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Packages beginning with letter O

oaf-0.6.10-15mdk GNOME Object Activation Framework linux/i586
oasis-1.0-2mdk Oasis - Open Access Server linux/i586
obexftp-0.10.7-2mdk Access devices via ObexFTP e.g. Siemens mobile equipment linux/i586
objectweb-anttask-1.2-1.1mdk ObjectWeb Ant task linux/noarch
objectweb-deploysched-0.2-1.1mdk ObjectWeb scheduling framework linux/noarch
ocaml-3.08.3-2mdk The Objective Caml compiler and programming environment linux/i586
ocaml-SDL-devel-0.7.1-2mdk Wrapper around the cross platform Simple DirectMedia Layer game library linux/i586
ocaml-camlimages-devel-2.20-3mdk Image processing library for Objective Caml linux/i586
ocaml-doc-3.08.3-2mdk Documentation for OCaml linux/i586
ocaml-lablgtk-1.2.7-2mdk OCaml interface to the GIMP Tool Kit linux/i586
ocaml-lablgtk2-2.4.1-0.20050701.1mdk OCaml interface to the GIMP Tool Kit Version 2 linux/i586
ocaml-lablgtk2-devel-2.4.1-0.20050701.1mdk Development files for ocaml-lablgtk2 linux/i586
ocaml-simple_gettext-0.1-3mdk OCaml wrapper for the gettext library linux/i586
ocaml-xml-light-devel-2.2-2mdk Development files for ocaml-xml-light linux/i586
ocamlfind-mini-0.9-2mdk Minimal findlib script to be distributed with user libraries linux/i586
ocamltk-3.08.3-2mdk Tk toolkit binding for OCaml linux/i586
ocrad-0.12-1mdk Optical Character Recognition linux/i586
octave-2.1.73-0.20060mdk GNU Octave -- a high-level language for numerical computations linux/i586
octave-doc-2.1.73-0.20060mdk Documentation for Octave, a numerical computational language linux/i586
octave-forge-2005.06.13-1mdk Custom scripts, functions and extensions for GNU Octave linux/i586
offlineimap-4.0.6-2mdk Powerful IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support linux/noarch
ogdi-3.1.2-1mdk Open Geographic Datastore Interface linux/i586
ogdi-odbc-3.1.2-1mdk ODBC driver for OGDI linux/i586
ogle-0.9.2-4mdk A DVD player for linux that supports DVD menus linux/i586
ogle_gui-0.9.2-2mdk A GTK interface for the Ogle DVD player linux/i586
ogmtools-1.5-1mdk OGG media stream tools linux/i586
ohphone-1.4.5-0.20050322.4mdk Initiate, or receive, a H.323 IP telephony call linux/i586
oidentd-2.0.7-4mdk Ident server with masquerading support linux/i586
oki-0.1.5-4mdk Oki is a small platform game with monochrome graphics linux/i586
oldgef-0.9.6-1jpp A diagram editing framework linux/noarch
oldi18n-lib-0.1-1jpp Library intended to help Java software internationalization linux/noarch
oldi18n-lib-javadoc-0.1-1jpp Javadoc for oldi18n-lib linux/noarch
oldj2ssh-0.1.7-4jpp An object-oriented Java implementation of the SSH version 2 protocol linux/noarch
oldj2ssh-demo-0.1.7-4jpp Demo for oldj2ssh linux/noarch
oldjavalayer-0.1.1-3jpp 100% Java MP3 decoder/player/converter library linux/noarch
oldjavalayer-javadoc-0.1.1-3jpp Javadoc for oldjavalayer linux/noarch
oldjdom-1.0-0.b8.2.1mdk Java alternative to DOM and SAX linux/noarch
oldjdom-1.0-0.b8.1jpp Java alternative to DOM and SAX linux/noarch
oldjdom-demo-1.0-0.b8.2.1mdk Demos for oldjdom linux/noarch
oldjdom-demo-1.0-0.b8.1jpp Demos for oldjdom linux/noarch
oldjdom-javadoc-1.0-0.b8.2.1mdk Javadoc for oldjdom linux/noarch
oldjdom-javadoc-1.0-0.b8.1jpp Javadoc for oldjdom linux/noarch
oldkilim-1.1.3-2.1mdk A generic configuration framework for Java linux/i586
oldkilim-1.1.3-1jpp A generic configuration framework for Java linux/noarch
oldkilim-javadoc-1.1.3-2.1mdk Javadoc for oldkilim linux/i586
oldkilim-javadoc-1.1.3-1jpp Javadoc for oldkilim linux/noarch
oldkxml-1.21-3jpp XML pull parser and writer suitable for all Java platforms linux/noarch
oldkxml-javadoc-1.21-3jpp Javadoc for oldkxml linux/noarch
oldlogi.crypto-1.0.7-1jpp A Java library for using strong encryption in your Java programs linux/noarch
oldlogi.crypto-javadoc-1.0.7-1jpp Javadoc for oldlogi.crypto linux/noarch
oldrhino-1.5-0.R3.3jpp JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
oldrhino-javadoc-1.5-0.R3.3jpp Javadoc for oldrhino linux/noarch
oldrhino-manual-1.5-0.R3.3jpp Manual for oldrhino linux/noarch
olfix-0.2.3.B-0.20050412.1mdk An administrative system for small to medium sized companies linux/i586
omake-0.9.6_1-1mdk The omake build system linux/i586
omniorb-4.0.6-2mdk Object Request Broker (ORB) from AT&T (CORBA 2.3) linux/i586
onefinger-1.1.1-1mdk Graphical interface to the shell linux/noarch
ontv-1.6.0-1mdk TV listings for the GNOME panel linux/i586
oooqs-2.0.3-5mdk A KDE quickstarter applet for linux/i586
open-1.4-14mdk A tool which will start a program on a virtual console. linux/i586
openafs-1.3.87-2mdk OpenAFS distributed filesystem linux/i586
openafs-client-1.3.87-2mdk OpenAFS filesystem client linux/i586
openafs-doc-1.3.87-2mdk OpenAFS doc linux/i586
openafs-server-1.3.87-2mdk OpenAFS filesystem server linux/i586
openbabel-1.100.2-3mdk Chemistry software file format converter linux/i586
openbox-3.2-1mdk Windowmanager based on the original blackbox-code linux/i586
openca-common- OpenCA common components linux/noarch
openca-doc- OpenCA documentation linux/noarch
openca-ocspd-1.0.3-3mdk OpenCA OCSP Daemon linux/i586
openca-scep-0.9.2-4mdk OpenCA Certification Authority linux/i586
openca-sv-0.9.94-6mdk OpenCA Sign and Verify Toolkit linux/i586
openca-web-interfaces-ca- OpenCA Certification Authority linux/noarch
openca-web-interfaces-ldap- OpenCA Certification Authority linux/noarch
openca-web-interfaces-node- OpenCA Node Management at CA level linux/noarch
openca-web-interfaces-pub- OpenCA Public Web Interface linux/noarch
openca-web-interfaces-ra- OpenCA Registration Authority linux/noarch
openca-web-interfaces-scep- OpenCA SCEP Interface linux/noarch
openct-0.6.2-1mdk Smartcard Terminal Tnterface linux/i586
opengk-1.4.2-0.20050322.5mdk H.323 basic gatekeeper linux/i586
opengrade-2.6.11-1mdk Local and web-based gradebook linux/noarch
opengroupware-core-tools-4.2-20040523.2mdk Some basic tools based on the core libraries. linux/i586
opengroupware-database-1.0-20040523.1mdk Database API linux/i586
opengroupware-docapi-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk Document API linux/i586
opengroupware-docapi-devel-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The header files for the document API. linux/i586
opengroupware-env-1.0-20040523.1mdk Execution Environment linux/noarch
opengroupware-epoz-0.6.1-20040523.1mdk epoz linux/noarch
opengroupware-gstep-db-4.2-20040523.1mdk GNUstep Database Library, version linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-db-devel-4.2-20040523.1mdk The header files for the GDL library. linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-db-postgresql72-4.2-20040523.1mdk PostgreSQL 7.2 adaptor for GDL linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-make-4.2-20040523.2mdk GNUstep Environment linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-make-devel-4.2-20040523.2mdk The Makefiles for the GNUstep environment linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-objc-2.95.3-20040523.1mdk Objective-C runtime library linux/i586
opengroupware-gstep-objc-devel-2.95.3-20040523.1mdk The header files for the Objective-C runtime library. linux/i586
opengroupware-js-1.5.5-20040523.1mdk SpiderMonkey JavaScript library for the env linux/i586
opengroupware-js-devel-1.5.5-20040523.1mdk The header files for the JavaScript library. linux/i586
opengroupware-libfoundation-1.0.45-20040523.1mdk LibFoundation Objective-C library linux/i586
opengroupware-libfoundation-devel-1.0.45-20040523.1mdk The header files for the libFoundation library. linux/i586
opengroupware-libical-0.23.0-20040523.1mdk Libical library for the environment linux/i586
opengroupware-libical-devel-0.23.0-20040523.1mdk The header files for the libical library. linux/i586
opengroupware-logic-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk business logic linux/i586
opengroupware-logic-devel-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The header files for the logic libraries. linux/i586
opengroupware-pda-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk Palm(tm) support linux/i586
opengroupware-pilot-link-0.11.8-20040523.1.1.20060mdk Libpisock library for linux/i586
opengroupware-pilot-link-devel-0.11.8-20040523.1.1.20060mdk The header files for the libpisock library. linux/i586
opengroupware-plr-1.0-20040523.1mdk ProjectLoginRedirector linux/i586
opengroupware-publisher-0.9.15-20040523.1mdk Publisher linux/i586
opengroupware-sope-4.2-20040523.1mdk object publishing environment linux/i586
opengroupware-sope-devel-4.2-20040523.1mdk The header files for the 4.2 application server libraries. linux/i586
opengroupware-theme-default-da-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (Danish) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-de-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (German) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-en-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (English) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-es-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (Spanish) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-it-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (Italian) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-pl-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (Polish) linux/noarch
opengroupware-tools-account-1.0-20040523.1mdk Account Manipulation Tools linux/i586
opengroupware-tools-aptnotify-1.0-20040523.1mdk Appointment Notify Tool linux/i586
opengroupware-tools-bulkmessages-1.0-20040523.1mdk bulkmessage tools linux/i586
opengroupware-tools-installsieve-1.0-20040523.1mdk Sieve Filter Install Tool linux/i586
opengroupware-tools-project-1.0-20040523.1mdk project tools linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-admin-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Admin) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-app-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (App) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-common-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Common) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-contact-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Contact) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-forms-5.0.0-20040523.2mdk WebUI (Forms) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-forms-devel-5.0.0-20040523.2mdk The header files for the WebUI part 'Forms'. linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-job-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Job) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-libs-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Libs) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-libs-devel-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The header files for the WebUI part 'Libs'. linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-mailer-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Mailer) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-news-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (News) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-prefs-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Prefs) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-project-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Project) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-resource-da-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Danish part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-de-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The German part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-en-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The English part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-es-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Spanish part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-fr-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The French part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-hu-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Hungarian part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-it-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Italian part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-ja-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Japanese part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-nl-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Dutch part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-no-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Norwegian part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-pl-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Polish part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-pt-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Portuguese part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-pt_BR-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Brazil/Portuguese part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-sv-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Swedish part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-scheduler-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Scheduler) linux/i586
opengroupware-xml-4.2-20040523.1mdk web application system, XML libraries linux/i586
opengroupware-xml-icalsaxdriver-4.2-20040523.1mdk A SaxObjC driver to access iCalendar files in an XML manner linux/i586
opengroupware-xml-libxmlsaxdriver-4.2-20040523.1mdk Some SaxObjC drivers which are based on libxml linux/i586
opengroupware-xmlrpcd-1.0-20040523.1mdk XML-RPC Daemon linux/i586
opengroupware-zidestore-1.2.70-20040523.1mdk application interface linux/i586
opengroupware-zidestore-devel-1.2.70-20040523.1mdk The header files for the zidestore interface linux/i586
openjade-1.3.2-12mdk Jade and SP -- parser and tools for SGML + DSSSL linux/i586
openldap-2.3.6-4.3.20060mdk LDAP servers and sample clients linux/i586
openldap-clients-2.3.6-4.3.20060mdk OpenLDAP clients and related files linux/i586
openldap-doc-2.3.6-4.3.20060mdk OpenLDAP documentation and administration guide linux/i586
openldap-servers-2.3.6-4.3.20060mdk OpenLDAP servers and related files linux/i586
openldap2.1-2.1.30-6mdk LDAP servers and sample clients linux/i586
openldap2.1-back_dnssrv-2.1.30-6mdk Module dnssrv for OpenLDAP linux/i586
openldap2.1-back_ldap-2.1.30-6mdk Module ldap for OpenLDAP linux/i586
openldap2.1-back_passwd-2.1.30-6mdk Module passwd for OpenLDAP linux/i586
openldap2.1-back_sql-2.1.30-6mdk Module sql for OpenLDAP linux/i586
openldap2.1-clients-2.1.30-6mdk OpenLDAP clients and related files linux/i586
openldap2.1-doc-2.1.30-6mdk OpenLDAP documentation and administration guide linux/i586
openldap2.1-migration-2.1.30-6mdk Set of scripts for migration of a nis domain to a ldap directory linux/i586
openldap2.1-servers-2.1.30-6mdk OpenLDAP servers and related files linux/i586
openldap2.2-2.2.27-4mdk LDAP servers and sample clients linux/i586
openldap2.2-clients-2.2.27-4mdk OpenLDAP clients and related files linux/i586
openldap2.2-doc-2.2.27-4mdk OpenLDAP documentation and administration guide linux/i586
openldap2.2-servers-2.2.27-4mdk OpenLDAP servers and related files linux/i586
openldap2.3-2.3.6-1mdk LDAP servers and sample clients linux/i586
openldap2.3-clients-2.3.6-1mdk OpenLDAP clients and related files linux/i586
openldap2.3-doc-2.3.6-1mdk OpenLDAP documentation and administration guide linux/i586
openldap2.3-servers-2.3.6-1mdk OpenLDAP servers and related files linux/i586
openmcu-2.1.0-4mdk H.323 conferencing server linux/i586
openmortal-0.7-9mdk Parody of Mortal Kombat linux/i586
openntpd-3.7p1-2mdk OpenNTPD - NTP Time Synchronization Client/Server linux/i586
openobex-apps-1.0.0-3mdk Apps that come with the Open OBEX c-library linux/i586 Open source office suite (ooo-build) linux/i586 Extra Galleries for linux/i586 GNOME Extensions for linux/i586 Hunspell Spell Checker for linux/i586 KDE Extensions for linux/i586 Afrikaans language support for linux/i586 Arabic language support for linux/i586 Catalan language support for linux/i586 Czech language support for linux/i586 Welsh language support for linux/i586 Danish language support for linux/i586 German language support for linux/i586 Greek language support for linux/i586 British language support for linux/i586 Spanish language support for linux/i586 Estonian language support for linux/i586 Basque language support for linux/i586 Finnish language support for linux/i586 French language support for linux/i586 Hebrew language support for linux/i586 Hungarian language support for linux/i586 Italian language support for linux/i586 Japanese language support for linux/i586 Korean language support for linux/i586 Norwegian Bokmal language support for linux/i586 Dutch language support for linux/i586 Norwegian Nynorsk language support for linux/i586 Northern Sotho language support for linux/i586 Polish language support for linux/i586 Portuguese language support for linux/i586 Portuguese Brazilian language support for linux/i586 Russian language support for linux/i586 Slovak language support for linux/i586 Slovenian language support for linux/i586 Swedish language support for linux/i586 Turkish language support for linux/i586 Chinese Simplified language support for linux/i586 Chinese Traditional language support for linux/i586 Zulu language support for linux/i586 Mono UNO Bridge for linux/i586
openorb-1.2.0-2jpp Java CORBA Object Request Broker linux/noarch
openorb-javadoc-1.2.0-2jpp Javadoc for openorb linux/noarch
openpbx-2.0-0.25mdk Open-Source PBX linux/i586
opensc-0.8.1-8mdk Library for accessing SmartCard devices linux/i586
opensi-client-2.0.7-3mdk OpenSi client linux/i586
openslp-1.0.11-6mdk OpenSLP implementation of Service Location Protocol V2 linux/i586
openssh-4.3p1-0.4.20060mdk OpenSSH free Secure Shell (SSH) implementation linux/i586
openssh-askpass-4.3p1-0.4.20060mdk OpenSSH X11 passphrase dialog linux/i586
openssh-askpass-gnome-4.3p1-0.4.20060mdk OpenSSH GNOME passphrase dialog linux/i586
openssh-clients-4.3p1-0.4.20060mdk OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol clients linux/i586
openssh-server-4.3p1-0.4.20060mdk OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol server (sshd) linux/i586
openssl-0.9.7g-2.5.20060mdk Secure Sockets Layer communications libs & utils linux/i586
openssl0.9.8-0.9.8-0.2mdk Secure Sockets Layer communications libs & utils linux/i586
openswan-2.3.1-1mdk An implementation of IPSEC & IKE for Linux. linux/i586
openswan-doc-2.3.1-1mdk An implementation of IPSEC & IKE for Linux. linux/i586
openvpn-2.0.1-2.2.20060mdk A Secure UDP Tunneling Daemon linux/i586
oprofile-0.9.1-0.1.20060mdk Transparent low-overhead system-wide profiler linux/i586
oprofile-gui-0.9.1-0.1.20060mdk GUI for starting the OProfile profiler linux/i586
orange-0.3-1mdk Squeeze out installable Microsoft cabinet files linux/i586
orbital_eunuchs_sniper-1.28-4mdk Orbital Eunuchs Sniper linux/i586
oregano-0.40.5-1mdk A GUI to simulate electronic circuit linux/i586
oro-2.0.8-2.1mdk Full regular expressions API linux/noarch
oro-2.0.8-1jpp Full regular expressions API linux/noarch
oro-javadoc-2.0.8-2.1mdk Javadoc for oro linux/noarch
oro-javadoc-2.0.8-1jpp Javadoc for oro linux/noarch
orpheus-1.5-1mdk A text-mode player for CDs and MP3 files linux/i586
osCommerce-2.2-0.20040510_MS3.2mdk Open sourced e-commerce solution (aka. "tep") linux/noarch
osCommerce-admin-2.2-0.20040510_MS3.2mdk Administrative web interface for osCommerce linux/noarch
osCommerce-documentation-2.2-0.20040510_MS3.2mdk The online documentation for osCommerce linux/noarch
oscache-2.0.1-2jpp High performance J2EE caching solution linux/noarch
oscache-javadoc-2.0.1-2jpp Javadoc for oscache linux/noarch
oscache-manual-2.0.1-2jpp Documents for oscache linux/noarch
osp-tools-3.3.1-4mdk Various utilities for the libosp library linux/i586
ots-0.4.2-2mdk A text summarizer linux/i586
overlook-3.2-3.1.20060mdk Overlook is a webmail system derived from squirrelmail linux/noarch

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