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RPM of Group Sciences/Mathematics

4ti2-1.3.2-1 A software package for problems on linear spaces linux/i586
R-2.15.0-1 A language for data analysis and graphics linux/i586
R-AER-1.1_9-2 Applied Econometrics with R linux/i586
R-ALL-1.4.11-1 A data package linux/i586
R-AnnotationDbi-1.16.16-2 Annotation Database Interface linux/i586
R-BSgenome-1.22.0-2 Infrastructure for Biostrings-based genome data packages linux/i586
R-BSgenome.Celegans.UCSC.ce2-1.3.17-1 Caenorhabditis elegans (Worm) full genome (UCSC version ce2) linux/noarch
R-BSgenome.Dmelanogaster.UCSC.dm3-1.3.17-1 Drosophila melanogaster (Fly) full genome (UCSC version dm3) linux/noarch
R-BSgenome.Hsapiens.UCSC.hg18-1.3.17-1 Homo sapiens (Human) full genome (UCSC version hg18) linux/noarch
R-BSgenome.Hsapiens.UCSC.hg19-1.3.17-1 Homo sapiens (Human) full genome (UCSC version hg19) linux/noarch
R-BSgenome.Scerevisiae.UCSC.sacCer2-1.3.17-1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Yeast) full genome (UCSC version sacCer2) linux/noarch
R-BayesX-0.2_5-1 R Utilities Accompanying the Software Package BayesX linux/i586
R-Biobase-2.14.0-2 Biobase: Base functions for Bioconductor linux/i586
R-BiocInstaller-1.2.1-1 Install/Update Bioconductor and CRAN Packages linux/noarch
R-Biostrings-2.22.0-2 String objects representing biological sequences, and matching algorithms linux/i586
R-Cairo-1.5_1-2 R graphics device using cairo graphics library for creating high-quality bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and display (X11 and Win32) output linux/i586
R-CircStats-0.2_4-1 Circular Statistics, from "Topics in circular Statistics" (2001) linux/noarch
R-ComPairWise-1.01-1 Compare phylogenetic or population genetic data alignments linux/noarch
R-CompQuadForm-1.3-1 Distribution function of quadratic forms in normal variables linux/i586
R-CompetingRiskFrailty-2.0-1 Competing Risk Model with Frailties for Right Censored Survival Data linux/noarch
R-CoxBoost-1.3-2 Cox models by likelihood based boosting for a single survival endpoint or competing risks linux/i586
R-CreditMetrics-0.0_2-2 Functions for calculating the CreditMetrics risk model linux/noarch
R-DAAG-1.12-1 Data Analysis And Graphics data and functions linux/i586
R-DBI-0.2_5-1 R Database Interface linux/i586
R-DESeq-1.6.1-2 Differential gene expression analysis based on the negative binomial distribution linux/i586
R-DEXSeq-1.0.2-2 Inference of differential exon usage in RNA-Seq linux/i586
R-DynDoc-1.32.0-1 Dynamic document tools linux/noarch
R-EBImage-3.10.0-1 Image processing toolbox for R linux/i586
R-ENmisc-1.2_3-1 Neuwirth miscellaenous linux/noarch
R-EatonEtAlChIPseq-0.0.5-1 ChIP-seq data of ORC-binding sites in Yeast excerpted from Eaton et al. 2010 linux/noarch
R-Ecdat-0.1_6.1-1 Data sets for econometrics linux/noarch
R-Formula-1.1_0-1 Extended Model Formulas linux/i586
R-GO.db-2.6.1-1 A set of annotation maps describing the entire Gene Ontology linux/noarch
R-GPArotation-2010.07_1-1 GPA Factor Rotation linux/i586
R-GenomeGraphs-1.14.0-1 Plotting genomic information from Ensembl linux/i586
R-GenomicFeatures-1.6.8-1 Tools for making and manipulating transcript centric annotations linux/i586
R-GenomicRanges-1.6.7-2 Representation and manipulation of genomic intervals linux/i586
R-HSAUR-1.3_0-1 A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R linux/i586
R-Hmisc-3.9_2-2 Harrell Miscellaneous linux/i586
R-IRanges-1.12.6-1 Infrastructure for manipulating intervals on sequences linux/i586
R-ISwR-2.0_5-1 Introductory Statistics with R linux/noarch
R-KEGG.db-2.6.1-1 A set of annotation maps for KEGG linux/noarch
R-MCMCpack-1.2_1-1 Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Package linux/i586
R-MEMSS-0.9_0-1 Data sets from Mixed-effects Models in S linux/noarch
R-MPV-1.25-1 Data Sets from Montgomery, Peck and Vining's Book linux/noarch
R-MatrixModels-0.3_1-1 Modelling with Sparse And Dense Matrices linux/noarch
R-PBSmapping-2.61.9-2 Mapping Fisheries Data and Spatial Analysis Tools linux/i586
R-R2HTML-2.2-1 HTML exportation for R objects linux/i586
R-RANN-2.1.3-1 Fast Nearest Neighbour Search linux/i586
R-RArcInfo-0.4_12-1 Functions to import data from Arc/Info V7.x binary coverages linux/i586
R-RBGL-1.30.1-1 An interface to the BOOST graph library linux/i586
R-RColorBrewer-1.0_5-1 ColorBrewer palettes linux/noarch
R-RCurl-1.91_1-1 General network (HTTP/FTP/...) client interface for R linux/i586
R-RGtk2-2.20.21-1 R bindings for Gtk 2.8.0 and above linux/i586
R-RGtk2Extras-0.5.0-1 Data frame editor and dialog making wrapper for RGtk2 linux/i586
R-ROCR-1.0_4-1 Visualizing the performance of scoring classifiers linux/noarch
R-RODBC-1.3_4-2 ODBC Database Access linux/i586
R-RSQLite-0.11.1-1 SQLite interface for R linux/i586
R-RSVGTipsDevice-1.0_4-1 An R SVG graphics device with dynamic tips and hyperlinks linux/i586
R-RSvgDevice- An R SVG graphics device linux/i586
R-RUnit-0.4.26-1 R Unit test framework linux/i586
R-RandomFields-2.0.54-1 Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields linux/i586
R-Rcmdr-1.8_3-1 R Commander linux/i586
R-Rcompression-0.93_2-1 In-memory decompression for GNU zip and bzip2 formats linux/i586
R-Rcpp-0.9.10-1 Seamless R and C++ Integration linux/i586
R-Rcsdp-0.1_41-1 R interface to the CSDP semidefinite programming library linux/i586
R-Rglpk-0.3_8-1 R/GNU Linear Programming Kit Interface linux/i586
R-Rgraphviz-1.32.0-2 Provides plotting capabilities for R graph objects linux/i586
R-Rmpi-0.5_9-3 Interface (Wrapper) to MPI (Message-Passing Interface) linux/i586
R-Rsamtools-1.6.3-2 Binary alignment (BAM), variant call (BCF), or tabix file import linux/i586
R-Rsymphony-0.1_14-1 Symphony in R linux/i586
R-SNPlocs.Hsapiens.dbSNP.20100427-0.99.6-1 SNP locations for Homo sapiens (dbSNP BUILD 131) linux/i586
R-ShortRead-1.12.4-2 Classes and methods for high-throughput short-read sequencing data linux/i586
R-SparseM-0.91-1 Sparse Linear Algebra linux/i586
R-TSA-0.98-1 Time Series Analysis linux/noarch
R-TSP-1.0_6-1 Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP) linux/i586
R-TeachingDemos-2.7-1 Demonstrations for teaching and learning linux/noarch
R-TxDb.Hsapiens.UCSC.hg19.knownGene-2.6.2-1 Annotation package for the Hsapiens_UCSC_hg19_knownGene_TxDb object linux/noarch
R-VGAM-0.8_4-1 Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models linux/i586
R-VIM-3.0.0-1 Visualization and Imputation of Missing Values linux/i586
R-XML-3.9_4-1 Tools for parsing and generating XML within R and S-Plus linux/i586
R-Zelig-3.5.3-1 Everyone's Statistical Software linux/i586
R-aaMI-1.0_1-1 Mutual information for protein sequence alignments linux/noarch
R-abind-1.4_0-2 Combine multi-dimensional arrays linux/noarch
R-acepack-1.3_3.0-1 ace() and avas() for selecting regression transformations linux/i586
R-ada-2.0_2-1 ada: an R package for stochastic boosting linux/noarch
R-adapt-1.0_4-1 adapt -- multidimensional numerical integration linux/i586
R-adimpro-0.7.6-1 Adaptive Smoothing of Digital Images linux/i586
R-adk-1.0_1-1 Anderson-Darling K-Sample Test and Combinations of Such Tests linux/noarch
R-affy-1.32.1-2 Methods for Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Arrays linux/i586
R-affydata-1.11.15-1 Affymetrix Data for Demonstration Purpose linux/i586
R-affyio-1.22.0-1 Tools for parsing Affymetrix data files linux/i586
R-akima-0.5_7-1 Interpolation of irregularly spaced data linux/i586
R-alr3-2.0.5-1 Data to accompany Applied Linear Regression 3rd edition linux/noarch
R-amap-0.8_7-1 Another Multidimensional Analysis Package linux/i586
R-anchors-3.0_7-1 Statistical analysis of surveys with anchoring vignettes linux/i586
R-annotate-1.32.1-2 Annotation for microarrays linux/i586
R-ape-3.0-1 Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution linux/i586
R-aplpack-1.2.4-1 Another Plot PACKage: stem.leaf, bagplot, faces, spin3R, and some slider functions linux/i586
R-arules-1.0_7-2 Mining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets linux/i586
R-arulesViz-0.1_4-1 arulesViz - Visualizing Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets linux/i586
R-bdsmatrix-1.3-1 Routines for Block Diagonal Symmetric matrices linux/i586
R-biclust-1.0.1-2 BiCluster Algorithms linux/i586
R-biglm-0.8-1 bounded memory linear and generalized linear models linux/i586
R-biomaRt-2.10.0-1 Interface to BioMart databases (e.g. Ensembl, COSMIC ,Wormbase and Gramene) linux/i586
R-bitops-1.0_4.1-1 Functions for Bitwise operations linux/i586
R-caTools-1.12-1 Tools: moving window statistics, GIF, Base64, ROC AUC, etc linux/i586
R-cairoDevice-2.19-1 Cairo-based cross-platform antialiased graphics device driver linux/i586
R-car-2.0_12-2 Companion to Applied Regression linux/noarch
R-cba-0.2_9-1 Clustering for Business Analytics linux/i586
R-chron-2.3_42-1 Chronological objects which can handle dates and times linux/i586
R-clue-0.3_43-1 Cluster ensembles linux/i586
R-clv-0.3_2-1 Cluster Validation Techniques linux/i586
R-coda-0.14_6-1 Output analysis and diagnostics for MCMC linux/noarch
R-coin-1.0_20-2 Conditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework linux/i586
R-colorspace-1.1_1-2 Color Space Manipulation linux/i586
R-combinat-0.0_8-1 combinatorics utilities linux/noarch
R-core-2.15.0-1 The minimal R components necessary for a functional runtime linux/i586
R-coxme-2.2_1-1 Mixed Effects Cox Models linux/i586
R-cran-ComPairWise-1.01-6mdv2011.0 Compare phylogenetic or population genetic data alignments for R linux/i586
R-cran-Hmisc-3.7.0-1mdv2010.1 Harrell Miscellaneous for R linux/i586
R-cran-Rcmdr-1.5.4-2mdv2010.1 A platform-independent basic-statistics GUI for R linux/i586
R-cran-aaMI-1.0.1-6mdv2011.0 Mutual information for protein sequence alignments for R linux/i586
R-cran-adapt-1.0.4-7mdv2011.0 Multidimensional numerical integration for R linux/i586
R-cran-rattle-2.2.91-6mdv2011.0 Gnome R data mining linux/i586
R-cubature-1.1_1-1 Adaptive multivariate integration over hypercubes linux/i586
R-degreenet-1.1-1 Models for Skewed Count Distributions Relevant to Networks linux/i586
R-deldir-0.0_16-1 Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation linux/i586
R-descr-0.9.7-1 Descriptive statistics linux/i586
R-digest-0.5.1-1 Create cryptographic hash digests of R objects linux/i586
R-diptest-0.75_1-1 Hartigan's dip test statistic for unimodality - corrected code linux/i586
R-doBy-4.5.2-1 doBy - Groupwise summary statistics, general linear contrasts, population means (least-squares-means), and other utilities linux/i586
R-drosophila2probe-2.9.0-1 Probe sequence data for microarrays of type drosophila2 linux/noarch
R-dynlm-0.3_1-1 Dynamic Linear Regression linux/noarch
R-e1071-1.6-1 Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics (e1071), TU Wien linux/i586
R-edgeR-2.4.3-1 Empirical analysis of digital gene expression data in R linux/i586
R-effects-2.1_0-1 Effect Displays for Linear, Generalized Linear, Multinomial-Logit, Proportional-Odds Logit Models and mixed-effects models linux/noarch
R-ellipse-0.3_5-1 Functions for drawing ellipses and ellipse-like confidence regions linux/noarch
R-ergm-2.4_3-1 Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks linux/i586
R-evaluate-0.4.1-2 Parsing and evaluation tools that provide more details than the default linux/noarch
R-fBasics-2110.79-1 Rmetrics - Markets and Basic Statistics linux/i586
R-fCalendar-270.78.3-1 Chronological and Calendarical Objects linux/i586
R-fEcofin-290.76-1 Economic and Financial Data Sets linux/i586
R-fUtilities-2110.78-1 Function Utilities linux/i586
R-fdrtool-1.2.8-1 Estimation and Control of (Local) False Discovery Rates linux/i586
R-fibroEset-1.4.6-1 exprSet for Karaman et al. (2003) fibroblasts data linux/noarch
R-fields-6.6.3-1 Tools for spatial data linux/i586
R-filehash-2.2-1 Simple key-value database linux/i586
R-flexclust-1.3_2-1 Flexible Cluster Algorithms linux/i586
R-flexmix-2.3_6-1 Flexible Mixture Modeling linux/i586
R-foreach-1.3.2-1 Foreach looping construct for R linux/i586
R-fpc-2.0_3-2 Flexible procedures for clustering linux/noarch
R-fts-0.7.7-1 R interface to tslib (a time series library in c++) linux/i586
R-gWidgets-0.0_49-2 gWidgets API for building toolkit-independent, interactive GUIs linux/i586
R-gWidgetsRGtk2-0.0_78-1 Toolkit implementation of gWidgets for RGtk2 linux/i586
R-gWidgetstcltk-0.0_48-1 Toolkit implementation of gWidgets for tcltk package linux/i586
R-gam-1.06.2-1 Generalized Additive Models linux/i586
R-gbm-1.6_3.1-1 Generalized Boosted Regression Models linux/i586
R-gclus-1.3-1 Clustering Graphics linux/noarch
R-gdata-2.8.2-1 Various R programming tools for data manipulation linux/i586
R-gee-4.13_17-1 Generalized Estimation Equation solver linux/i586
R-genefilter-1.36.0-1 genefilter: methods for filtering genes from microarray experiments linux/i586
R-geneplotter-1.32.1-1 Graphics related functions for Bioconductor linux/i586
R-geoR-1.7_2-2 Analysis of geostatistical data linux/i586
R-geoRglm-0.9_2-1 geoRglm - a package for generalised linear spatial models linux/i586
R-ggplot2-0.8.9-1 An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics linux/noarch
R-gpclib-1.5_1-1 General Polygon Clipping Library for R linux/i586
R-gplots-2.10.1-1 Various R programming tools for plotting data linux/i586
R-graph-1.32.0-2 graph: A package to handle graph data structures linux/i586
R-gridBase-0.4_4-1 Integration of base and grid graphics linux/i586
R-gtools-2.6.2-1 Various R programming tools linux/i586
R-hergm-1.3_5-1 Hierarchical Exponential-Family Random Graph Models linux/i586
R-hexbin-1.26.0-1 Hexagonal Binning Routines linux/i586
R-hgu133a.db-2.6.3-1 Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Set annotation data (chip hgu133a) linux/noarch
R-hgu133acdf-2.9.1-1 hgu133acdf linux/noarch
R-hgu133aprobe-2.9.0-1 Probe sequence data for microarrays of type hgu133a linux/noarch
R-hgu133plus2.db-2.6.3-1 Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array annotation data (chip hgu133plus2) linux/noarch
R-hgu95av2.db-2.6.3-1 Affymetrix Human Genome U95 Set annotation data (chip hgu95av2) linux/noarch
R-hgu95av2cdf-2.9.1-1 hgu95av2cdf linux/noarch
R-hgu95av2probe-2.9.0-1 Probe sequence data for microarrays of type hgu95av2 linux/noarch
R-hom.Hs.inp.db-2.6.1-1 Homology information for Homo Sapiens from Inparanoid linux/noarch
R-hu6800.db-2.6.3-1 Affymetrix HuGeneFL Genome Array annotation data (chip hu6800) linux/noarch
R-human.db0-2.6.4-1 Base Level Annotation databases for human linux/noarch
R-humanStemCell-0.2.5-1 Human Stem Cells time course experiment linux/noarch
R-hwriter-1.3-1 HTML Writer - Outputs R objects in HTML format linux/i586
R-igraph-0.5.5_4-1 Network analysis and visualization linux/i586
R-ineq-0.2_10-1 Measuring Inequality, Concentration, and Poverty linux/noarch
R-inline-0.3.8-2 Inline C, C++, Fortran function calls from R linux/noarch
R-iplots-1.1_4-1 iPlots - interactive graphics for R linux/noarch
R-ipred-0.8_11-1 Improved Predictors linux/i586
R-isa2-0.3.1-1 The Iterative Signature Algorithm linux/i586
R-iterators-1.0.5-2 Iterator construct for R linux/i586
R-itertools-0.1_1-1 Iterator Tools linux/noarch
R-its-1.1.8-1 Irregular Time Series linux/noarch
R-kernlab-0.9_14-1 Kernel-based Machine Learning Lab linux/i586
R-kinship2-1.3.3-1 Pedigree functions linux/i586
R-labdsv-1.4_1-1 Ordination and Multivariate Analysis for Ecology linux/i586
R-latentnet-2.4_1-3 Latent position and cluster models for statistical networks linux/i586
R-latticeExtra-0.6_19-2 Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice linux/noarch
R-latticist-0.9_44-1 A graphical user interface for exploratory visualisation linux/i586
R-lavaan-0.4_12-2 Latent Variable Analysis linux/noarch
R-leaps-2.9-1 regression subset selection linux/i586
R-leeBamViews-0.99.13-1 leeBamViews -- multiple yeast RNAseq samples excerpted from Lee 2009 linux/i586
R-limma-3.10.2-2 Linear Models for Microarray Data linux/i586
R-lme4-0.999375_42-2 Linear mixed-effects models using S4 classes linux/i586
R-lmtest-0.9_29-2 Testing Linear Regression Models linux/i586
R-locfit-1.5_6-2 Local Regression, Likelihood and Density Estimation linux/i586
R-logspline-2.1.3-1 Logspline density estimation routines linux/i586
R-lpSolve-5.6.6-1 Interface to Lp_solve v. 5.5 to solve linear/integer programs linux/i586
R-mapproj-1.1_8.3-1 Map Projections linux/i586
R-maps-2.2_5-2 Draw Geographical Maps linux/i586
R-maptools-0.8_14-1 Tools for reading and handling spatial objects linux/i586
R-marray-1.32.0-1 Exploratory analysis for two-color spotted microarray data linux/i586
R-matrixcalc-1.0_1-1 Collection of functions for matrix differential calculus linux/noarch
R-maxLik-1.1_0-1 Maximum Likelihood Estimation linux/noarch
R-mboost-2.1_1-1 Model-Based Boosting linux/i586
R-mclust-3.4.11-1 Model-Based Clustering / Normal Mixture Modeling linux/i586
R-mice-2.11-1 Multivariate Imputation by Chained Equations linux/noarch
R-microRNA-1.12.0-1 Data and functions for dealing with microRNAs linux/i586
R-misc3d-0.8_2-1 Miscellaneous 3D Plots linux/noarch
R-miscTools-0.6_12-1 Miscellanneous Tools and Utilities linux/noarch
R-mitools-2.1-1 Tools for multiple imputation of missing data linux/i586
R-mix-1.0_8-1 Estimation/multiple Imputation for Mixed Categorical and Continuous Data linux/i586
R-mlbench-2.1_0-1 Machine Learning Benchmark Problems linux/i586
R-mlmRev-1.0_1-1 Examples from Multilevel Modelling Software Review linux/i586
R-mlogit-0.2_2-1 multinomial logit model linux/i586
R-modeltools-0.2_19-1 Tools and Classes for Statistical Models linux/noarch
R-mondate- Keep track of dates in terms of months linux/noarch
R-multcomp-1.2_9-2 Simultaneous Inference in General Parametric Models linux/i586
R-multicore-0.1_7-1 Parallel processing of R code on machines with multiple cores or CPUs linux/i586
R-mvtnorm-0.9_9992-1 Multivariate Normal and t Distributions linux/i586
R-network-1.7-2 Classes for Relational Data linux/i586
R-networksis-1.4-1 Simulate bipartite graphs with fixed marginals through sequential importance sampling linux/i586
R-nor1mix-1.1_3-1 Normal (1-d) Mixture Models (S3 Classes and Methods) linux/i586
R-np-0.40_12-1 Nonparametric kernel smoothing methods for mixed data types linux/i586
R-numDeriv-2010.11_1-1 Accurate Numerical Derivatives linux/i586
R-nws- R functions for NetWorkSpaces and Sleigh linux/noarch
R-odfWeave-0.7.17-1 Sweave processing of Open Document Format (ODF) files linux/i586
R-org.At.tair.db-2.6.4-2 Genome wide annotation for Arabidopsis linux/noarch Genome wide annotation for Human linux/noarch Genome wide annotation for Mouse linux/noarch Genome wide annotation for Rat linux/noarch
R-org.Sc.sgd.db-2.6.4-2 Genome wide annotation for Yeast linux/noarch
R-oz-1.0_19-1 Plot the Australian coastline and states linux/noarch
R-party-0.9_99996-1 A Laboratory for Recursive Partytioning linux/i586
R-pasilla-0.2.11-1 Data package with per-exon and per-gene read counts of RNA-seq samples of Pasilla knock-down by Brooks et al., Genome Research 2011 linux/i586
R-pkgDepTools-1.20.0-1 Package Dependency Tools linux/i586
R-playwith-0.9_53-2 A GUI for interactive plots using GTK+ linux/i586
R-plm-1.2_8-2 Linear Models for Panel Data linux/i586
R-plyr-1.7.1-2 Tools for splitting, applying and combining data linux/i586
R-pmml-1.2.29-1 Generate PMML for various models linux/noarch
R-png-0.1_4-1 Read and write PNG images linux/i586
R-polspline-1.1.5-1 Polynomial spline routines linux/i586
R-polycor-0.7_8-1 Polychoric and Polyserial Correlations linux/noarch
R-prabclus-2.2_2-1 Functions for clustering of presence-absence, abundance and multilocus genetic data linux/noarch
R-preprocessCore-1.16.0-1 A collection of pre-processing functions linux/i586
R-proto-0.3_9.2-1 Prototype object-based programming linux/i586
R-proxy-0.4_7-2 Distance and Similarity Measures linux/i586
R-pscl-1.04.1-1 Political Science Computational Laboratory, Stanford University linux/i586
R-psych-1.2.1-1 Procedures for Psychological, Psychometric, and Personality Research linux/i586
R-qgraph-1.0.1-1 Network representations of relationships in data linux/i586
R-quadprog-1.5_4-1 Functions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems linux/i586
R-quantreg-4.76-2 Quantile Regression linux/i586
R-rJava-0.9_3-1 Low-level R to Java interface linux/i586
R-rae230a.db-2.6.3-1 Affymetrix Rat Expression Set 230 annotation data (chip rae230a) linux/noarch
R-rae230aprobe-2.9.0-1 Probe sequence data for microarrays of type rae230a linux/noarch
R-randomForest-4.6_6-1 Breiman and Cutler's random forests for classification and regression linux/i586
R-randomSurvivalForest-3.6.3-1 Random Survival Forests linux/i586
R-rattle-2.6.16-1 Graphical user interface for data mining in R linux/i586
R-rbenchmark-0.3-1 Benchmarking routine for R linux/noarch
R-relations-0.6-2 Data Structures and Algorithms for Relations linux/i586
R-relevent-1.0-1 Relational Event Models linux/i586
R-relimp-1.0_3-1 Relative Contribution of Effects in a Regression Model linux/noarch
R-reshape-0.8.4-1 Flexibly reshape data linux/noarch
R-rgdal-0.7_8-3 Bindings for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library linux/i586
R-rgenoud-5.7_3-1 R version of GENetic Optimization Using Derivatives linux/i586
R-rgeos-0.2_2-3 Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source (GEOS) linux/i586
R-rggobi-2.1.17-1 Interface between R and GGobi linux/i586
R-rgl-0.92.798-1 3D visualization device system (OpenGL) linux/i586
R-rlecuyer-0.3_3-1 R interface to RNG with multiple streams linux/i586
R-rmeta-2.16-1 Meta-analysis linux/noarch
R-rms-3.4_0-1 Regression Modeling Strategies linux/i586
R-robustbase-0.8_0-1 Basic Robust Statistics linux/i586
R-rpanel-1.0_6-2 Simple Interactive Controls for R Using the tcltk Package linux/i586
R-rpart.plot-1.2_2-1 Plot rpart models. An enhanced version of plot.rpart linux/i586
R-rpvm-1.0_4-1 R interface to PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) linux/i586
R-rscproxy-1.3_1-1 statconn: provides portable C-style interface to R (StatConnector) linux/i586
R-rsprng-1.0-1 R interface to SPRNG (Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators) linux/i586
R-rtracklayer-1.14.4-2 R interface to genome browsers and their annotation tracks linux/i586
R-sampleSelection-0.6_12-1 Sample Selection Models linux/i586
R-sandwich-2.2_9-2 Robust Covariance Matrix Estimators linux/i586
R-scatterplot3d-0.3_33-1 3D Scatter Plot linux/i586
R-sem-2.1_1-1 Structural Equation Models linux/noarch
R-seriation-1.0_6-1 Infrastructure for seriation linux/i586
R-sets-1.0_8-1 Sets, Generalized Sets, Customizable Sets and Intervals linux/i586
R-sfsmisc-1.0_19-1 Utilities from Seminar fuer Statistik ETH Zurich linux/noarch
R-sgeostat-1.0_24-1 An Object-oriented Framework for Geostatistical Modeling in S+ linux/i586
R-shapefiles-0.6-1 Read and Write ESRI Shapefiles linux/noarch
R-shapes-1.1_5-1 Statistical shape analysis linux/noarch
R-siatclust-1.0.5-1 Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology Clustering Suite linux/i586
R-slam-0.1_23-1 Sparse Lightweight Arrays and Matrices linux/i586
R-sm-2.2_4.1-1 Smoothing methods for nonparametric regression and density estimation linux/noarch
R-sna-2.2_0-2 Tools for Social Network Analysis linux/i586
R-snow-0.3_8-1 Simple Network of Workstations linux/noarch
R-snowFT-1.2_0-1 Fault Tolerant Simple Network of Workstations linux/noarch
R-snowfall-1.84-1 Easier cluster computing (based on snow) linux/i586
R-sp-0.9_95-2 classes and methods for spatial data linux/i586
R-spam-0.28_0-2 SPArse Matrix linux/i586
R-spatstat-1.25_3-2 Spatial Point Pattern analysis, model-fitting, simulation, tests linux/i586
R-spdep-0.5_43-1 Spatial dependence: weighting schemes, statistics and models linux/i586
R-splancs-2.01_31-1 Spatial and Space-Time Point Pattern Analysis linux/i586
R-statmod-1.4.14-2 Statistical Modeling linux/noarch
R-statnet-2.6-1 Software tools for the Statistical Modeling of Network Data linux/noarch
R-stringr-0.6-2 Make it easier to work with strings linux/noarch
R-strucchange-1.4_6-2 Testing, Monitoring, and Dating Structural Changes linux/i586
R-subselect-0.11_3-1 Selecting variable subsets linux/i586
R-survey-3.28-1 analysis of complex survey samples linux/i586
R-systemfit-1.1_10-1 Estimating Systems of Simultaneous Equations linux/i586
R-tcltk2-1.1_5-1 Tcl/Tk Additions linux/i586
R-testthat-0.6-1 Testthat code. Tools to make testing fun :) linux/noarch
R-tikzDevice-0.6.2-1 A Device for R Graphics Output in PGF/TikZ Format linux/i586
R-timeDate-2131.00-1 Rmetrics - Chronological and Calendarical Objects linux/noarch
R-timeSeries-2130.92-2 Rmetrics - Financial Time Series Objects linux/noarch
R-tis-1.18-1 Time Indexes and Time Indexed Series linux/i586
R-tkWidgets-1.32.0-1 R based tk widgets linux/i586
R-tkrplot-0.0_23-1 TK Rplot linux/i586
R-tree-1.0_29-1 Classification and regression trees linux/i586
R-trimcluster-0.1_2-1 Cluster analysis with trimming linux/noarch
R-tripack-1.3_4-1 Triangulation of irregularly spaced data linux/i586
R-truncreg-0.1_1-1 Truncated Regression Models linux/noarch
R-trust-0.1_2-1 Trust Region Optimization linux/i586
R-tseries-0.10_27-1 Time series analysis and computational finance linux/i586
R-tweedie-2.1.1-1 Tweedie exponential family models linux/i586
R-urca-1.2_6-1 Unit root and cointegration tests for time series data linux/i586
R-vcd-1.2_12-2 Visualizing Categorical Data linux/i586
R-verification-1.31-1 Forecast verification utilities linux/i586
R-vsn-3.22.0-1 Variance stabilization and calibration for microarray data linux/i586
R-waveslim-1.6.4-1 Basic wavelet routines for one-, two- and three-dimensional signal processing linux/i586
R-widgetTools-1.32.0-1 Creates an interactive tcltk widget linux/i586
R-xtable-1.7_0-1 Export tables to LaTeX or HTML linux/i586
R-xts-0.8_2-1 eXtensible Time Series linux/i586
R-yeastNagalakshmi-0.99.3-1 Yeast genome RNA sequencing data based on Nagalakshmi et. al linux/noarch
R-zlibbioc-1.0.0-1 An R packaged zlib-1.2.5 linux/i586
R-zoo-1.7_7-2 Regular and Irregular Time Series S3 Infrastructure (Z's ordered observations) linux/i586
atlas-3.8.4-3 Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software linux/i586
axiom-3.4-0.20110217.1 Symbolic Computation Program linux/i586
bc-1.06.95-4 GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator) linux/i586
blas-doc-3.3.1-2 Documentation for BLAS linux/i586
carmetal-3.7.1-1 Dynamic geometry software with highly ergonomic UI linux/noarch
cdd-0.61a-5mdv2011.0 Implementation of the Double Description Method of Motzkin et al linux/i586
cdd+-0.77a-5mdv2011.0 Implementation of the Double Description Method of Motzkin et al linux/i586
cliquer-1.2-3mdv2011.0 Routines for finding cliques in an arbitrary weighted graph linux/i586
coin-or-1.3.1-1mdv2011.0 COmputational INfrastructure for Operations Research linux/i586
ctpl-0.2.2-3 CTPL is a template engine library written in C linux/i586
cudd-2.5.0-2 CU Decision Diagram Package linux/i586
drgeo-1.1.0-12mdv2010.1 Interactive geometry software linux/i586
eclib-mwrank-0.20120428-1 Mordell-Weil groups of elliptic curves over Q via 2-descent linux/i586
ecm-6.3-0.1434.3 GMP ECM - Elliptic Curve Method for Integer Factorization linux/i586
flint-1.5.0-6 FLINT - Fast Library for Number Theory linux/i586
fplll-4.0.1-2 LLL-reduction of euclidean lattices linux/i586
freemat- rapid engineering, scientific prototyping and data processing linux/i586
fricas-1.1.7-1 FriCAS Computer Algebra System linux/i586
gap-system-4.4.12-10 GAP is a system for computational discrete algebra linux/i586
gap-system-packages-4.4.12-10 Optional gap packages linux/i586
gbase-0.5-6mdv2011.0 Small numeric base converter linux/i586
genius-1.0.15-1 A general purpose calculator and math tool linux/i586
genus2reduction-0.3-1 Computes Reductions of Genus 2 Proper Smooth Curves linux/i586
geogebra- Free mathematics software for learning and teaching linux/noarch
gfan-0.4plus-2mdv2011.0 Computation of Gröbner fans and tropical varieties linux/i586
ghmm-0.90000001-3mdv2011.0 General Hidden Markov Model library linux/i586
ginac-1.6.2-1 C++ class library for symbolic calculations linux/i586
gmsh-2.6.1-1 Automatic 3D finite element grid generator linux/i586
gmsh-demos-2.6.1-1 Tutorial and demo files for Gmsh linux/noarch
gmsh-demos-2.5.0-1 Tutorial and demo files for Gmsh linux/i586
gmsh-devel-2.6.1-1 Development files for Gmsh linux/i586
gnumexp-0.11.0-4mdv2010.0 GUI frontend for NumExp-core linux/i586
grpn-1.1.2-8mdv2011.0 RPN calculator for X built using the GIMP Toolkit linux/i586
gsl-progs-1.15-1 Programs of the Scientific Library linux/i586
hexcalc-1.11-20 A decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary calculator linux/i586
iml-1.0.3-3 IML - Integer Matrix Library linux/i586
kant-kash-3-1mdv2010.0 Computational Algebraic Number Theory linux/i586
lapack-doc-3.3.1-2 Documentation for LAPACK linux/i586
lcalc-1.23-6 C++ L-function class library and command line interface linux/i586
libblas-devel-3.3.1-2 BLAS development libraries linux/i586
libblas3-3.3.1-2 The BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) library linux/i586
libcln6-1.3.2-3 C++ Class Library for Numbers linux/i586
libcudd2-2.5.0-2 Runtime libraries for cudd linux/i586
libeclib0-0.20120428-1 Run time libraries for eclib-mwrank linux/i586
libginac1.5_0-1.5.8-1mdv2011.0 C++ class library for symbolic calculations linux/i586
libginac2-1.6.2-1 C++ class library for symbolic calculations linux/i586
libglpk0-4.44-2 GLPK shared libraries linux/i586
liblapack-devel-3.3.1-2 LAPACK static library linux/i586
liblapack3-3.3.1-2 LAPACK libraries for linear algebra linux/i586
libnumexp0-0.16.1-7mdv2011.0 Family of open-source applications for numeric computation linux/i586
lie-2.2.2-1mdv2010.0 Interactive computations of a Lie group theoretic nature linux/i586
linalg-linbox-1.3.2-1 C++ Library for High-Performance Exact Linear Algebra linux/i586
linpacker-0.7.1-4mdv2009.0 Tool for 2D bin packing linux/i586
macaulay2-1.4-2 A software system for research in algebraic geometry linux/i586
mathgl-data- Data files for MathGL linux/i586
mathgl-doc- Documentation for MathGL linux/i586
mathgl-examples- Examples for MathGL linux/i586
mathgl-octave- MathGL bindings for octave linux/i586
mathgl-tools- Tools for MathGL linux/i586
mathomatic-16.0.3-1 General purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System) linux/i586
mathplot-0.8.6-4mdv2009.1 Interactive function grapher linux/i586
maxima-5.27.0-1 Maxima Symbolic Computation Program linux/i586
maxima-gui-5.27.0-1 Tcl/Tk GUI interface to Maxima linux/i586
maxima-lang-de-utf8-5.27.0-1 Maxima German UTF-8 language pack linux/i586
maxima-lang-es-utf8-5.27.0-1 Maxima Spanish UTF-8 language pack linux/i586
maxima-lang-pt-utf8-5.27.0-1 Maxima Portuguese UTF-8 language pack linux/i586
maxima-lang-pt_BR-utf8-5.27.0-1 Maxima Brazilian Portuguese UTF-8 language pack linux/i586
maxima-runtime-clisp-5.27.0-1 Maxima compiled with clisp linux/i586
maxima-runtime-ecl-5.27.0-1 Maxima compiled with ECL linux/i586
maxima-runtime-gcl-5.27.0-1 Maxima compiled with GCL linux/i586
maxima-runtime-sbcl-5.27.0-1 Maxima compiled with SBCL linux/i586
nco-4.0.8-1 Arithmetic and metadata operators for netCDF and HDF4 files linux/i586
numexp-core-0.16.1-7mdv2011.0 Family of open-source applications for numeric computation linux/i586
octave-3.4.2-6 High-level language for numerical computations linux/i586
octave-actuarial-1.1.0-1 Actuarial functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-ad-1.0.6-1 Automatic forward differentiation toolkit for Octave linux/i586
octave-benchmark-1.1.1-1 Code for benchmarking the speed of Octave linux/noarch
octave-bim-1.0.2-1 PAckage for solving DAR PDEs linux/noarch
octave-bioinfo-0.1.2-1 Bioinformatics manipulation in Octave linux/noarch
octave-civil-engineering-1.0.7-1 Octave functions for solving civil engineering ODEs linux/noarch
octave-combinatorics-1.0.9-1 Combinatorics functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-control-2.1.53-1 Additional Octave control tools linux/noarch
octave-data-smoothing-1.2.0-1 Algorithms for smoothing noisy data with Octave linux/noarch
octave-dataframe-0.8.2-1 Data manipulation toolbox for Octave linux/noarch
octave-doc-3.4.2-6 Documentation for Octave, a numerical computational language linux/i586
octave-econometrics-1.0.8-1 Econometrics functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-es-0.0.4-1 Octave package for Spanish translations of functions linux/i586
octave-fenv-0.1.0-1 Change floating point precision in Octave linux/i586
octave-financial-0.3.2-1 Financial functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-fl-core-1.0.0-1 Fuzzy logic for Octave linux/i586
octave-forge-20090607-7 Contributed functions for octave linux/i586
octave-fpl-1.2.0-1 Octave support for various graphical formats linux/noarch
octave-ga-0.9.8-1 Genetic optimization tools for Octave linux/noarch
octave-general-1.2.2-1 General tools for Octave linux/i586
octave-gnuplot-1.0.1-1 Gnuplot scripts for Octave linux/noarch
octave-gsl-1.0.8-1 Octave bindings for the GNU Scientific Library linux/i586
octave-ident-1.0.7-1 System identification functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-image-1.0.14-1 Image processing toolkit for Octave linux/i586
octave-informationtheory-0.1.8-1 Octave functions for basic information theory linux/noarch
octave-integration-1.0.7-1 Numerical integration toolbox for Octave linux/noarch
octave-io-1.0.14-1 Octave toolkit for I/O in external formats linux/noarch
octave-irsa-1.0.7-1 Irregular sampling analysis tools for Octave linux/noarch
octave-linear-algebra-2.0.0-1 Additional linear algebra functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-mapping-1.0.7-1 Simple mapping functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-miscellaneous-1.0.11-1 Miscellaneous Octave tools that don't fit elsewhere linux/i586
octave-missing-functions-1.0.2-1 Find functions that are in MATLAB but not in Octave linux/noarch
octave-msh-1.0.2-1 Meshes for finite element/volume PDE Octave solvers linux/noarch
octave-multicore-0.2.15-1 Multicore parallel processing functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-nan-2.4.4-1 NaN toolbox for Octave linux/i586
octave-nlwing2-1.2.0-1 Nonlinear aurodynamic computations for Octave linux/i586
octave-nnet-0.1.13-1 Feedforward multi-layer neural network for Octave linux/noarch
octave-nurbs-1.3.4-1 NURBS routines for Octave linux/i586
octave-ocs-0.1.1-1 Octave package for solving DC and transient circuit equations linux/i586
octave-oct2mat-1.0.7-1 Convert Octave scripts into MATLAB-compatible style linux/noarch
octave-odepkg-0.8.0-1 Octave package for solving ODEs linux/i586
octave-optim-1.0.16-1 Non-linear optimization toolkit for Octave linux/i586
octave-optiminterp-0.3.3-1 Optimal interpolation toolbox for Octave linux/i586
octave-parallel-2.0.5-1 Parallel execution package for Octave linux/i586
octave-physicalconstants-0.1.7-1 Physical constants from NIST database for Octave linux/noarch
octave-plot-1.0.8-1 Additional plotting tools for Octave linux/noarch
octave-plplot-5.9.9-3 PLplot support for Octave linux/i586
octave-quaternion-1.0.0-1 Octave package for manipulation of quaternions linux/noarch
octave-secs1d-0.0.8-1 Octave drift-diffusion simulator for 1D devices linux/i586
octave-secs2d-0.0.8-1 Octave drift-diffusion simulator for 2D devices linux/i586
octave-signal-1.0.11-1 Signal processing tools for Octave linux/i586
octave-simp-1.1.0-1 Basic interval operations for Octave linux/noarch
octave-sockets-1.0.7-1 Socket functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-specfun-1.0.9-1 Special functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-special-matrix-1.0.7-1 Additional special matrices for Octave linux/noarch
octave-splines-1.0.7-1 Cubic spline functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-statistics-1.0.10-1 Additional statistics functions for Octave linux/noarch
octave-strings-1.0.7-1 Additional string manipulation functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-struct-1.0.9-1 Additional structure manipulation functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-symband-1.0.10-1 Octave package for handling symmetric banded matrices linux/i586
octave-symbolic-1.0.9-1 Symbolic toolbox for Octave linux/i586
octave-time-1.0.9-1 Additional date manipulation tools for Octave linux/noarch
octave-tsa-4.1.1-1 Time series analysis methods for Octave linux/noarch
octave-video-1.0.2-1 Video manipulation functions for Octave linux/i586
octave-vrml-1.0.11-1 VRML graphics for Octave linux/noarch
octave-zenity-0.5.7-1 Octave functions for creating simple GUIs linux/noarch
palp-1.1-2mdv2010.0 PALP: A Package for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes linux/i586
pari-2.5.2-1 PARI/GP - Number Theory-oriented Computer Algebra System linux/i586
pari-data-2.5.2-1 Optional pari data packages linux/i586
polybori-0.8.2-1 PolyBoRi is a C++ library for Polynomials over Boolean Rings linux/i586
polymake-2.11-2 Algorithms around polytopes and polyhedra linux/i586
python-pychart-1.39-7mdv2011.0 Python library for data graphs and charts linux/noarch
python-pymathml-0.3-7mdv2011.0 Python MathML renderer linux/i586
python-veusz-1.16-1 Python libraries for veusz linux/i586
qepcad-B1.50-2mdv2010.0 Quantifier Elimination by Partial Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition linux/i586
qtoctave-0.10.1-1 Frontend for Octave linux/i586
qtoctave-0.8.2-3mdv2011.0 Frontend for Octave linux/i586
ratpoints-2.1.3-3mdv2011.0 Find rational points on hyperelliptic curves linux/i586
rkward-0.5.4-1mdv2011.0 A KDE gui to R language linux/i586
rpncalc-1.36.8-1 An RPN calculator similar to the HP28S linux/i586
sagemath-5.2-3 A free open-source mathematics software system linux/i586
scilab-5.3.3-3 A high-level language for numerical computations linux/i586
singular-3.1.5-5 Computer Algebra System for polynomial computations linux/i586
singular-doc-3.1.5-5 Singular documentation files linux/i586
singular-emacs-3.1.5-5 Emacs mode for Singular linux/i586
singular-examples-3.1.5-5 Singular example files linux/i586
singular-surfex-3.1.5-5 Singular java interface linux/i586
smathstudio-0.89-1 Small mathematic packet with MathCad style linux/i586
speedcrunch-0.10.1-1mdv2010.0 Fast, high precision and powerful desktop calculator linux/i586
sprng-2.0b-1 Scalable Parallel Pseudo Random Number Generators Library linux/i586
statist-1.4.1-2mdv2010.0 Statist is a terminal-based statistics program linux/i586
surf-1.0.6-1 Tool to visualize some real algebraic geometry linux/i586
sympow-1.019-3mdv2010.0 Compute special values of symmetric power elliptic curve L-functions linux/i586
udav-0.6-3mdv2011.0 Fast and interactive data plotting based on MathGL linux/i586
udunits-1.12.9-4 A library for manipulating units of physical quantities linux/i586
udunits2-2.1.12-3mdv2010.1 A library for manipulating units of physical quantities linux/i586
veusz-1.16-1 GUI scientific plotting package linux/i586
wxmaxima-12.04.0-1 An interface for the computer algebra system Maxima linux/i586
x48-0.6.4-1 HP 48 GX emulator linux/i586
xaos-3.5-5 A real-time fractal zoomer linux/i586
xaos-aalib-3.5-5 Real-time fractal zoomer, aalib package linux/i586
xaos-svgalib-3.5-4mdv2010.0 Real-time fractal zoomer, svgalib package linux/i586
xgraph-12.1-7mdv2010.1 Interactive plotting and graphing X11 in command line linux/i586
xlispstat-3.52.18-15mdk An implementation of the Lisp language with statistics extensions. linux/i586
zhu3d-4.2.4-1 OpenGL-based equation viewer and solver linux/i586

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