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cdrdao-gcdmaster-1.1.7-2mdk RPM for i586

From Mandriva 9.2 for i586 / Mandrake / RPMS

Name: cdrdao-gcdmaster Distribution: Mandrake Linux
Version: 1.1.7 Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release: 2mdk Build date: Tue Apr 15 14:39:09 2003
Group: Archiving/Cd burning Build host:
Size: 1374745 Source RPM: cdrdao-1.1.7-2mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Götz Waschk <>
Summary: Graphical front end to cdrdao for composing audio CDs.
gcdmaster allows the creation of toc-files for cdrdao and
can control the recording process. Its main application is
the composition of audio CDs from one or more audio files.
It supports PQ-channel editing, entry of meta data like
ISRC codes/CD-TEXT and non destructive cut of the audio data.






* Tue Apr 15 2003 Götz Waschk <> 1.1.7-2mdk
  - use the right macros
  - fix buildrequires
* Sun Oct 20 2002 Götz Waschk <> 1.1.7-1mdk
  - add toc2cue
  - new version
* Mon Sep 23 2002 Lenny Cartier <> 1.1.6-1mdk
  - from Laurent Grawet <> :
  	- Updated to 1.1.6 stable
* Thu Aug 15 2002 Laurent Culioli <> 1.1.6-0.20020723.3mdk
  - Rebuild with gcc3.2
* Tue Jul 30 2002 Götz Waschk <> 1.1.6-0.20020723.2mdk
  - gcc 3.2 build
* Tue Jul 23 2002 Götz Waschk <> 1.1.6-0.20020723.1mdk
  - don't require pccts anymore, it's included
  - clean rpmlint warnings
  - ENABLE_NLS to make it build
  - tiny gcc 3.1.1 build patch
  - cvs snapshot
  - all png icons
* Thu Jan 24 2002 Lenny Cartier <> 1.1.5-6mdk
  - rebuild against new pccts
* Tue Sep 18 2001 Frederic Crozat <> 1.1.5-5mdk
  - Fix files permissions (will fix menu error messages)
* Mon Sep 10 2001 Lenny Cartier <> 1.1.5-4mdk
  - Changes from Marcel Pol <> :
  	- add BuildRequires pccts
  	- used --disable-gtkmmtest with configure
  	- add package gcdmaster
  	- add menu-entry for gcdmaster
* Thu Jun 28 2001 Lenny Cartier <> 1.1.5-3mdk
  - rebuild
* Fri May 04 2001 Lenny Cartier <> 1.1.5-2mdk
  - fixes from Alexander Skwar <> :
  	- Add missing file /usr/share/cdrdao/drivers
  	- Use macros
  	- Requires: common-licenses so that COPYING doesn't have to be included
  	- Updated %doc files
  	- Cleaned up SPEC
  	- Sadly without xdao - gtkmm doesn't seem to work here :/
  	- Updated URL
* Mon Apr 30 2001 Lenny Cartier <> 1.1.5-1mdk
  - updated to 1.1.5
* Mon Apr 09 2001 Lenny Cartier <> 1.1.4-1mdk
  - udpated to 1.1.4
* Tue Apr 25 2000 Lenny Cartier <> 1.1.3-2mdk
  - fix group
* Tue Feb 08 2000 Lenny Cartier <> 1.1.3-1mdk
  - mandrake build
  - v1.1.3
  - deactivate creation of an xcdrdao rpm
* Mon Apr 05 1999 Ryan Weaver <>
  - Changes 1.1.0: 
  - Added data track support to generic-mmc driver. 
  - Added Henk-Jan Slotboom's driver for Taiyo-Yuden recorders. 
  - Created driver for the Teac CD-R55S recorder. Data tracks should be
    supported, too, but it is not well tested. 
  - Added Cam MacKinnon's driver for the Yamaha CDR10x drive family. Data
    track support is available, too, but also not well tested. 
  - Added Leon Woestenberg's bitwise-exact digital audio extraction patch
    for Plextor drives (see README.PlexDAE). 
  - read-toc will analyze mixed mode CDs now, but it is currently not perfect.
    Please have a look at the README. 
  - Fixed failed assertion problems with 'read-toc' that occured when the
    raw P-W sub-channel data passed the CRC check but was actually not
    consistent (happened quiet often with Teac CD-ROM CD-532S drives). 
  - The SCSI interface can now use Joerg Schilling's SCSI library. Cdrdao
    is reported to work on Solaris 2.6 and FreeBSD using the SCSI library.
    Max Khon provided an independent SCSI interface implementation for FreeBSD
    which can be selected when configuring. 
  - Added experimental CD-TEXT support to 'read-toc'. 
  - Updated xcdrdao source to compile with Gtk-- 0.99.1.
* Sat Jan 30 1999 Ryan Weaver <>
  - Changes 1.011:
  - Fixed xcdrdao compilation errors with recent Gtk-- library
      (version 0.11.1). It won't compile with Gtk-- 0.9.14 anymore.
  - Fixed driver detection for Panasonic CW-7582 which actually
      identifies as MATSHITA CW-7582.
* Mon Jan 25 1999 Ryan Weaver <>
  - Changes 1.010: 
  - Michael Weber added on-the-fly writing support.
    See for usage. 
  - Radek Doulik added improved ring buffer code. The number of
    buffers can be set with the --buffers option. 
  - Added driver selection for Matshita/Panasonic CW-7502,
    Mitsumi CR-4801, Panasonic CW-7582, Traxdata CDRW4260,
    BTC BCE621E and Philips OMNIWRITER2. 
  - The source code distribution contains a very early version of
    the Gtk-- based GUI xcdrdao. Of course, cdrdao can still be built
    without the Gtk-- libraries. At this early stage xcdrdao can be
    mainly used to edit existing toc-files. It is possible to create,
    edit or remove track/index marks and pre-gaps. Xcdrdao comes
    without any documentation. 
  - Xcdrdao is 'NOT' included in this RPM because it would not build
    with gtk-- version 0.11.1
* Fri Dec 11 1998 Ryan Weaver <>
  - Building with my newly built pccts-1.33mr16 RPM installed
* Thu Dec 10 1998 Ryan Weaver <>
  - First RPM
  - Changes 1.09: 
    HP CD-Writer+ 8100 is supported now.
    Added more toc-file consistency checks so that you know now
      why the CDD2x00 refuses to record the CD-R.
    Driver selection for MEMOREX CRW-1662/CR-622/CD-233E and
      PHILIPS CDD3600.
    Warning: This version won't refuse to record with the Panasonic
      CW-7502 anymore but the resulting disk is not very useful. It'll
      contain only one long track.



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