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libgutenprintui_1-devel-5.0.0- RPM for i586

From Mandriva devel 2006.0 for i586 / media / main

Name: libgutenprintui_1-devel Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 5.0.0 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: Build date: Mon Feb 27 14:19:57 2006
Group: Development/C Build host:
Size: 206798 Source RPM: gutenprint-5.0.0-
Packager: Till Kamppeter <>
Summary: Headers and links for compiling against libgutenprintui
These are the links and header files to compile applications which
should use the libgutenprintui library.






* Sat Jan 21 2006 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.14mdk
  - Updated to version 5.0.0-rc2 official release.
* Sun Jan 15 2006 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.13mdk
  - Updated to version 5.0.0-rc2 (test tarball).
* Fri Nov 18 2005 Thierry Vignaud <> 5.0.0-0.12mdk
  - rebuild against openssl-0.9.8
* Wed Oct 26 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.11mdk
  - Let the post-install script of gutenprint-foomatic not exit with an error
    state when there are no print queues with PPD files installed (bug 19445).
* Tue Oct 25 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.10mdk
  - Split the libgutenprint package to separate the UI libraries. to avoid
    the installation of GTK libraries on X-less servers when only the
    printer drivers are needed.
* Sat Sep 03 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.9mdk
  - Updated to version 5.0.0-rc1.
  - Removed sources 10 and 11, they were added upstream.
  - Cleaned up spec file.
* Wed Aug 31 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.8mdk
  - Enebled compilation of libgutenprintui, for Cinepaint printing
* Sat Aug 27 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.7mdk
  - Fixed "PlainPIXMA" paper type entry for Canon inkjets.
  - Really suppress translated CUPS PPDs.
  - Added "BuildConflicts: libgutenprint, libgutenprint-devel", otherwise
    the CUPS PPD building is based on an old libgutenprint installed on
    the build system and not on the libgutenprint of this package.
* Fri Aug 26 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.6mdk
  - Improved debug mode of this RPM.
  - Added "Requires: gutenprint-common" to the subpackages. With
    missing gutenprint-common non of the subpackages work and none
    of the subpackages gives clear error messages.
  - Made names for paper source and paper type options in Foomatic data
    Adobe-compliant: InputSlot and MediaType instead of STP_InputSlot and
    STP_MediaType (sources 10 and 11).
* Fri Aug 26 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.5mdk
  - Re-uploaded because of full disk on kenobi.
* Fri Aug 26 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.4mdk
  - Fixed bug in portuguese translation (bug 17790).
* Thu Aug 25 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.3mdk
  - Updated to the snapshot from 13/08/2005.
* Fri May 13 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.2mdk
  - Require gimp-2.2.7-2mdk or newer for the GIMP printing plug-in, older
    versions conflict due to having their own Gimp-Print 4.2.7 printing
* Wed May 11 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 5.0.0-0.1mdk
  - Gutenprint, the successor of Gimp-Print
  - Added automatic update for existing print queues



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