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RPM of Group System/XFree86

X11R6-contrib-4.3-5mdk A collection of user-contributed X Window System programs linux/i586
XFree86-4.3-5mdk Part of the XFree86 implementation of the X Window System. linux/i586
XFree86-3DLabs-3.3.6-28mdk XFree86 3DLabs server. linux/i586
XFree86-8514-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server program for older IBM 8514 or compatible video cards. linux/i586
XFree86-AGX-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server for AGX-based video cards. linux/i586
XFree86-FBDev-3.3.6-28mdk The X server for the generic frame buffer device on some machines. linux/i586
XFree86-I128-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server for #9 Imagine 128 video cards. linux/i586
XFree86-Mach32-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server for Mach32 based video cards. linux/i586
XFree86-Mach64-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server for Mach64 based video cards. linux/i586
XFree86-Mach8-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server for Mach8 video cards. linux/i586
XFree86-Mono-3.3.6-28mdk A generic XFree86 monochrome server for VGA cards. linux/i586
XFree86-P9000-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server for P9000 cards. linux/i586
XFree86-S3-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server for video cards based on the S3 chip. linux/i586
XFree86-S3V-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server for video cards based on the S3 Virge chip. linux/i586
XFree86-SVGA-3.3.6-28mdk An XFree86 server for most simple framebuffer SVGA devices. linux/i586
XFree86-VGA16-3.3.6-28mdk A generic XFree86 server for VGA16 boards. linux/i586
XFree86-W32-3.3.6-28mdk The XFree86 server for video cards based on ET4000/W32 chips. linux/i586
XFree86-Xnest-4.3-5mdk A nested XFree86 server. linux/i586
XFree86-Xvfb-4.3-5mdk A virtual framebuffer X Windows System server for XFree86. linux/i586
XFree86-doc-4.3-5mdk Documentation on various X11 programming interfaces linux/i586
XFree86-glide-module-4.3-5mdk The glide module for XFree86 server. linux/i586
XFree86-server-4.3-5mdk The X server and associated modules linux/i586
XFree86-server-common-3.3.6-28mdk Font library. linux/i586
chkfontpath-1.9.5-1mdk Simple interface for editing the font path for the X font server. linux/i586
fontconfig-2.1-9mdk Font configuration library linux/i586
tkxinput-1.0-4mdk A Tk extension to handle additional input devices in X11 linux/i586
xinitrc-2.4.4-73mdk The default startup script for the X Window System linux/noarch
xinput-1.2-5mdk Runtime configuration and test of XInput devices linux/i586

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