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RPM of Group Graphics

HDF-util-4.2r1-9mdv2009.1 HDF utilities and test data files linux/armv5tl
OpenEXR-1.6.1-3mdv2009.1 A high dynamic-range (HDR) image file format linux/armv5tl
caca-utils-0.99-0.beta16.2mdv2009.1 Text mode graphics utilities linux/armv5tl
chbg-2.0.1-9mdv2009.1 Desktop background manager/changer/screensaver linux/armv5tl
clipart-openclipart-0.18-9mdv2009.1 Open Clip Art Library linux/noarch
dcraw-8.93-1mdv2009.1 Reads the raw image formats of 279 digital cameras linux/armv5tl
dcraw-gimp2.0-8.93-1mdv2009.1 A GIMP plug-in to load raw files of digicams (GIMP 2.x) linux/armv5tl
digikam-0.10.0-6mdv2009.1 A KDE photo management utility linux/armv5tl
exif-0.6.17-1mdv2009.1 Command line tools to access EXIF extensions in JPEG files linux/armv5tl
exiv2-0.18.1-1mdv2009.1 Command line tool to access EXIF data in image files linux/armv5tl
fbgrab-1.0-6mdv2009.1 Framebuffer screenshot program linux/armv5tl
flphoto-1.3.1-5mdv2009.1 All what you need for the photos from your digital camera linux/armv5tl
gexif-0.5-14mdv2009.1 Graphical tool to access EXIF information in JPEG files linux/armv5tl
gif2png-2.5.1-5mdv2009.1 Tools for converting websites from using GIFs to using PNGs linux/armv5tl
giftrans-1.12.2-20mdv2009.1 Convert transparent GIFs into non-transparent GIFs linux/armv5tl
gimp-2.6.6-2mdv2009.1 The GNU Image Manipulation Program linux/armv5tl
gimp-python-2.6.6-2mdv2009.1 GIMP python extension linux/armv5tl
gocr-0.45-3mdv2009.1 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program linux/armv5tl
gphoto2-2.4.3-2mdv2009.1 Command line utilities to access digital cameras linux/armv5tl
gqview-2.1.5-6mdv2009.1 Graphics file browser utility linux/armv5tl
graphicsmagick-1.3.5-3mdv2009.1 An X application for displaying and manipulating images linux/armv5tl
graphviz-2.22.2-3mdv2009.1 Graph visualization tools linux/armv5tl
gthumb-2.10.11-1mdv2009.1 An image viewer and browser for GNOME linux/armv5tl
gtkam- GPhoto2 GTK+ frontend linux/armv5tl
gtkam-gimp-plugin- GIMP-plug-in for digital camera access through GPhoto2 linux/armv5tl
html2ps-2.0-2.b5.2mdv2009.1 HTML to PostScript converter linux/noarch
imagemagick- An X application for displaying and manipulating images linux/armv5tl
imagemagick-desktop- ImageMagick menus linux/armv5tl
inkscape-0.46-10mdv2009.1 A vector-based drawing program using SVG linux/armv5tl
jasper-1.900.1-5mdv2009.1 JPEG-2000 utilities linux/armv5tl
jbigkit-2.0-2mdv2009.1 The JBIG-KIT linux/armv5tl
jhead-2.86-1mdv2009.1 Command line tools to read and edit EXIF extensions in JPEG files linux/armv5tl
jpeg-progs-6b-44mdv2009.1 Programs for manipulating JPEG format image files linux/armv5tl
lcms-1.18-1mdv2009.1 Color management library linux/armv5tl
libclutter-cairo0.8_0-0.8.2-3mdv2009.1 Cairo actor for Clutter linux/armv5tl
libclutter-gtk0.8_0-0.8.3-1mdv2009.1 GTK Support for Clutter linux/armv5tl
libclutter0.8_0-0.8.8-1mdv2009.1 Software library for fast, visually rich GUIs linux/armv5tl
libexif-gtk5-0.3.5-8mdv2009.1 Library to access EXIF files (extended JPEG files) linux/armv5tl
libexif12-0.6.17-4mdv2009.1 Library to access EXIF files (extended JPEG files) linux/armv5tl
libexif12-common-0.6.17-4mdv2009.1 Library to access EXIF files - Translations linux/armv5tl
libexiv2_5-0.18.1-1mdv2009.1 Library to access EXIF data in image files linux/armv5tl
libgphoto-common-2.4.4-2mdv2009.1 Non-library files for the "libgphoto2" library linux/armv5tl
libgphoto2-2.4.4-2mdv2009.1 Library to access to digital cameras linux/armv5tl
librsvg-2.26.0-1mdv2009.1 Raph's SVG library linux/armv5tl
libtiff-progs-3.8.2-13mdv2009.1 Binaries needed to manipulate TIFF format image files linux/armv5tl
libungif-progs-4.1.4-7mdv2009.1 Programs for manipulating GIF format image files linux/armv5tl
mandriva-theme-Flash-1.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Mandriva-Flash theme for bootsplash and desktop background linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-Flash-screensaver-1.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Mandriva Flash screensaver linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-Free-1.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Mandriva-Free theme for bootsplash and desktop background linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-Free-screensaver-1.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Mandriva Free screensaver linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-One-1.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Mandriva-One theme for bootsplash and desktop background linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-One-screensaver-1.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Mandriva One screensaver linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-Powerpack-1.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Mandriva-Powerpack theme for bootsplash and desktop background linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-Powerpack-screensaver-1.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Mandriva Powerpack screensaver linux/noarch
mandriva-theme-common-1.3.12-1mdv2009.1 Mandriva common theme for bootsplash linux/noarch
mesa-demos-7.3-1mdv2009.1 Demos for Mesa (OpenGL compatible 3D lib) linux/armv5tl
netpbm-10.35.59-1mdv2009.1 Tools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats linux/armv5tl
oregano-0.69.0-2mdv2009.1 A GUI to simulate electronic circuit linux/armv5tl
potrace-1.8-3mdv2009.1 Utility for transforming a bitmap into a scalable image linux/armv5tl
qcad- A professional CAD system linux/armv5tl
sam2p-0.44.14-3mdv2009.1 Convert raster images to PostScript or PDF linux/armv5tl
sane-frontends-1.0.14-6mdv2009.1 Graphical frontend to SANE linux/armv5tl
showfoto-0.10.0-6mdv2009.1 A KDE photo management utility linux/armv5tl
t1lib-config-5.1.2-6mdv2009.1 Configuration for t1lib linux/armv5tl
t1lib-progs-5.1.2-6mdv2009.1 Programs dor manipulating Type 1 font linux/armv5tl
task-scanning-2009.1-1mdv2009.1 Metapackage for scanning linux/noarch
transfig-3.2.5-3mdv2009.1 A utility for converting FIG files (created by xfig) to other formats linux/armv5tl
ufraw-0.15-1mdv2009.1 Graphical tool to convert raw images of digital cameras linux/armv5tl
ufraw-gimp-0.15-1mdv2009.1 Reads the raw image formats of digital cameras into GIMP linux/armv5tl
xfig-3.2.5-5mdv2009.1 An X Window System tool for drawing basic vector graphics linux/armv5tl
xhtml2ps-2.0-2.b5.2mdv2009.1 GUI frontend for html2ps, a HTML-to-PostScript converter linux/noarch
xine-image- ImageMagick plugin for xine linux/armv5tl
xli-20061110-3mdv2009.1 XLI - X11 Image Loading Utility linux/armv5tl
xsane-0.996-1mdv2009.1 Frontend for the SANE scanner interface linux/armv5tl
xsane-gimp-0.996-1mdv2009.1 GIMP plug-in which provides the SANE scanner interface linux/armv5tl
xwpick-2.20-16mdv2009.1 A X Window System screenshot grabber linux/armv5tl
yafray-0.0.9-4mdv2009.1 Raytracing tool linux/armv5tl

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