1 CVE reporting tool linux/i586
cvsgraph-1.7.0-4mdv2011.0 Create graphs of branches and revisions for files in a CVS repository linux/i586
cvsreport-0.3.5-8mdv2011.0 Produce CVS activity reports linux/noarch
cvsspam-0.2.12-6mdv2011.0 CVSspam emails you diffs when someone commits a change to your CVS repository linux/noarch
cyrus-imapd-2.4.13-2 A high-performance mail store with IMAP and POP3 support linux/i586
cyrus-imapd-murder-2.4.13-2 Cyrus IMAP server murder aggregator system files linux/i586
cyrus-imapd-nntp-2.4.13-2 Cyrus IMAP server murder nntp support files linux/i586
cyrus-imapd-utils-2.4.13-2 Cyrus IMAPd server admin utilities linux/i586
daemonize-1.7.3-1 Run a command as a Unix daemon linux/i586
dansguardian- A content filtering web proxy linux/i586
dante-server-1.1.19-7mdv2009.0 A free Socks v4/v5 server implementation linux/i586
darwinstreamingserver-6.0.3-2mdv2009.1 Apple's Darwin Streaming Server linux/i586
darwinstreamingserver-proxy-6.0.3-2mdv2009.1 Apple's Darwin Streaming Proxy linux/i586
darwinstreamingserver-utils-6.0.3-2mdv2009.1 Apple's Darwin Streaming Server Movie inspection utilities linux/i586
darwinstreamingserver-webadmin-6.0.3-2mdv2009.1 Apple's Darwin Streaming Server web admin interface linux/i586
dbus-1.6.8-2 D-Bus message bus linux/i586
dbus-x11-1.6.8-2 X11-requiring add-ons for D-Bus linux/i586
dcc-1.3.135-1 Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse, anti-spam tool linux/i586
dcc-cgi-1.3.135-1 The cgi-scripts for managing mail delivery on a DCC enabled server linux/i586
dcc-sendmail-1.3.135-1 Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse Milter Interface linux/i586
dcron-3.2-4mdv2011.0 Dillon's Cron Daemon linux/i586
deadwood-3.0.02-1 A fully recursive caching DNS resolver linux/i586
dhcp-client-4.2.4-0.P1.1 The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client linux/i586
dhcp-common-4.2.4-0.P1.1 The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server linux/i586
dhcp-doc-4.2.4-0.P1.1 Documentation about the ISC DHCP server/client linux/i586
dhcp-forwarder-0.8-3mdv2011.0 An DHCP relay agent linux/i586
dhcp-relay-4.2.4-0.P1.1 The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) relay linux/i586
dhcp-server-4.2.4-0.P1.1 The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server linux/i586
dhcpcd-5.6.2-1 DHCP Client Daemon linux/i586
dhcprelay-0.3.2b-5mdv2011.0 A dhcp relay to implement dhcp over ipsec linux/i586
dhcpv6-client-1.2.0-1mdv2011.0 DHCP client for IPv6 linux/i586
dhcpv6-common-1.2.0-1mdv2011.0 Common files for DHCP IPv6 linux/i586
dhcpv6-doc-1.2.0-1mdv2011.0 Documentation about the DHCP IPv6 server/client linux/i586
dhcpv6-relay-1.2.0-1mdv2011.0 DHCP relay agent for IPv6 linux/i586
dhcpv6-server-1.2.0-1mdv2011.0 DHCP server for IPv6 linux/i586
dhcpxd-1.0.3-27 DHCPXD Daemon linux/i586
dibbler-0.7.3-3mdv2011.0 Dibbler - a portable DHCPv6 linux/i586
distcache-client-1.5.1-22 Distributed session cache client proxy linux/i586
distcache-server-1.5.1-22 Distributed session cache server linux/i586
distcache-utils-1.5.1-22 Utilities for testing and benchmarking distcache SSL/TLS servers linux/i586
distcc-daemon-common-2.18.3-9mdv2010.1 Program to distribute compilation of C or C++ linux/i586
distcc-daemon-standalone-2.18.3-9mdv2010.1 Program to distribute compilation of C or C++ linux/i586
distcc-daemon-xinetd-2.18.3-9mdv2010.1 Program to distribute compilation of C or C++ linux/i586
distcc-masq-2.18.3-9mdv2010.1 Masquerade directory for enabling distcc by default linux/i586
djabberd-0.840.0-1mdv2011.0 A jabber server, constructed with DJabber perl framework linux/noarch
dnsflood-1.12-7mdv2011.0 DNS Flood Detector linux/i586
dnsmasq-2.61-1 A lightweight dhcp and caching nameserver linux/i586
dnsproxy-1.16-3mdv2011.0 Proxy for DNS queries linux/i586
dnssec-conf-1.22-2mdv2011.0 DNSSEC and DLV configuration and priming tool linux/noarch
docmgr-1.0-0.RC10.2mdv2011.0 Web based DMS - Document Management System linux/noarch
dolly_plus-0.93-7mdv2011.0 Clone the installation of one machine to many other machines linux/i586
dotclear-2.2-1mdv2011.0 Web-based blog linux/noarch
dotproject-2.1.4-0.0.r6063.1mdv2011.0 Web Based Project Management Tool linux/noarch
dovecot-2.1.9-2 Secure IMAP and POP3 server linux/i586
dovecot-config-standalone-2.1.9-2 Config files for running dovecot standalone linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-gssapi-2.1.9-2 GSSAPI support for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-ldap-2.1.9-2 LDAP support for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-managesieve-1.2.17-1 Manage Sieve daemon for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-mysql-1.2.17-1 MySQL backend for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-pgsql-1.2.17-1 Postgres SQL backend for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-sieve-2.1.9-2 CMU Sieve plugin for dovecot LDA linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-sqlite-1.2.17-1 SQLite backend for dovecot linux/i586
drizzle-2011.10.28-1 A Lightweight SQL Database for Cloud and Web linux/i586
drizzle-client-2011.10.28-1 Client Utilities for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-auth-file-2011.10.28-1 File Based Authentication Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-auth-http-2011.10.28-1 HTTP Authentication Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-auth-ldap-2011.10.28-1 LDAP Authentication Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-auth-pam-2011.10.28-1 PAM Authentication Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-debug-2011.10.28-1 Debug Console Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-filtered-replicator-2011.10.28-1 Filtered Replicator Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-logging-query-2011.10.28-1 Query Logging Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-mysql-protocol-2011.10.28-1 MySQL Protocol Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-pbms-2011.10.28-1 PrimeBase Blob Streaming Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-simple-user-policy-2011.10.28-1 Simple User Policy Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-plugin-slave-2011.10.28-1 Slave Replication Plugin for drizzle linux/i586
drizzle-server-2011.10.28-1 Server Daemon and Utilities for drizzle linux/i586
dspam-3.10.1-1 A library and Mail Delivery Agent for Bayesian spam filtering linux/i586
dspam-backend-mysql-3.10.1-1 The mysql driver for dspam linux/i586
dspam-backend-pgsql-3.10.1-1 The pgsql driver for dspam linux/i586
dspam-backend-sqlite3-3.10.1-1 The sqlite3 driver for dspam linux/i586
dspam-cgi-3.10.1-1 Web administration GUI for DSPAM linux/i586
dtn-2.6.0-2mdv2011.0 Delay Tolerant Networking reference implementation linux/i586
e_dbus-1.2.0-1 E17 basic convenience wrappers around dbus linux/i586
eds-feed-0.5.0-10 Evolution Data Server feed for Galago linux/i586
egroupware- Web-based groupware suite written in php linux/noarch
egroupware-bookmarks- The eGroupWare bookmarks application linux/noarch
egroupware-calendar- The eGroupWare calendar application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-backup-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare backup application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-browser-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare browser application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-chatty-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare chat application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-comic-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare comic application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-email-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare email application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-filescenter-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare filescenter application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-forum-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare forum application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-ftp-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare ftp application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-fudforum-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare fudforum application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-headlines-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare headlines application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-jinn-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare jinn application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-messenger-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare messenger application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-phpldapadmin-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare phpldapadmin application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-projects-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare projects application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-skel-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare skel application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-soap-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare soap application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-stocks-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare stocks application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-switchuser-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare switchuser application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-tts-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare tts application linux/noarch
egroupware-contrib-xmlrpc-1.2.107-7mdv2011.0 The eGroupWare xmlrpc application linux/noarch
egroupware-developer_tools- The eGroupWare developer_tools application linux/noarch
egroupware-egw-pear- php-pear classes for eGroupWare linux/noarch
egroupware-emailadmin- The eGroupWare emailadmin application linux/noarch
egroupware-felamimail- The eGroupWare felamimail application linux/noarch
egroupware-filemanager- The eGroupWare filemanager application linux/noarch
egroupware-gallery- The eGroupWare gallery application linux/noarch
egroupware-importexport- The eGroupWare import/export function linux/noarch
egroupware-infolog- The eGroupWare infolog application linux/noarch
egroupware-manual- The eGroupWare messenger application linux/noarch
egroupware-news_admin- The eGroupWare news_admin application linux/noarch
egroupware-notifications- User notifications for eGroupWare linux/noarch
egroupware-phpbrain- The eGroupWare phpbrain application linux/noarch
egroupware-phpsysinfo- The eGroupWare phpsysinfo application linux/noarch
egroupware-polls- The eGroupWare polls application linux/noarch
egroupware-projectmanager- The eGroupWare projects application linux/noarch
egroupware-registration- The eGroupWare registration application linux/noarch
egroupware-sambaadmin- The eGroupWare sambaadmin application linux/noarch
egroupware-sitemgr- The eGroupWare sitemgr application linux/noarch
egroupware-syncml- The eGroupWare syncml application linux/noarch
egroupware-timesheet- The eGroupWare timesheet application linux/noarch
egroupware-tracker- The eGroupWare tracker application linux/noarch
egroupware-wiki- The eGroupWare wiki application linux/noarch
ejabberd-2.1.3-2mdv2010.1 A distributed, fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server linux/i586
ejabberd-doc-2.1.3-2mdv2010.1 Documentation for ejabberd linux/i586
emprint-0.1.0-2.64443.1 E17 screen captire utility linux/i586
exim-4.76-3 The exim mail transfer agent linux/i586
exim-doc-4.76-3 Exim documentation linux/i586
exim-plugins-SpamAssassin-4.76-3 Exim SpamAssassin at SMTP time plugin linux/i586
ezweb-platform-0.1-0.2.svn2768mdv2011.0 EzWeb Platform linux/noarch
fcgi-2.4.0-14 The FastCGI development kit linux/i586
finger-server-0.17-14 The finger daemon linux/i586
firefly-media-server- A multi-threaded implementation of Apple's DAAP server linux/i586
firefly-media-server-devel- Development libraries for mt-daapd linux/i586
flood-1.1-3.r719568.5mdv2011.0 A benchmarking tool for Apache2 linux/i586
flow-capture- Manage storage of flow file archives by expiring old data linux/i586
flumotion-0.8.0-1mdv2011.0 Flumotion - the Fluendo Streaming Server linux/i586
flumotion-doc-0.8.0-1mdv2011.0 Flumotion server reference documentation linux/i586
foomatic-db-4.0-2.20110503.1 Foomatic printer/driver database linux/noarch
foomatic-db-engine-4.0.8-2 Foomatic database access, printer admin, and printing utils linux/i586
foomatic-filters-4.0.17-1 Foomatic filters needed to run print queues with Foomatic PPDs linux/i586
fragroute-1.2-15 Fragroute - intercept, modify, and rewrite egress traffic linux/i586
freepbx-2.9.0-1 FreePBX is an easy to use GUI that controls and manages Asterisk linux/noarch
freeradius-2.1.12-4 High-performance and highly configurable RADIUS server linux/i586
freeradius-client-1.1.6-3mdv2011.0 FreeRADIUS Client Software linux/i586
freeradius-krb5-2.1.12-4 The Kerberos module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-ldap-2.1.12-4 The LDAP module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-mysql-2.1.12-4 The MySQL module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-postgresql-2.1.12-4 The PostgreSQL module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-sqlite-2.1.12-4 The sqlite module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-unixODBC-2.1.12-4 The unixODBC module for freeradius linux/i586
freeradius-web-2.1.12-4 Web based administration interface for freeradius linux/i586
funionfs-0.4.3-2mdv2011.0 An union filesystem for FUSE linux/i586
fusioninventory-agent-2.1.9-2 Linux agent for OCSNG linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-plugin-netdiscovery-1.5-1 OCS Inventory Software deployment support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-plugin-ocsdeploy-1.0.5-1mdv2011.0 OCS Inventory Software deployment support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-plugin-snmpquery-1.3-1 OCS Inventory Software deployment support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fwmon-1.1.0-10mdv2011.0 A linux netlink firewall monitor linux/i586
g15daemon- Daemon to control logitech G15 keyboards linux/i586
galago-daemon-0.5.1-4 Galago desktop presence daemon linux/i586
gearmand-0.39-1 Gearman Server and C Library linux/i586
gitweb- cgi-bin script for browse a git repository with web browser linux/i586
gnash-cygnal-0.8.10-4 Streaming media server linux/i586
gnome-user-share-3.0.3-1 GNOME user file sharing linux/i586
gnugk-2.3.1-5mdv2011.0 OpenH323 Gatekeeper - The GNU Gatekeeper linux/i586
gnumed-server-16.14-1 The GNUmed back end server linux/noarch
gnump3d-3.0-8mdv2011.0 Streaming server for MP3's linux/noarch
gpm-1.20.7-2 A mouse server for the Linux console linux/i586
greensql-console-1.3.0-5mdv2011.0 Manages a GreenSQL Database Firewall linux/i586
greensql-fw-1.3.0-5mdv2011.0 Database Firewall linux/i586
gsmd-0-0.20070701.3mdv2011.0 GSM daemon for OpenMoko linux/i586
gsutil-3.0-5mdv2011.0 A utility to save, restore and reboot Grandstream Budgetone phones linux/noarch
haproxy-1.4.22-1 TCP/HTTP reverse proxy for high availability environments linux/i586
heartbeat-3.0.5-1 Messaging and membership subsystem for High-Availability Linux linux/i586
heartbeat-ldirectord-2.1.4-5 Monitor daemon for maintaining high availability resources linux/i586
heimdal-daemons-1.5.2-4 Kerberos daemons programs for use on servers linux/i586
heimdal-ftpd-1.5.2-4 The standard UNIX FTP (file transfer protocol) server linux/i586
heimdal-rshd-1.5.2-4 Server for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/i586
heimdal-server-1.5.2-4 Kerberos Server linux/i586
heimdal-telnetd-1.5.2-4 Server for the telnet remote login linux/i586
hiawatha-8.5-1 An advanced and secure webserver for Unix linux/i586
honeyd-1.5c-13 A Virtual Honeypot Daemon linux/i586
honeyd-webserver-1.5c-13 A simple Python based webserver for honeyd linux/i586
horde-3.3.11-3 The Horde framework linux/noarch
horde-chora-2.1-7mdv2011.0 The Horde CVS viewer linux/noarch
horde-dimp-1.1.3-3mdv2011.0 The Horde Dynamic Internet Messaging Program linux/noarch
horde-forwards-3.2.1-1mdv2011.0 The Horde forwards management application linux/noarch
horde-gollem-1.0.4-7mdv2011.0 The Horde file manager linux/noarch
horde-hermes-1.0.1-1mdv2011.0 The Horde file manager linux/noarch
horde-imp-4.3.9-1 The Horde Internet Messaging Program linux/noarch
horde-ingo-1.2.4-1mdv2011.0 The Horde email filter rules Manager linux/noarch
horde-kronolith-2.3.5-2 The Horde calendar application linux/noarch
horde-mimp-1.1.3-3mdv2011.0 The Horde Mobile Internet Messaging Program linux/noarch
horde-mnemo-2.2.2-4mdv2011.0 The Horde notes and memo application linux/noarch
horde-nag-2.3.6-1 The Horde task list manager linux/noarch
horde-passwd-3.1.3-2mdv2011.0 The Horde password management application linux/noarch
horde-turba-2.3.5-1 The Horde contact manager linux/noarch
horde-vacation-3.2.1-1mdv2011.0 The Horde vacation management application linux/noarch
horde-whups-1.0-8mdv2011.0 The Horde Horde Ticket Tracking System linux/noarch
host2cat-1.02-1 Custom DNS resolver linux/i586
hostapd-1.0-1 Optional user space component for Host AP driver linux/i586
hotsmtpd-0.8.4-3mdv2009.0 ESMTP to HTTPMail gateway daemon to access Hotmail / Lycos mailboxes linux/i586
hotwayd-0.8.4-3mdv2009.0 POP3 to HTTPMail gateway daemon to access Hotmail / Lycos mailboxes linux/i586
hsqldb-server- Hsqldb database server linux/noarch
htpdate-1.0.4-4mdv2011.0 HTTP based time synchronization tool linux/i586
http-replicator-3.0-7mdv2011.0 General purpose caching proxy server linux/noarch
iaxmodem-1.2.0-0 Software modem for interfacing Asterisk and Hylafax via IAX2 linux/i586
ibWebAdmin-1.0.2-8mdv2011.0 Adminstration of Firebird over the web linux/noarch
icecast-2.3.2-3 Streaming Media Server linux/i586
ices-2.0.1-10mdv2011.0 Source streaming for Icecast linux/i586
idn-1.25-2 Commandline interface to the libidn11 library linux/i586
igmpproxy-0.1-1mdv2011.0 IGMPproxy is a simple mulitcast router for Linux that only uses the IGMP protocol linux/i586
imapproxy-1.2.7-1mdv2011.0 Proxy for the IMAP protocol linux/i586
incron-0.5.9-2mdv2011.0 An inotify based cron daemon linux/i586
inews-2.5.1-10 Sends Usenet articles to a local news server for distribution linux/i586
inn-2.5.1-10 The InterNetNews (INN) system, a Usenet news server linux/i586
ipcalc-0.41-5mdv2011.0 IP Calculator linux/noarch
ipflood-1.0-6mdv2011.0 IP Flood Detector linux/i586
ipsvd-1.0.0-7 Internet protocol service daemons linux/i586
irda-utils-0.9.18-13 Utilities for infrared communication between devices linux/i586
jabber2-2.2.16-1 OpenSource server implementation of the Jabber protocols linux/i586
jackit-1.9.8-1 The Jack Audio Connection Kit 2 linux/i586
jchkmail-2.2.1-3mdv2011.0 A mail filtering software linux/i586
joomla-1.5.20-1mdv2011.0 Joomla Open Source (CMS) linux/noarch
joomla-administrator-1.5.20-1mdv2011.0 Administrative web interface for Joomla Open Source (CMS) linux/noarch
kolab-2.2.4-4 Kolab Groupware Server linux/i586
kolab-webadmin-2.2.4-4 Kolab Groupware Server Web Administration Interface linux/noarch
krb5-appl-servers-1.0.2-1 Kerberos-aware telnet, ftp, rcp, rsh and rlogin servers linux/i586
krb5-server-1.10.2-4 The server programs for Kerberos 5 linux/i586
krb5-server-ldap-1.10.2-4 The LDAP storage plugin for the Kerberos 5 KDC linux/i586
ldapdns-2.06-7mdv2011.0 DNS server that pulls data from an LDAP directory linux/i586
ldapscripts-1.10.0-1 LDAP Scripts linux/noarch
ldetect2ltsp-1.0-5mdv2011.0 Utility to convert from Mandriva ldetect to LTSP format linux/i586
leafnode-1.11.8-3 Leafnode - a leafsite NNTP server linux/i586
libamu2-6.1.5-8mdv2011.0 Shared library files for am-utils linux/i586
libcherokee-base0-1.2.98-1 Extremely fast and flexible web server - libraries linux/i586
libcherokee-client0-1.2.98-1 Extremely fast and flexible web server - libraries linux/i586
libcherokee-server0-1.2.98-1 Extremely fast and flexible web server - libraries linux/i586
libident-tools-0.32-2mdv2011.0 A small daemon that can be used to test Ident servers linux/i586
libjingle-0.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Google Talk's implementation of Jingle and Jingle-Audio linux/i586
libowfat0-0.28-9mdv2010.0 Libowfat shared libraries linux/i586
libpapi0-1.0-0.177.8 FSG OpenPrinting PAPI libraries linux/i586
libpostfix1-2.9.4-1 Shared libraries required to run Postfix linux/i586
libscintilla2-2.02-2mdv2011.0 Scintilla shared libraries linux/i586
libscintilla3-3.1.0-2 Scintilla shared libraries linux/i586
libsocketlock-0.2-6mdv2010.0 A library wraper for libc's bind() and connect() functions linux/i586
libsrs_alt-utils-0.5-7mdv2011.0 Command line interface to libsrs_alt linux/i586
libverlihub-0.9.8e-1mdv2011.0 The library files needed for verlihub linux/i586
libverlihub-devel-0.9.8e-1mdv2011.0 The files needed for verlihub development linux/i586
lighttpd-1.4.31-1 A fast webserver with minimal memory-footprint linux/i586
lighttpd-mod_auth-1.4.31-1 Authentification module for lighttpd linux/i586
lighttpd-mod_cml-1.4.31-1 CML (Cache Meta Language) module for lighttpd linux/i586
lighttpd-mod_compress-1.4.31-1 Output Compression module for lighttpd linux/i586
lighttpd-mod_magnet-1.4.31-1 Module to control the request handling in lighttpd linux/i586
lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost-1.4.31-1 MySQL-based vhosting module for lighttpd linux/i586
lighttpd-mod_trigger_b4_dl-1.4.31-1 Trigger before Download module for lighttpd linux/i586
lighttpd-mod_webdav-1.4.31-1 WebDAV module for lighttpd linux/i586
linksysmon-1.1.4-5mdv2011.0 A tool for monitoring Linksys BEFSR41 and BEFSR11 firewalls linux/noarch
lire-docs-2.1-2mdv2010.0 Documentation for lire linux/noarch
lldpd-0.5.6-1 implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP) linux/i586
ltsp-hwlists-0.02-4mdv2010.0 LTSP hardware lists linux/i586
ltsp-utils-0.25-2mdv2010.0 Linux Terminal Server Project ( utilities linux/noarch
ltspfs-0.7-1 Tool used to mount local media on an Xterminal from the terminals serveur linux/i586
ltspfsd-0.7-1 LTSP file system, userspace FUSE module that runs on a server linux/i586
maildrop-2.5.5-2 Maildrop mail filter/mail delivery agent linux/i586
maildrop-mysql-1.7.0-24 Maildrop mail filter/mail delivery agent with MySQL support linux/i586
maildrop-openldap-1.7.0-24 Maildrop mail filter/mail delivery agent with OpenLDAP support linux/i586
mailman-2.1.13-7 The GNU Mailing List Management System linux/i586
managelogs-2.2.1-2mdv2011.0 A log management software for apache linux/i586
mandriva-clubpartner-0.05-3mdv2011.0 Mandriva Club authentication system linux/noarch
mantis-1.2.1-2mdv2011.0 Web-based bug tracker linux/noarch
maradns-1.4.06-2 An authoritative and recursive DNS server made with security in mind linux/i586
masqmail-0.2.18-13mdv2011.0 Offline Mail Transfert Agent linux/i586
mate-notification-daemon-1.4.0-2 MATE Notification Daemon linux/i586
mcstrans-0.2.11-3mdv2011.0 SELinux Translation Daemon linux/i586
mdvvhdprov-2.0-1 MDVVHDProv - A tool for Virtual Hard Drives Provisinning linux/noarch
mdvvhdprovgui-2.0-1 GUI for mdvvhdprov linux/noarch
memcached-1.4.13-2 High-performance memory object caching system linux/i586
memcached_functions_mysql-1.0-1mdv2010.0 Memcached mysql UDFs (user defined functions) to work with libmemcached linux/i586
mergelog-4.5-6mdv2011.0 Merges httpd log files by date linux/i586
mille-xterm-appserver-en_US-1.0-5mdv2011.0 Mille-xterm application server english patch linux/noarch
mille-xterm-bootserver-1.0-0.2141.7mdv2011.0 Mille-xterm boot server component linux/noarch
mille-xterm-cdpoll-1.0-0.2137.4mdv2011.0 Local CDROM polling for the MILLE-XTERM project linux/i586
mille-xterm-dm-1.0-6mdv2011.0 Mille-xterm display manager linux/noarch
mille-xterm-loadbalancer-common-1.0-0.2137.4mdv2011.0 Documentation and common files linux/noarch
mille-xterm-loadbalancer-lbagent-1.0-0.2137.4mdv2011.0 Monitoring agent linux/noarch
mille-xterm-loadbalancer-lbserver-1.0-0.2137.4mdv2011.0 Load balancer server linux/noarch
mille-xterm-nbd-client-2.9.11-3mdv2011.0 NBD client linux/i586
mille-xterm-nbd-server-2.9.11-3mdv2011.0 NBD server linux/i586
mille-xterm-print1-lpr-1.0-0.2137.3mdv2011.0 Mille-Xterm lpr replacement linux/i586
mille-xterm-print1-showprinters-1.0-0.2137.3mdv2011.0 Utility to test mille-xterm-print linux/i586
mille-xterm-sessreg-1.0-0.2137.3mdv2011.0 X session register for the MILLE-XTERM project linux/i586
mille-xterm-teachtools-1.0-0.2137.3mdv2011.0 Teacher Tools for the MILLE-XTERM project linux/noarch
mimetex-1.71-5mdv2011.0 Easily embed LaTeX math in web pages linux/i586
miniupnpd-1.5.20110520-1 The UPNP & NAT-PMP implementation linux/i586
mipv6-daemon-0.4-6 Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) Daemon linux/i586
mk-livestatus-1.1.10-1 Nagios Event Broker Module linux/i586
mldonkey-3.1.2-1 Door to the 'donkey' network linux/i586
mldonkey-init-3.1.2-1 Init to launch mldonkey linux/i586
mlogc-2.6.3-2 ModSecurity Audit Log Collector linux/i586
mmc-agent- Mandriva Management Console agent linux/i586
mmc-agent-2.3.2-12mdv2011.0 Mandriva Management Console Agent linux/noarch
mmc-check-password- OpenLDAP password checker module for MMC linux/i586
mmc-web-base- MMC web interface to interact with a MMC agent linux/i586
mmc-web-bulkimport- Bulk import module for the MMC web interface linux/i586
mmc-web-mail- Postfix/Mail module for the MMC web interface linux/i586
mmc-web-network- DNS/DHCP management module for the MMC web interface linux/i586
mmc-web-ppolicy- Password policies plugin linux/i586
mmc-web-proxy- SquidGuard module for the MMC web interface linux/i586
mmc-web-samba- SAMBA module for the MMC web interface linux/i586
mmc-web-sshlpk- SSH public key module for the MMC web interface linux/i586
mmc-web-userquota- User quota module for the MMC web interface linux/i586
mnogosearch-3.3.10-5 Another one web indexing and searching system for a small domain or intranet linux/i586
mon-1.2.0-10 A general-purpose resource monitoring system linux/i586
moodle-2.2-1 A course management system for distance education linux/noarch
mserv-0.41-11mdv2011.0 Jukebox-style music server for unix-like systems linux/i586
msmtp-1.4.28-1 An SMTP client linux/i586
multiwalk2c-0.2.1-4 Multi-threaded SNMP scanner (like a snmpbulkwalk) linux/i586
munge-0.5.10-2 Enables uid & gid authentication across a host cluster linux/i586
mydns-1.1.0-10 A MySQL-based Internet DNS server linux/i586
mydns-admin-1.1.0-10 Web admin GUI written in php for mydns linux/i586
mysql-bench-5.5.25a-1 Benchmarks and test system linux/i586
mysql-cluster-common-7.1.23-1 MySQL - common files linux/i586
mysql-common-5.5.25a-1 Common files linux/noarch
mysql-proxy-0.8.1-1 A Proxy for the MySQL Client/Server protocol linux/i586
mysql-server-5.5.25a-1 Server mysqld binary linux/i586
mysql_performance_tuning_primer-1.4-0.r2.3mdv2011.0 MySQL Performance Tuning Primer Script linux/noarch
mysqlard-1.0.0-17 MySQL performance logging daemon linux/i586
mysqldoc-0.0.9-4mdv2011.0 A command-line tool for auto-documenting MySQL Schema linux/noarch
mysqltuner-1.2.0-1 High Performance MySQL Tuning Script linux/noarch
mystar-2.56-6mdv2011.0 A 802.1x auth client for Ruijie linux/i586
nads-0.3-5mdv2011.0 Normalized Attack Detection System linux/i586
named-report-1.4-7mdv2011.0 ISC BIND 9 named log message summary and report tool linux/noarch
nas-1.9.2-6 Network Audio System linux/i586
natmonitord-2.4-6mdv2009.1 The NAT Monitor daemon linux/i586
nbs-client-1.0-0.20040615.5mdv2011.0 Network Broadcast Sound Daemon (Client Listener) linux/i586
nbs-server-1.0-0.20040615.5mdv2011.0 Network Broadcast Sound Daemon linux/i586
nbsmtp-1.00-7mdv2011.0 nbSMTP: no-brainer SMTP linux/i586
ncsmtp-0.2-8mdv2011.0 Null Client SMTP daemon with aliases support linux/noarch
ndoutils-client-1.4-0.b9.6 The client part of ndoutils linux/i586
ndoutils-common-1.4-0.b9.6 The part common to client and server parts linux/i586
ndoutils-server-1.4-0.b9.6 The server part of ndoutils linux/i586
nessus-2.2.10-9 Nessus security scanner linux/i586
nessus-plugins-2.2.10-7mdv2011.0 Nessus security scanner plugins linux/i586
net-snmp-5.7.2-0.0.pre1.1 A collection of SNMP protocol tools and libraries linux/i586
net-snmp-trapd-5.7.2-0.0.pre1.1 The trap collecting daemon for net-snmp linux/i586
netacct-mysql-0.78-14 Network traffic accounting daemon linux/i586
netatalk-2.2.3-1 Appletalk and Appleshare/IP services for Linux linux/i586
netkit-rsh-server-0.17-28 Servers for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/i586
netkit-telnet-server-0.17-14 A extremely unsecure telnet server linux/i586
netpolice-filter-2.0-2 url filter for c-icap server linux/i586
netpolice-main-2.0-2 netpolice meta package linux/i586
netpolice-webadmin-1.0-alt1 Netpolice webadmin linux/noarch
nginx-1.2.2-1 Robust, small and high performance HTTP and reverse proxy server linux/i586
ngircd-19.1-1 Next Generation IRC Daemon linux/i586
noffle-1.1.5-7 Usenet newsserver for small sites linux/i586
notification-daemon-0.7.6-1 Notification Daemon linux/i586
notify-osd-0.9.29-2mdv2011.0 On-screen notification display agent, implementing the FDO notification specification linux/i586
nrpe-2.12-5mdv2011.0 Host/service/network monitoring agent for Nagios linux/i586
nsca-2.7.2-6mdv2010.0 NSCA daemon for Nagios linux/i586
nscd-2.16.90-2 A Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd) linux/i586
nscd-2.13-3 A Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd) linux/i586
nsd-3.2.8-1 Complete implementation of an authoritative DNS name server linux/i586
nss_wins-3.6.9-2 Name Service Switch service for WINS linux/i586
nss_wins4-4.0.0-0.9.6.beta6 Name Service Switch service for WINS linux/i586
ntp-4.2.6p5-1 Synchronizes system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) linux/i586
ntp-client-4.2.6p5-1 The ntpdate client for setting system time from NTP servers linux/i586
ntp-doc-4.2.6p5-1 Complete HTML documentation for ntp linux/i586
nuface-2.0.16-1mdv2011.0 A firewall administration web interface linux/i586
nullidentd-1.0-9 Minimal identd server implementing the auth protocol (RFC 1413) linux/i586
nulog-2.1.5-2mdv2011.0 Firewall log analysis interface written in python linux/noarch
nuphp-0.1.2-2mdv2010.0 nuphp is a PHP4 and PHP5 library used by Nuface2 and other projects linux/noarch
nut-drivers-hal-2.6.4-1 Network UPS Tools HAL drivers linux/i586
nut-server-2.6.4-1 Network UPS Tools server linux/i586
oar-admin-2.4.3-1mdv2011.0 OAR batch scheduler administration tools package linux/noarch
oar-api-2.4.3-1mdv2011.0 OAR batch scheduler API linux/noarch
oar-common-2.4.3-1mdv2011.0 OAR batch scheduler common package linux/noarch
oar-node-2.4.3-1mdv2011.0 OAR batch scheduler node package linux/noarch
oar-server-2.4.3-1mdv2011.0 OAR batch scheduler server package linux/noarch
oar-user-2.4.3-1mdv2011.0 OAR batch scheduler node package linux/noarch
oar-web-status-2.4.3-1mdv2011.0 OAR batch scheduler web-status package linux/noarch
obex-data-server-0.4.6-2 D-Bus service for Obex access linux/i586
ocsinventory-agent-2.0.3-1 Unified client for OCS-Inventory linux/i586
ocsinventory-reports-2.0.3-1 Administration console linux/noarch
ocsinventory-server-2.0.3-1 Communication server linux/noarch
oidentd-2.0.8-6 Ident server with masquerading support linux/i586
omninotify-2.1-2mdv2011.0 Multi-threaded implementation of the CORBA Notification Service linux/i586
openca-crmf-1.3.0-2mdv2011.0 OpenCA CRMF Tool linux/i586
openca-ocspd-1.5.1-0.rc1.8mdv2011.0 OpenCA OCSP Daemon linux/i586
openca-scep-1.3.0-2mdv2011.0 OpenCA SCEP Tool linux/i586
openca-sv-1.3.0-2mdv2011.0 OpenCA PKCS#7 tool linux/i586
openchange-server-1.0-2 Server side modules for OpenChange linux/i586
opencryptoki-2.2.6-1mdv2009.0 An Implementation of PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) v2.11 linux/i586
openct-0.6.20-3 Smartcard Terminal Tnterface linux/i586
opengrok-tomcat6-0.9-2mdv2011.0 Source browser web application linux/noarch
openldap-2.4.31-1 LDAP servers and sample clients linux/i586
openldap-check_password-1.0.3-1mdv2010.0 OpenLdap password checker module linux/i586
openldap-clients-2.4.31-1 OpenLDAP clients and related files linux/i586
openldap-mandriva-dit-0.18-5mdv2011.0 Sample DIT for OpenLDAP linux/i586
openldap-servers-2.4.31-1 OpenLDAP servers and related files linux/i586
openldap-smbk5pwd-2.4.26-1 OpenLdap smbk5pwd overlay linux/i586
openntpd-3.9p1-8 OpenNTPD - NTP Time Synchronization Client/Server linux/i586
openr2-1.3.2-1 MFC/R2 signalling over E1 lines using the DAHDI Telephony interface linux/i586
openser-auth_radius-1.3.2-5mdv2010.1 Performs authentication using a Radius server linux/i586
openser-avp_radius-1.3.2-5mdv2010.1 Allows loading of user's attributes into AVPs from Radius linux/i586
openser-group_radius-1.3.2-5mdv2010.1 Functions necessary for group membership checking over radius linux/i586
openser-uri_radius-1.3.2-5mdv2010.1 URI check using Radius server linux/i586
opensips-1.7.2-1 SIP Server linux/i586
opensips-acc_radius-1.7.2-1 Accounts transactions information with radius support linux/i586
opensips-auth_aaa-1.7.2-1 Performs authentication using a Radius server linux/i586
opensips-auth_diameter-1.7.2-1 Performs authentication using a Diameter server linux/i586
opensips-carrierroute-1.7.2-1 Routing extension suitable for carriers linux/i586
opensips-cpl-c-1.7.2-1 Call Processing Language interpreter linux/i586
opensips-db_berkeley-1.7.2-1 Berkley DB backend support linux/i586
opensips-db_mysql-1.7.2-1 MySQL Storage Support for the OpenSIPS linux/i586
opensips-db_postgres-1.7.2-1 PostgreSQL Storage Support for the OpenSIPS linux/i586
opensips-db_unixodbc-1.7.2-1 OpenSIPS unixODBC Storage support linux/i586
opensips-h350-1.7.2-1 H350 implementation linux/i586
opensips-jabber-1.7.2-1 Gateway between OpenSIPS and a jabber server linux/i586
opensips-ldap-1.7.2-1 LDAP connector linux/i586
opensips-presence-1.7.2-1 Presence server linux/i586
opensips-presence_mwi-1.7.2-1 Extension to Presence server for Message Waiting Indication linux/i586
opensips-presence_xml-1.7.2-1 SIMPLE Presence extension linux/i586
opensips-pua-1.7.2-1 Offer the functionality of a presence user agent client linux/i586
opensips-pua_bla-1.7.2-1 BLA extension for PUA linux/i586
opensips-pua_mi-1.7.2-1 Connector between usrloc and MI interface linux/i586
opensips-pua_usrloc-1.7.2-1 Connector between usrloc and pua modules linux/i586
opensips-pua_xmpp-1.7.2-1 SIMPLE-XMPP Presence gateway linux/i586
opensips-python-1.7.2-1 Track of per dialog SDP session(s) linux/i586
opensips-rls-1.7.2-1 Resource List Server linux/i586
opensips-rtpproxy-1.7.2-1 Gateway between OpenSIPS and a RTPProxy server linux/i586
opensips-seas-1.7.2-1 Transfers the execution logic control to a given external entity linux/i586
opensips-sms-1.7.2-1 Gateway between SIP and GSM networks via sms linux/i586
opensips-snmpstats-1.7.2-1 SNMP management interface for the OpenSIPS linux/i586
opensips-tlsops-1.7.2-1 TLS-relating functions for the OpenSIPS linux/i586
opensips-xcap_client-1.7.2-1 XCAP client linux/i586
opensips-xmpp-1.7.2-1 Gateway between OpenSIPS and a jabber server linux/i586
openssh-server-6.1p1-2 OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol server (sshd) linux/i586
openssl_tpm_engine-0.4.1-3mdv2009.0 OpenSSL TPM engine linux/i586
openswan-2.6.38-1 An implementation of IPSEC & IKE for Linux linux/i586
openswan-doc-2.6.38-1 An implementation of IPSEC & IKE for Linux linux/noarch
openswan-doc-2.6.37-1 An implementation of IPSEC & IKE for Linux linux/i586
openvas-scanner-3.2.4-1 Scanner module for OpenVAS linux/i586
osCommerce-2.2-1.20040510_MS3.5mdv2010.0 E-commerce solution (aka. "tep") linux/noarch
osCommerce-admin-2.2-1.20040510_MS3.5mdv2010.0 Administrative web interface for osCommerce linux/noarch
osCommerce-documentation-2.2-1.20040510_MS3.5mdv2010.0 The online documentation for osCommerce linux/noarch
osp-tools-4.0.3-1 Various utilities for the libosptk library linux/i586
overlook-3.2-7mdv2010.0 Overlook is a webmail system derived from squirrelmail linux/noarch
p910nd-0.93-1mdv2011.0 Tiny non-spooling printer daemon linux/i586
papi-commands-1.0-0.177.8 FSG OpenPrinting PAPI BSD and System V printing commands linux/i586
papi-common-1.0-0.177.8 FSG OpenPrinting PAPI Common files and Documentation linux/i586
papi-utils-1.0-0.177.8 FSG OpenPrinting PAPI sample tools linux/i586
pcapsipdump-0.1.4-0 PCAP SIP Dump tool linux/i586
pcsc-lite-1.8.3-2 M.U.S.C.L.E. PC/SC Framework for Linux linux/i586
pdns-3.0.1-1 Versatile Database Driven Nameserver linux/i586
pdns-backend-geo-3.0.1-1 GEO backend for pdns linux/i586
pdns-backend-ldap-3.0.1-1 LDAP backend for pdns linux/i586
pdns-backend-lua-3.0.1-1 LUA backend for pdns linux/i586
pdns-backend-mysql-3.0.1-1 MySQL backend for pdns linux/i586
pdns-backend-odbc-3.0.1-1 ODBC backend for pdns linux/i586
pdns-backend-pgsql-3.0.1-1 Generic PostgreSQL backend for pdns linux/i586
pdns-backend-pipe-3.0.1-1 Pipe/coprocess backend for pdns linux/i586
pdns-backend-sqlite3-3.0.1-1 SQLite3 backend for pdns linux/i586
pdns-devel-2.9.22-9 Development headers and libraries for pdns linux/i586
pdns-recursor-3.3-1 Recursor for PowerDNS linux/i586
pdq-2.2.1-16mdv2010.0 Print, don't Queue! - Daemonless printing system linux/i586
perl-OpenSIPS-1.7.2-1 Helps implement your own OpenSIPS extensions in Perl linux/i586
perl-OpenSIPS-VDB-1.7.2-1 Perl virtual database engine linux/i586
perl-libapreq2-2.130.0-3 Apache Request Library Perl Glue linux/i586
pgfouine-1.0-3mdv2010.0 PostgreSQL log analyzer linux/noarch
php-syslog-ng-2.9.8-6 Web frontend for syslog-ng linux/noarch
php5-test-5.1.6-6mdv2010.0 Simple test suite for testing php5 linux/noarch
phpldapadmin-1.2.2-3 A web-based LDAP administration tool linux/noarch
phpmyadmin-3.5.2-1 Handles the administration of MySQL over the web linux/noarch
phppgadmin-4.2.3-1mdv2011.0 PostgreSQL database adminstration over the web interface linux/noarch
phpsysinfo-2.5.4-7mdv2011.0 PHPSysInfo displays system status linux/noarch
pidentd-3.0.19-12 An implementation of the RFC1413 identification server linux/i586
pklasku-1.0.4-2mdv2011.0 PkLasku - Web application to create Finnish invoices linux/noarch
policyd-spf-fs-23-5mdv2009.0 Policy daemon for checking SPF records in postfix linux/i586
polipo- Lightweight caching web proxy linux/i586
pop-before-smtp-1.42-2mdv2010.0 Watch log for pop/imap auth, notify Postfix to allow relay linux/noarch
pop-before-smtp-in-c-1.0-4mdv2010.0 Watch log for pop/imap auth, notify Postfix to allow relay linux/i586
postfix-2.9.4-1 Postfix Mail Transport Agent linux/i586
postfix-cdb-2.9.4-1 CDB map support for Postfix linux/i586
postfix-config-standalone-2.9.4-1 Default configuration files for running Postfix standalone linux/i586
postfix-ldap-2.9.4-1 LDAP map support for Postfix linux/i586
postfix-mysql-2.9.4-1 MYSQL map support for Postfix linux/i586
postfix-pcre-2.9.4-1 PCRE map support for Postfix linux/i586
postfix-pgsql-2.9.4-1 Postgres SQL map support for Postfix linux/i586
postfix-sqlite-2.9.4-1 SQLite map support for Postfix linux/i586
postgrey-1.32-5mdv2010.0 Postfix Greylisting Policy Server linux/noarch
pound-2.6-1 A reverse-proxy and load-balancer linux/i586
powerman-2.3.9-2 Power to the Cluster linux/i586
powernowd-1.00-6 Daemon to adjust speed of your laptop processor linux/i586
ppp-2.4.5-11 The PPP daemon and documentation for Linux 1.3.xx and greater linux/i586
ppp-dhcp-2.4.5-11 DHCP plugin for ppp linux/i586
ppp-pppoatm-2.4.5-11 PPP over ATM plugin for ppp linux/i586
ppp-pppoe-2.4.5-11 PPP over ethernet plugin for ppp linux/i586
ppp-radius-2.4.5-11 Radius plugin for ppp linux/i586
ppp-visdn-0.18.3-1mdv2009.1 Cologne Chip's HFC-4S and HFC-8S vISDN driver for pppd linux/i586
prelude-correlator-1.0.1-1 Correlates events from the prelude manager linux/noarch
prelude-manager-1.0.2-1 Prelude Hybrid Intrusion Detection System Manager linux/i586
prelude-manager-db-plugin-1.0.2-1 Database report plugin for Prelude IDS Manager linux/i586
prelude-manager-xml-plugin-1.0.2-1 XML report plugin for Prelude IDS Manager linux/i586
preludedb-mysql-1.0.1-0.0.p1.1 Plugin to use prelude with a MySQL database linux/i586
preludedb-pgsql-1.0.1-0.0.p1.1 Plugin to use prelude with a PostgreSQL database linux/i586
preludedb-sqlite3-1.0.1-0.0.p1.1 Plugin to use prelude with a SQLite3 database linux/i586
prep_swap-0.02-5mdv2009.0 Tool to prepare swap for LTSP linux/i586
processdsn-1.0.0-1 Process DSN notifications, record them in a database linux/i586
procmail-3.22-17 The procmail mail processing program linux/i586
proftpd-1.3.4a-2 Professional FTP Server linux/i586
proftpd-mod_autohost-1.3.4a-2 An autohost module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ban-1.3.4a-2 Adds dynamic "ban" lists to ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_case-1.3.4a-2 Makes ProFTPD case insensitive linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ctrls_admin-1.3.4a-2 Module implementing admin control handlers linux/i586
proftpd-mod_gss-1.3.4a-2 A Kerberos 5 GSS module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ifsession-1.3.4a-2 Module supporting conditional per-user/group/class configuration contexts linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ldap-1.3.4a-2 LDAP password lookup module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_load-1.3.4a-2 A module that determines average load for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_memcache-1.3.4a-2 A module for managing memcache data linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab-1.3.4a-2 Module for managing FTP byte/file quotas via centralized tables linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab_file-1.3.4a-2 Sub-module for managing quota data via file-based tables linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab_ldap-1.3.4a-2 Sub-module for obtaining quota information from an LDAP directory linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab_radius-1.3.4a-2 Sub-module for managing quota data via radius linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab_sql-1.3.4a-2 Sub-module for managing quota data via SQL-based tables linux/i586
proftpd-mod_radius-1.3.4a-2 Module for RADIUS authentication and accounting linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ratio-1.3.4a-2 Support upload/download ratios linux/i586
proftpd-mod_rewrite-1.3.4a-2 Module for rewriting FTP commands linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sftp-1.3.4a-2 Implements the SSH2 protocol and its SFTP subsystem for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sftp_pam-1.3.4a-2 A module which provides an SSH2 "keyboard-interactive" driver using PAM linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sftp_sql-1.3.4a-2 SQL backend module for retrieving authorized keys linux/i586
proftpd-mod_shaper-1.3.4a-2 A shaping module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_site_misc-1.3.4a-2 Module implementing miscellaneous SITE commands linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql-1.3.4a-2 SQL frontend linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql_mysql-1.3.4a-2 Support for connecting to MySQL databases linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql_passwd-1.3.4a-2 Various SQL password handlers linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql_postgres-1.3.4a-2 Support for connecting to Postgres databases linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql_sqlite-1.3.4a-2 Support for connecting to SQLite3 databases linux/i586
proftpd-mod_time-1.3.4a-2 Limits acces based on the time of day and/or the day of the week linux/i586
proftpd-mod_tls-1.3.4a-2 An RFC2228 SSL/TLS module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_tls_memcache-1.3.4a-2 A module which provides a shared SSL session cache using memcached servers linux/i586
proftpd-mod_tls_shmcache-1.3.4a-2 A module which provides a shared SSL session cache using SysV shared memory linux/i586
proftpd-mod_vroot-1.3.4a-2 Adds virtual chroot capability to ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_wrap-1.3.4a-2 Provides tcpwrapper-like access control rules for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_wrap_file-1.3.4a-2 A file-specific driver for the mod_wrap module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_wrap_sql-1.3.4a-2 A SQL database driver for the mod_wrap module for ProFTPD linux/i586
prophet-2.7-0.r83.2mdv2010.0 A Probabilistic Routing Protocol linux/i586
prosody-0.8.2-1 Light Lua Jabber/XMPP server linux/i586
proxsmtpd-1.8-3mdv2011.0 ProxSMTP: An SMTP Filter linux/i586
psad-2.2-1 Psad analyzses iptables log messages for suspect traffic linux/i586
pubcookie-3.3.3-12mdv2011.0 Intra-institutional web authentication linux/i586
pure-ftpd-1.0.36-1 Lightweight, fast and secure FTP server linux/i586
pure-ftpd-anon-upload-1.0.36-1 Anonymous upload support for pure-ftpd linux/i586
pure-ftpd-anonymous-1.0.36-1 Anonymous support for pure-ftpd linux/i586
pwauth-2.3.9-1 A Unix Web Authenticator linux/i586
pxe-1.4.2-21 A Linux PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) package linux/i586
pxe-bootstraps-1.4.2-21 A compilation of Linux PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) Bootstraps linux/i586
pyds-0.7.3-10mdv2011.0 Python Desktop Server linux/i586
python-medusa-0.5.4-7mdv2011.0 Framework for Python-based server linux/noarch
python-mmc-base- Mandriva Management Console base plugin linux/i586
python-mmc-base-2.3.2-12mdv2011.0 Mandriva Management Console base plugin linux/noarch
python-mmc-bulkimport- Mandriva Management Console bulkimport plugin linux/i586
python-mmc-core- Mandriva Management Console core linux/i586
python-mmc-mail- Mandriva Management Console base plugin linux/i586
python-mmc-mail-2.3.2-12mdv2011.0 Mandriva Management Console base plugin linux/noarch
python-mmc-network- Mandriva Management Console network plugin linux/i586
python-mmc-network-2.3.2-12mdv2011.0 Mandriva Management Console network plugin linux/noarch
python-mmc-plugins-tools- Required tools for some MMC plugins linux/i586
python-mmc-ppolicy- Mandriva Management Console password policy plugin linux/i586
python-mmc-proxy- Mandriva Management Console proxy plugin linux/i586
python-mmc-proxy-2.3.2-12mdv2011.0 Mandriva Management Console proxy plugin linux/noarch
python-mmc-samba- Mandriva Management Console SAMBA plugin linux/i586
python-mmc-samba-2.3.2-12mdv2011.0 Mandriva Management Console SAMBA plugin linux/noarch
python-mmc-sshlpk- Mandriva Management Console sshlpk plugin linux/i586
python-mmc-userquota- Mandriva Management Console userquota plugin linux/i586
qadsl-1.3.3-6mdv2009.0 Autologin & Keep-Alive Daemon for Internet Connections linux/i586
quagga- Routing daemon linux/i586
quagga-contrib- Tools for quagga linux/i586
rabl_client-1.0.0-4mdv2010.0 Reactive Autonomous Blackhole List (RABL) client linux/i586
rabl_server-1.0.0-4mdv2009.0 Reactive Autonomous Blackhole List (RABL) Project server linux/i586
radiusclient-ng-0.5.6-3mdv2010.0 Radiusclient library and tools linux/i586
radiusclient-utils-0.3.2-15 Radiusclient library linux/i586
radiusd-cistron-1.6.8-1mdv2009.0 Cistron RADIUS daemon (with PAM) linux/i586
radmind-1.11.1-7mdv2011.0 Remotely administer the file systems of multiple unix machines linux/i586
radstock-0.66-5mdk Radstock Radius Analyser linux/i586
radvd-1.9.1-1 The IPv6 Router Advertisement Daemon linux/i586
rails-3.2.3-1 Web-application framework with template engine, control-flow layer, and ORM linux/noarch
rarpd-ss981107-8mdv2010.0 The RARP daemon linux/i586
rbldnsd-0.996b-3mdv2010.0 Small, fast daemon to serve DNSBLs linux/i586
rdiff-0.9.7-9 Compute and apply signature-based file differences linux/i586
refbase-0.9.5-2mdv2010.0 Web-based, multi-user interface for managing scientific literature & citations linux/noarch
rootcerts-20120628.00-1 Bundle of CA Root Certificates linux/i586
roundcubemail-0.7.2-1 A PHP-based webmail server linux/noarch
routed-0.17-13 The routing daemon which maintains routing tables linux/i586
rp-pppoe-3.10-5 ADSL/PPPoE userspace driver linux/i586
rp-pppoe-gui-3.10-5 GUI front-end for rp-pppoe linux/i586
rp-pppoe-plugin-3.10-5 PPP over ethernet kernel-mode plugin linux/i586
rpcbind-0.2.0-5 Universal Addresses to RPC Program Number Napper linux/i586
rrdcached-1.4.7-1 Data caching daemon for RRDtool linux/i586
rsipd-0.9.3-13mdv2009.0 New protocol which may be an alternative to the NAT/PAT linux/i586
rsvndump-0.6-1 Remote Subversion repository dump linux/i586
rt-3.8.11-1 Request tracker 3 linux/noarch
rt-mailgate-3.8.11-1 rt's mailgate utility linux/noarch
ruby-mail-2.4.4-1 A really Ruby Mail handler linux/noarch
ruby-papi-1.0-0.177.8 FSG OpenPrinting PAPI Ruby bindings linux/i586
ruby-sprockets2.1-2.1.3-2 Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system linux/noarch
rubygem-sprockets-2.3.0-4 Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system linux/noarch
rubygem-thor-0.14.6-4 A scripting framework that replaces rake, sake and rubigen linux/noarch
rubygem-treetop-1.4.10-4 A Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL linux/noarch
ruijieclient-0.7.0-1mdv2010.0 A ruijie network supplicant for GNU/Linux linux/i586
ruli-tools-0.36-5mdv2010.0 Tools utilizing the RULI (Resolver User Layer Interface) library linux/i586
rusers-server-0.17-22 Server for the rusers protocol linux/i586
rwall-0.17-19 Client and server for sending messages to a host's logged in users linux/i586
samba-common-3.6.9-2 Files used by both Samba servers and clients linux/i586
samba-doc-3.6.9-2 Documentation for Samba servers and clients linux/noarch
samba-swat-3.6.9-2 The Samba Web Administration Tool linux/i586
samba-winbind-3.6.9-2 Samba-winbind daemon, utilities and documentation linux/i586
samba4-common-4.0.0-0.9.6.beta6 Files used by both Samba servers and clients linux/i586
samba4-swat-4.0.0-0.9.6.beta6 The Samba Web Administration Tool linux/i586
samba4-test-4.0.0-0.9.6.beta6 Debugging and benchmarking tools for samba linux/i586
samba4-winbind-4.0.0-0.9.6.beta6 Samba-winbind daemon, utilities and documentation linux/i586
samhain-2.5.2b-2mdv2010.0 File integrity and host-based IDS linux/i586
sec-2.6.0-1 Simple Event Correlator linux/noarch
send_nsca-2.7.2-6mdv2010.0 NSCA client linux/i586
sendmail-8.14.5-2 A widely used Mail Transport Agent (MTA) linux/i586
sendmail-cf-8.14.5-2 The files needed to reconfigure Sendmail linux/i586
sendmail-doc-8.14.5-2 Documentation about the Sendmail Mail Transport Agent program linux/i586
ser-0.9.6-12 SIP Express Router, very fast and flexible SIP Proxy linux/i586
ser-jabber-0.9.6-12 SIP jabber message translation support for the SIP Express Router linux/i586
ser-mysql-0.9.6-12 MySQL connectivity for the SIP Express Router linux/i586
ser-radius-0.9.6-12 Ser radius authentication, group and uri check modules linux/i586
ser2net-2.7-2 Serial to network proxy linux/i586
siege-2.72-1 HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility linux/i586
sipfwd-0.7-1mdv2011.0 Stateless SIP Proxy linux/i586
siproxd-0.7.2-2mdv2011.0 A SIP masquerading proxy with RTP support linux/i586
sleezeball-0.6-11mdv2011.0 A redirector for Squid2 that zapps banners linux/i586
smbldap-tools-0.9.5-7 User & Group administration tools for Samba-OpenLDAP linux/i586
smtp-gated-1.4.17-5 SMTP Transparent Proxy linux/i586
snmppd-0.5.2-11mdv2011.0 SNMP proxy daemon linux/i586
snmptt-1.3-2mdv2011.0 SNMP Trap Translator linux/noarch
snortconf-0.4.2-0.BETA.5mdv2010.0 A tool to ease configuring the OpenSource IDS tool Snort linux/i586
sobby-0.4.8-1 Standalone collaborative editing server, to use with gobby linux/i586
soma-2.4-9mdv2011.0 Basical soma suite linux/i586
somaplayer-0.5.3-3mdv2011.0 Music player for MP3, Ogg, wav, audio CDs, MP3 streams, and Ogg streams linux/i586
spamassassin-spamd-3.3.2-3 Daemonized version of SpamAssassin linux/i586
spf2-utils-1.2.9-4 Programs for making SPF queries using libspf2 linux/i586
sphinx-2.0.4-1 SQL full-text search engine linux/i586
spin_auth-1.2.0-3mdv2011.0 Authentication provider for mod_spin linux/i586
spin_feedback-1.2.0-3mdv2011.0 Web site feedback mod_spin application linux/i586
spip-2.1.1-1 CMS tool for Internet linux/noarch
spread-4.1.0-2mdv2011.0 Multicast Group Communication Framework linux/i586
spybye-0.3-6mdv2011.0 A proxy to help finding malware linux/i586
spyce-1.3.13-4mdv2009.0 SPYCE - Python Server Pages, Python-based HTML scripting engine linux/noarch
sqlgrey-1.7.6-4mdv2011.0 Postfix grey-listing policy service linux/noarch
squid- The Squid proxy caching server linux/i586
squid-cachemgr- The Squid Cache Manager linux/i586
squid-conf-host2cat-1.02-1 adapted squid config linux/i586
squid_nufw_helper-1.1.3-6 NuFW SSO module for Squid linux/i586
squidclamav-6.8-1 A Clamav Antivirus Redirector for Squid linux/i586
squidguard-1.4-19 Filter, redirector and access controller plugin for Squid linux/i586
squirrelmail-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Webmail client for PHP4 linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ar-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Arabic language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-bg-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Bulgarian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-bn-bangladesh-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Bengali (Bangladesh) language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-bn-india-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Bengali (India) language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ca-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Catalan language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-cs-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Czech language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-cy-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Welsh language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-cyrus-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Cyrus meta package for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-da-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Danish language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-de-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 German language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-el-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Greek language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-es-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Spanish language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-et-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Estonian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-eu-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Basque language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-fa-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Farsi language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-fi-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Finnish language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-fo-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Faroese language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-fr-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 French language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-fy-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Frisian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-he-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Hebrew language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-hr-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Croatian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-hu-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Hungarian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-id-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Indonesian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-is-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Icelandic language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-it-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Italian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ja-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Japanese language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ka-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Georgian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-km-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Khmer language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ko-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Korean language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-lt-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Lithuanian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-lv-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Latvian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-mk-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Macedonian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ms-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Bahasa Melayu language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-nb-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Norwegian Bokmål language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-nl-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Dutch language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-nn-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Norwegian Nynorsk language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-pl-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Polish language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-poutils-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Some development tools for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-pt-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ro-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Romanian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ru-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Russian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-sk-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Slovak language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-sl-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Slovenian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-sr-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Serbian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-sv-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Swedish language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ta-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Tamil language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-th-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Thai language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-tr-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Turkish language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-ug-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Uighur language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-uk-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Ukrainian language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-vi-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Vietnamese language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-zh_CN-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Chinese Simplified language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
squirrelmail-zh_TW-1.4.23-0.0.r14325.1 Chinese Traditional language files for SquirrelMail linux/noarch
srs-1.0.18-7mdv2011.0 Command line interface to libsrs2 linux/i586
ss5-3.8.9-1 Socks Server 5 linux/i586
sslsniff-0.8-1 SSL/TLS man-in-the-middle attack tool linux/i586
ssmtp-2.64-5mdv2011.0 A minimal mail-transfer agent which forwards mail to an SMTP server linux/i586
startsess-1.1-5mdv2010.0 Tool to start LTSP sessions linux/i586
strongswan-4.5.2-1 StrongSWAN IPSEC implementation linux/i586
stun-client-0.96-6mdv2010.0 STUN client linux/i586
stun-server-0.96-6mdv2010.0 STUN server linux/i586
stunnel-4.34-3 Program that wraps normal socket connections with SSL/TLS linux/i586
subversion-server-1.7.5-1 Subversion Server linux/i586
sympa-6.1.5-1 Electronic mailing list manager linux/i586
sympa-www-6.1.5-1 Web interface for sympa linux/i586
tac_plus- TACACS+ server based on Cisco engineering release linux/i586
talk-server-0.17-21 Server for the talk program linux/i586
task-bs-cluster-base-2012.0-2 Task package for base system of the Mandriva cluster nodes linux/noarch
task-bs-cluster-chroot-2012.0-2 Task package for chroot system of the Mandriva cluster nodes linux/noarch
task-bs-cluster-main-2012.0-2 Task package for the main node of the Mandriva cluster linux/noarch
task-bs-common-2012.0-2 Task package for common tools on Mandriva build system nodes linux/noarch
task-bs-mirror-upload-2012.0-2 Task package for mirror upload node in Mandriva build system linux/noarch
task-lamp-2009.1-2mdv2010.0 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl server linux/noarch
task-lamp-extras-2009.1-2mdv2010.0 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python extras linux/noarch
task-lamp-perl-2009.1-2mdv2010.0 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl server linux/noarch
task-lamp-php-2009.1-2mdv2010.0 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP server linux/noarch
task-lamp-python-2009.1-2mdv2010.0 Metapackage for the Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python server linux/noarch
task-mds-2.4.2-1 Meta package for the Mandriva Directory Server linux/noarch
task-nagios-0-4mdv2011.0 Metapackage for Nagios(tm) linux/noarch
tcp_wrappers-7.6-45 A security tool which acts as a wrapper for TCP daemons linux/i586
tcron-0.5.3-6mdv2010.0 Another cron daemon linux/i586
tftp-5.1-1 The client and server for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) linux/i586
tftp-server-5.1-1 The server for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) linux/i586
thttpd-2.25b-10mdv2010.0 Throttleable lightweight httpd server linux/i586
tikiwiki-6.0-1mdv2011.0 A PHP-based CMS/Groupware web application with a full Wiki environment linux/noarch
tinyca-0.7.5-5mdv2010.0 Small Certification Authority (CA) manager linux/noarch
tinyproxy-1.8.3-1.1 Lightweight, non-caching, optionally anonymizing HTTP proxy linux/i586
tntnet-1.6.3-1mdv2009.1 A web application server for web applications written in C++ linux/i586
tntnet-demos-1.6.3-1mdv2009.1 Demos for tntnet linux/i586
tokyocabinet-tcawmgr-1.4.47-2 The CGI utility of the abstract database API (tokyocabinet) linux/i586
tp4utils-1.0-0.beta2.1mdk IBM Thinkpad Trackpoint daemon and utilities linux/i586
tpm-tools-1.3.3-3mdv2011.0 Management tools for the TPM hardware linux/i586
tpm-tools-pkcs11-1.3.3-3mdv2011.0 Data management tools that use a PKCS#11 interface to the TPM linux/i586
trousers-0.3.2-4mdv2011.0 Implementation of the TCG's Software Stack v1.1 Specification linux/i586
tux-3.2.18-8mdv2009.0 User-space component of TUX kernel-based threaded HTTP server linux/i586
twiki-4.3.2-4mdv2011.0 The Open Source Enterprise Wiki and Web 2.0 Application Platform linux/noarch
twiki-plugin-ldapcontrib-2.99.7-2mdv2010.0 LDAP services for TWiki linux/noarch
uclibc-dbus-1.6.8-2 D-Bus message bus (uClibc linked) linux/i586
uclibc-gpm-1.20.7-2 A mouse server for the Linux console (uClibc build) linux/i586
uclibc-pppd-2.4.5-11 uClibc-linked build of pppd linux/i586
uclibc-pppoe-3.10-5 uClibc-linked build of pppoe linux/i586
udhcpd-0.9.9-0.20050303.2mdv2011.0 Very small DHCP server linux/i586
udpxy-1.0.19-0 UDP-to-HTTP multicast traffic relay daemon linux/i586
unbound-1.4.17-1 Validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver linux/i586
unfs3-0.9.22-2mdv2010.0 UNFS3 user-space NFSv3 server linux/i586
unimrcp-0.1815-1 Media Resource Control Protocol Stack linux/i586
upclient-5.0-1.b5.2mdv2009.0 Sends the uptime of the machine it's running on to a server linux/i586
uuidd-2.22-6.2 Helper daemon to guarantee uniqueness of time-based UUIDs linux/i586
varnish-3.0.2-2 Varnish is a high-performance HTTP accelerator linux/i586
verlihub-0.9.8e-1mdv2011.0 Direct Connect (p2p) Server linux/i586
viewvc-1.1.15-1 Browser interface for CVS and Subversion version control repositories linux/noarch
voipong-2.0-5mdv2009.1 VoIPong Voice Over IP Sniffer linux/i586
vsftpd-3.0.0-1 Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon linux/i586
web2project-2.0-5mdv2011.0 Real Project Management for Real Businesses linux/noarch
websvn-2.3.2-1mdv2011.0 PHP based web interface of Subversion repositories linux/noarch
whoisit-1.1-5mdv2010.0 Facilities to Announce incoming callers over the computer speakers linux/i586
wondershaper-1.1a-8mdv2010.0 Helps maintain interactive latency on modem/ADSL/cable linux/noarch
wordpress-3.4.1-1 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wshaperx-1.1a.x1-10mdv2010.0 Helps maintain interactive latency on modem/ADSL/cable linux/noarch
wu-ftpd-2.6.2-12mdv2009.0 An FTP daemon originally developed by Washington University linux/i586
xca-0.9.1-1 GUI for handling X509 certificates, RSA keys and PKCS linux/i586
xfs-1.1.2-1 Font server for X11 linux/i586
xorp-1.8.3-0 An eXtensible Open Router Platform (XORP) linux/i586
xrdp-0.4.1-5mdv2011.0 Open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server linux/i586
xsp-2.10.2-1 Small Web Server Hosting ASP.NET linux/noarch
yaws-1.87-1mdv2010.1 A high performance HTTP 1.1 webserver linux/i586
yersinia-0.7.2-0.20060323.3 Network pen-testing tool linux/i586
yiff-2.14.7-5mdv2011.0 YIFF Sound Systems linux/i586
ypbind-1.29.91-5 The NIS daemon which binds NIS clients to an NIS domain linux/i586
ypserv-2.22-3 The NIS (Network Information Service) server linux/i586
zarafa-7.0.7-1 Zarafa Outlook Sharing and Open Source Collaboration linux/i586
zarafa-archiver-7.0.7-1 Manages zarafa archives and perfoms the archive operation linux/i586
zarafa-caldav-7.0.7-1 The Zarafa iCal/CalDAV gateway linux/i586
zarafa-client-7.0.7-1 Zarafa Client Library linux/i586
zarafa-common-7.0.7-1 Zarafa common files linux/i586
zarafa-dagent-7.0.7-1 Zarafa Delivery Agent linux/i586
zarafa-gateway-7.0.7-1 Zarafa Gateway server (POP3/IMAP access) linux/i586
zarafa-ical-7.0.7-1 The Zarafa iCal/CalDAV gateway linux/i586
zarafa-indexer-7.0.7-1 The Zarafa Indexing service linux/i586
zarafa-monitor-7.0.7-1 Zarafa Monitoring service linux/i586
zarafa-msr-6.40.9-0.1.svn27553.1 Relocates mailboxes from one node to another linux/i586
zarafa-server-7.0.7-1 Zarafa Backend Server linux/i586
zarafa-spooler-7.0.7-1 Zarafa Spooler Service linux/i586
zarafa-utils-7.0.7-1 Zarafa Utilities linux/i586
zero-install-0.1.27-11mdv2010.0 Removes the need to install software linux/i586
ziproxy-3.2.1-1 A http compression and optimizer, non-caching, fully configurable proxy linux/i586
zonecheck-3.0.3-1mdv2011.0 Perform consistency checks on DNS zones linux/i586
zonecheck-www-3.0.3-1mdv2011.0 Web service interface for ZoneCheck linux/i586
zonemanip-0.1.4-8mdv2011.0 Command line tool for PowerDNS and its MySQL backend linux/i586
zope-2.11.6-1mdv2010.1 A leading open source application server linux/i586
zope-CMFActivity-0.8-7mdv2010.0 Activity Tool for zope linux/noarch
zope-CMFCategory-0.8-6mdv2010.0 All algorithms related to categories and relations in CMF linux/i586
zope-CMFMailIn-1.0.0-10mdv2010.0 A Zope product to import emails into CMF sites linux/i586
zope-CMFReportTool-0.1.1-11mdv2010.0 A Zope product to generate PDF reports linux/i586
zope-CacheFu-1.1-5mdv2010.0 CacheFu speeds up Plone dramatically linux/noarch
zope-Epoz-2.0.2-8mdv2010.0 Epoz allows you to edit Zope-objects with a wysiwyg-editor linux/noarch
zope-Formulator-1.11.3-5mdv2010.0 An extensible framework that eases the creation and validation of web forms linux/noarch
zope-LDAPMultiPlugins-1.5-6mdv2010.0 Provides PluggableAuthService plugins that interoperate with LDAP linux/noarch
zope-LDAPUserFolder-2.8-5mdv2010.0 User folder replacement for Zope that authenticates Zope users against LDAP linux/noarch
zope-LinguaPlone-2.0-6mdv2010.0 LinguaPlone aims to be *the* multilingual/translation solution for Plone linux/noarch
zope-Plone-3.0.6-6mdv2010.0 A user friendly and powerful open source Content Management System linux/noarch
zope-PloneErrorReporting-1.1-6mdv2010.0 PloneErrorReporting facilitate the submission of useful bug reports to Plone linux/noarch
zope-PloneLanguageTool-2.0.1-6mdv2010.0 PloneLanguageTool allows to set the available languages in a Plone site linux/noarch
zope-PlonePAS-3.1-6mdv2010.0 This product adapts the PluggableAuthService for use by Plone linux/noarch
zope-PloneTranslations-3.0.9-5mdv2010.0 PloneTranslations contains recent i18n files (*.po) for Plone linux/noarch
zope-PloneWebMail-1.0-10mdv2010.0 IMAP email client for Plone linux/noarch
zope-PluggableAuthService-1.5.2-7mdv2010.0 This product defines a fully-pluggable user folder, intended for use in all Zope sites linux/noarch
zope-PluginRegistry-1.1.2-8mdv2010.0 Tool for Product developers to enable a pluggable architecture linux/noarch
zope-ResourceRegistries-1.4.1-4mdv2010.0 Registries for linked style sheet files and javascripts linux/noarch
zope-SecureMailHost-1.1-7mdv2010.0 Reimplementation of the standard MailHost linux/noarch
zope-ZopeVersionControl-0.3.4-5mdv2010.0 Zope Version Control linux/noarch
zope-fckeditor-2.4.7-6mdv2010.0 An alternate WYSIWUG editor for Plone linux/noarch
zope-mxmCounter-1.1.0-10mdv2010.0 A simple filesystem based hit counter for Zope, CMF & Plone, for multiple pages linux/noarch
zope-statusmessages-3.0.3-5mdv2010.0 Provides an easy way of handling internationalized status messages linux/noarch
zopeedit-0.9.3-5mdv2009.0 Zope ExternalEditor helper application linux/noarch

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