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RPM of Group System/Base

9base-20051114-4mdv2009.0 9base is a port of following original Plan 9 userland tools to Unix linux/i586
abrt-1.1.14-4 Automatic bug detection and reporting tool linux/i586
abrt-1.1.14-2 Automatic bug detection and reporting tool linux/i586
apache-commons-daemon-1.0.7-2 Defines API to support an alternative invocation mechanism linux/i586
apache-commons-daemon-jsvc-1.0.7-2 Java daemon launcher linux/i586
apparmor-docs-2.0.1-1.237.3mdv2011.0 AppArmor documentation and manpages linux/noarch
apparmor-parser-2.3.1-1.1349.2mdv2010.0 AppArmor userlevel parser utility linux/i586
apparmor-profiles-2.3-1.1351.4mdv2011.0 Base AppArmor profiles linux/noarch
apparmor-utils-2.3.1-1.1357.4mdv2011.0 AppArmor userlevel utilities linux/noarch
arpwatch2html-0.9-7mdv2011.0 Convert the arpwatch flat-file into html linux/noarch
audispd-plugins-2.2.1-1 Plugins for the audit event dispatcher linux/i586
audit-2.2.1-1 User-space tools for Linux 2.6 kernel auditing linux/i586
autologin-1.0.0-29 Automatically log in linux/i586
autopsy-2.24-1 Autopsy Forensic Browser linux/noarch
basesystem-2012-7 Skeleton package which defines a simple Mandriva Linux system linux/i586
basesystem-minimal-2012-7 Minimalistic skeleton package definining a simple Mandriva Linux system linux/i586
basesystem-uml-2012-7 Skeleton package definining a simple uml Mandriva Linux system linux/i586
bcfg2-1.2.2-1 A configuration management system linux/noarch
bcfg2-server-1.2.2-1 Configuration management server linux/noarch
become-0.1-4mdv2010.0 Utility to changes the effective, or real, user and group id linux/i586
bindfs-1.10.7-1 Fuse filesystem to mirror a directory linux/i586
biosdevname-0.4.1-1 Udev helper for naming devices per BIOS names linux/i586
biosdevname-0.3.11-1 Udev helper for naming devices per BIOS names linux/i586
ccal-2.5-1mdv2011.0 A program to display a calendar together with Chinese calendar linux/i586
cgroup-0.37.1-2 Tools to control and monitor control groups linux/i586
chrony-1.27-0.pre1git1ca844a.1 An NTP client/server linux/i586
clicfs-1.4.0-0 Compressed Loop Image Container linux/i586
common-licenses-1.1-2 Contains the various common licenses uses by the distribution linux/noarch
coreutils-8.20-1 The GNU core utilities: a set of tools commonly used in shell scripts linux/i586
corosync-1.2.8-3 The Corosync Cluster Engine and Application Programming Interfaces linux/i586
cpu-1.4.3-10mdv2011.0 Ldap aware command like useradd, userdel, usermod and others linux/i586
cpufrequtils-008-2 Tools to determine and set cpufreq settings linux/i586
cronutils-1.1-1 Utilities to assist running batch processing jobs linux/i586
cryptsetup-1.5.1-2 Utility for setting up encrypted filesystems linux/i586
debugmode-9.34-3 Scripts for running in debugging mode linux/i586
dkms-2.0.19-30 Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework linux/noarch
dkms-minimal-2.0.19-30 Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework - minimal package linux/noarch
dmraid-events-1.0.0-0.rc16.5 Dmraid event tool linux/i586
dracut-024-2 Next generation initrd image generator linux/i586
dracut-008-2 Next generation initrd image generator linux/noarch
echoping-6.0.2-4mdv2011.0 TCP "echo" performance test linux/i586
embutils-0.19-4mdv2011.0 Small system utilities for embedded systems linux/i586
empower-2.0.0-0.65608.1 A graphical sudo tool based on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries linux/i586
etcskel-1.63-29 Mandriva Linux default files for new users' home directories linux/noarch
fetchmail-daemon-6.3.22-1 SySV init script for demonize fetchmail for retrieving emails linux/i586
filesystem-2.1.9-16 The basic directory layout for a Linux system linux/i586
finit-0.6-7mdv2011.0 Fast /sbin/init replacement linux/i586
finit-config-default-0.6-7mdv2011.0 Default configuration for finit linux/i586
fuse-2.9.1-2 Interface for userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the kernel linux/i586
gksu-utils-2.0.12-4 Utilities package for libgksu linux/i586
grubby-8.11-1 Command line tool for updating bootloader configs linux/i586
hardlink-1.0-11 Create a tree of hardlinks linux/i586
hashalot-0.3-6mdv2011.0 Binary hash generator linux/i586
hibernate-2.0-3mdv2011.0 Software suspend 2 hibernate script linux/noarch
httperf-0.9.0-7mdv2011.0 Popular web server benchmark linux/i586
httping-1.5.4-1 A "ping"-like tool for HTTP requests linux/i586
hwdb-clients-0.18-7 Hardware database clients linux/noarch
hwloc-1.5-1 Displays the hardware topology in convenient formats linux/i586
iddev-1.9-6mdv2011.0 Library that identifies device contents linux/i586
improver_client-2.0.0-34 Improver client linux/i586
indexhtml-2012.0-1 Mandriva Linux html welcome page linux/noarch
info-4.13a-10 A stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation linux/i586
initscripts-9.34-3 The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts linux/i586
iputils-20101006-2 Network monitoring tools including ping linux/i586
ipv6calc-0.93.1-2 Utility to manipulate IPv6 addresses linux/i586
isight-firmware-tools-1.6-2 Firmware extraction tools for Apple Built-in iSight camera linux/i586
ivman-0.6.14-8mdv2011.0 A volume manager daemon linux/i586
iw-3.7-1 Configuration utility for wireless devices linux/i586
keyutils-1.5.5-2 Linux Key Management Utilities linux/i586
krb5-auth-dialog-3.2.1-1 Kerberos 5 authentication dialog linux/i586
krb5-workstation-1.10.2-4 Kerberos 5 programs for use on workstations linux/i586
ktsuss-1.4-1mdv2009.1 Lightweight and simple frontend for su command linux/i586
l7-filter-userspace-0.12_beta1-1 Userspace version of l7-filter linux/i586
lads-0.10-11 Login anomaly detection system linux/noarch
ld.so1-1.9.11-10mdk The Linux dynamic linker, library and utilities. linux/i586
libcap-ng-utils-0.7-1 Utilities for analysing and setting file capabilities linux/i586
libcpu-devel-1.4.3-10mdv2011.0 Ldap aware command like useradd, userdel, usermod and others linux/i586
libcpu0-1.4.3-10mdv2011.0 Ldap aware command like useradd, userdel, usermod and others linux/i586
libcpufreq0-008-2 Main library for cpufrequtils linux/i586
libnilfs-utils-devel-2.1.4-1 Headers for developing programs that will use nilfs-utils linux/i586
libnilfs-utils0-2.1.4-1 Main library for nilfs-utils linux/i586
libntfs-3g83-2012.1.15-7 Library for reading & writing on NTFS filesystems linux/i586
libpwquality-tools-1.1.1-1 Tools for password quality checking and generating random passwords linux/i586
livecd-iso-to-disk-031-48 Script for copy iso to disk linux/noarch
livecd-tools-031-48 Tools for building live CDs linux/noarch
lockfile-progs-0.1.10-6 Programs for locking and unlocking files and mailboxes linux/i586
lsb-core-lib-4.1-9 Core requirements needed for LSB compliance linux/i586
lsb-core-noarch-4.1-9 Architecture neutral components of lsb-core linux/i586
lsb-lib-4.1-9 The skeleton package defining packages needed for LSB compliance linux/i586
lsb-noarch-4.1-9 Architecture neutral components of LSB linux/i586
lsb-release-2.0-36 Linux Standard Base tools linux/i586
lsb-test-4.1-9 Requirements needed to successfully run the LSB runtime tests linux/i586
lxbios-2.0.1-4mdv2009.0 An utility to read/write LinuxBIOS parameters linux/i586
man-2.6.1-1 A set of documentation tools: man, apropos and whatis linux/i586
mandriva-kde-translation-2010.1-6 Localization files for Mandriva kde strings linux/noarch
md5sha1sum-0.9.5-1 Microbrew MD5sum/SHA1sum/RIPEMD160sum linux/i586
menu-messages-2011.0-0.2 Localization files for Menu system linux/noarch
mingetty-1.08-7 A compact getty program for virtual consoles only linux/i586
moblin-user-skel-0.13-2mdv2011.0 Skel files for users on Moblin linux/noarch
mountloop-0.15.4-5 Allow users to mount files via loopback linux/i586
msec-0.80.10-6 Security Level management for the Mandriva Linux distribution linux/i586
mtree-2.7-6mdv2011.0 Map a directory hierarchy linux/i586
netprofile-0.28-4 Manage network profiles linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-firewall-0.28-4 firewall configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-network-0.28-4 network configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-proxy-0.28-4 proxy configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-services-0.28-4 service management plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
netprofile-plugin-urpmi-0.28-4 urpmi configuration plugin for netprofile linux/noarch
networkmanager- Network connection manager and user applications linux/i586
networkmanager- Network connection manager and user applications linux/i586
networkmanager-openconnect- NetworkManager VPN integration for openconnect linux/i586
networkmanager-openswan- NetworkManager VPN integration for OpenSWAN linux/i586
networkmanager-openvpn- NetworkManager VPN integration for OpenVPN linux/i586
networkmanager-pptp- NetworkManager VPN integration for PPTP linux/i586
networkmanager-vpnc- NetworkManager VPN integration for vpnc linux/i586
nilfs-utils-2.1.4-1 Tools for nilfs filesystem linux/i586
nss-myhostname-0.3-1 glibc plugin for local system host name resolution linux/i586
ntfs-3g-2012.1.15-7 Read-write ntfs driver linux/i586
nvram-wakeup-1.1-1 Reads and writes the WakeUp time in the BIOS linux/i586
oath-toolkit-1.8.2-1 OATH Toolkit is a software toolkit for using HOTP/TOTP schemes linux/i586
ocfs2-tools-1.6.4-1 Tools for managing the Oracle Cluster Filesystem 2 linux/i586
ocfs2console-1.6.4-1 GUI frontend for OCFS2 management linux/i586
openais-1.1.4-2 The openais Standards-Based Cluster Framework executive and APIs linux/i586
openl2tp-1.8-1 An L2TP client/server, designed for VPN use linux/i586
ozerocdoff-0.4-1.2 Tool for switching modes of Option USB devices linux/i586
passwd-0.78-2 The passwd utility for setting/changing passwords using PAM linux/i586
passwd-gen-1.01a-11mdv2010.0 Password generator linux/i586
pdisk-0.8-13 A partitioning tool for Apple Macintosh-style partitioned disks linux/i586
pmount-0.9.20-3mdv2011.0 Pmount allow mounting devices without fstab modifications linux/i586
policycoreutils-2.0.61-6mdv2011.0 SELinux policy core utilities linux/i586
policycoreutils-gui-2.0.61-6mdv2011.0 SELinux configuration GUI linux/i586
policycoreutils-newrole-2.0.61-6mdv2011.0 The newrole application for RBAC/MLS linux/i586
portreserve-0.0.5-1 TCP port reservation utility linux/i586
prcsys-0.0.3-8 Parallel init for Mandriva linux/i586
prelink-0.4.5-1.20110622.5 An ELF prelinking utility linux/i586
preload-0.6.4-4 Adaptive readahead daemon linux/i586
pwdb-conf-0.62-13 The password database library config linux/i586
pyrpm-0.70-7 A rpm implementation purely in Python linux/noarch
python-imgcreate-031-48 Python modules for building system images linux/noarch
rfkill-0.4-3 Simple /dev/rfkill userspace tool linux/i586
rootfiles-11.0-7 The basic required files for the root user's directory linux/noarch
rsbac-1.4.6-1 A hardened linux solution linux/i586
rsec-0.70.1-3mdv2010.0 Security Reporting tool linux/i586
runit-2.1.1-3mdv2011.0 A UN*X init scheme with service supervision linux/i586
runsuid-1.5-7 Runs scripts with different group/user id linux/i586
sectool-0.9.3-6 A security audit system and intrusion detection system linux/i586
sectool-0.9.3-2mdv2011.0 A security audit system and intrusion detection system linux/i586
sectool-gui-0.9.3-6 GUI for sectool - security audit system and intrusion detection system linux/i586
sectool-gui-0.9.3-2mdv2011.0 GUI for sectool - security audit system and intrusion detection system linux/i586
selinux-policy-3.6.6-2mdv2010.0 SELinux policy configuration linux/noarch
selinux-policy-doc-3.6.6-2mdv2010.0 SELinux policy documentation linux/noarch
selinux-policy-minimum-3.6.6-2mdv2010.0 SELinux minimum base policy linux/noarch
selinux-policy-mls-3.6.6-2mdv2010.0 SELinux mls base policy linux/noarch
selinux-policy-targeted-3.6.6-2mdv2010.0 SELinux targeted base policy linux/noarch
setools-3.3.5-2mdv2009.1 Policy analysis tools for SELinux linux/i586
setools-console-3.3.5-2mdv2009.1 Policy analysis command-line tools for SELinux linux/i586
setools-gui-3.3.5-2mdv2009.1 Policy analysis graphical tools for SELinux linux/i586
shadow-utils- Utilities for managing shadow password files and user/group accounts linux/i586
shared-desktop-ontologies-0.10.0-1 Semantic web to the desktop in terms of vocabulary linux/noarch
smack-util-0.1-3mdv2010.0 Smack user-space tools linux/i586
socklog-2.1.0-5mdv2010.0 A small and secure syslogd replacement for use with runit linux/i586
sos-2.2-2 A set of tools to gather troubleshooting information from a system linux/noarch
sound-scripts-0.62-2 The sound scripts linux/noarch
soundwrapper-1.6-7 Directs a program's sound output to Pulse, ALSA, aRts, or esd linux/i586
sphere-client-rosa-1-5 sphere-client-rosa linux/i586
sreadahead-1.0-4 Read ahead pagecontent at boot linux/i586
srm-1.2.11-2 srm (secure rm) is a command-line compatible rm(1) which destroys file contents before unlinking linux/i586
sssd-tools-1.8.4-1 Userspace tools for use with the SSSD linux/i586
sudo-1.8.5p1-1 Allows command execution as root for specified users linux/i586
superreadahead-0.01-1mdv2009.1 Read ahead pagecontent at boot linux/i586
supervisor-3.0-1 A System for Allowing the Control of Process State on UNIX linux/noarch
system-config-audit-0.4.18-1 Audit GUI configuration tool linux/i586
system-config-services-0.101.3-5 Utility to start and stop system services linux/noarch
telepathy-filesystem-0.0.1-7 Telepathy filesystem layout linux/noarch
thinkfan-0.8.0-1 Simple and lightweight fan control program linux/i586
timezone-2012b-2 Timezone data linux/i586
timezone-java-2012b-2 Timezone data for Java linux/i586
tomoyo-gui-0.05-4 Graphical interface for TOMOYO Linux linux/i586
tray-buttons-0.1-0.20101122.1mdv2011.0 Silly panel application that executes arbitray commands linux/i586
tray-eject-0.1-0.20101122.1mdv2011.0 Lightweight usb safe umount app linux/i586
tray-keyleds-0.1-0.20101122.1mdv2011.0 Keyboard status helper for netbooks without physical LEDs linux/i586
tray-mixer-0.1-0.20101122.1mdv2011.0 Lightweight mixer linux/i586
tray-randr-0.1-0.20101122.1mdv2011.0 Lightweight randr app linux/i586
tray-reboot-0.1-0.20101122.1mdv2011.0 Shutdown/reboot helper for netbooks running finit linux/i586
uclibc-blkid-2.22-2 uClibc build of blkid linux/i586
uclibc-cryptsetup-1.5.1-2 Utility for setting up encrypted filesystems (uClibc build) linux/i586
uclibc-fuse-2.9.1-2 uClibc build of fuse linux/i586
uclibc-libntfs-3g83-2012.1.15-7 Library for reading & writing on NTFS filesystems (uClibc build) linux/i586
uclibc-ntfs-3g-2012.1.15-7 Read-write ntfs driver (uClibc build) linux/i586
uclibc-util-linux-2.22-6.2 uClibc build of util-linux linux/i586
up-0.3-12mdv2010.0 Displays the uptime in a human readable format linux/i586
util-linux-2.22-6.2 A collection of basic system utilities linux/i586
util-vserver-0.30.215-6mdv2010.0 Linux virtual server utilities linux/i586
util-vserver-build-0.30.215-6mdv2010.0 Tools which can be used to build vservers linux/i586
util-vserver-core-0.30.215-6mdv2010.0 The core-utilities for util-vserver linux/i586
util-vserver-legacy-0.30.215-6mdv2010.0 Legacy utilities for util-vserver linux/i586
vold-0.1-0.20101122.1mdv2011.0 Lighweight volume daemon linux/i586
which-2.20-8 Displays where a particular program in your path is located linux/i586
wicd-common- Wicd common files linux/noarch
wikipediafs-0.4-1 View and edit Wikipedia articles as if they were real files linux/noarch
xdg-utils-1.0.3-0.20100204.5 Interfaces and Tools to allow all applications to easily integrate with the free desktop configuration linux/i586
xguest-1.0.8-7 Creates xguest user as a locked down user linux/noarch
xinetd-2.3.14-13 Powerful replacement for inetd linux/i586
xinetd-simple-services-2.3.14-13 Internal xinetd simple services linux/i586
xinitrc_dbus-0.11.2-1mdv2011.0 Script check DBUS install for pcmanfm 0.9.8 and above linux/noarch
xsudo-0.1.0-1mdv2011.0 xsudo permit execute X-application with sudo linux/noarch

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