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Packages beginning with letter E

e-0.16.999.013-0.20050904.1mdk Enlightenment DR 17 window manager linux/i586
e-uae-0.8.28-1mdk A software emulation of the Amiga system linux/i586
e2fsprogs-1.38-3.1.20060mdk Utilities used for the second extended (ext2) filesystem linux/i586
e3-2.6.2-1mdk E3 is a tiny editor, well suited for rescue disks linux/i586
eMusic-DR0.9-14mdk Sound player for the Enlightenment window-manager. linux/i586
e_modules-0.0.1-0.20050904.1mdk Enlightenment modules linux/i586
e_utils-0.0.1-0.20050904.1mdk Enlightenment utilities linux/i586
eagle-usb-2.3.2-7.3.20060mdk Firmware and utility of Sagem Fast 800 usb modem kernel module linux/i586
eagleconnect-2.3.2-7.3.20060mdk Configuration utility for modems using eagle-usb linux/i586
easd-2.0.00-1.1.20060mdk Enterprise Audit Shell - Server linux/i586
eash-2.0.00-1.1.20060mdk Enterprise Audit Shell - Client shell linux/i586
easychem-0.6-1mdk 2D molecular drawing program linux/i586
easytag-1.99.12-0.1.20060mdk Tag editor for MP3, OGG files linux/i586
eb-4.1.3-2mdk Eb is a library for reading EB/EPWING files linux/i586
eboard-0.9.5-3mdk FICS chess-server interface linux/i586
ebtables-2.0.6-3mdk A filtering tool for a bridging firewall linux/i586
ec-fonts-mftraced-1.0.9-1mdk Type1 PostScript fonts for TeX with european accents linux/noarch
ecalc-2.0.5-1mdk Scientific calculator for EDE linux/i586
ecamegapedal-0.4.4-2mdk A realtime effect processor linux/i586
ecasound-2.4.2-1mdk Sound processing, multitrack recording, and mixing tools linux/i586
ecawave-0.6.1-3mdk GUI for Ecasound audio suite linux/i586
ecell-3.1.104-0.20050804.1mdk A software suite for modeling, simulation, and analysis of biological cells linux/i586
ecell3-1.0.103-0.20041208.1mdk A software suite for modeling, simulation, and analysis of biological cells linux/i586
echelog-0.6.2-3mdk Echelog is distributed agent/server monitoring system linux/i586
echomixer-1.0.9-1mdk Control tool for Echoaudio soundcards linux/i586
eclair-0.0.1-0.20050813.1mdk Enlightenment media player linux/i586
eclipse-bugzilla-0.1.1-2mdk Eclipse Bugzilla plug-in linux/i586
eclipse-cdt-3.0.0-0.rc2.1mdk C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) plugin for Eclipse linux/i586
eclipse-changelog-2.0.1-1mdk Eclipse ChangeLog plug-in linux/i586
eclipse-ecj-3.1.0-8mdk Eclipse Compiler for Java linux/i586
eclipse-jalopy-1.0-0.b10.4jpp Jalopy plugin for Eclipse linux/noarch
eclipse-jdt-3.1.0-8mdk Eclipse Java development tools linux/i586
eclipse-jdt-devel-3.1.0-8mdk Eclipse JDT Source linux/i586
eclipse-pde-3.1.0-8mdk Eclipse PDE linux/i586
eclipse-pde-devel-3.1.0-8mdk Eclipse PDE Source linux/i586
eclipse-platform-3.1.0-8mdk Eclipse platform common files linux/i586
eclipse-platform-devel-3.1.0-8mdk Eclipse platform Source linux/i586
eclipse-pydev-0.9.3-2mdk Eclipse Python development plug-in linux/i586
eclipse-rcp-3.1.0-8mdk Eclipse Rich Client Platform linux/i586
eclipse-rcp-devel-3.1.0-8mdk Eclipse RCP Source linux/i586
ecore- Enlightenment event/X abstraction layer linux/i586
ecs-1.4.2-1jpp Tools for generating HTML/XML/... elements linux/noarch
ecs-javadoc-1.4.2-1jpp Javadoc for ecs linux/noarch
ecs-manual-1.4.1-6jpp Manual for ecs linux/noarch
ed-0.2-31mdk The GNU line editor. linux/i586
edb- Enlightenment database access library linux/i586
ede-1.0.2-1mdk The core programs for the Equinox Desktop Environment linux/i586
editobj-0.5.6-2mdk Tkinter dialog box for editing any Python object linux/noarch
edje- Edje is a complex graphical design & layout library linux/i586
ee-0.3.12-13mdk The Electric Eyes image viewer application linux/i586
eel-2.10.1-4mdk Eazel Extensions Library linux/i586
eet- Eet library linux/i586
efax-0.9a-4mdk A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem linux/i586
efax-gtk-3.0.4-1mdk GTK2 frontend for efax linux/i586
efltk-themes-2.0.5-1mdk Themes for eFLTK linux/i586
efluid-2.0.5-1mdk GUI designer for EDE / eFLTK linux/i586
efsd-0.0.1-3.20030730.1mdk Enlightenment File System Daemon and library linux/i586
eggdrop-1.6.17-1mdk Eggdrop is an IRC bot, written in C. linux/i586
egoboo-2.22-5mdk Egoboo is a 3D dungeon crawling adventure in the spirit of NetHack linux/i586
egon-3.6.0-1mdk The animator program from Siag Office linux/i586
egroupware-1.0-9.1mdk Web-based groupware suite written in php linux/noarch
egroupware-addressbook-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare addressbook application linux/noarch
egroupware-backup-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare backup application linux/noarch
egroupware-bookmarks-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare bookmarks application linux/noarch
egroupware-calendar-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare calendar application linux/noarch
egroupware-comic-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare comic application linux/noarch
egroupware-developer_tools-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare developer_tools application linux/noarch
egroupware-email-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare email application linux/noarch
egroupware-emailadmin-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare emailadmin application linux/noarch
egroupware-etemplate-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare %{etempalte} application linux/noarch
egroupware-felamimail-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare felamimail application linux/noarch
egroupware-filemanager-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare filemanager application linux/noarch
egroupware-forum-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare forum application linux/noarch
egroupware-ftp-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare ftp application linux/noarch
egroupware-fudforum-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare fudforum application linux/noarch
egroupware-headlines-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare headlines application linux/noarch
egroupware-infolog-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare infolog application linux/noarch
egroupware-jinn-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare jinn application linux/noarch
egroupware-manual-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare messenger application linux/noarch
egroupware-messenger-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare messenger application linux/noarch
egroupware-news_admin-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare news_admin application linux/noarch
egroupware-phpbrain-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare phpbrain application linux/noarch
egroupware-phpldapadmin-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare phpldapadmin application linux/noarch
egroupware-phpsysinfo-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare phpsysinfo application linux/noarch
egroupware-polls-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare polls application linux/noarch
egroupware-projects-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare projects application linux/noarch
egroupware-registration-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare registration application linux/noarch
egroupware-sitemgr-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare sitemgr application linux/noarch
egroupware-skel-1.0-7mdk The eGroupWare skel application linux/noarch
egroupware-stocks-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare stocks application linux/noarch
egroupware-tts-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare tts application linux/noarch
egroupware-wiki-1.0-9.1mdk The eGroupWare wiki application linux/noarch
eject-2.0.13-6mdk A program that ejects removable media using software control linux/i586
elfutils-0.109-1mdk A collection of utilities and DSOs to handle compiled objects linux/i586
eliminate-dups-1.2-7mdk Eliminates duplicate email messages for qmail users linux/noarch
elinks-0.10.5-2mdk Lynx-like text WWW browser linux/i586
elm-2.5.7-1mdk The elm mail user agent linux/i586
em8300-0.13.0-8mdk Utilities for Hollywood plus / DXR3 device driver for Linux linux/i586
emacs-21.4-20mdk The libraries needed to run the GNU Emacs text editor linux/i586
emacs-EPL-0.7-7mdk Control Emacs using Perl as an alternative to Emacs Lisp. linux/noarch
emacs-X11-21.4-20mdk The Emacs text editor for the X Window System linux/i586
emacs-auctex-11.51-3mdk Enhanced LaTeX mode for GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-browse-kill-ring-1.3-4mdk Interactively insert items from kill-ring linux/noarch
emacs-chess-2.0b5-2mdk A client and library for playing Chess from Emacs. linux/noarch
emacs-doc-21.4-20mdk Emacs documentation linux/i586
emacs-eieio-0.17-0.beta4.4mdk Enhanced Integration of Emacs Interpreted Objects linux/noarch
emacs-el-21.4-20mdk The sources for elisp programs included with Emacs linux/i586
emacs-elib-1.0-5mdk Emacs Lisp Library linux/noarch
emacs-erc-5.0.2-2mdk ERC is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client program for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-hachette-1.5-7mdk Lookup a word on the Hachette's online french dictionary under Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-htmlize-1.16-2mdk HTML-ize font-lock buffers linux/noarch
emacs-jde-2.3.3-3mdk The Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDEE) linux/noarch
emacs-leim-21.4-20mdk Emacs Lisp code for input methods for internationalization linux/i586
emacs-mode-compile-2.27-8mdk Smart command for compiling files according to major-mode. linux/noarch
emacs-mpg123-1.24-7mdk A front-end program to mpg123 under Emacs/XEmacs. linux/noarch
emacs-nox-21.4-20mdk The Emacs text editor without support for the X Window System linux/i586
emacs-php-mode-102-6mdk Major mode for editing PHP code linux/noarch
emacs-psgml-1.2.5-7mdk A GNU Emacs major mode for editing SGML documents. linux/noarch
emacs-semantic-1.4.4-3mdk Semantic Bovinator linux/noarch
emacs-speedbar-0.14-0.beta4.4mdk Speedbar for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-tdtd-0.7.1-6mdk A GNU Emacs major mode for editing DTDs linux/noarch
emacs-tnt-2.4-4mdk Emacs based AOL Instant Message Client linux/noarch
emacs-tramp-2.1.2-3mdk Transparent Remote (file) Access, Multiple Protocol linux/noarch
emacs-url-2001.11.08-7mdk URL library for use by emacs-w3 linux/noarch
emacs-url-el-2001.11.08-7mdk URL library for use by emacs-w3 linux/noarch
emacs-w3-4.0-0.pre47.2mdk Web browser for GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-w3-el-4.0-0.pre47.2mdk Web Browser sources for GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-xslide-0.2.2-3mdk A GNU Emacs major mode for editing XSL documents. linux/noarch
emboss-2.9.0-3mdk The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite linux/i586
embryo- Enlightenment bytecode virtual machine linux/i586
embutils-0.17-1mdk Small system utilities for embedded systems linux/i586
emelfm- File manager using the two-panel design and Gtk+ linux/i586
emelfm2-0.1.1-1mdk Gtk+2 file manager with two-panel format linux/i586
emi-1.2.1-1mdk Ecasound Mastering Interface linux/noarch
emifreq-applet-0.18-1mdk EmiFreq applet is just a little applet to show and control the CPU linux/i586
emma-0.8.2-6mdk Money management program for Gnome/Gtk+ linux/i586
emotion- Enlightenment video and media library linux/i586
empy-3.3-1mdk System for embedding Python expressions and statements in template text linux/noarch
emu10k1-tools-0.9.4-6mdk The emu-tools work with the emu10k1 driver include in the kernel linux/i586
enblend-2.3-1mdk Enblend is a tool for compositing images linux/i586
enca-1.7-1mdk A program detecting encoding of text files linux/i586
enchant-1.1.5-3mdk An enchanting spell checking library linux/i586
enclitt-1.0.3-6mdk Literature encyclopedia linux/i586
enclitt-25oeuvres-1.0.0-5mdk 25 Å“uvres encyclopedia linux/noarch
endeavour-2.5.3-1mdk Graphical file manager linux/i586
engage-0.0.9-0.20050904.1mdk Enlightenment dock linux/i586
engrave-0.1.0-0.20050904.1mdk Enlightenment eet file manipulation library linux/i586
enigma-1.03-3mdk Enigma is a puzzle game linux/i586
enigma-freeoxyd-0.92-1mdk Enigma is a puzzle game similar to Oxyd linux/i586
enlightenment- The Enlightenment window manager linux/i586
enlightenment-conf-0.15-23mdk Enlightenment Configuration applet linux/i586
enscript-1.6.4-2mdk Converts plain ASCII to PostScript. linux/i586
entice- Enlightenment image viewer linux/i586
entrance- Enlightenment login manager linux/i586
envy24control-1.0.9-1mdk Control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) based soundcards linux/i586
eog-2.10.2-1mdk The Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/i586
epeg- Enlightenment JPEG thumbnailer library linux/i586
epic4-2.2-1mdk Another popular Unix IRC client linux/i586
epiphany-1.8.5-4.2.20060mdk GNOME web browser based on the mozilla rendering engine linux/i586
epiphany-devel-1.8.5-4.2.20060mdk Header files for developing with Epiphany linux/i586
epiphany-extensions-1.8.2-3.2.20060mdk Plugins for the Epiphany Web Browser linux/i586
epiphany-gwget-0.96-2mdk Epiphany extension, using gwget as downloader linux/i586
epplets-0.7-7mdk Applets for enlightenment linux/i586
epsilon- Enlightenment thumbnailing library linux/i586
epydoc-2.1-2mdk Edward Loper's API Documentation Generation Tool linux/noarch
eric-3.7.1-1mdk Python IDE linux/noarch
ermixer-0.8-3mdk A full featured OSS mixer linux/i586
eroaster-2.2.0-0.8.4mdk The ECLIPT Roaster is a graphical frontend to cdrecord and mkisofs linux/noarch
erss-0.0.2-0.20050904.1mdk Enlightenment rss feed display linux/i586
eruby-1.0.5-2mdk Embedded Ruby linux/i586
esmart- Enlightenment collection of evas smart objects linux/i586
esmtp-0.5.0-2mdk User configurable relay-only Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) linux/i586
esound-0.2.36-1mdk The Enlightened Sound Daemon linux/i586
esvn-0.6.11-1mdk The eSvn is a cross-platform (QT-based) GUI for Subversion linux/i586
etc-update-20020731-6mdk Mergemaster for Linux linux/noarch
etcskel-1.63-17mdk Mandrakelinux Linux default files for new users' home directories linux/noarch
etftp-1.1.3-9mdk The Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol, RFC 1986, client/server linux/i586
ethemes-1.1-12mdk Themes for Enlightenment linux/noarch
etherape-0.9.1-2mdk Graphical network viewer modeled after etherman linux/i586
etherboot-5.4.0-2mdk Software package for booting x86 PCs over a network linux/i586
ethereal-0.99.0-0.2.20060mdk Network traffic analyzer linux/i586
ethereal-tools-0.99.0-0.2.20060mdk Tools for manipulating capture files linux/i586
ethtool-3-1mdk Ethernet settings tool for network cards linux/i586
etox- Enlightenment text layout library linux/i586
etranslate-2.0.4-1mdk Program interface translation tool for EDE linux/i586
ettercap-ng-0.7.0-6mdk Ettercap is a ncurses/Gtk2 based sniffer/interceptor utility linux/i586
etude-2.6.1-1mdk A client management program for lawyers linux/noarch
eva-0.3.1-4mdk Eva is an IM client compatible with QQ protocol based on QT linux/i586
evas- Enlightened canvas library linux/i586
evilwm-0.99.18-2mdk A minimalist window manager for the X Window System linux/i586
evince-0.4.0-4mdk GNOME Document viewer linux/i586
evms-2.5.1-6mdk Enterprise Volume Management System utilities linux/i586
evms-cli-2.5.1-6mdk Command line interface for EVMS linux/i586
evms-gui-2.5.1-6mdk GUI interface for EVMS linux/i586
evms-ncurses-2.5.1-6mdk Ncurses interface for EVMS linux/i586
evolution-2.2.3-10.1.20060mdk Integrated GNOME mail client, calendar and address book linux/i586
evolution-data-server-1.2.3-7mdk Evolution Data Server linux/i586
evolution-devel-2.2.3-10.1.20060mdk Libraries and include files for developing Evolution components linux/i586
evolution-jescs-2.2.0-1mdk Sun Java Enterprise System Calendar Server connector for Evolution linux/i586
evolution-pilot-2.2.3-10.1.20060mdk Evolution conduits for gnome-pilot linux/i586
evolution-sharp-0.8-1mdk Evolution C# bindings for mono linux/i586
evolution-webcal-2.2.1-1mdk Webcal integration for Evolution linux/i586
evolvotron-0.4.0-1mdk Interactive "generative art" software linux/i586
ewl- Enlightenment widget library linux/i586
exif-0.6.9-1mdk Command line tools to access EXIF extensions in JPEG files linux/i586
exim-4.50-5mdk The exim mail transfer agent linux/i586
exim-doc-4.50-5mdk Exim documentation linux/i586
exim-monitor-4.50-5mdk X11 monitor application for exim linux/i586
exim-plugins-SpamAssassin-4.50-5mdk Exim SpamAssassin at SMTP time plugin linux/i586
exmh-2.6.2-2mdk The exmh mail handling system. linux/noarch
exosip-0.9.0.cvs20050407-1mdk Extended osip library linux/i586
expat-1.95.8-1mdk Expat is an XML parser written in C linux/i586
expect-8.4.11-1mdk A tcl extension for simplifying program-script interaction linux/i586
ext2ed-0.1-25mdk An ext2 filesystem editor linux/i586
ext2resize-1.1.17-1mdk Ext2 fs resizer. linux/i586
extace-1.8.11-2mdk eXtace - An Extace Waveform Viewer without ALSA support linux/i586
extipl-5.04-5mdk Yet Another Boot Selector for IBM-PC compatibles. linux/i586
ez-ipupdate-3.0.11b8-3mdk Client for Dynamic DNS Services linux/i586
ezpublish-3.6.0-3mdk The eZ publish content management system (CMS) linux/noarch
ezusbmidi-2002_10_20-4.1.20060mdk Firmware drivers for EZUSB MIDI devices linux/noarch

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