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mkinitrd-net-1.10-24mdk RPM for i586

From Mandriva devel 2006.0 for i586 / media / main

Name: mkinitrd-net Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 1.10 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 24mdk Build date: Tue Aug 30 20:31:16 2005
Group: System/Kernel and hardware Build host:
Size: 1107798 Source RPM: mkinitrd-net-1.10-24mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Stew Benedict <>
Summary: Network-booting initrd builder
mkinitrd-net allows you to build initial ramdisk images (initrds) suitable
for use with Etherboot and other network-booting software.  This package
contains two main utilities: mkinitrd-net (to build an initrd containing a
specified set of network-card modules) and mknbi (to generate
Etherboot-usable NBI images from a given kernel and initrd).  It also
contains a helper script mknbi-set which will maintain sets of initrds to
match all your currently-installed kernels.

mkinitrd-net uses code from the uClibc, busybox, and Etherboot






* Tue Aug 30 2005 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-24mdk
  - uClibc-0.9.28, busybox-1.00, redo config, P2, P8, P10, P11
  - (was failing rebuild on cluster)
* Thu May 05 2005 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-23mdk
  - add --count option to be able to calculate estimated disk usage
  - when building a whole kernel or kernels, suppress warning (P16)
* Mon Mar 21 2005 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-22mdk
  - replace modprobe -nva with modprobe --show-depends 
  - for kernel > 2.4 (Bugzilla #14149, P15)
* Thu Mar 10 2005 Christiaan Welvaart <> 1.10-21mdk
  - remove hardcoded path in patch0
* Fri Jan 21 2005 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-20mdk
  - handle strange "modprobe -nva foo" output (redo P5)
* Mon Sep 13 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-19mdk
  - redo ppc patch (patch0)
* Thu Sep 02 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-18mdk
  - try Jean-Michel's big rework again:
  - update to mknbi-1.4.3 (patch13, use JM's memcmp patch14)
  - patch back uClibc gcc wrapper from 0.9.21 (patch10)
  - update busybox to 1.00-rc3, drop some uneeded options
      rework patch8, 
  - drop udhcp for busybox's version (shrink initrd, patch11)
  - really build busybox with uClibc (shrink initrd, patch10, 11)
  - only include wlanctl in initrd if required (shrink initrd, patch12)
  - busybox handles both 2.4 and 2.6 modules, 
      don't need to add static insmod (shrink initrd, redo/merge patch5,7)
  - modprobe -nva nfs comes back empty if server has nfs loaded
      add correct modules to initrd (redo patch3)
* Tue Aug 31 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-17mdk
  - redo patch5 (insmod-2.5-DIET is gone)
* Fri Aug 20 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-16mdk
  - mods to work with udev or devfs (patch9)
* Wed Jul 28 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-15dk
  - upgrade uClibc to 0.9.26, rework patch0,2 (fix ppc build)
  - add patch8 to busybox, uClibc for gcc
* Mon May 17 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-14mdk
  - remove debugging "print" statement left in patch7
* Tue Feb 24 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-13mdk
  - rework patch7, still some issues, get rid of --keep arg to
  - mknbi-set that got added accidentally (fills up /root/tmp)
* Mon Feb 23 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-12mdk
  - another pass at getting mknbi-set to work to build 2.4 or 2.6
  - images, regardless of which kernel is booted (#8216, patch7)
* Fri Feb 06 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-11mdk
  - af_packet patch was borken - redo (patch1)
  - some nics seem to need an additional try to get the IP in linuxrc
  - (Venantius Kumar) - patch6
* Tue Feb 03 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-10mdk
  - 2.6 kernel support (patch5)
  - handle integrated af_packet (added to patch1) (Francisco Javier Felix)
* Mon Feb 02 2004 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-9mdk
  - pass devfs=mount as default argument when making nbi, since
  - client isn't picking up etherboot kernel-cmdline
* Mon Dec 22 2003 Jean-Michel Dault <> 1.10-8mdk
  - revert changes, will try to integrate my modifications with the original
    author's work.
* Sun Dec 21 2003 Jean-Michel Dault <> 1.10-7mdk
  - use mknbi 1.4.3 so we're compatible with latest etherboot and rom-o-matic
    images.  This release also fixes a serious bug in mkelf-linux where initrds
    larger than 1 MB do not work.
  - add memcmp patch since this function is missing from gcc 3.3.2 (weird!)
  - add nfsroot override to udhcp to be able to specify an argument to
    the kernel to boot from a different nfs server. This is mandatory
    in case there's a central dhcp server that we don't control, like most
    big organizations. This will also enable booting off a FAT32 partition
    or DiscOnChip, with "loadlin vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img nfsroot=whatever".
  - update to busybox 1.00-pre4, with integrated udhcp (fixes the extra
    space in variables problem)
  - use uClibc from contribs to build instead of the bundled one that doesn't
    work. busybox+udhcp should be about 200K, *not* over 1 meg!
  - move wlanctl to its own package so we save ramdisk space, since most
    installations do not use Xterminals over wireless links
* Fri Dec 19 2003 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-6mdk
  - remove old /tftpboot link
  - new dhcpd.conf.etherboot.include - keeps new etherboot 
  - from crashing dhcpd server - patch3
* Thu Jul 24 2003 Götz Waschk <> 1.10-5mdk
  - fix buildrequires
* Fri Mar 28 2003 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-4mdk
  - BuildRequires, distriblint
* Mon Mar 10 2003 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-3mdk
  - seems nfs is integrated into kernel now - deal with this scenario
  - [BUG 3003] - patch1, update uCLibc so it builds - patch2
* Mon Oct 21 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-2mdk
  - patch for ppc build, don't build the nbi's by default
* Tue Aug 06 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.10-1mdk
  - changes from Michael Brown (drop patch0 now):
  - Support for new binary etherboot.nic-dev-id structure
  - Added --kernel option patch from Stew Benedict at MandrakeSoft
  - Only try to use sudo if we are not already root
* Sun Jul 28 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.9-2mdk
  - requires binutils
* Thu Jun 20 2002 Stew Benedict <> 1.9-1mdk
  - first Mandrake release 
  - use make rather than %make (-j2 triggers error)
  - patch mknbi-set to do optional single kernel/module
  - thanks to Michael Brown <>
* Wed Jun 05 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.9-1fs
  - Modifications to allow DHCP, TFTP and NFS servers to be separate machines.
* Thu May 30 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.8-1fs
  - /tftpboot symlinked to /var/lib/tftpboot
  - Has ability to be quiet if "quiet" specified on kernel cmdline
* Sun May 26 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.7-1fs
  - PCI-ID auto-mapping via dhcpd.conf.etherboot-pcimap.include
* Fri May 24 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.6-1fs
  - Bugfixes, migrated /tftpboot to /var/lib/tftpboot
* Thu May 23 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.5-1fs
  - Now includes dhcpd.conf.etherboot.include
  - Automatically scans for all network modules in the pcimap file
* Wed May 08 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.4-1fs
  - Bugfixes: tmpdir selection, linuxrc typos, ifconfig peculiarities
* Sat May 04 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.3-1fs
  - During make -j4, LIBDIR must be set for mknbi
  - Added %post scriptlet since %trigger seems not to be being triggered...
* Sat May 04 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.2-1fs
  - Added extra sources instead of requiring "make" to download them
* Sat May 04 2002 Michael Brown <> 1.1-1fs
  - First attempt at an RPM package



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