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RPM of Group Networking/Instant Messaging

gnome-jabber-0.4-5mdk A gnome jabber client linux/i586
amsn-0.94-3mdk MSN Messenger clone for Linux linux/i586
amsn-skins-0.94-2mdk Collection of skins for aMSN linux/noarch
ayttm-0.4.6-3mdk Instant messaging client linux/i586
centericq-4.20.0-1mdk Console ncurses based ICQ2000, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, IRC client linux/i586
daim-0.9.2-8jpp Instant Messaging Client and Library supporting AIM and ICQ linux/noarch
daim-legacymenu-0.9.2-8jpp Legacy menu entry for daim linux/noarch
daim-mdkmenu-0.9.2-8jpp Mandrake menu entry for daim linux/noarch
daim-scripts-0.9.2-8jpp Scripts for daim linux/noarch
eva-0.3.1-4mdk Eva is an IM client compatible with QQ protocol based on QT linux/i586
gabber-0.8.8-6mdk Gabber is a GNOME client for Jabber instant messaging system. linux/i586
gaim-1.5.0-4mdk A GTK+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client linux/i586
gaim-encrypt-1.5.0_2.38-2mdk Gaim extension, to use end to end encryption linux/i586
gaim-festival-1.1-1mdk Gaim extension, to use speech synthetisis linux/i586
gaim-gevolution-1.5.0-4mdk Gaim extension, for Evolution integration linux/i586
gaim-guifications-2.12-1mdk MSN Style Popup for Gaim linux/i586
gaim-meanwhile-1.2.4-1mdk Lotus Sametime Community Client plugin for Gaim linux/i586
gaim-openq-0.3.2-1mdk QQ protocol plugin for Gaim linux/i586
gaim-perl-1.5.0-4mdk Gaim extension, to use perl scripting linux/i586
gaim-silc-1.5.0-4mdk Gaim extension, to use SILC (Secure Internet Live Conferencing) linux/i586
gaim-smartear-1.0.2_1.0.0-1mdk SmartEar plugin for gAIM linux/i586
gaim-tcl-1.5.0-4mdk Gaim extension, to use tcl scripting linux/i586
gajim-0.8.2-1mdk Jabber Client written in PyGTK linux/i586
galaxium-0.1.112-4mdk Galaxium Messenger for MSN linux/i586
gnomeicu-0.99.5-4mdk Gnome ICQ communications program linux/i586
gossip-0.9-2mdk GNOME Jabber client linux/i586
gtk+licq-base-0.51-12mdk base files for gtk+licq linux/i586
gtk+licq-nognome-0.51-12mdk gtk+licq without gnome support linux/i586
gyach-0.9.8-1mdk A GTK+ based Yahoo! Chat client linux/i586
imcom-1.34-1mdk Console-based jabber client linux/noarch
jext-legacymenu-3.2-0.pre4.1jpp Legacy menu entry for jext linux/noarch
jext-mdkmenu-3.2-0.pre4.1jpp Mandrake menu entry for jext linux/noarch
joscar-0.9.3-2jpp Extensible open-source Java interface into AIM's OSCAR protocol linux/noarch
joscar-demo-0.9.3-2jpp Demo for joscar linux/noarch
kmerlin-1.4.2-3mdk MSN Messenger for Linux linux/i586
ksalup-1.2.4-2mdk Local area network (LAN) messaging tool linux/i586
libgaim-remote0-1.5.0-4mdk Library for providing remote control ability for gaim linux/i586
libkdenetwork2-kopete-devel-3.4.2-16mdk Devel file. linux/i586
licq-1.3.0-6mdk ICQ clone written in C++, and the default plugin in Qt linux/i586
licq-console-1.3.0-6mdk Console based plugin for Licq that uses ncurses linux/i586
licq-kde-1.3.0-6mdk KDE-enabled Qt plugin for Licq linux/i586
licq-rms-1.3.0-6mdk Remote management service Licq plugin linux/i586
micq-0.5-1mdk A clone of the Mirabilis ICQ online messaging program linux/i586
pork- A ncurses-based AIM client linux/i586
psi-0.9.3-4mdk PSI Jabber client using QT3 linux/i586
sim-0.9.4-0.20041105.2mdk A QT/KDE ICQ instant messaging client linux/i586

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