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libstdc++5-3.2.2-3mdk RPM for i586

From Mandriva 9.1 for i586 / Mandrake / RPMS

Name: libstdc++5 Distribution: Mandrake Linux
Version: 3.2.2 Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release: 3mdk Build date: Mon Mar 3 11:31:39 2003
Group: System/Libraries Build host:
Size: 702680 Source RPM: gcc-3.2.2-3mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Gwenole Beauchesne <>
Summary: GNU C++ library
The libstdc++ package contains a snapshot of the GCC Standard C++
Library v3, an ongoing project to implement the ISO/IEC 14882:1998
Standard C++ library.






* Mon Mar 03 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.2-3mdk
  - Patch613: Fix -O2 -fPIC on ppc32 (PR target/9732, xvid crash)
  - Patch614: Fix ICE in _Complex return values on x86-64
* Mon Feb 17 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.2-2mdk
  - Patch610: Fix PR c/8068, an infinite recursion in fold-const.c
    (Arend Bayer & Richard Henderson in CVS 3.2-branch)
  - ColorGCC updates:
    - Obsoletes: gcc2.96-colorgcc
    - Check for self-referencement
    - Enable colorgcc for gcj, g77, f77 too
    - Only support colorgcc for the system compiler by default. The user
      may still hand-edit /etc/colorgccrc though. As an extra,
      enable definition of gccVersion to automatically append
      "-<gccVersion>" to user-defined compilers paths.
* Sat Feb 15 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.2-1mdk
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2003/02/13, with notable changes:
    - Fix PRs opt/7702, c/7741, c/9530, opt/9493, opt/9492, c++/8674,
      c++/7129, libstdc++/9538, libstdc++/9507
    - Fix latent bug in crossjumping
    - Fix libffi/ppc alignment bug for floats
* Sat Feb 08 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-7mdk
  - Fix lib{gnarl,gnat}.so symlinks (#1414)
  - Disable ada95 build on alpha
  - Patch610: Fix biarch build & install
  - Patch611: Fix __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ failure in C++ template
    destructors (PR c++/7768, PR c++/9622)
* Thu Feb 06 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-6mdk
  - Split Patch102 (DESTDIR) to pass-slibdir patch and nihil
  - Patch609: Fix x86-64 {ashlsi3,addsi}_1_zext splitters (Richard Henderson)
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2003/02/02, with notable changes:
    - Fix PRs ada/8344, opt/8555, c/9506, c++/9433, target/9316,
    - Fix ppc32 libffi closure relocations
    - Fix -fPIC on ppc32 (#79732)
    - add DW_AT_comp_dir attribute to compilation unit even if the main
      input filename is absolute, but at least one of its includes are
* Wed Jan 29 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-5mdk
  - Patch607: Add x86-64 closures to libffi (Andrew Haley)
  - Patch608: Enable Java interpreter on x86-64
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2003/01/27, with notable changes:
    - Fix PRs objc/9267, fortran/9258, java/6748, opt/7507, c++/9328,
      c++/47, PR libstdc++/9322,
    - Fix %xmm register moves
    - Fix loop-3c on x86 as -Os
    - Fix sse intrinsics for _mm_stream_pi()
* Fri Jan 24 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-4mdk
  - Patch605: Make some tests PASS or XFAIL on x86-64 if building with -m32
  - Patch606: Adjust gcc.dg/20020312-2.c test for x86-64 (Andreas Jaeger)
* Wed Jan 22 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-3mdk
  - Enable Ada on x86-64
  - Enable multilibs regression testing on x86-64
  - Patch604: Fix libjava biarch build on x86-64
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2003/01/16, with notable changes:
    - Fix PRs opt/8794, opt/8599, preprocessor/8880, c/8032,
      inline-asm/8832, c++/8031, c++/8442, c++/8503 (aka. remove DR 295
      implementation), libstdc++/9076, libstdc++/8887, libstdc++/9168,
      libstdc++/9151, libstdc++/8707, libstdc++/9269
    - Fix g++.dg/tls failures on IA-64
    - Fix libffi on IA-64 and PowerPC
* Fri Dec 20 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-2mdk
  - Patch605: Fix loop optimizer (Eric Botcazou, PR opt/8988)
* Thu Dec 19 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2.1-1mdk
  - BuildRequires: glibc-static-devel
  - Update to 3.2-rhl8-branch 2002/12/10, with notable changes:
    - Forbid in-class initializers of static data members that do not
      have arithmetic or enumeration type. i.e. make it even more ISO
      C++ compliant.
    - Fix PRs c/7622, c/8639, c/8588, c/8518, c/8439, optimization/8275,
      optimization/8599, c++/8214, c++/8493, c++/8332, c++/8663,
      c++/8727, c++/5919, c++/8615, c++/8799, c++/8372,
      preprocessor/8524, libstdc++/8230, libstdc++/8708, libstdc++/8790,
      libstdc++/7445, libstdc++/6745, libstdc++/8399, libstdc++/8230
    - change -pthread so that it adds -lpthread even if -shared
    - fix .eh_frame section in crtend*.o on x86-64
    - make sure .rodata.cstNN section entries have size sh_entsize
    - readonly .eh_frame and .gcc_except_table section (needs
      binutils change too)
    - fix force_to_mode (#77756)
    - avoid creating invalid subregs in combiner (Dale Johannesen,
        - avoid using strtok in libstdc++-v3 for thread safety
      (Paolo Carlini, Nathan Myers)
* Sun Nov 17 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-4mdk
  - Get rid of -mb-step on IA-64 since production machines are available
  - Move on to gcc-3.2-rhl8-branch (2002/11/17): that's actually 3.2.1 +
    several patches merged in for TLS support, better x86-64 support and
    other fixes.
* Mon Nov 04 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-3mdk
  - Patch65: Fix x86-64 ICE with stdarg in -fpic (Jakub Jelinek, RH 3.2-11)
  - Patch610: Fix RTL sharing problems. Aka fix gmp miscompilation on
    x86-64 (Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch611: Fix reload on IA-32. Aka fix hdf5 miscompilation (Jim Wilson)
  - Patch612: Fix x86-64 relocations in PIC (Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch613: Set proper defaults for i386 in x86-64 compiler (Jan Hubicka)
* Fri Sep 20 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-2mdk
  - Disable -momit-leaf-frame-pointer by default on IA-32 too
  - Fix Patch603 (x86_64-struct-args) with missing hunk
  - Patch64: Fix x86-64 %RIP to %rip, only output (%rip) if no other
    relocation is used (Richard Henderson, RH 3.2-4)
  - Patch608: Warn about known bugs in G++ that result in incorrect
    object layouts (Mark Mitchell)
  - Patch609: Fix -m32 build of libjava on x86-64 and <bits/syscall.h>
    doesn't define SYS_sigaction from native glibc
  - Merge with SuSE releases (8 new patches):
    - Fix startfile_prefix_spec() check in Patch507 (x86_64-biarch)
    - Add Java support to x86-64 (libffi, boehm-gc, libffi)
    - Fix returning of structs on x86-64
    - Fix athlon alignment requirement for branch targets
    - Various x86-64 code generation fixes
    - Fix x86-64 Objective C nil_method implementation
    - Fix SPEC2000 sixtrack miscompilation
* Sat Aug 17 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-1mdk
  - Update to final gcc3.2 tarball
  - Patch606: Strip ".." components when prior dir doesn't exist (Alan Modra)
  - Jeff has Ada front-end now on alpha :)
  - Nuke %{?%build_*} constructs in filelist for pdf-doc. Aka better
    let rpm has problems with --without PDF instead
* Tue Aug 13 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-0.3mdk
  - Make check by default
  - Rediff Patch505 (x86_64-profile)
  - Patch603: Fix computing of field's offsets in args passing on
    x86-64. Fix kdelibs miscompilation (PR target/7559, Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch604: Fix ICE in change_address_1, at emit-rtl.c:1934 on
    x86-64. Fix hdf5 build.  (PR target/7434, Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch605: Misc fixes on x86-64 exhausted by the regresssion
    testsuite. Handle variable sized types (Jan Hubicka)
  - Explicit Requires: libgnat1 for gcc-gnat
  - Update to 3.2-branch 2002/08/12, with notable changes:
    - Make __m64 type 64-bit aligned on MMX targets
    - Fix virtual function ordering (C++ ABI change, PR c++/7470)
    - Lots ABI incompatible changes in
    - ABI incompatible changes in long long bitfield layout on IA-32
      (both C and C++), oversized bitfields layout on IA-32 and
      bitfields with base type with __attribute__((aligned ()))
    - Fix strstream segfaults (#68292, Benjamin Kosnik)
  - Merge with Red Hat release (16 new patches):
    - add testcases for PR c++/5857, PR c++/6381
    - make sure pic register is set up even when the only @PLT calls
      are done in EH basic blocks (Richard Henderson)
    - fix __attribute__((visibility())) together with __asm__()
      function redirection
    - fix fold-const bug (#70541)
    - fix inlining bug with labels (#70941)
    - fix PR preprocessor/7358 (Neil Booth)
    - fix K6 ICE on linux kernel (#69989, Richard Sandiford, Jan Hubicka)
    - add -mcmodel= x86-64 documentation (Andreas Jaeger)
    - fix istream::ignore() (Benjamin Kosnik)
    - various TLS fixes but we don't use TLS for MDK 9.0
* Mon Jul 29 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-0.2mdk
  - Use BOOT_CFLAGS on alpha
  - Add PDF docs in a new subpackage
  - Really add Ada95 info pages
  - Really ship with <gcj/libgcj-config.h>
  - Provide /usr/include/libgcj as an alternative
  - Add Requires: gcj-tools to gcc-java package. Add jdk-config script
  - Update to 3.2-branch 2002/07/26, with notable changes:
    - Add placement delete (PR libstdc++/7286)
    - Fix placement delete signatures
    - Implement behavior mandated by DR 179 for std::dequeue<> (PR libstdc++/7186)
    - Fix char_traits for basic_streambuf, basic_stringbuf, and stringstream
    - Fix basic_iostream::traits_type to comply with DR 271 (PR libstdc++/7216)
    - Fix basic_istream::ignore() (PR libstdc++/7220)
    - Fix locale::operator ==() (PR libstdc++/7222)
* Wed Jul 24 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.2-0.1mdk
  - Fix typos in doc %preun
  - Use latest patchset for Gcc 3.2 update (Jakub Jelinek)
  - Version script is now named gcc3.2-version
  - Really do libification with no incoherent-version-in-name
  - Remove Requires: libobjc >= 2.96-0.59mdk for gcc-objc
* Wed Jul 24 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-1mdk
  - Patch601: Fix bzero() on x86-64 (Frank van der Linden, PR opt/7291)
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/07/24, nothing really new but this is very
    likely to become final release unless showstoppers are reported
* Mon Jul 22 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.10mdk
  - Add Ada 95 front-end
* Mon Jul 22 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.9mdk
  - Only Requires: perl for gcc-colorgcc
  - Remove scrt objects from PPC builds (Stew)
  - We now have versioned libstdcxx_incdir, that is c++/<VERSION>/
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/07/21, with notable changes:
    - Fix ifcvt on ppc that caused miscompilation of Mozilla (PR opt/7147)
    - Bulk libstdc++-v3 documentation merge for 3.1.1 release ;-)
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (2 new patches):
    - fixed DWARF-2 output for const char * (PR debug/7241)
    - fix typo in i386 specs (PR c/7242)
    - Use __cxa_atexit for standard compliance:
      if your C++ project knows it won't call atexit() from within its
      static constructors, use -fno-use-cxa-atexit to optimize it
* Thu Jul 18 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.8mdk
  - Patch601: Add NRVO tests for PR c++/7145, PR c++/7279
  - Patch602: Fix prefetch on x86-64 (Jan Hubicka)
  - Patch508: Fix prefetching (Janis Johnson, SuSE 3.1.1-21)
  - Add libgcj symlink to get to /usr/include/libgcj-3.2.2
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/07/18, with notable changes:
    - Fix ICE in find_reloads when compiling ffmpeg (PR opt/7246)
    - Fix bad operands for 'movsbl' on IA-32 (PR c/7153)
    - Fix template regression involving sizeof (PR c++/7112)
    - Fix ICE on illegal code containing incomplete class deep inside
      some complex class structure (PR c++/6716)
    - Handle multi-dimensional arrays in default copy constructor (PR c++/6944)
    - Emission of std::__default_alloc_template<>, should be weak (PR c++/6611)
    - Fix NRVO when return value is initialized with "{...}" (PR opt/7145)
    - Fix ICE with implicit typename in a template (PR c++/6255)
    - Fix another NRVO miscompilation (PR c++/7279)
    - set_new_handler() shall be declared to not throw any exception
    - Fix operator== on hashtables (PR libstdc++/7057)
* Mon Jul 01 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.7mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/07/01
  - Add missing 32-bit libraries on x86-64
  - Remove DT_RPATH from Java binaries (#66103, from Red Hat 3.1-7)
* Sun Jun 23 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.6mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/06/23
  - Update Source1 (java wrapper) to call gij for version information
  - Update Patch506 (DESTDIR) to pass down DESTDIR into multidirs
  - Patch507: Fix x86-64 biarch support (SuSE 3.1.1-10)
* Thu Jun 20 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.5mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/06/19
  - Remove explicit Conflicts: gcc < 2.96-0.60mdk
  - Move Java headers to /usr/include/libgcj-3.2.2
  - Add java javac wrappers from RH jdkgcj package
  - Add c89 and c99 wrappers
  - Fix gcj-tools alternatives removal
  - Fix x86-64 profiling (from SuSE 3.1.1-4)
  - Disable leaf frame pointer elimination by default on x86-64
* Sat Jun 08 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.4mdk
  - Fix typo in --disable-multilib for configure options
  - Fix Conflicts: gcc < 2.96-0.60mdk
  - Re-enable frame pointer elimination on x86-64
  - Merge with SuSE releases (3 new patches for x86-64):
    - Fix subreg handling
    - Fix XMM register reload
    - Fix output of a case-vector element that is relative
* Sat Jun 08 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.3mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/06/07
  - Use --with-slibdir, define libdir in configure options
  - Disable Java on x86_64. Likewise for multilibs support
  - Update Patch506 (DESTDIR) to pass slibdir variable as well
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (5 new patches):
    - default to -momit-leaf-frame-pointer on i386 (Richard Henderson)
    - use linkonce section/hidden symbol for i686 pic getpc thunks (rth)
    - m$ compatibility for unnamed fields as typedef of struct/union (PR c/6660)
    - fix -fverbose-asm with unnamed fields (PR c/6809)
    - fix -mmmx ICE (PR optimization/6842)
* Tue Jun 04 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.2mdk
  - Strip debug info from static libraries
  - Use default libstdc++-v3 flags + only --enable-long-long
  - Provide HTML docs to libstdc++-v3
  - Add alternatives for jar rmic rmiregistry grepjar java
  - Add full Requires: %{version}-%{release} to -devel subpackages
  - Add -static-devel subpackages for libstdc++ and libgcj
* Fri May 31 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1.1-0.1mdk
  - Update to 3.1-branch 2002/05/30
  - Don't hardcode /lib, use /%{_lib}. Leave /lib/cpp as is however
  - Requires: libf2c0 for gcc-g77. Obsoletes: libf2c3.2
  - Shared libgcc is now in libgcc1 subpackage. Obsoletes:
    and Provides: both libgcc3.2 and libgcc3.0
  - Add intrinsic headers on x86-64, include <altivec.h> on PPC
  - Remove SuSE patches merged in Red Hat and FSF releases
  - Remove merged parts from Patch9 (attr-visibility2)
  - Remove merged parts from Patch10 (trunc_int_for_mode.patch)
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (7 new patches):
    - fix C++ __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ (PR c++/6794)
    - add test for fixed mozilla miscompilation
    - fix SPARC CSE ICE (PR optimization/6759)
    - fix x86_64 dbx64_register_map typo (Jan Hubicka)
    - fix DWARF-2 with flag_asynchronous_unwind_tables set for leaf
      functions (Jan Hubicka)
    - fix DWARF-2 x86_64 __builtin_dwarf_reg_sizes (Jan Hubicka)
    - fix x86_64 movabsdi (Michael Matz)
* Fri May 17 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-1mdk
  - Update to 3.1 release
  - Merge with Red Hat releases (17 new patches):
    - fix x86_64 ICE in do_SUBST (truncate to proper mode)
    - fix x86_64 q_regs_operand (Jan Hubicka)
    - better PR c++/6381 fix (Jason Merrill)
    - fix unitialized pointer-to-member values (Alexandre Oliva)
    - fix templates with asm inputs (Jason Merrill)
    - fix -fdata-section (Andreas Schwab)
    - fix loop-2[cd].c tests on i386 (Eric Botcazou)
    - fix fold-const.c typo
    - readd warning about i386 -malign-double into documentation (Jan Hubicka)
    - fix PR libstdc++/6594 (Ben Kosnik)
    - fix PR PR libstdc++/6648 (Paolo Carlini)
    - fix libstdc++ testsuite rlimits (Rainer Orth)
    - fix PR c/6643
    - rotate testcases (Tom Rix)
    - build libiberty with -fpic on x86_64 (Andreas Schwab)
    - fix x86_64 multilib build (Bo Thorsen)
    - fix x86_64 ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK (Jan Hubicka)
  - Merge with SuSE releases (7 new patches):
    - Fix built-in memset() miscompilation on i386 (Jan Hubicka)
    - Fix DESTDIR macro usage in libstdc++-v3 directory
    - Various x86_64 fixes
  - Use DESTDIR for libstdc++-v3 and libjava %install
  - We can now lower the gxx_include_dir hackage in %configure
  - Migrate colorgcc to colorgcc-%{version}
* Tue May 14 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.12mdk
  - /usr/bin/c++ must be an alternative, not a regular executable.
    This should fix the clash with the binary from gcc3.0-c++
* Fri May 10 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.11mdk
  - Obsoletes gcc3.1-colorgcc, gcc3.1-doc
  - Patch600: cp/lex.c (cxx_init_options): By default, don't wrap lines
    since the C front-end operates that way, already. Happify Pixel.
* Tue May 07 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.10mdk
  - Add Obsoletes: gcc3.1, Provides: gcc3.1 to packages of compilers
* Mon May 06 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.9mdk
  - Rebuild as the system compiler
  - s/multiple_gcc/system_compiler/g
* Mon May 06 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.8mdk
  - Add MMX and SSE intrinsics to filelist
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/05/05, which brings:
    - Fix if-cvt that caused sh-utils miscrompilation on IA-64 (PR opt/6534)
    - Even more corrections to ordering of base class cleanups
* Thu May 02 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.7mdk
  - [Build]Requires: binutils >=
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/05/02, which brings:
    - Only run regrename and cprop-registers if optimizing (PR c++/6396)
    - Don't run crossjump optimization before bb-reorder (PR opt/6516, XF4.2)
    - Disable -dD, -dN and -dI when -M or -MM is in effect
    - ABI change for returning simple classes from functions
    - Fix destructors call ordering (PR c++/6527)
    - Assignment operators don't have to return by value (PR c++/5719)
    - Fix ICE on some illegal typedefs (PR c++/6477)
    - Avoid building cv-qualified reference types in copy constructors
      (PR c++/6486, PR c++/6506)
    - If the friend has an explicit scope, enter that scope before name
      lookup (PR c++/6492)
* Mon Apr 29 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.6mdk
  - Merge package with the tree where it is the system compiler:
    - Provides: libgcc = 3.2.2-3mdk
    - Get rid of %{?!%{X}: ...} since rpm has real troubles with them
    - Always dispatch libs into $FULLPATH
    - Add /usr/bin/cc to filelist
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/28, which brings:
    - Fix constant folding bug (PR c/5430)
    - Fix ICE when concatenating many, many, many strings (PR c/3581)
    - Fix handling of "weak" attribute (PR c/6343)
    - Fix zlib miscompilation with certain optflags (PR opt/6475)
    - Fix stack overflow in the garbage collector (PR c/5154)
    - Fix ICE in Blitz++ (PR c++/5504) but rebreaks PR c++/411 which was
      already there for 2.95.2, so it doesn't really matter
    - More fixes to cv-qualifiers loosage (PR c++/6331)
    - Fix mangling of arrays with cv-qualified elements
    - Fix access control bug in lookup for operator= (PR c++/6479, aspell build)
    - Fix tellg() (PR libstdc++/6414)
* Tue Apr 23 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.5mdk
  - Remove s/-O3/-O2/ workaround
  - Remove duplicate non-ghost c++ entry in filelist
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/23 with notable changes:
    - Get rid of libgcjgc
    - Fix qmake miscompilation on IA-64 (PR middle-end/6279)
    - Fix Konqueror3 miscompilation on IA-32 (PR middle-end/6247)
    - Fix ICE in remove_eh_handler (PR c++/6320)
    - Fix bug with -mfpmath=sse (PR middle-end/6205)
    - Fix SSE comparisons (PR opt/5887)
    - Fix ICE on illegal-code from ggv package (PR c/6358)
    - Fix GCSE PRE at least on ppc64 (PR c/6344)
    - Fix C++ inliner regression (PR c++/6352)
    - Fix reload on IA-32
    - Fix ICE on deferred inlining (PR c++/6316)
    - Fix regression on redefinition of a type in a derived class (PR c++/5658)
    - Fix cv-qualifiers loosage (PR c++/6331)
    - Handle templates with explicit nested names (PR c++/6256)
    - Valgrind fixes (PR libstdc++/4164)
    - Fix performance regression in iostreams (PR libstdc++/4150)
    - Allow private inner interfaces (PR java/6294)
* Tue Apr 16 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.4mdk
  - Remove Patch600 now obsoleted by new libgcj.jar name and location
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/15 with notable changes:
    - Introduce __gnu_linux__ and __gnu__hurd__
    - Finally remove the CHILL front-end
    - libgcj now goes into %{_datadir}/java/libgcj-<version>.jar
    - Fix ICE when compiling Altivec code (PR c/6290)
    - Fix ICE in LAPACK on IA-64 (PR optimization/6177)
    - Fix ICE when compiling Wine-20020310 (PR c/6223)
    - Fix loop miscompilation in binutils (PR optimization/6233)
    - Fix ICE in instantiate_virtual_regs_1 (PR c/5078)
    - Disable cross-jumping for highly connected graphs (PR optimization/6007)
    - Fix statement expressions in the C++ front-end (PR c++/5373)
    - Fix infinite loop when compiling some class template (PR c++/5189)
    - Fix crash in layout_virtual_bases (PR c++/6273)
    - Fix Blitz++ failures on IA-64
    - Fix infinite loop with typedef attributes
    - Remove implicit typenameness (PR c++/5507)
    - Don't free DECL_SAVED_FUNCTION_DATA for inline functions (PR c++/6189)
    - Fix exception unsafe code in locale (PR libstdc++/1072)
    - Fix filebuf::seekpos (PR libstdc++/5180)
* Mon Apr 08 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.3mdk
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/08 with notable fixes:
    - Fix tail recursive call optimization (PR c/5120)
    - Fix handling of static data members with incomplete types (PR c++/5571)
    - Fix ICE under mangle_class_name_for_template with a parm of +int()
    - Fix STLport-4.5.3 EH regression tests miscompilation (PR c++/6179)
* Wed Apr 03 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.2mdk
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/04/01
* Wed Mar 27 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 3.1-0.1mdk
  - Prerelease snapshot 2002/03/25
  - BuildRequires: texinfo >= 4.1 (Titi sux for the delay)
  - Add gcj-jar into gcj-tools package
  - Likewise for {grepjar,rmic,remiregistry}
  - Move libstdc++-v3 includes to /usr/include/g++-v31/
  - Get rid of libg2c-pic since gcc-3.1 now provides shared libf2c
  - Add more --with[out]'isms for languages selection
  - First Mandrake Linux release



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