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Packages beginning with letter A

a2ps-4.13b-8mdk Converts text and other types of files to PostScript(TM) linux/i586
a2ps-devel-4.13b-8mdk Include files for a2ps linux/i586
a2ps-static-devel-4.13b-8mdk Static libraries for a2ps linux/i586
a52dec-0.7.4-7mdk A free ATSC A/52 stream decoder library linux/i586
aalib-progs-1.4.0-0.rc5.14mdk Tools to aalib linux/i586
abbot-0.12.3-1jpp Abbot Java GUI Test Framework linux/noarch
abbot-javadoc-0.12.3-1jpp Javadoc for abbot linux/noarch
abbot-manual-0.12.3-1jpp Docs for abbot linux/noarch
abcde-2.3.3-1mdk Command-line utility to rip and encode audio cds linux/i586
abcm2ps-4.10.2-1mdk Converts ABC format music sheets into Postscript linux/i586
abe-1.1-1mdk Abe's Amazing Adventure!! linux/i586
abiword-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Lean and fast full-featured word processor linux/i586
abiword-doc-2.3.4-4mdk Documentation and helpfiles for Abiword linux/i586
abiword-doc-de-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk German documentation and helpfiles for Abiword linux/i586
abiword-doc-en-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk English documentation and helpfiles for Abiword linux/i586
abiword-doc-fr-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk French documentation and helpfiles for Abiword linux/i586
abiword-doc-pl-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Polish documentation and helpfiles for Abiword linux/i586
abiword-plugin-abicommand-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk This plugin offers a command line interface to AbiWord linux/i586
abiword-plugin-abidash-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin template for a notification style plugin linux/i586
abiword-plugin-abigimp-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Enables editing of your images in The GIMP linux/i586
abiword-plugin-abigochart-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to create Gnome Office charts linux/i586
abiword-plugin-abigrammar-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to allow grammar checking linux/i586
abiword-plugin-abimathview-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to import and edit MathML documents linux/i586
abiword-plugin-abipsion-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin allowing import/export from Psion PDA linux/i586
abiword-plugin-aiksaurus-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to allow abiword to connect with AikSaurus linux/i586
abiword-plugin-babelfish-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to allow abiword to show babelfish translations linux/i586
abiword-plugin-freetranslation-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to allow abiword to connect with freetranslation linux/i586
abiword-plugin-gda-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to import from databases linux/i586
abiword-plugin-gdict-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to allow abiword to use gdict linux/i586
abiword-plugin-google-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugins allows Google search for selected text linux/i586
abiword-plugin-graphics-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugins to allow abiword to import images linux/i586
abiword-plugin-impexp-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugins to allow abiword to import file types from other wordprocessors linux/i586
abiword-plugin-ots-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to summarize text linux/i586
abiword-plugin-shell-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Enables redirection of shell output into AbiWord linux/i586
abiword-plugin-urldict-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to allow abiword to use dict through a web browser linux/i586
abiword-plugin-wikipedia-2.4.1-4.1.20060mdk Plugin to allow abiword to connect with WikiPedia linux/i586
abook-0.5.4-1mdk Text-based addressbook program for mutt linux/i586
abuse_sdl-0.7.0-7mdk The classic Crack-Dot-Com game linux/i586
ac3dec-1.0.9-1mdk A free AC-3 stream decoder linux/i586
ac3jack-0.1.2-1mdk Jack audio to ac3 surround converter linux/i586
acabit-en-26112003-3mdk Automatic Corpus-based Acquisition of Binary Terms linux/noarch
acabit-fr-4.3-1mdk Automatic Corpus-based Acquisition of Binary Terms linux/noarch
acast-0.18-2mdk GSstreamer webcasting software linux/i586
acidlaunch-0.5-5mdk Light-weight applauncher with a simple XML-based configuration syntax. linux/i586
acidrip-0.14-2mdk Simple GUI for MEncoder linux/noarch
acl-2.2.31-1mdk Command for manipulating access control lists linux/i586
acme-2.4.3-4mdk ACME the Versatile Keyboard daemon linux/i586
acon-1.0.5-4mdk Arabic support for linuxconsole linux/i586
aconnectgui-0.9.0-0.10rc1_2mdk Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) aconnect GUI linux/i586
acpi-0.07-6mdk Displays information on ACPI devices linux/i586
acpid-1.0.4-6.2.20060mdk ACPI kernel daemon and control utility linux/i586
acpitool-0.2.7-1mdk A Linux ACPI client linux/i586
adaptx-0.9.6-1.1mdk AdaptX linux/noarch
adaptx-0.9.6-1jpp AdaptX linux/noarch
adaptx-doc-0.9.6-1.1mdk Documentation for adaptx linux/noarch
adaptx-doc-0.9.6-1jpp Documentation for adaptx linux/noarch
adaptx-javadoc-0.9.6-1.1mdk Javadoc for adaptx linux/noarch
adaptx-javadoc-0.9.6-1jpp Javadoc for adaptx linux/noarch
adesklets-0.4.11-1mdk Simple desklets for Unix linux/i586
adjtimex-1.20-1mdk A utility for adjusting kernel time variables linux/i586
adns-1.1-4mdk Advanced, easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library linux/i586
adns-python-1.0.0-5mdk Python bindings for GNU adns library linux/i586
adonthell-0.3.4-1mdk A 2D graphical RPG game linux/i586
adonthell-wastesedge-0.3.4-1mdk Official game package for Adonthell linux/noarch
adplay-1.4-3mdk AdLib music player for the command line linux/i586
adplug-1.5.1-2mdk AdLib sound player library linux/i586
adplug-xmms-1.1-7mdk AdLib player plugin for XMMS linux/i586
adtool-1.3-2mdk Active Directory administration utility for Unix linux/i586
advancecomp-1.14-1mdk The AdvanceCOMP compression linux/i586
advi-1.6.0-2mdk Programmable DVI previewer for slides written in LaTeX linux/i586
aee-2.2.15b-3mdk An easy to use text editor linux/i586
aelfred-1.2-0.a.5jpp Java-based XML parser linux/noarch
aelfred-demo-1.2-0.a.5jpp Demo for aelfred linux/noarch
aelfred-javadoc-1.2-0.a.5jpp Javadoc for aelfred linux/noarch
afbackup- Afbackup is a client-server backup system linux/i586
afbackup-client- AF's backup system client linux/i586
afio-2.5-2mdk Archiver program which writes cpio-format archives linux/i586
agrep-0.7.2-3mdk Approximate matching linux/i586
aide-0.10-2mdk Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment linux/i586
aiksaurus-1.2.1-2mdk An English-language thesaurus library linux/i586
aiksaurus-data-1.2.1-2mdk An English-language thesaurus library linux/i586
aiksaurusgtk-1.2.1-2mdk A GTK+ thesaurus application linux/i586
aircrack-2.21-1mdk Reliable 802.11 (wireless) sniffer and WEP key cracker linux/i586
airfart-0.2.1-3mdk Wireless network discovery tool linux/i586
airsnort-0.2.7e-3mdk A wireless LAN tool which cracks encryption keys linux/i586
airstrike-1.0-1.pre6a.1mdk Incredibly addictive 2D dogfight game linux/i586
akpi-0.4-4mdk ACPI frontend for KDE linux/i586
albumshaper-2.1-1mdk Graphical application used to create, maintain, and share photo albums linux/i586
alert_applet-0.18-1mdk A dbus service/gui for talking to a user's X session linux/i586
alevt-1.6.1-4mdk Teletext decoder and browser for the bttv based card linux/i586
alex-2.0.1-1mdk The lexer generator for Haskell linux/i586
alex_guestbook-3.2-2mdk User-friendly, skinnable, PHP-based guestbook linux/noarch
alexandria-0.6.0-6mdk GNOME application to help you manage your book collection linux/noarch
alienblaster-1.1.0-3mdk Action-loaded 2D arcade shooter game linux/i586
alienpool-0.2.0-1mdk Arcade-style mix of asteroids and pool linux/i586
allegro-4.2.0-0.beta4.2mdk Game programming library linux/i586
alleyoop-0.8.2-1mdk Graphical frontend to Valgrind memory checker linux/i586
alltray-0.60-1mdk Docks any application into the system tray linux/i586
alsa-patch-bay-1.0.0-2mdk Graphical patch bay for the ALSA sequencer API linux/i586
alsa-plugins-1.0.9-1mdk Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) plugins linux/i586
alsa-utils-1.0.9-4mdk Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities linux/i586
alsaconf-1.0.9-4mdk ALSA configuration tool linux/i586
alsamixergui-0.9.0-0.10rc1_3mdk Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) graphical mixer linux/i586
alsaplayer-0.99.76-7mdk Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) player linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-input-flac-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer plugin for playing FLAC audio files linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-input-mad-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer plugin linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-input-mod-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer plugin for playing MOD modules linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-input-sndfile-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer plugin linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-input-vorbis-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer plugin linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-output-esound-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer plugin linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-output-jack-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer for the jack sound server linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-output-nas-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer NAS output plugin linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-scopes-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer graphical scopes linux/i586
alsaplayer-plugin-ui-gtk-0.99.76-7mdk AlsaPlayer plugin linux/i586
altermime-0.3.5-3mdk Allows you to modify mailpacks linux/i586
am-utils-6.0.9-9mdk Automount utilities including an updated version of Amd. linux/i586
amSynth-1.0.0.cvs20040925-1mdk Graphical software synthesizer linux/i586
amanda-client-2.4.5-2mdk The client component of the AMANDA tape backup system linux/i586
amanda-server-2.4.5-2mdk The server side of the AMANDA tape backup system linux/i586
amarok-1.3.1-3mdk A powerful media player for Kde linux/i586
amarok-engine-arts-1.3.1-3mdk amarok arts engine linux/i586
amarok-engine-gstreamer-1.3.1-3mdk amarok gstreamer engine linux/i586
amarok-engine-xine-1.3.1-3mdk amarok xine engine linux/i586
amarok-scripts-1.3.1-3mdk Scripts for amarok linux/i586
amavis-ng- Searches attachments and archives for malicious code linux/noarch
amavis-postfix-0.3.12-3mdk A Mail Virus Scanner linux/noarch
amavisd-new-2.3.3-2mdk A Mail Virus Scanner linux/noarch
amaya-9.2.2-0.1.20060mdk W3C's browser/web authoring tool linux/i586
ami-1.0.11-6mdk Korean IMS Ami linux/i586
amiwm-0.20.48-11mdk A Window Manager for the X Window System linux/i586
amoeba-1.1-4mdk Fast-paced, polished OpenGL demonstration by Excess linux/i586
amphetamine-0.8.10-8mdk Amphetamine is a cool Jump'n Run game linux/i586
ams-1.8.7-1mdk Alsa modular synth linux/i586
amsn-0.94-3mdk MSN Messenger clone for Linux linux/i586
amsn-skins-0.94-2mdk Collection of skins for aMSN linux/noarch
anacron-2.3-15mdk A cron-like program that doesn't go by time linux/i586
analog-5.32-6mdk WWW server logfile analysis program linux/i586
angelwars-0.24-9mdk Fast-paced, old-fashioned side-scrolling space shooter linux/i586
anjuta-1.2.4-0.1.20060mdk Integrated development environment for C and C++ (Linux) linux/i586
anjuta2-2.0.1-2mdk Integrated development environment for C and C++ (Linux) linux/i586
anomy-sanitizer-1.71-1mdk Anomy Sanitizer linux/noarch
anonftp-3.0-31mdk A program which enables anonymous FTP access linux/i586
ant-1.6.5-7mdk Ant build tool for java linux/i586
ant-1.5.4-2jpp Ant build tool for java linux/noarch
ant-antlr-1.6.5-7mdk Optional antlr tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-apache-bcel-1.6.5-7mdk Optional apache bcel tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-apache-bsf-1.6.5-7mdk Optional apache bsf tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-apache-log4j-1.6.5-7mdk Optional apache log4j tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-apache-oro-1.6.5-7mdk Optional apache oro tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-apache-regexp-1.6.5-7mdk Optional apache regexp tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-apache-resolver-1.6.5-7mdk Optional apache resolver tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-bootstrap-1.6.5-7mdk Ant build tool for java linux/i586
ant-bootstrap-manual-1.6.5-4mdk Manual for ant-bootstrap linux/noarch
ant-bootstrap-scripts-1.6.5-4mdk Additional scripts for ant-bootstrap linux/noarch
ant-bsf-1.6.2-3.3mdk Optional bsf tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-commons-logging-1.6.5-7mdk Optional commons logging tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-commons-net-1.6.5-7mdk Optional commons logging tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-contrib-0.6-1jpp Collection of tasks for Ant linux/noarch
ant-contrib-javadoc-0.6-1jpp Javadoc for ant-contrib linux/noarch
ant-contrib-manual-0.6-1jpp Docs for ant-contrib linux/noarch
ant-jai-1.6.5-7mdk Optional jai tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-jalopy-1.0-0.b10.4jpp Jalopy plugin for Ant linux/noarch
ant-javadoc-1.6.5-7mdk Javadoc for ant linux/i586
ant-javadoc-1.5.4-2jpp Javadoc for ant linux/noarch
ant-javamail-1.6.5-7mdk Optional javamail tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-jdepend-1.6.5-7mdk Optional jdepend tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-jmf-1.6.5-7mdk Optional jmf tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-jsch-1.6.5-7mdk Optional jsch tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-junit-1.6.5-7mdk Optional junit tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-manifest-only-1.6.5-7mdk Manifest-only jars for ant linux/i586
ant-manual-1.6.5-7mdk Manual for ant linux/i586
ant-manual-1.5.4-2jpp Manual for ant linux/noarch
ant-nodeps-1.6.5-7mdk Optional tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-optional-1.5.4-2jpp Optional tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-optional-full-1.5.4-2jpp All optional tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-phone-0.1.10-1mdk Desktop ISDN telephony application linux/i586
ant-scripts-1.6.5-7mdk Additional scripts for ant linux/i586
ant-scripts-1.5.4-2jpp Additional scripts for ant linux/noarch
ant-swing-1.6.5-7mdk Optional swing tasks for ant linux/i586
ant-trax-1.6.5-7mdk Optional trax tasks for ant linux/i586
anthill-0.3.0-4mdk Bug tracking database system written in PHP linux/noarch
anthy-6801-1mdk A Japanese words input system linux/i586
antiword-0.36.1-1mdk MS Word to ASCII/Postscript converter linux/i586
antlr-2.7.5-1mdk ANother Tool for Language Recognition linux/noarch
antlr-2.7.4-1jpp ANother Tool for Language Recognition linux/noarch
antlr-javadoc-2.7.5-1mdk Javadoc for antlr linux/noarch
antlr-javadoc-2.7.4-1jpp Javadoc for antlr linux/noarch
antlr-jedit-2.7.4-1jpp ANTLR mode for jEdit linux/noarch
antlr-manual-2.7.5-1mdk Manual for antlr linux/noarch
antlr-manual-2.7.4-1jpp Manual for antlr linux/noarch
anttex-0.2-1jpp TeX Extensions to Ant linux/noarch
aoss-1.0.9-1mdk Wrapper script to ease ALSA-OSS compatibility library usage linux/i586
ap-utils-1.5.1-0.pre1.1mdk Configure and monitor Wireless Access Points linux/i586
apache-HTML-Embperl-2.0.54_2.0.0-1mdk Embperl is a framework for building web sites with Perl linux/i586
apache-base-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Common files and utilities for apache linux/i586
apache-conf-2.0.54-12mdk Configuration files for Apache linux/i586
apache-devel-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Module development tools for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-doc-2.0.54-2mdk The apache Manual linux/noarch
apache-mod_activex_filter-2.0.54_0.2b-2mdk Apache module that filter ActiveX on a proxy linux/i586
apache-mod_ap2_snmp-2.0.54_1.03-1mdk Mod_ap2_snmp is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_apreq-2.07-0.1.20060mdk Mod_%{rname} is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_external-2.0.54_2.2.9-3mdk An apache authentication DSO using external programs linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_kerb-2.0.54_5.0-3mdk Apache module to provides authentifation against a Kerberos server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_msfix-2.0.54_0.2.1-2mdk A module that fix MS XP WebDAV client problem linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_mysql-2.0.54_2.9.0-3mdk Basic authentication for the apache web server using a MySQL database linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_nds-2.0.54_2.0-2mdk Mod_auth_nds is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_pgsql-2.0.54_2.0.2b1-3.1.20060mdk Basic authentication for the apache web server using a PostgreSQL database linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_radius-2.0.54_1.5.7-4mdk Mod_radius is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_remote-2.0.54_0.1-3mdk Mod_auth_remote is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_sdb-2.0.54_0.12-2mdk Mod_auth_sdb is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_shadow-2.0.54_2.0-4.1.20060mdk Shadow password authentication for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_auth_xradius-2.0.54_0.4.5-2mdk Mod_xradius is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_authenticache-2.0.54_2.0.8-2mdk A generic credential caching module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_ldap-2.0.54_0.26-3mdk LDAP authorization module for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_authz_svn-2.0.54_1.2.3-4.1.20060mdk Subversion server authorization DSO module for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_benchmark-2.0.54_2.0.0-2mdk Mod_benchmark is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_bw-2.0.54_0.5-2mdk Bandwidth administration module for Apache HTTPD linux/i586
apache-mod_bwshare-2.0.54_0.1.3-2mdk Bandwidth throttling and balancing by client IP address linux/i586
apache-mod_cache-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Content cache keyed to URIs linux/i586
apache-mod_cfg_ldap-2.0.54_1.2-3mdk Keeping apache VirtualHost configuration in a LDAP directory linux/i586
apache-mod_chm-2.0.54_0.3.1-2mdk Mod_chm is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_clamav-2.0.54_0.21-2mdk Clam virus scanning filter DSO for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_coredumper-2.0.54_0.1.0-2mdk Mod_coredumper is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_countm-2.0.54_3.0-2mdk Mod_countm is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_dav-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) linux/i586
apache-mod_dav_repos-2.0.54_0.9.0-1mdk Mod_dav_repos is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_dav_svn-2.0.54_1.2.3-4.1.20060mdk Subversion server DSO module for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_deflate-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Compress content before it is delivered to the client linux/i586
apache-mod_diagnostics-2.0.54_0.1-2mdk Mod_diagnostics is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_disk_cache-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Implements a disk based storage manager linux/i586
apache-mod_dnsbl-2.0.54_0.10-2mdk Mod_dnsbl is a blacklisting DSO for apache using DNS lookups linux/i586
apache-mod_dnsbl_lookup-2.0.54_0-0.r239344.1mdk A DNSBL and RHSBL enabled module for apache 2.x linux/i586
apache-mod_dnsbl_lookup-devel-2.0.54_0-0.r239344.1mdk Development files for mod_dnsbl_lookup linux/i586
apache-mod_dosevasive-2.0.54_1.10-2mdk DoS Evasive Maneuvers Module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_encoding-2.0.54_0.0.20021209-2mdk Mod_encoding is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_fastcgi-2.0.54_2.4.2-3mdk Mod_fastcgi is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_fcgid-2.0.54_1.04-2mdk Mod_fcgid is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_file_cache-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Caches a static list of files in memory linux/i586
apache-mod_fortress-2.0.54_1.0-1mdk Mod_fortress is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_geo-2.0.54_1.3.0-2mdk Mod_geo is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_globalerror-2.0.54_1.0.1-4mdk Produces an independent global error log linux/i586
apache-mod_injection-2.0.54_0.3.1-2mdk Mod_injection is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ip_count-2.0.54_2.0-2.r32.1mdk Mod_ip_count is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_kitchensink-2.0.54_1.1-2mdk Mod_KitchenSink is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_layout-2.0.54_4.0.1a-3mdk Add custom header and/or footers for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_ldap-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk LDAP connection pooling and result caching DSO:s linux/i586
apache-mod_ldap_userdir-2.0.54_1.1.8-2mdk Look up user home directories (for /~user URLs) from an LDAP directory linux/i586
apache-mod_limitipconn-2.0.54_0.22-2mdk Mod_limitipconn is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_log_data-2.0.54_0.0.3-2mdk Mod_log_data is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_log_sql-2.0.54_1.100-2mdk Logs to MySQL linux/i586
apache-mod_log_sqlite-2.0.54_0.08-2mdk Sqlite logging module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_loopback-2.0.54_2.1-2mdk A web client debugging tool (DSO) for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_macro-2.0.54_1.1.6-2mdk Mod_macro is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_mem_cache-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Implements a memory based storage manager linux/i586
apache-mod_mm_auth_ldap-2.0.54_3.05-4mdk LDAP Authentication module for Apache 2.x linux/i586
apache-mod_mono-2.0.54_1.1.9.1-1mdk Mono module for Apache 2 linux/i586
apache-mod_mya-2.0.54_3.0.1-2mdk Mod_mya is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ngobjweb-2.0.54_0.1-2.20040523.4mdk Mod_ngobjweb is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ntlm-2.0.54_2.0-2mdk Mod_ntlm is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_parmguard-2.0.54_1.3-2mdk Mod_parmguard is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_perl-2.0.54_2.0.1-6.1.20060mdk An embedded Perl interpreter for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_perl-devel-2.0.54_2.0.1-6.1.20060mdk Files needed for building XS modules that use mod_perl linux/i586
apache-mod_persistentperl-2.0.54_2.22-11mdk Mod_persistentperl is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_php-2.0.54_5.0.4-4mdk The PHP5 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with apache linux/i586
apache-mod_php4-2.0.54_4.4.0-2mdk The PHP4 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with apache linux/i586
apache-mod_protection-2.0.54_0.0.2-2mdk Mod_protection is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk HTTP/1.1 proxy/gateway server linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_html-2.0.54_2.4.3-2mdk Mod_proxy_html is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_put-2.0.54_2.0.7-2mdk Mod_put is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_python-2.0.54_3.1.4-2mdk An embedded Python interpreter for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_random-2.0.54_2.0-3mdk Mod_Random is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_roaming-2.0.54_2.0.0-2mdk Enables Netscape Communicator roaming profiles with apache linux/i586
apache-mod_rpaf-2.0.54_0.4-2mdk Mod_rpaf is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ruby-2.0.54_1.2.4-2mdk Mod_ruby is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_scrmable-2.0.54_0.1-2mdk Mod_scrmable is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_security-2.0.54_1.8.7-2mdk Mod_security is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_sleep-2.0.54_2.1-2mdk Mod_sleep is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_smbauth-2.0.54_1.4.3-26mdk Mod_smbauth is a DSO module for the apache Web server linux/i586
apache-mod_smtpd-2.0.54_0.9-0.r235759.2mdk A SMTP protocol enabled module for apache 2.x based on qpsmtpd linux/i586
apache-mod_smtpd-devel-2.0.54_0.9-0.r235759.2mdk Development files for mod_smtpd linux/i586
apache-mod_smtpd_rbl-2.0.54_0-0.r239351.1mdk Mod_smtpd_rbl brings "RBL" (DNSBL/RHSBL) support to mod_smtpd linux/i586
apache-mod_spam_die-2.0.54_0.1.2-2mdk Mod_spam_die is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ssl-2.0.54-6.1.20060mdk Strong cryptography using the SSL, TLS and distcache protocols linux/i586
apache-mod_ssl+distcache-2.0.54-6mdk Strong cryptography using the SSL, TLS and distcache protocols linux/i586
apache-mod_suexec-2.0.54-4mdk Allows CGI scripts to run as a specified user and Group linux/i586
apache-mod_suphp-2.0.54_0.5.2-2mdk Mod_suphp is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_svn_view-0.1.0-0.r147.2mdk Mod_svn_view provides a web-based view of a Subversion repository linux/i586
apache-mod_tcl-2.0.54_1.0-2mdk Mod_tcl is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_tidy-2.0.54_0.5-1mdk Mod_tidy is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_traf_thief-2.0.54_0.01-3mdk Mod_traf_thief is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_transform-0.6.0-2mdk XSLT and XIncludes Output filter for Apache 2 linux/i586
apache-mod_userdir-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk User-specific directories linux/i586
apache-mod_variety-2.0.54_0.2.1-2mdk Mod_Variety is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_vdbh-2.0.54_1.0.3-2mdk A Virtual Database Hosting DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_vhost_hash_alias-2.0.54_1.0-2mdk Apache HTTPD module for mass virtual hosting linux/i586
apache-mod_webfilter-2.0.54_0.6-2mdk An apache content filter module linux/i586
apache-mod_websh-2.0.54_3.5.0-2mdk Tcl scripting as a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_xslt-2.0.54_2.0.4-2mdk Mod_xslt is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_xslt2-2.0.54_1.3.8-2.2004112100.1mdk Mod_xslt is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_ziplook-2.0.54_0.99-2mdk Mod_ziplook is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-mod_zipread-2.0.54_0.1-2mdk Mod_zipread is a DSO module for the apache web server linux/i586
apache-modules-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Standard modules for apache linux/i586
apache-mpm-peruser-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Implements a hybrid multi-process, multi-threaded web server (experimental) linux/i586
apache-mpm-prefork-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server (stable) linux/i586
apache-mpm-worker-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk Implements a hybrid multi-threaded multi-process web server (experimental) linux/i586
apache-source-2.0.54-13.3.20060mdk The apache source code, including Mandriva patches linux/i586
apache-ssl-1.3.33_1.55-1mdk Apache-SSL is a secure Webserver linux/i586
apache-ssl-devel-1.3.33_1.55-1mdk Module development tools for Apache-SSL linux/i586
apache-suexec-1.3.33-3mdk Suexec binary for apache linux/i586
apache-tools-1.0.1-4mdk Apache Security Tools linux/i586
apache1-1.3.33-3mdk The most widely used Web server on the Internet linux/i586
apache1-base-1.3.33-3mdk Files common for apache1 and apache1-mod_perl installations linux/i586
apache1-devel-1.3.33-3mdk Module development tools for Apache 1.3 linux/i586
apache1-manual-1.3.33-1mdk Apache 1.3 Manual linux/noarch
apache1-mod_auth_external-1.3.33_2.1.19-1mdk Apache authentication using external program linux/i586
apache1-mod_auth_pam-1.3.33_1.1.1-1mdk Pam authorisation for Apache linux/i586
apache1-mod_auth_radius-1.3.33_1.5.7-1mdk Apache authentication via Radius linux/i586
apache1-mod_dav-1.3.33_1.0.3-1mdk DAV module for Apache linux/i586
apache1-mod_dosevasive-1.3.33_1.10-1mdk Apache DoS Evasive Maneuvers Module linux/i586
apache1-mod_frontpage-1.3.33_1.6.2-1mdk The improved mod_frontpage module for the Apache Web server linux/i586
apache1-mod_log_sql-1.3.33_1.18-1mdk Logs to MySQL linux/i586
apache1-mod_php4-1.3.33_4.3.11-1mdk The PHP4 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with Apache linux/i586
apache1-mod_php5-1.3.33_5.0.4-1mdk The PHP5 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with Apache linux/i586
apache1-mod_ssl-1.3.33_2.8.24-1mdk An SSL module for the Apache Web server linux/i586
apache1-mod_sxnet-1.3.33_1.2.4-1mdk Strong Extranet module for mod_ssl and apache linux/i586
apache1-mod_throttle-1.3.33_3.1.2-1mdk Bandwidth & Request Throttling module for apache linux/i586
apache1-modules-1.3.33-3mdk Standard modules for Apache linux/i586
apache1-source-1.3.33-3mdk Apache Source linux/i586
apache1-suexec-1.3.33-1mdk Suexec binary for apache linux/i586
apache2-mod_fortress-2.0.53_1.0-4mdk Mod_fortress is a DSO module for the apache2 Web server linux/i586
apachetop-0.12.5-3mdk Utility to display Apache logs with a top-like interface linux/i586
apcupsd-3.10.18-4.1.20060mdk Power management software for APC UPS hardware linux/i586
apg-2.2.3-2mdk Automated Password Generator (apg) linux/i586
aphopper-0.3-1mdk Automatic wireless access point hopper linux/i586
apmd-3.2.2-5mdk Advanced Power Management (APM) BIOS utilities for laptops linux/i586
app-defaults-be-0.1-6mdk X Resources for belarusization of some applications linux/noarch
app-defaults-cs-0.1-5mdk Czech language X11 resources linux/noarch
app-defaults-ga-1.0-4mdk Irish language X11 resources linux/noarch
app-defaults-ru-0.1-9mdk X Resources for russification of some applications linux/noarch
app-defaults-th-1.0-5mdk Thai language X11 resources linux/noarch
app-defaults-uk-0.1-6mdk X Resources for ukrainization of some applications linux/noarch
apradar-0.52-3mdk Wireless Ethernet Association Manager and Netstumbler linux/i586
apt-0.5.15cnc6-10mdk Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool with RPM support linux/i586
apt-common-0.5.15cnc6-10mdk Common file for apt frontend linux/i586
aptitude-0.3.3-2mdk Curses-based apt frontend linux/i586
aqbanking-1.2.0-3mdk A library for online banking functions and financial data import/export linux/i586
aqhbci-1.1.0-2mdk The HBCI backend for the Aqbanking library linux/i586
aqhbci-qt-tools-1.0.5-0.beta.2mdk Aqbanking HBCI KDE configuration wizard linux/i586
aqmoney-0.6.3-2mdk Command line homebanking application using OpenHBCI linux/i586
aqsis-1.0.0-3mdk Aqsis rendering system linux/i586
archivemail-0.6.1-0.1.20060mdk A tool for archiving and compressing old email linux/noarch
ardour-0.9-0.beta28.1mdk Professional multitrack audio recording application linux/i586
arena-0.1.0-8mdk An OpenGL Asteroids clone based on ClanLib. linux/i586
argouml-0.14-3jpp A UML design tool with cognitive support linux/noarch
argouml-javadoc-0.14-3jpp Javadoc for argouml linux/noarch
argouml-mdkmenu-0.14-3jpp Mandrake menu entry for ArgoUML linux/noarch
argouml0.15-0.15.4-1jpp A UML design tool with cognitive support linux/noarch
argouml0.15-javadoc-0.15.4-1jpp Javadoc for argouml0.15 linux/noarch
argouml0.15-mdkmenu-0.15.3-1jpp Mandrake menu entry for ArgoUML linux/noarch
arj-3.10.22-1mdk File compression and packaging utility compatible with ARJ for MS-DOS linux/i586
arka-0.11-2mdk GUI for Genpak (gp) set of bioinformatics utilities. linux/i586
arkhart-0.1.4-3mdk A roleplaying game in an original world called Arkhart linux/i586
armagetron- Armagetron Advanced, another 3d lightcycle game using OpenGL linux/i586
arpd-0.2-4mdk ARP reply daemon linux/i586
arpscan-0.5-1mdk Very simple ARP scanner linux/i586
arptables-0.0.3-2mdk Userspace control program for the arptables network filter linux/i586
arpwatch-2.1a13-4mdk Network monitoring tools for tracking IP addresses on the network linux/i586
arpwatch2html-0.9-1mdk Convert the arpwatch flat-file into html linux/noarch
array-util-1.9-1mdk Enables you to monitor the status of a COMPAQ SmartArray Controller linux/i586
arson-0.9.7-11mdk Arson - A KDE frontend to various CD burning, and ripping tools. linux/i586
arts-1.4.2-2.1.20060mdk Arts - Libraries linux/i586
artsmodplug-2.1.1-13mdk Arts ModPlug linux/i586
as10k1-1.0.9-1mdk AS10k1 Assembler version A0.99 linux/i586
as6edriver-0.49-2mdk Linux driver for the Artec AS6E parallel port interface scanner linux/i586
asc- Advanced Strategic Command linux/i586
ascii-3.8-1mdk Interactive ASCII name and synonym chart linux/i586
asciidoc-7.0.2-1mdk Tool to convert AsciiDoc text files to DocBook, HTML or Unix man pages linux/noarch
asciiquarium-1.0-1mdk An aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art linux/noarch
ash-0.3.8-8mdk The Almquist shell linux/i586
ashkelon-0.8.2-1jpp Online reference tool for java api documentation linux/noarch
ashkelon-manual-0.8.2-1jpp Manual for ashkelon linux/noarch
ask-2.5.0-2mdk Active Spam Killer linux/noarch
asm-1.5.3-1.1mdk A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems linux/noarch
asm-1.4.1-2jpp A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems linux/noarch
asm-javadoc-1.5.3-1.1mdk Javadoc for asm linux/noarch
asm-javadoc-1.4.1-2jpp Javadoc for asm linux/noarch
asm2-2.0.RC1-1.1mdk A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems linux/noarch
asm2-javadoc-2.0.RC1-1.1mdk Javadoc for asm2 linux/noarch
asp-1.0.2-1mdk Common html and database for ASP linux/noarch
asp-a2s_3m-1.0.0-5mdk Database for ASP help on manual exercices linux/noarch
asp-ann_col_demo-1.0.0-5mdk Database for ASP annales linux/noarch
asp-ann_lyc_demo-1.0.0-5mdk Database for ASP annales linux/noarch
asp-not_col_demo_noswf-1.0.0-4mdk Database for ASP program linux/noarch
asp-not_lyc_demo_noswf-1.0.0-5mdk Database for ASP program linux/noarch
asp-not_pri_demo_noswf-1.0.0-6mdk Database for ASP program linux/noarch
asp2php-0.76.23-1mdk Program for converting .asp files to .php files linux/i586
aspectj-1.1.1-1jpp AspectJ aspect-oriented language extension to Java linux/noarch
aspectj-installer-1.1.1-1jpp Installer for aspectj linux/noarch
aspectj-javadoc-1.1.1-1jpp Javadoc for aspectj linux/noarch
aspectj-manual-1.1.1-1jpp Docs for aspectj linux/noarch
aspectwerkz-0.9-1jpp AOP for Java linux/noarch
aspectwerkz-demo-0.9-1jpp Samples for aspectwerkz linux/noarch
aspectwerkz-javadoc-0.9-1jpp Javadoc for aspectwerkz linux/noarch
aspectwerkz-manual-0.9-1jpp Documents for aspectwerkz linux/noarch
aspell-0.60.3-2mdk A Free and Open Source interactive spelling checker program linux/i586
aspell-af-0.50.0-2mdk Afrikaans files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-am-0.03.1-1mdk Amharic files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-az-0.02.0-1mdk Azeri files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-be-0.50.0-2mdk Belarussian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-bg-4.0.0-2mdk Bulgarian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-bn- Bengali files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-br-0.60.2-1mdk Breton files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-ca-20040130.1-1mdk Catalan files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-cs-20040614.1-1mdk Czech files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-cy-0.50.3-10mdk Welsh files for aspell linux/noarch
aspell-da- Danish files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-de-20030222.1-1mdk German files for aspell linux/noarch
aspell-el-0.50.3-6mdk Greek files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-en-6.0.0-1mdk English files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-eo-0.50.2-5mdk Esperanto files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-es-0.50.2-7mdk Spanish files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-et- Estonian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-fa-0.02.0-1mdk Persian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-fi-0.50.0-1mdk Finnish files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-fo- Faroese files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-fr-0.50.3-9mdk French files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-ga-3.6.0-1mdk Irish files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-gd- Scottish files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-gl-0.50.0-2mdk Galician files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-gv-0.50.0-2mdk Manx Gaelic files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-he-0.9.0-1mdk Hebrew files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-hi-0.01.0-1mdk Hindi files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-hr-0.51.0-2mdk Croatian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-hsb-0.01.1-1mdk Upper Sorbian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-hu-0.3-4mdk Hungarian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-ia-0.50.1-2mdk Interlingua files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-id-1.2.0-1mdk Indonesian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-is-0.51.1-2mdk Icelandic files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-it-0.53.0-2mdk Italian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-ku-0.12.0-1mdk Kurdish files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-la-20020503.0-1mdk Latin files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-lt-1.0.1-1mdk Lithuanian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-lv- Latvian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-mg-0.03.0-1mdk Malagasy files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-mi-0.50.0-2mdk Maori files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-mk-0.50.0-2mdk Macedonian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-mn-0.01.0-1mdk Mongol files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-mr-0.01.0-1mdk Marathi files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-ms-0.50.0-2mdk Malay files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-mt-0.50.0-2mdk Maltese files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-nds-0.01.0-2mdk Low-Saxon files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-nl-0.50.2-8mdk Dutch files for aspell linux/noarch
aspell-nn-0.50.1-2mdk Nynorsk files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-no-0.50.2-7mdk Norwegian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-ny-0.01.0-2mdk Nyanja files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-or-0.03.1-1mdk Oriya files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-pa-0.01.1-1mdk Punjabi files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-pl-0.51.0-2mdk Polish dictionary for aspell linux/i586
aspell-pt-0.50.2-4mdk Portuguese files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-qu-20040424.1-1mdk Quechua files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-ro-0.50.2-4mdk Romanian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-ru-0.99f7.1-1mdk Russian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-rw-0.50.0-2mdk Kinyarwanda files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-sc-0.50.1-2mdk Sardinian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-sk-0.52.0-2mdk Slovak files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-sl-0.50.0-2mdk Slovenian files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-sv-0.51.0-2mdk Swedish files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-sw-0.50.0-2mdk Swahili files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-ta-20040424.1-1mdk Tamil files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-tet-0.50.0-1mdk Tetum files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-tl-0.02.1-1mdk Tagalog (Filipino) files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-tn- Tswana files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-tr-0.50.0-2mdk Turkish files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-uk-0.51.0-3mdk Ukrainian files for aspell linux/noarch
aspell-uz-0.03.0-1mdk Uzbek files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-vi- Vietnamese files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-wa-0.50.0-2mdk Walloon files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-yi- Yiddish files for aspell linux/i586
aspell-zu-0.50.0-2mdk Zulu files for aspell linux/i586
assetml-1.2.1-2mdk Library assetml to share and reuse content like image and audio file linux/i586
asterisk-1.1-0.20050529.2mdk Asterisk PBX linux/i586
asterisk-addons-1.0.8-0.20050427.1mdk Additional addons for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-app_fastsms-1.00-1mdk Global SMS delivery for Asterisk, without using valuable PRI resources linux/i586
asterisk-app_icd-1.0.0-0.20050501.1mdk ICD - Intelligent Call Distributor system linux/i586
asterisk-app_iconv-0.8-1mdk Iconv application module for the Asterisk PBX linux/i586
asterisk-app_ldap-0.9.3-3mdk LDAPget application module for the Asterisk PBX linux/i586
asterisk-chan_capi-0.3.5-4mdk Common ISDN API 2.0 implementation for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-chan_misdn-0.1.0-0.beta.1mdk This module adds mISDN support to the Asterisk PBX linux/i586
asterisk-chan_sccp-20050501-1mdk Extended Skinny open source channel driver for the Asterisk PBX linux/i586
asterisk-devel-1.1-0.20050529.2mdk Header files for building Asterisk modules linux/i586
asterisk-docs-1.1-0.20050529.2mdk The Hitchhiker's Guide to Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-odbc-1.1-0.20050529.2mdk ODBC plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-pgsql-1.1-0.20050529.2mdk PostgreSQL plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-sqlite-1.1-0.20050529.2mdk SQLite plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-plugins-tds-1.1-0.20050529.2mdk FreeTDS plugins for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-prepaid-0.3.2-0.20041226.4mdk Prepaid and Calling Card billing modules for Asterisk linux/i586
asterisk-rate-engine-0.5.4-1mdk Least cost routing for Asterisk, as well as CDR logging linux/i586
asterisk-sounds-1.0.7-2mdk Sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-stat-2.0.1-1mdk Asterisk-Stat : CDR Analyser linux/noarch
asteroids3D-0.2.2-7mdk A 3D, first-person game of blowing up asteroids linux/i586
astyle-1.15.3-4mdk Reindenter and reformatter of C++, C and Java source code linux/i586
at-3.1.8-16mdk Job spooling tools linux/i586
at-poke-0.2.2-1mdk Tool for poking around with accessibility support linux/i586
at-spi-1.6.4-1mdk GNOME Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface linux/i586
ataidle-0.8-1mdk A utility to manage ATA drives linux/i586
atanks-1.1.0-5mdk A Scorched Earth game clone linux/i586
aterm-1.0-1mdk An rxvt-based terminal emulator for X11 linux/i586
athcool-0.3.11-1mdk Enabling/disabling Powersaving mode for AMD processors linux/i586
ati.2-4.3.20030708-1mdk Gatos enhanced ATI drivers linux/i586
ati_remote-2.1.1-0.20030415.1mdk ATI USB Remote Control driver linux/i586
atitvout-0.4-2mdk Config tool for ATI Rage Mobility TV-OUT linux/i586
atlas-3.6.0-2mdk Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS) linux/noarch
atomix-1.2.3-1mdk Mind game - build molecules out of single atoms linux/i586
atool-0.31.0-1mdk A script for managing file archives of various types linux/noarch
attr-2.4.23-1mdk Utility for managing filesystem extended attributes linux/i586
attrib4j-0.9.0-1jpp Custom metadata for elements of Java class or interface linux/noarch
attrib4j-javadoc-0.9.0-1jpp Javadoc for attrib4j linux/noarch
audacious-0.1.1-3.1.20060mdk A versatile and handy media player linux/i586
audacious-esd-0.1.1-3.1.20060mdk ESound output backend linux/i586
audacity-1.2.3-4.1.20060mdk Free Audio Editor With Effects/Analysis Tools linux/i586
audiofile-0.2.6-3mdk Library to handle various audio file formats linux/i586
aumix-2.8-12mdk A GTK+/Ncurses audio mixer linux/i586
aumix-text-2.8-12mdk An Ncurses audio mixer linux/i586
authd-0.2.2-1mdk Software for obtaining and verifying user credentials linux/i586
autoconf2.1-2.13-24mdk A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code. linux/noarch
autoconf2.5-2.59-6mdk A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code. linux/noarch
autodia-2.01-2mdk Automatic Dia/UML generator linux/noarch
autofs-4.1.4-4.2.20060mdk A tool for automatically mounting and unmounting filesystems linux/i586
autogen-5.7.2-1mdk Simplify the creation and maintenance of programs linux/i586
autojar-1.2.2-1jpp AutoJar generates self-contained jars starting from a given list of classes. linux/noarch
autojar-javadoc-1.2.2-1jpp Javadoc for autojar linux/noarch
autojar-manual-1.2.2-1jpp Manual for autojar linux/noarch
autologin-1.0.0-11mdk Automatically log in linux/i586
automake1.4-1.4.0.p6-1mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
automake1.6-1.6.3-2mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
automake1.7-1.7.9-2mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
automake1.8-1.9.4-3mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles linux/noarch
autopsy-2.03-1mdk Autopsy Forensic Browser linux/noarch
autosmb-1.1-2mdk Automounter script for autods linux/noarch
autosscep-0.9.28b-1mdk Simple automatic certificate enroller linux/i586
autossh-1.2f-2mdk Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels linux/i586
autotrace-0.31.1-15mdk A program for converting bitmap to vector graphics linux/i586
autozen-2.1-2mdk Brainwave controller linux/i586
avalon-excalibur-4.1-6jpp Java development components linux/noarch
avalon-excalibur-javadoc-4.1-6jpp Javadoc for avalon-excalibur linux/noarch
avalon-excalibur-scratchpad-4.1-6jpp Staging area for new components linux/noarch
avalon-framework-4.1.4-2.2mdk Java components interfaces linux/noarch
avalon-framework-4.1.4-2jpp Java components interfaces linux/noarch
avalon-framework-javadoc-4.1.4-2.2mdk Javadoc for avalon-framework linux/noarch
avalon-framework-javadoc-4.1.4-2jpp Javadoc for avalon-framework linux/noarch
avalon-framework-manual-4.1.4-2.2mdk Manual for avalon-framework linux/noarch
avalon-framework-manual-4.1.4-2jpp Manual for avalon-framework linux/noarch
avalon-logkit-1.2-2.1mdk Java logging toolkit linux/noarch
avalon-logkit-1.2-2jpp Java logging toolkit linux/noarch
avalon-logkit-javadoc-1.2-2.1mdk Javadoc for avalon-logkit linux/noarch
avalon-logkit-javadoc-1.2-2jpp Javadoc for avalon-logkit linux/noarch
avifile-player-0.7.43-3.20050620.2mdk Video player for AVI/ASF/WMF files linux/i586
avifile-samples-0.7.43-3.20050620.2mdk Sample programs using the avifile library linux/i586
avlmap-utils-0.10.2-5mdk Various utilities using the libavlmap0 library linux/i586
avra-1.0.1-1mdk An AVR assembler linux/i586
avview-0.80.6-2mdk ATI audio/video viewer linux/i586
awesfx-0.5.0d-1mdk Utility programs for the AWE32 sound driver linux/i586
awesfx-devel-0.5.0d-1mdk Development files for awesfx linux/i586
awstats-6.4-4.1.20060mdk Advanced Web Statistics linux/noarch
ax25-apps-0.0.6-5mdk Applications for kernel AX.25 support (kernel >= 2.2) linux/i586
ax25spyd-0.23-9mdk ax25spyd is a daemon that listens for AX.25 packets from the kernel-AX.25. linux/i586
axel-1.0b-1mdk A light Linux download accelerator - Console version linux/i586
axiom-3.4-0.20050401.2mdk Symbolic Computation Program linux/i586
axis-1.2.1-1.1mdk A SOAP implementation in Java linux/noarch
axis-1.1-2jpp A SOAP implementation in Java linux/noarch
axis-javadoc-1.2.1-1.1mdk Javadoc for axis linux/noarch
axis-javadoc-1.1-2jpp Javadoc for axis linux/noarch
axis-manual-1.2.1-1.1mdk Manual for axis linux/noarch
axis-manual-1.1-2jpp Manual for axis linux/noarch
ayttm-0.4.6-3mdk Instant messaging client linux/i586

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