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Packages beginning with letter F

f-spot-0.1.2-1mdk Image Database linux/i586
f2c-20001107-7mdk The f2c Fortran to C/C++ conversion program and static libraries linux/i586
f2py-2.45.241_1926-4mdk Fortran to Python Interface Generaton linux/noarch
f4lm-0.1-1mdk Flash animation editor linux/i586
faces-1.6.1-21mdk A list monitor with a visual output linux/i586
faces-devel-1.6.1-21mdk The Faces program's library and header files. linux/i586
faces-penguin-0.1-3mdk Penguin face icons linux/noarch
faces-xface-1.6.1-21mdk Utilities needed by mailers for handling Faces' X-face images. linux/i586
fake-1.1.10-2mdk Switches in redundant servers using arp spoofing linux/i586
fakeroot-1.2.9-3mdk Gives a fake root environment linux/i586
fanout-0.6.1-3mdk Fanout lets you run commands on multiple remote machines simultaneously linux/noarch
fapg-0.32-1mdk Fast Audio Playlist Generator linux/i586
fast-user-switch-applet-0.2.3-1mdk Fast User-Switching Applet for GNOME linux/i586
fastr-2.04-5mdk A tool for automatic indexing linux/i586
fastutil-4.3.1-1jpp Fast & compact type-specific Java utility classes linux/noarch
fastutil-javadoc-4.3.1-1jpp Javadoc for fastutil linux/noarch
fax2pdf-0.1.3-3mdk A Fax to PDF converter linux/i586
fax4CUPS-1.24-1mdk FAX4CUPS - Fax modem as CUPS printer linux/noarch
fax4CUPS-capisuite-fax-1.24-1mdk Specialized fax4CUPS backend/PPD file for CapiSuite. linux/noarch
fax4CUPS-efax-1.24-1mdk Specialized fax4CUPS backend/PPD file for efax. linux/noarch
fax4CUPS-hylafax-1.24-1mdk Specialized fax4CUPS backend/PPD file for Hylafax. linux/noarch
fax4CUPS-mgetty-fax-1.24-1mdk Specialized fax4CUPS backend/PPD file for mgetty fax. linux/noarch
fb-1.5-9mdk Utility for the viewing, editing, and manipulation of binary files linux/i586
fb2png-0.1-4mdk Take screenshots from the framebuffer linux/i586
fbdesk-1.1.5-2mdk Fluxbox-application to create and manage icons on your desktop linux/i586
fbgrab-1.0-1mdk FBGrab is a framebuffer screenshot program. linux/i586
fbida-2.03-1mdk Collection of applications for viewing and editing images linux/i586
fbset-2.1-13mdk Framebuffer utilities for changing video modes. linux/i586
fbtv-3.94-3mdk A console program for watching TV linux/i586
fcgi-2.4.0-7mdk The FastCGI development kit linux/i586
fcitx-3.1.1-2mdk Fcitx - Free Chinese Input Toys for X linux/i586
fcron-2.9.7-2mdk Fcron is a task scheduler linux/i586
fde-ce1_d_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-ce1_f_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-ce1_m_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-ce2_d_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-ce2_f_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-ce2_m_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-cm1_d_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-cm1_f_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-cm1_m_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-cm2_d_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-cm2_f_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-cm2_m_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-cp_d_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-cp_f_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-cp_m_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école primaire (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-gs_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école maternelle (extraits) linux/noarch
fde-ms_demo-1.0.0-3mdk Fiches de l'école maternelle (extraits) linux/noarch
fdupes-1.40-1mdk Identify or delete duplicate files linux/i586
fdutils-5.4-11mdk Programs for dealing with floppy disks linux/i586
feh-1.3.3-1mdk Image viewer at heart, though it does other cool stuff linux/i586
festival-1.4.3-8.1.20060mdk A free speech synthesizer linux/i586
festival-devel-1.4.3-8.1.20060mdk Static libraries and headers for festival text to speech linux/i586
festlex-CMU-1.4.3-1mdk CMU dictionary in Festival form linux/noarch
festlex-POSLEX-1.4.3-1mdk Festival Speech Lexicons for Engish linux/noarch
festvox-kallpc-common-1.4.3-1mdk Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KAL) - Common linux/noarch
festvox-kallpc16k-1.4.3-1mdk Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KAL) 16kHz linux/noarch
festvox-kallpc8k-1.4.3-1mdk Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KAL) 8kHz linux/noarch
festvox-kedlpc-common-1.4.3-1mdk Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KED) - Common linux/noarch
festvox-kedlpc16k-1.4.3-1mdk Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KED) 16kHz linux/noarch
festvox-kedlpc8k-1.4.3-1mdk Festival Voice - American English male speaker (KDE) 8kHz linux/noarch
fetchlog-1.0-1mdk Fetch and convert new messages of a logfile linux/i586
fetchmail-6.2.5-11.3.20060mdk Full-featured POP/IMAP mail retrieval daemon linux/i586
fetchmail-daemon-6.2.5-11.3.20060mdk SySV init script for demonize fetchmail for retrieving emails linux/i586
fetchmailconf-6.2.5-11.3.20060mdk A utility for graphically configuring your fetchmail preferences linux/i586
fetchyahoo-2.8.6-2mdk Downloads mail from an Yahoo! webmail account linux/noarch
ffingerd-1.28-6mdk Secure finger daemon linux/i586
ffmpeg-0.4.9-0.pre1.5.2.20060mdk Hyper fast MPEG1/MPEG4/H263/RV and AC3/MPEG audio encoder linux/i586
ffmpeg2theora-0.13-3mdk A simple converter to create Ogg Theora files linux/i586
fftw-wisdom-3.0.1-6mdk FFTW-wisdom file generator linux/i586
fget-1.3.3-1mdk Commandline tool for mirroring remote files via FTP linux/i586
fget-devel-1.3.3-1mdk Development library for fget linux/i586
fidoconf-1.4.0-0.rc2.2mdk Library to access the fidoconfig linux/i586
figlet-222-2mdk FIGlet is a program for making large letters out of ordinary text linux/i586
figlet-more-fonts-20040514-2mdk FIGlet is a program for making large letters out of ordinary text linux/noarch
file-4.14-2.2.20060mdk A utility for determining file types linux/i586
file-roller-2.10.4-1mdk An archive manager for GNOME linux/i586
filelight-1.0-0.beta6.1mdk Graphical disk usage statistics linux/i586
fileschanged-0.6.0-2mdk The fileschanged utility reports when files have been altered linux/i586
filesystem-2.1.6-1mdk The basic directory layout for a Linux system linux/i586
fillets-ng-0.6.0-2mdk Fish Fillets NG linux/i586
fillets-ng-data-0.6.0-2mdk Data files for the Fish Fillets NG game linux/i586
fillets-ng-data-cs-0.6.0-2mdk Czech sound files for the Fish Fillets NG game linux/i586
filters-2.33-1mdk A collection of text filters, including the Swedish Chef linux/i586
findlib-0.9-2mdk A module packaging tool for OCaml linux/i586
findutils-4.2.24-1mdk The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) linux/i586
finger-0.17-5mdk The finger client. linux/i586
finger-server-0.17-5mdk The finger daemon. linux/i586
firebird- Firebird SQL Database, fork of InterBase linux/i586
firebird-client-embedded- Client programs for Firebird SQL Database linux/i586
firebird-devel- Development Libraries for Firebird SQL Database linux/i586
firebird-server-classic- Classic (xinetd) server for Firebird SQL Database linux/i586
fireflies-2.06-5mdk Colourful OpenGL screensaver linux/i586
firefly-1.1.1-3mdk Multi-user professional help desk system linux/noarch
firestarter-1.0.3-1mdk A GUI firewall tool for GNOME 2 linux/i586
firewalladmin-0.4-1mdk Manage linux iptables rules through the web browser linux/noarch
fityk-0.5.1-1mdk Non-linear curve fitting and data analysis linux/i586
flac-1.1.2-4mdk An encoder/decoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec linux/i586
flac-xmms-1.1.2-4mdk Xmms plugin to play FLAC files linux/i586
flac123-0.0.9-3mdk Command line program for playing FLAC audio files linux/i586
flawfinder-1.26-1mdk Examines C/C++ source code for security flaws linux/noarch
flemm-3.1-4mdk Inflectional analysis on French texts linux/noarch
flex-2.5.4a-22mdk A tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers) linux/i586
flightgear-0.9.8-1mdk The FlightGear Flight Simulator linux/i586
flood-1.0-0.20041030.7mdk A benchmarking tool for Apache2 linux/i586
flow-capture-0.68-1mdk Manage storage of flow file archives by expiring old data linux/i586
flow-tools-0.68-1mdk Tool set for working with NetFlow data linux/i586
flphoto-1.2-5mdk All what you need for the photos from your digital camera linux/i586
fluidsynth-1.0.6-1mdk Realtime, SoundFont-based synthesizer linux/i586
flumotion-0.1.9-2mdk Flumotion - the Fluendo Streaming Server linux/i586
flumotion-doc-0.1.9-2mdk Flumotion server reference documentation linux/i586
flute-1.3-1jpp Java CSS parser using SAC linux/noarch
flute-javadoc-1.3-1jpp Javadoc for flute linux/noarch
fluxbox-0.9.13-5mdk Windowmanager based on the original blackbox-code linux/i586
fluxconf-0.9.8-3mdk Configuration utility for fluxbox linux/i586
fly-2.0.0-4mdk Generate GIF on the fly linux/i586
flyspray-0.9.5-3mdk A simple Bug tracking system linux/noarch
fmirror-0.8.4-6mdk FTP mirroring package linux/i586
fmit-0.9.6-1mdk Snazzy instrument tuner with QT interface linux/i586
fnfx-0.3-1mdk Toshiba laptop function key utility linux/i586
fnlib_fonts-0.5-5mdk Fonts for Fnlib. linux/i586
fondu-2.0-0.041222.1mdk Converts between mac and unix fonts linux/i586
font-tools-0.1-11mdk Some utilities for use by drakfont linux/i586
fontconfig-2.3.2-5mdk Font configuration library linux/i586
fontforge-1.0-0.20050809.1mdk Font Editor for PostScript, TrueType, OpenType and various fonts linux/i586
fonts-bitmap-tscii-1.1-2mdk Tamil Bitmap fonts linux/noarch
fonts-hebrew-elmar-3.3-9mdk Hebrew Fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-1.1-3mdk Free Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-arabeyes-1.1-1mdk Free Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-farsi-0.4-1mdk Free Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-arabic-kacst-1.6.3-1mdk Free Arabic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-armenian-1.1-11mdk Free Armenian TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-bengali-0.5-2mdk A set of Bangla fonts under GPL linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-big5-1.3.0-1mdk Traditional Chinese True Type fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-chinese-1.3.0-1mdk Unified Chinese True Type font linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-decoratives-1.3-14mdk Free True Type Fonts (decoratives) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-dejavu-1.11-1mdk DejaVu ttf Fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-dustismo-2.0-4mdk A small collection of Truetype fonts (GPL) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-essays1743-1.0-1mdk A small collection of Truetype fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-ethiopic-1.0-1mdk Free Ethiopic TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-freefont-20040828-3mdk A set of free Truetype fonts (GPL) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-gb2312-1.3.0-1mdk Simplified Chinese True Type fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-gurmukhi-1.0-1mdk Gurmukhi fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-japanese-0.20040629-2mdk Free Japanese TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-japanese-extra-0.20040217-3mdk Free Japanese TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-junicode-0.6.4-1mdk Peter Baker's Junicode Fonts for medievalists linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-kannada-1.0-1mdk Kannada TTF fonts (Unicode encoded) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-korean-2.1-4mdk Baekmuk korean fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-latex-0.1-1mdk LaTeX TrueType fonts for LyX linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tamil-1.1-2mdk Tamil TTF fonts (Unicode encoded) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-thai-0.1-9mdk Free Thai TrueType fonts linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tifinagh-1.0-1mdk Tifinagh TTF font(s) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-tscii-1.1-2mdk Tamil TTF fonts (TSCII encoded) linux/noarch
fonts-ttf-west_european-1.3-14mdk Free True Type Fonts (west eruopean charset) linux/noarch
fonts-type1-cyrillic-1.1-4mdk Cyrillic Type1 fonts linux/noarch
fonts-type1-greek-2.0-1mdk Greek Type1 fonts linux/noarch
fonts-type1-hebrew-0.101-1mdk Free Hebrew Type1 fonts linux/noarch
fonts-type1-mathml-cm-1.0-4mdk PostScript Type1 MathML fonts (Computer Modern) linux/noarch
foobillard-3.0a-2mdk OpenGL billard game linux/i586
foomatic-db-3.0.2-1.20060227.0.1.20060mdk Foomatic printer/driver database linux/noarch
foomatic-db-engine-3.0.2-1.20060217.0.1.20060mdk Foomatic database access, printer admin, and printing utils linux/i586
foomatic-db-hpijs-2.1.8-1.20060224.0.1.20060mdk Foomatic data for the HPIJS driver linux/noarch
foomatic-filters-3.0.2-1.20060109.1.1.20060mdk Foomatic filters needed to run print queues with Foomatic PPDs linux/i586
fop-0.20.5-1mdk FOP flow objects implementation in Java linux/noarch
fop-0.20.5-3jpp XSL-driven print formatter linux/noarch
fop-javadoc-0.20.5-3jpp Javadoc for fop linux/noarch
forehead-1.0.b4-1jpp forehead: Java(tm) ClassLoader Management Framework linux/noarch
forehead-javadoc-1.0.b4-1jpp Javadoc for forehead linux/noarch
forehead-manual-1.0.b4-1jpp Documentation for forehead linux/noarch
foremost-0.69-2mdk Recover files based on their headers and footers. linux/i586
fortune-MDOS-fr-20040104-1mdk The best of Jayce about MultiDeskOS linux/noarch
fortune-bofh-1.0-5mdk BOFH excuses fortune linux/noarch
fortune-brice2nice-0.2-2mdk Brice de nice sketches linux/noarch
fortune-distribfr-20050828-1mdk The best IRC moments by the French Mandr* team linux/noarch
fortune-mod-1.99.1-5mdk A program which will display a fortune. linux/i586
fortune-murphy-1.0-7mdk Quotes from Murphy's laws linux/noarch
fortune-top100-1.0-5mdk Top 100 things you don't want the sysadmin to say linux/noarch
fox-example-apps-1.4.17-2mdk FOX example applications linux/i586
fpc-2.0.0-2mdk Free Pascal Compiler linux/i586
fping-2.4b2-7mdk Quickly ping N number of hosts to determine their reachability linux/i586
fpm-0.60-1mdk Figaro's Password Manager linux/i586
fractal-2.2-2.1mdk A general software composition framework linux/noarch
fractal-2.0-1jpp A general software composition framework linux/noarch
fractal-javadoc-2.2-2.1mdk Javadoc for fractal linux/noarch
fractal-javadoc-2.0-1jpp Javadoc for fractal linux/noarch
fragroute-1.2-7mdk Fragroute - intercept, modify, and rewrite egress traffic linux/i586
frameworks-0.3.4-1mdk Stop-motion animation tool linux/i586
fred-0.1.1-1mdk Free Fallin' Fred linux/i586
freebirth-0.3.2-11mdk Bass synth/sequencer/sample player for linux linux/i586
freebob-0.1-0.1mdk Driver and interface for BeBoB audio devices linux/i586
freeciv-civworld-1.14.0-4mdk Editor for FREE CIVilization clone linux/i586
freeciv-client-2.0.4-2.2.20060mdk FREE CIVilization clone - client linux/i586
freeciv-data-2.0.4-2.2.20060mdk FREE CIVilization clone - data files linux/i586
freeciv-server-2.0.4-2.2.20060mdk FREE CIVilization clone - server linux/i586
freedelta-0.20.1-3mdk C++ classes for manipulating DELTA files linux/i586
freedroid-1.0.2-3mdk Clone of the C64 Game Paradroid linux/i586
freedroidrpg-0.9.12-2mdk A Diablo clone with the Tux as hero and the MS as evil power linux/i586
freedroidrpg-voicesamples-0.9.12-2mdk Voice samples for Freedroid RPG linux/i586
freedups-0.6.0-1mdk Hardlinks identical files to save space. linux/noarch
freego-2.1-1mdk Tool to monitor your FreeAdsl connection and services linux/i586
freeipmi-0.1.3-2mdk FreeIPMI linux/i586
freeipmi-devel-0.1.3-2mdk Development package for FreeIPMI linux/i586
freeipmi-fish-0.1.3-2mdk FreeIPMI Shell linux/i586
freeipmi-utils-0.1.3-2mdk FreeIPMI Utilities linux/i586
freelords-0.3.4-1mdk A Linux clone of the old dos game W*arLords. linux/i586
freenx-0.4.4-1mdk Free NX implementation linux/noarch
freeplayer-20050905-0.2mdk Freeplayer from french isp free adsl linux/i586
freeradius-1.0.4-2.2.20060mdk High-performance and highly configurable RADIUS server linux/i586
freeradius-web-1.75-0.1mdk Web based administration interface for freeradius linux/noarch
freeswan-2.06-2mdk A Free IPSEC implemetation linux/i586
freetype-1.3.1-23mdk Free TrueType font rasterizer library. linux/i586
freetype-devel-1.3.1-23mdk Header files and static library for development with FreeType. linux/i586
freetype-tools-1.3.1-23mdk Tools to manipulate TTF fonts linux/i586
freetype2-tools-2.1.10-1mdk A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine linux/i586
freevo-1.5.4-0.1.20060mdk Freevo is an open-source digital video jukebox linux/noarch
freqtweak-0.6.1-1mdk GUI-based sound file tweaker linux/i586
fresco-0.0-0.M2.1mdk Windowing system linux/i586
fretscale-2.0-3mdk Calculates fret distances for stringed musical instruments linux/i586
fribidi-0.10.4-5mdk Library to support Bi-directional scripts linux/i586
frmg-1.0.0-0.1.20060mdk Small preliminary example of a French grammar based on DyAlog linux/i586
frmg-viewer-1.0.0-0.1.20060mdk frmg viewer linux/i586
frontline-0.5.4-2mdk A GUI frontend for autotrace linux/i586
frontline-devel-0.5.4-4mdk Frontline devel file linux/i586
frontline-gimp-0.5.4-2mdk Frontline plugin for GIMP linux/i586
frozen-bubble-1.0.0-7mdk Frozen Bubble arcade game linux/i586
fsa-0.42-2mdk Finite state automata package linux/i586
fsa-tcl-0.42-2mdk Tcl/Tk interface for fsa linux/i586
fsgrab-1.1-9mdk Get blocks from an (ext2) filesystem on Linux linux/i586
fsh-1.2-5mdk A tool for ssh remote execution of commands linux/i586
fsplit-5.5-1mdk Split a multi-routine Fortran file into individual files linux/i586
fsstress-1.0-1mdk A filesystem stressing tool linux/i586
fstyp-0.1-1mdk A filesystem type identifier linux/i586
fsv-0.9-11mdk fsv - 3D File System Visualizer linux/i586
fte-0.50-0.20040412.3mdk FTE Text Editor (programmer oriented) linux/i586
ftnchek-3.3.1-1mdk Fortran 77 program checker linux/i586
ftp-client-krb5-1.4.2-2.2.20060mdk A ftp-client with kerberos support linux/i586
ftp-server-krb5-1.4.2-2.2.20060mdk A ftp-server with kerberos support linux/i586
ftpproxy-1.2.3-2mdk Application level gateway for FTP linux/i586
ftwall-1.08-2mdk Fast Track protocol filter for Linux Netfilter firewalls linux/i586
fuse-2.3.0-2.1.20060mdk Interface for userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the kernel linux/i586
fuse-utils-0.6.1-5mdk The Fuse utilities are a few tools to deal with ZX Spectrum emulator files linux/i586
fusionsound-0.9.22-1mdk An audio sub system linux/i586
fvwm-1.24r-26mdk An X Window System based window manager linux/i586
fvwm2-2.5.10-5mdk An improved version of the FVWM X-based window manager linux/i586
fvwm2-gtk-2.5.10-5mdk Gtk module for FVWM linux/i586
fvwm2-icons-2.5.10-5mdk Graphic files used by the FVWM and FVWM2 window managers linux/i586
fwbuilder-2.0.7-2mdk Firewall Builder linux/i586
fwlogwatch-1.0-1mdk Firewall log analyzer, report generator and realtime response agent linux/i586
fwmon-1.1.0-5mdk A linux netlink firewall monitor linux/i586
fxload-2002_04_11-3mdk EZ-USB utility program linux/i586

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