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RPM of Group Emulators

BasiliskII-1.0-0.18mdk A free, portable Mac 68k emulator linux/i586
SheepShaver-2.2-19mdk An Open Source PowerMac emulator linux/i586
bochs-2.2-0.pre3.1mdk Bochs Project x86 PC Emulator linux/i586
bochs-dlxlinux-2.2-0.pre3.1mdk Small GNU/Linux distrib for Bochs project x86 PC emulator linux/i586
bochs-tools-1.6.4-1mdk Manipulates Bochs disk-images linux/i586
coldfire-0.2.2-1mdk A Freescale Coldfire 5206 Emulator linux/i586
dgen-sdl-1.23-1mdk DGen Sega Genesis emulator, ported to SDL linux/i586
dkms-qvm86-0.7.1-3mdk DKMS-ready kernel-source for QEmu x86 virtualization module linux/i586
dosbox-0.63-3mdk A DOS emulator linux/i586
dosemu-1.2.2-2mdk DOSEMU stands for DOS Emulation, and enables Linux to run DOS programs linux/i586
dosemu-freedos-1.2.2-2mdk A FreeDOS hdimage for dosemu, a DOS emulator, to use. linux/i586
e-uae-0.8.28-1mdk A software emulation of the Amiga system linux/i586
fuse-utils-0.6.1-5mdk The Fuse utilities are a few tools to deal with ZX Spectrum emulator files linux/i586
kernel-uml-2.4-2.4.22-2mdk-1-1mdk The user mode linux kernel linux/i586
kernel-uml-2.6.10-2mdk-1-2mdk The user mode linux kernel linux/i586
libdsk-progs-1.1.1-3mdk Programs for manipulating DSK format disc image files. linux/i586
pearpc-0.3.1-2mdk PowerPC emulator linux/i586
pose-3.5-4mdk Offical PalmOS Emulator linux/i586
qemu-0.7.1-3mdk QEMU CPU Emulator linux/i586
qemu-launcher-1.3-2mdk Interface to configure and launch Qemu linux/noarch
tkisem-4.5.12-6mdk TK Instructional SPARC EMulator linux/i586
uae-0.8.25-0.20040302.1mdk A software emulation of the Amiga system linux/i586
uml-utilities-20040406-3mdk Tools to run and configure usermodes linux linux/i586
vice-1.16-1mdk VICE, the Versatile Commodore Emulator linux/i586
wine-20050725-6.1.20060mdk WINE Is Not An Emulator - runs MS Windows programs linux/i586
xdosemu-1.2.2-2mdk A DOS emulator for the X Window System. linux/i586
xwine-1.0.1-1mdk Graphical User Interface for Wine linux/i586
zsnes-1.42-1mdk Nintendo Super NES / Super Famicom Emulator linux/i586

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