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RPM of Group System/Configuration/Packaging

apt-0.5.15cnc6-10mdk Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool with RPM support linux/i586
apt-common-0.5.15cnc6-10mdk Common file for apt frontend linux/i586
aptitude-0.3.3-2mdk Curses-based apt frontend linux/i586
checkinstall-1.6.0-1mdk CheckInstall installations tracker linux/i586
cpan2rpm-2.028-1mdk Perl module packager linux/noarch
createrepo-0.4.3-2mdk Creates a common metadata repository linux/noarch
deltarpm-2.3-2mdk Tools to create and apply deltarpms linux/i586
dpkg-1.10.21-1mdk Package maintenance system for Debian Linux linux/i586
drakstats-0.10-1mdk The Mandriva Linux installed rpm gathering tool linux/noarch
etc-update-20020731-6mdk Mergemaster for Linux linux/noarch
gtkdialogs-2.1-1mdk Ready-to-use gtk+ dialog boxes linux/i586
gurpmi-4.7.15-1.1.20060mdk User mode rpm GUI install linux/noarch
ksmarttray-0.39-2mdk KDE tray program for watching updates with Smart Package Manager linux/i586
mkcd-4.1.7-1mdk Script to build Linux distributions installation discs linux/noarch
packdrake-5.0.24-1mdk A simple Archive Extractor/Builder linux/i586
park-rpmdrake-2.20-3.1.20060mdk Configure and update rpms on a park linux/i586
poldek-0.18.9-1mdk PLD RPM packages management helper tool linux/i586
rpm-4.4.2-4.1.20060mdk The RPM package management system linux/i586
rpm-build-4.4.2-4.1.20060mdk Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/i586
rpm-get-1.5-1mdk Simple clone of apt-get for rpm linux/noarch
rpm-helper-0.17-0.1.20060mdk Helper scripts for rpm scriptlets linux/noarch
rpm-mandriva-setup-1.5.3-0.1.20060mdk The Mandriva rpm configuration and scripts linux/i586
rpm-mandriva-setup-build-1.5.3-0.1.20060mdk The Mandriva rpm configuration and scripts to build rpms linux/i586
rpm-rebuilder-0.27-0.1.20060mdk Tools to build/check distributions linux/noarch
rpmdrake-2.20-3.1.20060mdk Mandriva Linux graphical front end for sofware installation/removal linux/i586
rpmstats-0.5-2mdk Gather statistics from installed packages linux/i586
rpmtools-5.0.24-1mdk Contains various rpm command-line tools linux/i586
smart-0.39-2mdk Next generation package handling tool linux/i586
smart-update-0.39-2mdk Allows execution of 'smart update' by normal users (suid) linux/i586
stow-1.3.3-1mdk Separate software packages manager linux/noarch
synaptic-0.57.2-1mdk Graphical package management program using apt linux/i586
update-alternatives-1.8.3-2mdk Alternative management system linux/noarch
urpmc-1.2-6mdk User rpm change(s|log) linux/noarch
urpmi-4.7.15-1.1.20060mdk Command-line software installation tools linux/noarch
urpmi-ldap-4.7.15-1.1.20060mdk Extension to urpmi to specify media configuration via LDAP linux/noarch
urpmi-parallel-ka-run-4.7.15-1.1.20060mdk Parallel extensions to urpmi using ka-run linux/noarch
urpmi-parallel-ssh-4.7.15-1.1.20060mdk Parallel extensions to urpmi using ssh and scp linux/noarch
urpmi.setup-0.4.4-5mdk A tools to help to setup urpmi when using mirror. linux/noarch
urpmi.setup-web-0.4.4-5mdk A tool to help to setup a urpmi ftp mirror linux/noarch
xrpm-2.2-10mdk An alternative package manager for RPMS linux/noarch
yum-2.2.2-3mdk RPM installer/updater linux/noarch

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