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RPM of Group Sciences/Chemistry

XCombust-1.0-1mdk An elemental analysis calculator linux/i586
Xentark-2.1.0-53.2mdk CRK computational engine linux/i586
Xortoth-2.1.0-53.2mdk CRK dataserver and web interface linux/i586
Xuru-2.1.0-53.2mdk CRK scheduling and clustering daemon linux/i586
Xykron-2.1.0-53.2mdk CRK graphical frontend linux/i586
arka-0.11-2mdk GUI for Genpak (gp) set of bioinformatics utilities. linux/i586
bkchem-0.10.2-1mdk Python 2D chemical structure drawing tool linux/noarch
chemtool-1.6.7-1mdk Chemtool is a program for 2D drawing organic molecules linux/i586
easychem-0.6-1mdk 2D molecular drawing program linux/i586
gabedit-1.2.8-1mdk GUI for comupational chemistry linux/i586
garlic-1.4-1mdk Free molecular viewer and editor linux/i586
gchempaint-0.5.6-3mdk GNOME 2D chemical structure drawing tool linux/i586
gdis-0.86-1mdk A molecular and crystal model viewer linux/i586
genchemlab-1.0-1mdk General Chemistry Lab Simulator - "GenChemLab" linux/i586
ghemical-1.01-2mdk Molecular mechanics and quantum mechanics frontend for GNOME. linux/i586
gnome-chemistry-utils-0.4.4-2mdk Backend for Gnome chemistry applications linux/i586
gnome-crystal-0.6.5-1mdk GNOME crystal structure visualization linux/i586
gp-0.26-2mdk A set of basic utilities for manipulating DNA / RNA / protein sequences. linux/i586
gperiodic-2.0.8-1mdk A graphical application for browsing the periodic table linux/i586
gromacs-3.2.1-1mdk Molecular dynamics package (non-mpi version) linux/i586
kmovisto-0.7.0-3mdk Molecule viewer and 3-D exporter linux/i586
libghemical-data-1.90-1mdk Data files for the ghemical library linux/i586
libpolyxmass7-0.8.7-1mdk A library that's used by the GNU polyxmass framework linux/i586
libpolyxmass7-devel-0.8.7-1mdk A library that's used by the GNU polyxmass framework linux/i586
molrender-2.2.3-4mdk Graphical molecular rendering program linux/i586
mopac7-1.00-1mdk Semi-empirical quantum mechanics suite linux/i586
mpqc-2.2.3-4mdk Ab-inito chemistry program linux/i586
mpqc-html-2.2.3-4mdk HTML documentation for MPQC linux/i586
openbabel-1.100.2-3mdk Chemistry software file format converter linux/i586
polyxmass-0.8.7-1mdk Software suite for mass spectrometry of polymers linux/i586
polyxmass-common-0.8.5-1mdk Common files for polyxmass suite linux/noarch
polyxmass-data-0.8.2-1mdk Data files for polyxmass suite linux/noarch
polyxmass-doc-0.8.4-1mdk Documentation for polyxmass suite linux/noarch
pymol-0.98-1mdk PyMOL Molecular Graphics System linux/i586
rasmol- Molecular Graphics Visualization Tool linux/i586
viewmol-2.4.1-2mdk Molecule viewer and editor linux/i586
xdrawchem-1.9.8-1mdk 2D chemical structures drawing tool linux/i586
xmakemol-5.15-1mdk Simple XYZ molecule editor and GL viewer linux/i586

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