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RPM of Group Games/Other

aisleriot-3.2.2-1 A compilation of solitaire card games linux/i586
bastet-0.43-4 Tetris clone giving you the worst bricks possible linux/i586
bb-1.3.0-10mdv2011.0 AA demo linux/i586
bsd-games-2.17-24mdv2011.0 Collection of text-based games linux/i586
childsplay-sounds-bg-1.6-1 Bulgarian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-ca-1.6-1 Catalan alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-de-1.6-1 German alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-el-1.6-1 New Greek alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-en_GB-1.6-1 British English alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-es-1.6-1 Spanish alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-fr-1.6-1 French alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-it-1.6-1 Italian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-lt-1.6-1 Lithuanian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-nb-1.6-1 Norwegian Bokmål alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-nl-1.6-1 Dutch alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-pt-1.6-1 Portuguese alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-pt_BR-1.6-1 Brazilian portuguese alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-ro-1.6-1 Romanian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-ru-1.6-1 Russian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-sl-1.6-1 Slovenian alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
childsplay-sounds-sv-1.6-1 Swedish alphabet sounds for Childsplay linux/noarch
crrcsim-0.9.12-1 A Model-Airplane Flight Simulation Program linux/i586
djl-1.2.20-2mdv2011.0 A game manager inspired by Steam from Valve software linux/noarch
dvorak7min-1.6.1-1mdv2009.1 Typing tutor for dvorak keyboards linux/i586
etswitch-0.1.14-9mdv2011.0 ETSWITCH - A *nix 'minimizer' for a few games linux/i586
fgrun-1.6.0-1 Graphical launcher for the FlightGear flight simulator linux/i586
fizmo-0.6.10-1 A Z-Machine interpreter supporting unicode, sound, blorbfile and more linux/i586
flightgear-2.6.0-1 The FlightGear Flight Simulator linux/i586
flightgear-data-2.6.0-1 The data for FlightGear Flight Simulator linux/noarch
gai-blobs-0.2b-7mdv2011.0 GAI applet displaying blobs linux/i586
gai-pal-0.7-8 A dear friend GAI applet linux/i586
gai-sun-0.1-8mdv2011.0 Tells you when the Sun rises and set at a place on earth linux/i586
games-compat-0.5-1 Provides compatibility with binary Linux games linux/i586
gargoyle-free-20090825-4mdv2011.0 Graphical player for Interactive Fiction games linux/i586
ggz-client-libs- GGZ Client Libraries linux/i586
ggz-docs- GGZ Gaming Zone Documentation linux/noarch
ggz-gnome-client- GGZ Client for Gnome Desktop linux/i586
ggz-gtk-client- GGZ Client with GTK+ user interface linux/i586
ggz-gtk-games- GGZ Games for GTK+ user interface linux/i586
ggz-sdl-games- GGZ Games in SDL user interface linux/i586
ggz-server- Server software for the GGZ Gaming Zone linux/i586
ggz-txt-client- GGZ Text Mode Client linux/i586
ggz-utils- GGZ Utilities linux/i586
glchess-3.4.1-1 Chess with a 3D board linux/i586
glines-3.4.1-1 Move balls linux/i586
gmudix-1.0-4mdv2011.0 GMudix GTK mud client linux/i586
gnect-3.4.1-1 A four-in-a-row game linux/i586
gnibbles-3.4.1-1 A worm game linux/i586
gnobots2-3.4.1-1 Graphical version of text based robots game linux/i586
gnome-games-3.4.1-1 GNOME games linux/i586
gnome-games-common-3.4.1-1 Common files for GNOME Games linux/i586
gnome-games-extra-data-3.2.0-1 Extra data files for the GNOME games linux/noarch
gnome-mahjongg-3.4.1-1 Mahjongg tile solitaire game linux/i586
gnome-sudoku-3.4.1-1 Generate and play the popular Sudoku logic puzzle linux/i586
gnomine-3.4.1-1 A puzzle game linux/i586
gnotravex-3.4.1-1 A simple puzzle game linux/i586
gnotski-3.4.1-1 Clone of the Klotski game linux/i586
gretools-1.2.4-7mdv2011.0 Vocabulary building tool for GNOME linux/noarch
gtali-3.4.1-1 Tali is like Yahtzee for GNOME linux/i586
iagno-3.4.1-1 Computer version of game Reversi/Othello linux/i586
kbtin-1.0.13-2mdv2011.0 A very heavily extended clone the TinTin++ MUD client linux/i586
kmuddy-1.0.1-1mdv2010.1 A MUD client powered by KDE linux/i586
kmuddy-devel-1.0.1-1mdv2010.1 Development files for kmuddy linux/i586
libCEGUI0.6.2-0.6.2-7 CEGUI library linux/i586
libCEGUI0.7.1-0.7.1-3mdv2010.1 CEGUI library linux/i586
libCEGUI0.7.5-0.7.5-2 CEGUI library linux/i586
libggz-gtk-client1- GGZ Library client with GTK+ user interface linux/i586
libggz2- Common library for running GGZ Gaming Zone applications linux/i586
libkmuddycore1-1.0.1-1mdv2010.1 Shared libraries for kmuddy linux/i586
lightsoff-3.4.1-1 Turn off all the lights linux/i586
lincity-ng-2.0-5 Lincity - A City Simulation Game linux/i586
loki_patch-fix-0.1-4mdv2011.0 A program that fixes broken loki patches linux/noarch
minetest-0.4.1-1 An InfiniMiner/Minecraft inspired game linux/i586
mudix-4.3-10mdv2011.0 Mudix console mud client linux/i586
netrek-client-cow-3.3.1-3 Netrek client linux/i586
nexuiz-data-2.5.2-4mdv2011.0 Data files for the open-source first-person shooter Nexuiz linux/noarch
nfrotz-0.3.3-3 Z-machine interpreter for Interactive Fiction games, with support for Unicode linux/i586
opengl-games-utils-0.1-4mdv2011.0 Utilities to check proper 3d support before launching 3d games linux/noarch
performous-0.6.1-2 Performous - A cross-platform clone of the Playstation 2 game Singstar linux/i586
playonlinux-4.1.8-1 Play your Windows games on Linux linux/i586
playonlinux-4.1.1-1 Play your Windows games on Linux linux/noarch
powder-70.1-1 Physical simulator which allows to construct objects using different materials linux/i586
pvpgn-199.r577-5 PvPGN is a BNETD mod which aims to provide support for all Blizzard clients linux/i586
pvpgn-support-199.r577-1mdv2011.0 PvPGN is a BNETD mod which aims to provide support for all Blizzard clients linux/i586
pydance-1.0.3-7mdv2010.0 A Dance Dance Revolution simulator linux/noarch
pydance-music-1.0-9mdv2010.0 Songs and step patterns for PyDDR linux/noarch
qtads-2.1.2-1 GUI multimedia interpreter for TADS games linux/i586
quadrapassel-3.4.1-1 Falling blocks game linux/i586
searchandrescue-1.4.0-1 Helicopter simulator linux/i586
searchandrescue-data-1.3.0-2 Data package for Search and Rescue linux/noarch
sudoku-savant-1.3-1 GTK+ Sudoku Game linux/i586
swell-foop-3.4.1-1 Colored ball puzzle game linux/i586
t4k_common-0.0.3-1mdv2011.0 Tux4Kids common files linux/i586
task-games-0.1-10mdv2010.0 Task packages for games linux/noarch
tetrinetx-1.13.16-7mdv2010.0 TetriNET server linux/i586
tmw- A 2D MMORPG : The Mana World linux/i586
tmwmusic-0.2-2mdv2011.0 The music for The Mana World linux/noarch
tuxmath-1.9.0-1mdv2011.0 Math game for kids with Tux linux/i586
tuxtype-1.8.1-1mdv2011.0 Educational typing tutor game starring Tux linux/i586
typespeed-0.6.5-9mdv2011.0 Type words that are flying by from left to right as fast as you can linux/i586
urtconnector-0.5.1-2 Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program linux/i586
urtsb-0.4-1mdv2011.0 Game Server Browser for the FPS Urban Terror linux/i586
warsow-0.61-1 A fast-paced first-person-shooter game linux/i586
warsow-data-0.61-1 Data files for Warsow linux/noarch
xqf-1.0.5-10mdv2011.0 A network game browser linux/i586
zoom-1.1.5-1 Z-Machine: it plays text adventure games written in ZCode linux/i586

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