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heartbeat-ldirectord-0.4.9-1mdk RPM for i586

From Mandriva 9.1 for i586 / Mandrake / RPMS

Name: heartbeat-ldirectord Distribution: Mandrake Linux
Version: 0.4.9 Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release: 1mdk Build date: Tue Oct 9 18:18:45 2001
Group: System/Servers Build host:
Size: 62131 Source RPM: heartbeat-0.4.9-1mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Mandrake Linux Team <>
Summary: Monitor daemon for maintaining high availability resources
ldirectord is a stand-alone daemon to monitor services of real
for virtual services provided by The Linux Virtual Server
( It is simple to install
and works with the heartbeat code (






* Tue Oct 09 2001 Philippe Libat <> 0.4.9-1mdk
  - new version 0.4.9
  - split package
* Mon Oct 08 2001 Stefan van der Eijk <> 0.4.8-5mdk
  - BuildRequires: db3-devel
  - Copyright --> License
* Fri Mar 30 2001 Philippe Libat <>  0.4.8-4mdk
  - use post_service and preun_service macros
  - use serverbuild macro
* Tue Sep 12 2000 Philippe Libat <>  0.4.8-3mdk
  - patch ldirectord init script
* Thu Aug 31 2000 Philippe Libat <>  0.4.8-2mdk
  - add config
  - add /etc /var
* Wed Aug 30 2000 Philippe Libat <>  0.4.8-1mdk
  - update version 0.4.8
  - replace /usr/share/man /usr/share/doc /etc/rc.d/init.d
* Tue Jul 04 2000 Nicolas Planel <> 
  - Spec file was generated for Linux-Mandrake distribution.
* Sat Dec 25 1999 Alan Robertson <>,
  Volker Wiegand <>, Rudy Pawul <>,
       Mitja Sarp <>, Jacob Rief <>
       and Guenther Thomsen <>
  + Version 0.4.7
    + Put in lots of code to make lost packet retransmission happen
    + Stopped trying to use the /proc/ha interface
    + Finished the error recovery in the heartbeat protocol (and got it to work)
    + Added test code for the heartbeat protocol
    + Raised the maximum length of a node name
    + Added Jacob Rief's ldirectord resource type
    + Added Stefan Salzer's <> fix for a 'grep' in IPaddr which
  	wasn't specific enough and would sometimes get IPaddr confused on
  	IP addresses that prefix-matched.
    + Added Lars Marowsky-Bree's suggestion to make the code almost completely
  	robust with respect to jumping the clock backwards and forwards
    + Added code from Michael Moerz <> to keep findif from
  	core dumping if /proc/route can't be read.
* Mon Nov 22 1999 Alan Robertson <>,
  Volker Wiegand <>, Rudy Pawul <>,
       Mitja Sarp <>,
       and Guenther Thomsen <>
* Mon Nov 22 1999 Alan Robertson <>,
  Volker Wiegand <>, Rudy Pawul <>,
       Mitja Sarp <>,
       and Guenther Thomsen <>,
  + Version 0.4.6
    + Fixed timing problem in "heartbeat restart" so it's reliable now
    + Made start/stop status compatible with SuSE expectations
    + Made resource status detection compatible with SuSE start/stop expectations
    + Fixed a bug relating to serial and ppp-udp authentication (it never worked)
    + added a little more substance to the error recovery for the HB protocol.
    + Fixed a bug for logging from shell scripts
    + Added a little logging for initial resource acquisition
    + Added #!/bin/sh to the front of shell scripts
    + Fixed Makefile, so that the build root wasn't compiled into pathnames
    + Turned on CTSRTS, enabling for flow control for serial ports.
    + Fixed a bug which kept it from working in non-English environments
* Wed Oct 13 1999 Alan Robertson <>,
  Volker Wiegand <>, Rudy Pawul <>,
       Mitja Sarp <>,
       and Guenther Thomsen <>
  + Version 0.4.5
    + Mijta Sarp added a new feature to authenticate heartbeat packets
  	using a variety of strong authentication techniques
    + Changed resource acquisition and relinquishment to occur in heartbeat,
         instead of in the start/stop script.  This means you don't *really*
         have to use the start/stop script if you don't want to.
    + Added -k option to gracefully shut down current heartbeat instance
    + Added -r option to cause currently running heartbeat to reread config files
    + Added -s option to report on operational status of "heartbeat"
    + Sped up resource acquisition on master restart.
    + Added validation of ipresources file at startup time.
    + Added code to allow the IPaddr takeover script to be given the
          interface to take over, instead of inferring it.  This was requested
          by Lars Marowsky-Bree
    + Incorporated patch from Guenther Thomsen to implement locking for
          serial ports used for heartbeats
    + Incorporated patch from Guenther Thomsen to clean up logging.
          (you can now use syslog and/or file logs)
    + Improved FreeBSD compatibility.
    + Fixed a bug where the FIFO doesn't get created correctly.
    + Fixed a couple of uninitialized variables in heartbeat and /proc/ha code
    + Fixed longstanding crash bug related to getting a SIGALRM while in malloc
  	or free.
    + Implemented new memory management scheme, including memory stats
* Thu Sep 16 1999 Alan Robertson <>,
  Volker Wiegand <>, and Rudy Pawul <>
  + Version 0.4.4
    + Fixed a stupid error in handling CIDR addresses in IPaddr.
    + Updated the documentation with the latest from Rudy.
* Wed Sep 15 1999 Alan Robertson <>,
  Volker Wiegand <>, and Rudy Pawul <>
  + Version 0.4.3
    + Changed startup scripts to create /dev/watchdog if needed
    + Turned off loading of /proc/ha module by default.
    + Incorporated bug fix from Thomas Hepper <> to IPaddr for
  	PPP configurations
    + Put in a fix from Gregor Howey <>
  	where Gregor found that I had stripped off the ::resourceid part
  	of the string in ResourceManager resulting in some bad calls later on.
    +  Made it compliant with the FHS (filesystem hierarchy standard)
    +  Fixed IP address takeover so we can take over on non-eth0 interface
    +  Fixed IP takeover code so we can specify netmasks and broadcast addrs,
  	or default them at the user's option.
    +  Added code to report on message buffer usage on SIGUSR[12]
    +  Made SIGUSR1 increment debug level, and SIGUSR2 decrement it.
    +  Incorporated Rudy's latest "Getting Started" document
    +  Made it largely Debian-compliant.  Thanks to Guenther Thomsen, Thomas
  	Hepper, Iñaki Fernández Villanueva and others.
    +  Made changes to work better with Red Hat 6.1, and SMP code.
    +  Sometimes it seems that the Master Control Process dies :-(
* Sat Aug 14 1999 Alan Robertson <>,
  Volker Wiegand <>, and Rudy Pawul <>
  + Version 0.4.2
    + Implemented simple resource groups
    + Implemented application notification for groups starting/stopping
    + Eliminated restriction on floating IPs only being associated with eth0
    + Added a uniform resource model, with IP resources being only one kind.
  	(Thanks to Lars Marowsky-Bree for a good suggestion)
    + Largely rewrote the IP address takeover code, making it clearer, fit
  	into the uniform resource model, and removing some restrictions.
    + Preliminary "Getting Started" document by Rudy Pawul
    + Improved the /proc/ha code
    + Fixed memory leak associated with serial ports, and problem with return
  	of control to the "master" node.
  	(Thanks to Holger Kiehl for reporting them, and testing fixes!)
* Tue Jul 06 1999 Alan Robertson <> and
  Volker Wiegand <>
  + Version 0.4.1
    + Fixed major memory leak in 0.4.0 (oops!)
    + Added code to eliminate duplicate packets and log lost ones
    + Tightened up PPP/UDP startup/shutdown code
    + Made PPP/UDP peacefully coexist with "normal" udp
    + Made logs more uniform and neater
    + Fixed several other minor bugs
    + Added very preliminary kernel code for monitoring and controlling
  	heartbeat via /proc/ha.  Very cool, but not really done yet.
* Wed Jun 30 1999 Alan Robertson <>
  + Version 0.4.0
    + Changed packet format from single line positional parameter style
  	to a collection of {name,value} pairs.  A vital change for the future.
    + Fixed some bugs with regard to forwarding data around rings
    + We now modify /etc/ppp/ip-up.local, so PPP-udp works out of the box
  	(at least for Red Hat)
    + Includes the first version of Volker Wiegand's Hardware Installation Guide
  	(it's pretty good for a first version!)
* Wed Jun 09 1999 Alan Robertson <>
  + Version 0.3.2
    + Added UDP/PPP bidirectional serial ring heartbeat
  	(PPP ensures data integrity on the serial links)
    + fixed a stupid bug which caused shutdown to give unpredictable
    + added timestamps to /var/log/ha-log messages
    + fixed a couple of other minor oversights.
* Mon May 10 1999 Alan Robertson <>
  + Version 0.3.1
    + Make ChangeLog file from RPM specfile
    + Made ipresources only install in the DOC directory as a sample
* Sun May 09 1999 Alan Robertson <>
  + Version 0.3.0
    + Added UDP broadcast heartbeat (courtesy of Tom Vogt)
    + Significantly restructured code making it easier to add heartbeat media
    + added new directives to config file:
      + udp interface-name
      + udpport port-number
      + baud    serial-baud-rate
    + made manual daemon shutdown easier (only need to kill one)
    + moved the sample file to the Doc directory
* Sat Mar 27 1999 Alan Robertson <>
  + Version 0.2.0
    + Make an RPM out of it
    + Integrated IP address takeover gotten from Horms
    + Added support to tickle a watchdog timer whenever our heart beats
    + Integrated enough basic code to allow a 2-node demo to occur
    + Integrated patches from Andrew Hildebrand <> to allow it
      to run under IRIX.
    - Known Bugs
      - Only supports 2-node clusters
      - Only supports a single IP interface per node in the cluster
      - Doesn't yet include Tom Vogt's ethernet heartbeat code
      - No documentation
      - Not very useful yet :-)



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