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RPM of Group Communications

ant-phone-0.2.1-1mdv2011.0 Desktop ISDN telephony application linux/i586
ax25-apps-0.0.8-0.rc2.2mdv2011.0 Applications for kernel AX.25 support linux/i586
ax25-tools-0.0.10-0.rc2.1mdv2011.0 Tools used to configure an ax.25 enabled computer linux/i586
axssh-0.4-1 Secure login with linemode and ssh linux/i586
barry-charge-0.17.1-2 BlackBerry(tm) Charging Scripts linux/i586
barry-common-0.17.1-2 BlackBerry(tm) common files linux/i586
barry-gui-0.17.1-2 BlackBerry(tm) Backup Tool linux/i586
barry-opensync-0.17.1-2 BlackBerry(tm) opensync plugin linux/i586
barry-ppp-0.17.1-2 BlackBerry(tm) PPP support utility and example scripts linux/i586
barry-tools-0.17.1-2 BlackBerry(tm) Tools linux/i586
blueman-1.23-2 Full featured bluetooth manager for GNOME/GTK linux/i586
blueproximity-1.2.5-1mdv2011.0 Detects you via your bluetooth devices and locks/unlocks the screen linux/noarch
bluez-4.101-4 Official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack linux/i586
bluez-firmware-1.2-6mdv2010.0 Bluetooth firmware utilities linux/noarch
bluez-hcidump-2.4-1 Bluetooth HCI packet dump linux/i586
bluez-pin-0.30-12 Bluetooth PIN GUI linux/i586
callgit-2.1-1mdv2011.0 A tool for Ham Radio Operators to look up call-signs on the web linux/i586
capi4hylafax-01.02.03-9mdv2011.0 CAPI 2.0 Interface to Hylafax linux/i586
capisuite-0.4.5-5mdv2011.0 ISDN telecommunication suite providing fax and voice services linux/i586
comgt-0.32-13 GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA datacard control tool linux/i586
conduit-0.3.17-2mdv2011.0 Synchronization solution for GNOME linux/noarch
cs_obexftp- ObexFtp files transfert between two devices linux/noarch
cutecom-0.22.0-1mdv2011.0 Graphical serial terminal program linux/i586
dip-3.3.7o-35 Handles the connections needed for dialup IP links linux/i586
efax-0.9a-16 A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem linux/i586
efax-gtk-3.2.9-1 GTK2 frontend for efax linux/i586
evolution-mono-3.4.3-1 Mono plugin loader for Evolution linux/i586
firefly-1.1.1-7mdv2011.0 Multi-user professional help desk system linux/noarch
fldigi-3.21.48-1 Fldigi is a software modem for Amateur Radio use linux/i586
flrig-1.3.08-1 Transceiver control program for Amateur Radio use linux/i586
gammu-1.29.0-2 Mobile phones tools for Unix (Linux) and Win32 linux/i586
glinuxsms-0.1-6mdv2011.0 Glinuxsms is a GNOME2 GUI/front-end for linuxsms linux/i586
gnocky-0.0.7-4mdv2011.0 Mobile phone utility application linux/i586
gnokii-0.6.31-1 Tool suite for Nokia mobile phones linux/i586
gnokii-smsd-0.6.31-1 Gnokii SMS daemon linux/i586
gnokii-smsd-mysql-0.6.31-1 MySQL support for Gnokii SMS daemon linux/i586
gnokii-smsd-pgsql-0.6.31-1 PostgreSQL support for Gnokii SMS daemon linux/i586
gnokii-xgnokii-0.6.31-1 Graphical Linux/Unix tool suite for Nokia mobile phones linux/i586
gnome-phone-manager-0.68-1 GNOME Cellular Phone Manager linux/i586
gnupod-0.99.8-2mdv2011.0 Command-line tools for the iPod linux/noarch
gprsec-3.0.0-5mdv2011.0 GUI to simplify GPRS cellular data connection linux/noarch
gpsman-6.4.2-1 A GPS manager linux/noarch
gpspoint-2.030521-7mdv2011.0 Garmin GPS data transfer utility linux/i586
gsmlib-1.11-5.9 Library and utilities to access GSM mobile phones linux/i586
gtkpod-2.1.2-1 GTK interface to iPod linux/i586
gtkterm-0.99.6-1 Serial port terminal linux/i586
hamlib-utils- Utilities to support the hamlib radio control library linux/i586
hylafax-5.5.1-1 Sophisticated enterprise strength fax package linux/i586
hylafax-client-5.5.1-1 The files for the HylaFAX(tm) fax client linux/i586
hylafax-server-5.5.1-1 The files for the HylaFAX(tm) fax server linux/i586
iaxclient-utils-2.1-0.beta3.4 IAX utilities linux/i586
iaxcomm-2.1-0.beta3.4 IaxComm, a portable IAX2 protocol telephony client linux/i586
isdn4k-utils-isdnlog-3.12-10 ISDN connection logger linux/i586
isdn4k-utils-vbox-3.12-10 ISDN answering machine linux/i586
jpilot-1.8.0-2 Palm pilot desktop for Linux linux/i586
jpilot-Mail-0.1.7-10 Mail plugin for JPilot linux/i586
jpilot-expense-1.8.0-2 The expense plugin for jpilot linux/i586
jpilot-keyring-1.8.0-2 The keyring plugin for jpilot linux/i586
jpilot-syncmal-0.80-10 SyncMAL plugin for J-PILOT linux/i586
jpilot-synctime-1.8.0-2 The synctime plugin for jpilot linux/i586
kde4-kio-rapip-0.2-2mdv2011.0 KDE 4 KIOslave for Windows Mobile devices linux/i586
kflickr-20100817-1mdv2011.0 Permit to easily upload photos to your account linux/i586
klog-0.5.7-2mdv2011.0 A Ham radio logging program for KDE linux/i586
kphonesi-1.2-1mdv2009.1 KPhoneSI - SIP user agent linux/i586
libatomicparsley-devel-2.1.2-1 Development files for gtkpod linux/i586
libatomicparsley1-2.1.2-1 Library package for gtkpod linux/i586
libgtkpod-devel-2.1.2-1 Development files for gtkpod linux/i586
libgtkpod1-2.1.2-1 Library package for gtkpod linux/i586
libhamlib++2- Hamlib radio control library C++ binding linux/i586
libhamlib2- Run-time library to control radio transceivers and receivers linux/i586
libiec61883-utils-1.2.0-6 Utilities for use with libiec61883 linux/i586
libmal-malsync-0.44.1-3 Utility to update Palms from Avantgo and MobileLink web site linux/i586
libraw1394-utils-2.0.8-1 Some small Firewire utilities linux/i586
libraw1394_8-utils-1.3.0-9 Some small Firewire utilities linux/i586
libticalcs-1.1.7-1 Library to handle the different TI calculators linux/i586
linphone-3.5.2-1 Voice over IP Application linux/i586
linuxsms-0.77-7mdv2011.0 Cool script to send SMS linux/noarch
lrzsz-0.12.21-15 The lrz and lsz modem communications programs linux/i586
mapnik-0.7.1-7 Free Toolkit for developing mapping applications linux/i586
mapnik-utils-0.7.1-7 Utilities distributed with the Mapnik spatial visualization library linux/i586
mgetty-1.1.36-11 A getty replacement for use with data and fax modems linux/i586
mgetty-contrib-1.1.36-11 User contributed stuff that comes with mgetty linux/i586
mgetty-sendfax-1.1.36-11 Provides support for sending faxes over a modem linux/i586
mgetty-viewfax-1.1.36-11 An X Window System fax viewer linux/i586
mgetty-voice-1.1.36-11 A program for using your modem and mgetty as an answering machine linux/i586
minicom-2.6.1-1 A text-based modem control and terminal emulation program linux/i586
multisync-gui-0.91.1-0.384.2mdv2011.0 Graphical front end to OpenSync synchronization system linux/i586
nautilus-sendto-blueman-1.23-2 Blueman nautilus plugin linux/i586
obexd-0.46-1 D-Bus service for Obex Client access linux/i586
obexfs-0.12-1mdv2010.0 FUSE based filesystem using ObexFTP linux/i586
obexftp-0.23-5 Access devices via ObexFTP e.g. Siemens mobile equipment linux/i586
openmcu-2.2.3-0.20071226.5 H.323 conferencing server linux/i586
openobex-apps-1.5-6 Apps that come with the Open OBEX c-library linux/i586
openobex-ircp-1.5-6 Used to "beam" files or whole directories linux/i586
perl-PDA-Pilot-0.12.5-9 Perl module for Palm linux/i586
picocom-1.7-1 Minimal serial communications program linux/i586
pilot-link-0.12.5-9 File transfer utilities between Linux and PalmPilots linux/i586
pilot-link-common-0.12.5-9 Files used by pilot-link packages linux/i586
plptools-1.0.11-1mdv2011.0 Connectivity for psion series 5 linux/i586
proxytunnel-1.9.0-7mdv2011.0 Proxytunnel SSH to connect through HTTPS proxies linux/i586
python-blueman-1.23-2 Blueman python package linux/i586
python-gammu-1.29.0-2 Python module to communicate with mobile phones linux/i586
qlandkartegt-1.5.1-1 GPS device mapping tool linux/i586
qsstv-7.1.7-1 QSSTV is an sstv app linux/i586
qtel-0.11.2-2mdv2011.0 The Qt EchoLink Client linux/i586
rspfd-1.1-1 Routing Daemon for Use Over Amateur Radio Links linux/i586
sambru-0.23-6mdv2010.0 Transfers addressbook to/from Samsung phones linux/i586
scmxx-0.9.0-6mdv2010.0 Exchange data with Siemens mobile phones linux/i586
sctl-0.2.3-8mdv2010.0 A program designed to control Bearcat model BC-895xlt & BC-245xlt scanners linux/i586
sfftobmp-3.1.2-7 Tool to transform SFF files to BMP linux/i586
sffview-0.4-2mdv2009.1 A program to view structured fax files (sff) linux/i586
sflphone-1.1.0-1 A robust standards-compliant enterprise softphone linux/i586
sflphone-client-gnome-1.1.0-1 A robust standards-compliant enterprise softphone linux/i586
sflphone-plugins-1.1.0-1 A robust standards-compliant enterprise softphone linux/i586
smstools-3.1.14-1 Tools to send and receive short messages through GSM modems or mobile phones linux/i586
soundmodem-0.16-1 Driver and diagnostic utility for Usermode SoundModem linux/i586
statserial-1.1-25 A tool which displays the status of serial port modem lines linux/i586
synce-core-0.16-2 Basic library used by applications in the SynCE project linux/i586
synce-gvfs-0.2.2-2mdv2010.0 Access Windows Mobile device filesystems via GVFS linux/i586
synce-hal-0.15-2mdv2011.0 HAL-based connection framework for Windows Mobile linux/i586
synce-kpm-0.15-1mdv2011.0 Graphical tool for managing Windows Mobile devices linux/noarch
synce-software-manager-0.9.0-6mdv2010.0 SynCE: Software manager for GNOME 2 linux/i586
synce-trayicon-0.15-4 SynCE tray icon for GNOME linux/i586
t38modem-0.8.0-0.20050322.8mdv2010.0 H.323 fax (T.38) client linux/i586
task-blackberry-common-1.0-2mdv2010.0 Metapackage for charging and synchronizing Blackberry linux/noarch
task-blackberry-gnome-1.0-2mdv2010.0 GNOME metapackage for synchronizing with a Blackberry linux/noarch
task-blackberry-kde-1.0-2mdv2010.0 KDE metapackage for synchronizing with a Blackberry linux/noarch
task-nokiasync-common-1.0-2mdv2010.0 Metapackage for synchronizing with Nokia phones linux/noarch
task-nokiasync-gnome-1.0-2mdv2010.0 GNOME metapackage for synchronizing with Nokia phones linux/noarch
task-nokiasync-kde-1.0-2mdv2010.0 KDE metapackage for synchronizing with Nokia phones linux/noarch
task-wm2003sync-common-1.1-1mdv2010.0 Metapackage for Windows Mobile 2003 and earlier devices linux/noarch
task-wm2003sync-gnome-1.1-1mdv2010.0 GNOME metapackage for Windows Mobile 2003 and earlier linux/noarch
task-wm2003sync-kde-1.1-1mdv2010.0 KDE metapackage for Windows Mobile 2003 and earlier linux/noarch
task-wm5sync-common-1.0-7mdv2010.0 Metapackage for connecting to Windows Mobile 5+ devices linux/noarch
task-wm5sync-gnome-1.0-7mdv2010.0 GNOME metapackage for connecting to Windows Mobile 5+ linux/noarch
telepathy-feed-0.13-7mdv2010.0 A Galago feed for Telepathy linux/i586
tilp-1.16-0.1 Communicate with TI graphing calculators linux/i586
tilp2-1.15-1 TiLP is a TI<->PC linking program linux/i586
tkbabel-0.59-7mdv2010.0 Tk/Tcl frontend for babelfish language translation linux/noarch
tkiaxphone-2.1-0.beta3.4 Simple IAX phone client linux/i586
tlf-1.1.2-1 TLF is a contest logging program for Linux linux/i586
ttytter-2.0.01-1 Command-Line Twitter Client linux/noarch
tucnak2-2.48-1 VHF contest logging program linux/i586
twinkle-1.4.2-7 Voice Over IP phone using SIP for QT linux/i586
uhd-3.4.1-2 Universal Hardware Driver for Ettus Research products linux/i586
uhd-devel-3.4.1-2 Development files for UHD linux/i586
uhd-doc-3.4.1-2 Documentation files for UHD linux/noarch
umtsmon-0.9-1mdv2010.0 Tool to control and monitor a wireless mobile network card linux/i586
unixcw-3.1.1-1 Shared library for Morse programs linux/i586
viking-1.3-1 Global positioning system (GPS) and mapping manager linux/i586
wammu-0.35-1mdv2011.0 Mobile phone manager linux/noarch
wpa_supplicant-0.7.3-4 Linux WPA Supplicant (IEEE 802.1X, WPA, WPA2, RSN, IEEE 802.11i) linux/i586
wsjt-9.1.r2512-1 Weak-signal amateur radio communications linux/i586
wspr-3.00.r2436-1 Weak Signal Propagation Reporter linux/i586
xastir-2.0.0-1 Amateur Station Tracking and Reporting system for amateur radio linux/i586
xlog-2.0.5-1 Logging program for Hamradio Operators linux/i586
z8530drv-utils-3.0.3-1 Linux driver for Z8530 based HDLC cards for AX.25 linux/i586

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