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firebird-server-classic- RPM for i586

From Mandriva devel 2006.0 for i586 / media / contrib

Name: firebird-server-classic Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 0.3mdk Build date: Tue Jul 26 02:20:36 2005
Group: Databases Build host:
Size: 6939575 Source RPM: firebird-
Packager: Stew Benedict <>
Summary: Classic (xinetd) server for Firebird SQL Database
This is the classic (xinetd) server for the Firebird SQL Database.
It can also be used as an embedded server, when paired with the
client-embedded package.

It does not include any client access tools, nor does it include the
multi-threaded client library. It includes a xinetd.d script that is
disabled by default.






* Tue Jul 26 2005 Stew Benedict <>
  - fix provides in lib package, postun entry in lib, server-classic
* Fri Jan 28 2005 Lenny Cartier <>
  - add deps
  - little spec cleaning
* Wed Jan 12 2005 Lenny Cartier <>
  - from Philippe Makowski <> : 
  	- adapted to Mandrake
  	- updated from the CVS tree
  - libification
  - bzip2 patches
  - use configure macros
  - requires on versions not on releases
* Wed Aug 18 2004 Erik S. LaBianca <> -
  - updated to 1.5.1 official source release
  - minimized install patch intrusiveness, move files in .spec file instead
  - don't try to remove the user/group on install, just leave the mess
* Wed Feb 04 2004 Erik S. LaBianca <> -
  - updated to CVS code
  - remove lock files from post/postun
  - set target arch to match prefix.linux settings
  - add dependencies to firebird RPM
* Tue Feb 03 2004 Erik S. LaBianca <> -
  - updated to RC8 code
  - added gds_db service entry to /etc/services if necessary in post
  - fix isql link
* Thu Nov 13 2003 Erik S. LaBianca <> -
  - added -s /sbin/nologin to useradd command
* Thu Nov 13 2003 Erik S. LaBianca <> -
  - fixed postinstall scripts, changed && to ||
* Thu Nov 13 2003 Erik S. LaBianca <> -
  - fixed postinstall scripts as per suggestion by Brad Pepers
* Wed Nov 12 2003 Erik S. LaBianca <> -
  - fixed /usr/share/firebird/bin/fb_lock_mgr symlink
  - fixed??? postinstall scripts to add user and group
* Tue Nov 04 2003 Erik S. LaBianca <> -
  - /sbin/service reload xinetd after in %post and %postun to activate /etc/xinetd.d/firebird
  - updated to latest cvs snapshot
  - changed xinetd file to disable=no only_from= to retain security but allow local network access
  - renamed isql to fbsql and create a symlink to isql (if there isn't one), allowing concurrent unixODBC install
  - moved logfile to /var/log/firebird.log, create a blank logfile after post so symlink resolves
  - fixed the %postun script to test for additional users in the firebird group without errors
  - Added /usr/firebird.conf to server-classic
  - tagged /var/firebird/security.fdb as a config file so it doesn't get nuked
* Mon Nov 03 2003 Erik S. LaBianca <> -
  - Initial RPM release.



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