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Packages beginning with letter B

b5i2iso-0.2-1mdk Convert Blindwrite CD Images to ISO linux/i586
backuponcd-0.9.1-7mdk Multi-CD backup shell scripts linux/noarch
backuppc-2.1.2-0.1.20060mdk High-performance, enterprise-grade backup system linux/noarch
bacula-common-1.36.2-1mdk Common files for bacula package linux/i586
bacula-console-1.36.2-1mdk Bacula Console linux/i586
bacula-console-gnome-1.36.2-1mdk Bacula Gnome Console linux/i586
bacula-console-wx-1.36.2-1mdk Bacula wxWindows Console linux/i586
bacula-dir-1.36.2-1mdk Bacula Director and Catalog services linux/i586
bacula-fd-1.36.2-1mdk Bacula File services (Client) linux/i586
bacula-sd-1.36.2-1mdk Bacula Storage services linux/i586
balazar-0.2-1mdk A 3D adventure and roleplaying game linux/noarch
balsa-2.3.4-1mdk Balsa Mail Client linux/i586
bandsaw-0.1.1-6mdk Band Saw monitor large numbers of computers by monitoring syslog linux/noarch
banner-1.3.1-1mdk Print text as banner on the console linux/i586
barcode-0.98-6mdk GNU barcode linux/i586
barrage-1.0.2-1mdk A rather violent action game linux/i586
base-1.1.2-1mdk Basic Analysis and Security Engine linux/noarch
base64-1.3-6mdk Encode and decode base64 files linux/i586
basesystem-10.1-5mdk The skeleton package which defines a simple Mandriva Linux system linux/i586
bash-3.0-6mdk The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) linux/i586
bash-completion-20050721-1mdk Programmable completion for bash linux/noarch
bash-doc-3.0-6mdk Documentation for the GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) linux/i586
bash1-1.14.7-31mdk The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) linux/i586
bashburn- BashBurn is a bash script designed to make CD burning linux/i586
basket-0.5.0-3mdk BasKet for KDE linux/i586
batik-1.5-3jpp Scalable Vector Graphics for Java linux/noarch
batik-demo-1.5-3jpp Demo for batik linux/noarch
batik-javadoc-1.5-3jpp Javadoc for batik linux/noarch
batik-manual-1.5-3jpp Manual for batik linux/noarch
batik-monolithic-1.5-3jpp All batik in one monolithic jar linux/noarch
batik-rasterizer-1.5-3jpp Batik SVG rasterizer linux/noarch
batik-slideshow-1.5-3jpp Batik SVG slideshow linux/noarch
batik-squiggle-1.5-3jpp Batik SVG browser linux/noarch
batik-svgpp-1.5-3jpp Batik SVG pretty printer linux/noarch
batik-ttf2svg-1.5-3jpp Batik SVG font converter linux/noarch
battfink-0.6.2-1mdk GNOME Energy Saving Preference dialog. linux/i586
bazaar-1.4.2-1mdk A distributed revision control system compatible with arch linux/i586
bb-1.3.0-2mdk AA demo linux/i586
bbconf-1.10-2mdk Bbconf linux/i586
bbdb-2.35-1mdk The Insidious Big Brother Database linux/noarch
bbkeys-0.8.6-4mdk Bbkeys, a configurable key-grabber for blackbox linux/i586
bblaunch-0.0.3-1mdk An application launcher for Blackbox type window managers linux/i586
bbrun-1.6-2mdk bbrun is a run window for Blackbox. linux/i586
bc-1.06-16mdk GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator) linux/i586
bcel-5.1-5.1mdk Byte Code Engineering Library linux/noarch
bcel-5.1-1jpp Byte Code Engineering Library linux/noarch
bcel-javadoc-5.1-5.1mdk Javadoc for bcel linux/noarch
bcel-javadoc-5.1-1jpp Javadoc for bcel linux/noarch
bcel-manual-5.0-6jpp Manual for bcel linux/noarch
bchunk-1.2.0-2mdk CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr linux/i586
bcrypt-1.1-5mdk A lightweight blowfish file encryption utility linux/i586
bdflush-1.5-26mdk The process which starts the flushing of dirty buffers back to disk linux/i586
beagle-0.0.12-5mdk GNOME indexing subsystem linux/i586
beagle-epiphany-0.0.12-5mdk Beagle indexing plugin for the epiphany browser linux/i586
beast-0.6.4-1mdk Music composition and audio synthesis framework and tool linux/i586
beatforce-0.2.0-3mdk Dj player system linux/i586
beecrypt-python-3.1.0-5mdk Files needed for python applications using beecrypt linux/i586
beep-1.2.2-6mdk Beep the pc speaker any number of ways linux/i586
beep-find-0.5.2-2mdk BeepFind plugin for Beep Media Player linux/i586
beep-media-player- A versatile and handy media player linux/i586
beep-media-player-alarm-0.6.0-1mdk An alarm plugin for beep-media-player linux/i586
beep-media-player-arts-0.2.2-3mdk Arts output plugin for Beep Media Player linux/i586
beep-media-player-esd- ESound output backend linux/i586
beep-media-player-extra-plugins-0.2.2-3mdk Additional plugins for the Beep Media Player linux/i586
beep-media-player-imms-2.0.3-1mdk IMMS plugin for the Beep Media Player linux/i586
beep-media-player-jack-0.14-2mdk Beep-media-player output plugin for the jack sound server linux/i586
beep-media-player-libvisual-0.2.0-2mdk Use visualisation plugins based on libvisual in BeepMP linux/i586
beep-media-player-lirc-0.2.2-3mdk Lirc control plugin for Beep Media Player linux/i586
beep-media-player-mplayer-0.2.2-3mdk MPlayer input plugin for Beep Media Player linux/i586
beep-media-player-musepack-1.2-1mdk Musepack input plugin for Beep Media Player linux/i586
beep-media-player-scrobbler- A beep-media-player plugin that builds a profile of your musical taste linux/i586
beep-media-player-sid-0.8.0-0.beta14.1mdk XMMS input plugin for C64 SID files linux/i586
beep-media-player-skins-1.0.0-2mdk Beep-Media-Player skins linux/noarch
beep-media-player-uade-1.03-1mdk Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator Beep Media Player input plugin linux/i586
beep-media-player-xosd-2.2.14-2mdk X On Screen Display, displays BeepMP status information linux/i586
bfr-1.6-1mdk General-purpose command-line pipe buffer linux/i586
bg5ps-1.3.0-7mdk A program for converting PostScript files to Chinese PostScript files. linux/i586
bhmis-0.9.7-1mdk BananaMIS is a BananaPOS web administration GUI linux/noarch
bhposbase-1.2.3-3mdk BananaPOS base stuff. linux/i586
bhposbase-devel-1.2.3-3mdk Development things for BananaPOS base. linux/i586
biabam-0.9.7-2mdk Biabam Is A Bash Attachment Mailer linux/noarch
bib2html-3.3-1mdk BibTeX to HTML translator linux/noarch
bib2xhtml-2.20-1mdk A program for converting BibTeX files into XHTML 1.0 linux/noarch
bibletime-1.5.1-1mdk BibleTime is an easy to use Bible study tool for KDE linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-af-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-bg-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-cs-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-de-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-en_GB-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-es-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-fi-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-fr-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-hu-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-it-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-ko-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-nl-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-no-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-pl-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-pt_br-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-ro-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-ru-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-sk-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibletime-i18n-ua-1.5.1-1mdk Localisation files for BibleTime 1.5.1 linux/i586
bibtex2html-1.76-1mdk A Tool for translating from BibTeX to HTML linux/i586
bibtool-2.48-2mdk A Tool for manipulating BibTeX data bases linux/i586
bidwatcher-1.3.17-2mdk Free tools to manage e-bay auctions linux/i586
bigforth-2.1.0-1mdk bigForth language linux/i586
biloba-0.3-1mdk A tactical board game linux/i586
bincimap-1.2.9-2mdk Binc IMAP server linux/i586
bind-9.3.1-4.3.20060mdk A DNS (Domain Name System) server linux/i586
bind-devel-9.3.1-4.3.20060mdk Include files and libraries needed for bind DNS development linux/i586
bind-utils-9.3.1-4.3.20060mdk Utilities for querying DNS name servers linux/i586
bind8-8.4.6-1mdk A DNS (Domain Name System) server linux/i586
bind8-utils-8.4.6-1mdk DNS utilities: host, dig, dnsquery, and nslookup linux/i586
bindgraph-0.2-3mdk BindGraph gathers bind9 statistics linux/noarch
bins-1.1.29-1mdk A fully configurable HTML photo album generator linux/noarch
bins-gui-1.1.29-1mdk GUI for bins linux/noarch
binstats-1.08-5mdk An administration utility linux/i586
binutils- GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities linux/i586
binutils-isem- GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities for tkisem linux/i586
biopython-doc-1.40-0.20050420.3mdk The Biopython Project documentation linux/i586
biopython-tools-1.40-0.20050420.3mdk Regression testing code and miscellaneous, possibly useful, standalone scripts linux/i586
biosdisk-0.65-1mdk The biosdisk package for creating BIOS flash floppy images linux/noarch
bison-2.0-3mdk A GNU general-purpose parser generator linux/i586
bison++-1.21.8-5mdk A GNU general-purpose parser generator for C++ linux/i586
bitlbee-1.0.3-0.1.20060mdk IRC proxy to connect to ICQ, AOL, MSN and Jabber linux/i586
bittorrent-4.1.4-5mdk BitTorrent is a tool for copying files from one machine to another linux/i586
bittorrent-gui-4.1.4-5mdk GUI versions of the BitTorrent file transfer tools linux/i586
bk_edit-0.6.23-1mdk Graphical bookmark editor for web browsers. linux/i586
bkchem-0.10.2-1mdk Python 2D chemical structure drawing tool linux/noarch
blackbox-0.65.0-7mdk A Window Manager for the X Window System linux/i586
blacsmpi-devel-1.1-6mdk Blacsmpi Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms linux/i586
blam-1.8.2-2mdk RSS aggregator written in C# using Mono, GTK# and RSS.NET linux/i586
blender-2.41-4.1.20060mdk A fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation package linux/i586
blobwars-1.05-1mdk BlobWars Episode I : Metal Blob Solid linux/i586
blogfish-1.0-3mdk Evolutionary meme spreader from the GNOME panel linux/noarch
blogtk-1.1-2mdk Standalone blog entry poster linux/noarch
blop-0.2.8-1mdk Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plugins linux/i586
blowfish-j-2.01-3jpp A Blowfish implementation in Java linux/noarch
blowfish-j-javadoc-2.01-3jpp Javadoc for blowfish-j linux/noarch
blt-2.4z-9mdk A Tk toolkit extension, including widgets, geometry managers, etc. linux/i586
blt-scripts-2.4z-9mdk TCL Libraries for BLT linux/i586
bluefish-1.0.2-2mdk Web development studio linux/i586
bluez-bluefw-1.0-6mdk Bluetooth firmware utilities linux/i586
bluez-hcidump-1.24-1.1.20060mdk Bluetooth HCI packet dump linux/i586
bluez-hciemu-1.2-1mdk Bluetooth HCI emulation linux/i586
bluez-pin-0.25-1mdk Bluetooth PIN GUI linux/i586
bluez-utils-2.19-7.1.20060mdk Official Bluetooth utilities for linux linux/i586
bluez-utils-cups-2.19-7.1.20060mdk CUPS printer backend for Bluetooth printers linux/i586
bm-2.1-212mdk BuildManager - rpm package building helper linux/i586
bmp-rss-feeder-0.1.0-1mdk Produces an RSS feed of recently played songs on beep media player linux/i586
bmpx-0.11.3-1mdk Next generation Beep Media Player linux/i586
boa-0.94.14-0.rc17.3mdk The boa web server linux/i586
boa-constructor-0.4.4-1mdk Python IDE and wxPython GUI Builder linux/noarch
bobobot-0-16.preview3.2mdk Mario-like game linux/i586
bochs-2.2-0.pre3.1mdk Bochs Project x86 PC Emulator linux/i586
bochs-dlxlinux-2.2-0.pre3.1mdk Small GNU/Linux distrib for Bochs project x86 PC emulator linux/i586
bochs-tools-1.6.4-1mdk Manipulates Bochs disk-images linux/i586
bogofilter-0.95.2-1mdk Fast anti-spam filtering by Bayesian statistical analysis linux/i586
bombermaze-0.6.6-9mdk A GNOME-based clone of the Bomberman arcade game linux/i586
bonnie++-1.03a-2mdk A program for benchmarking hard drives and filesystems linux/i586
bonobo-1.0.22-10mdk Library for compound documents in GNOME linux/i586
boo- A wrist friendly language for the CLI/Mono linux/noarch
booh-0.8.2-1mdk Web-Album generator linux/i586
boost-jam-3.1.10-1mdk Build tool for Boost libraries linux/i586
bootchart-0.8-1mdk Boot Process Performance Visualization linux/noarch
bootchart-javadoc-0.8-1mdk Javadoc for bootchart linux/noarch
bootchart-logger-0.8-1mdk Boot logging script for bootchart linux/noarch
bootloader-utils-1.9-3mdk Small utils needed for the kernel linux/i586
bootparamd-0.17-7mdk A server process which provides boot information to diskless clients linux/i586
bootsplash-3.1.12-0.2.20060mdk The Boot Splash Images and scripts linux/i586
bootsplash-themes-2.1.0-1mdk Bootsplash themes linux/noarch
bootsplashchooser-0.1-1mdk Gui tool for installing a bootsplash theme linux/noarch
bos-1.1-3mdk A real time strategy game linux/noarch
boson-0.11-1mdk A Real-Time Strategy Game (RTS) for the KDE project linux/i586
bouncycastle-1.28-2mdk Bouncy Castle Crypto Package for Java linux/noarch
bouncycastle-javadoc-jdk1.4-1.28-2mdk Java 1.4 javadoc for bouncycastle linux/noarch
bouncycastle-jdk1.4-1.28-2mdk Bouncy Castle JCE APIs for Java 1.4.x linux/noarch
bpalogin-2.0.2-3mdk Client for Telstra's Big Pond Advance cable connections linux/i586
bpconf-0.5.1-2mdk Podcast collection for KDE linux/i586
bpmdj-2.4-1mdk Semi-automated DJ utilities linux/i586
bpowerd-3.0b1-5mdk Power Control Program for Best Patriot UPS linux/i586
brahms-1.02-7mdk Music sequencer and notation program linux/i586
bridge-utils-1.0.6-1mdk Utilities for configuring the linux ethernet bridge linux/i586
bridge-utils-devel-1.0.6-1mdk Libraries for the linux ethernet bridge programs linux/i586
brilltagger-1.14-4mdk Rule based tagger linux/i586
briquolo-0.5.2-2mdk A Open-GL brick game linux/i586
brltty-3.6-2mdk Braille display driver for Linux/Unix. linux/i586
bronc-0.60-7mdk Bronc - Flexible front end to RRD-tool linux/noarch
browscap-20021112-3mdk Updated BrowserCap.INI for MS products linux/noarch
bsdiff-4.3-0.1.20060mdk Binary diff/patch utility linux/i586
bse-alsa-0.6.4-1mdk ALSA plugin for BSE (Bedevilled Sound Engine) linux/i586
bsf-2.3.0-8.2mdk Bean Scripting Framework linux/noarch
bsf-2.3.0-6jpp Bean Scripting Framework linux/noarch
bsf-javadoc-2.3.0-8.2mdk Javadoc for bsf linux/noarch
bsf-javadoc-2.3.0-6jpp Javadoc for bsf linux/noarch
bsh-1.3.0-5.1mdk Lightweight Scripting for Java linux/noarch
bsh-1.3.0-5jpp Lightweight Scripting for Java linux/noarch
bsh-demo-1.3.0-5.1mdk Demo for bsh linux/noarch
bsh-demo-1.3.0-5jpp Demo for bsh linux/noarch
bsh-javadoc-1.3.0-5.1mdk Javadoc for bsh linux/noarch
bsh-javadoc-1.3.0-5jpp Javadoc for bsh linux/noarch
bsh-manual-1.3.0-5.1mdk Manual for bsh linux/noarch
bsh-manual-1.3.0-5jpp Manual for bsh linux/noarch
bsh2-2.0-0.b1.4jpp Lightweight Scripting for Java linux/noarch
bsh2-bsf-2.0-0.b1.4jpp BSF support for bsh2 linux/noarch
bsh2-classgen-2.0-0.b1.4jpp ASM support for bsh2 linux/noarch
bsh2-demo-2.0-0.b1.4jpp Demo for bsh2 linux/noarch
bsh2-javadoc-2.0-0.b1.4jpp Javadoc for bsh2 linux/noarch
bsh2-manual-2.0-0.b1.4jpp Manual for bsh2 linux/noarch
btparse-0.35-2mdk C library for parsing and processing BibTeX data files linux/i586
bttvgrab-0.15.10-7mdk Video4Linux BTTV grab tools linux/i586
bubblemon-1.46-1mdk WindowMaker dockapp CPU, memory, swap and load average monitor linux/i586
buffer-1.19-3mdk General purpose buffer program linux/i586
bug-buddy-2.8.0-3mdk Utility to ease the reporting of bugs within the GNOME Desktop Environment linux/i586
bugsquish-0.0.6-7mdk Kill bugs with mouse linux/i586
bugzilla-2.18.3-1mdk A bug tracking system developed by linux/noarch
bugzilla-contrib-2.18.3-1mdk Additional tools for bugzilla linux/noarch
bumprace-1.45-7mdk Drive the ship to exit linux/i586
burgerspace-1.8.1-1mdk A Burgertime(TM) clone linux/i586
busybox-1.01-2mdk Multi-call binary combining many common Unix tools into one executable linux/i586
bvi-1.3.2-1mdk A vi-like binary file editor linux/i586
bw-whois-3.4-3mdk Enhanced WHOIS client on steroids linux/noarch
byacc-1.9-18mdk A public domain Yacc parser generator linux/i586
bzflag-2.0.2-2mdk A multiplayer 3D tank battle game linux/i586
bzip2-1.0.3-1.2.20060mdk Extremely powerful file compression utility linux/i586
bzr-0.0.7-1mdk Next-generation distributed version control linux/noarch

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