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cups-drivers-1.1-102mdk RPM for i586

From Mandriva 9.1 for i586 / Mandrake / RPMS

Name: cups-drivers Distribution: Mandrake Linux
Version: 1.1 Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release: 102mdk Build date: Wed Mar 12 01:07:05 2003
Group: Publishing Build host:
Size: 4787421 Source RPM: printer-drivers-1.0-102mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Till Kamppeter <>
Summary: Special CUPS printer drivers, PPD files for PostScript printers
This package contains special GIMP-Print printer drivers to be used with
CUPS (and without GhostScript) and also PPD files for native PostScript
printers to be used with CUPS, too.

With the GIMP-Print CUPS drivers you can do a colour caibration. Use
the program "cups-calibrate" to perform it.






* Tue Mar 11 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-102mdk
  - Added HP's PPD files for their newest PostScript printer models.
  - Restart the CUPS daemon when the "cups-drivers" package is installed,
    updated, or uninstalled, so that the internal PPD file database of
    CUPS is always up-to-date.
* Mon Mar 10 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-101mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 10/03/2003 (Fixed bug of wrong
    make/model-related URIs being assigned to the USB device files).
  - Added /usr/share/fonts/type1 to font path of GhostScript so that more
    non-latin fonts can be read by GhostScript in "-dPARANOIDSAFER" mode.
  - Added script for the firmware upload for the HP LaserJet 1000, let 
    the script be executed by hotplug, always when the printer is plugged
    in and turned on.
  - Added scripts for retreiving USB printer ID strings. Used by firmware
    download script for HP LaserJet 1000 and also for debugging/user
  - Added /var/mtink directory, so that the mtink CUPS backend does not
    pollute the output of "lpinfo -v" with error messages.
* Sun Mar 09 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-100mdk
  - Added /usr/share/fonts/ttf to font path of GhostScript so that CJK
    and other additional TrueType fonts can be read by GhostScript
    in "-dPARANOIDSAFER" mode.
* Sat Mar 08 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-99mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 08/03/2003 (Workaround for bug 
    in puts "%BeginSetup...%EndSetup"
    section with option settings valid for the whole document after the
    first "%Page:..." line. So without the workaround all settings made
    with the "Properties" button in the "File"|"Print" dialog applied 
    only to the first page, the other pages were printed with the
    printer's default settings).
* Fri Mar 07 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-98mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 07/03/2003 (Fixed bug of
    "Printoutmode" option being ignored when stuffed into the job data
    by an application, numerical options set to arbitrary values with
    "Printerdrake" are correctly handled by programs which only know
    enumerated choices for numerical options, added support for Epson
    EPL-5700L, EPL-5800L, EPL-5900L, EPL-6100L, EPL-6100, EPL-6100PS,
    AcuLaser C8600, AcuLaser C8600PS, Minolta magicolor 2300 DL, HP
    OfficeJet 7100 series, PSC 1200 series, PhotoSmart 7345).
  - Added "epsoneplijs" driver package for Epson EPL "L" series.
  - Added "foo2zjs" driver package for Minolta magicolor 2300 DL and
    HP LaserJet 1000.
* Sun Mar 02 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-97mdk
  - Added patch to GIMP-Print to generate Foomatic data for the Epson Stylus
    C50 and Stylus Photo 900.
  - Added BuildRequires: libtiff-devel, glib-devel, libgtk+-devel,
* Thu Feb 27 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-96mdk
  - Rebuilt (upload mechanism on cluster broken).
* Thu Feb 27 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-95mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 27/02/2003 (Support for nearly
    every Kyocera laser printer, auto-detection information for most
    HP multi-function devices (fixes auto-detection of PSC 2xxx series, 
    support for Epson Stylus Photo 900 and Epson Stylus C50, PPDs do not
    cause crash of any more, fix for "pnm2ppa" driver (bug 
  - Fixed "if" statements in pre/post-install scripts. Some caused a
    file named "/1" being created (bug 2057).
  - Fixed config file /etc/pnm2ppa.conf of "pnm2ppa" driver (bug 1875).
* Thu Feb 13 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-94mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 01/02/2003 (Bug fix with custom
    paper sizes in "foomatic-rip", Foomatic data for HPIJS 1.3.1, HPIJS
    recommended driver for HP OfficeJet 500/600 again).
  - Updated ESP GhostScript to version 7.05.6.
  - Updated HPIJS to version 1.3.1 (Custom paper size, envelope paper sizes,
    improvements for HP DeskJet 3xxx (LIDIL) drivers, fixed bug of HP
    OfficeJet 500/600/700 series and PSC 300 series hanging after every job).
  - Added poster printing utility from,
    it enables also the poster printing facility in KDE Print.
* Mon Feb 03 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-93mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to version 3.0.0beta1.
  - Updated ESP GhostScript to the CVS of the 03/02/2003 (Fixed
    bug 465936 from GNU GhostScript 7.05: "gsftopk & gs 7.02 fails",
    "gsftopk" is part of TeX).
* Fri Jan 31 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-92mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 01/02/2003 (Bug fixes in the 
  - Fixed manufacturer and model entries in the generic PostScript PPD
  - Removed most operations from "". They are taken care of
    by this spec file or by "printerdrake".
* Thu Jan 30 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-91mdk
  - Updated Foomatic again (Bug fix).
* Wed Jan 29 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-90mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 30/01/2003 (Bug fixes and
    adaptations for printerdrake).
* Tue Jan 28 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-89mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 29/01/2003 (Bug fixes and
    adaptations for printerdrake).
* Sun Jan 26 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-88mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 27/01/2003 (foomatic-configure
    supports compressed PPD files with its "--ppd" option).
* Sat Jan 25 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-87mdk
  - Updated to GIMP-Print 4.2.5.
* Fri Jan 24 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-86mdk
  - Fixed typo in "Requires:" of omni.
* Thu Jan 23 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-85mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the 2.9.x line, state of the 23/01/2003
    (spooler-specific filters replaced be "foomatic-rip", spooler-specific
    printer/driver description files replaced by PPDs, Adobe-compliant PPDs
    without Perl code, definitions of unprintable margins, options put in
    groups, pre-configurations for drivers selectable with "PrintoutMode"
    option, CUPS-compliant URIs, auto-conversion to CUPS' USB URIs referring
    to printer model, support for Epson inkjets running through the MTink
  - Updated GIMP-Print to version 4.2.5pre2 + patches (Pre-configurations
    controlled by "PrintoutMode" option, option groups, support for 
    unprintable margins in Foomatic PPDs, support for more HP printers,
    especially the OfficeJet 600/700 series which do not work with HPIJS).
  - Updated Omni to version 0.7.2 (Support for IBM Network Printer 12, 17, 24,
    Infoprint 20, 21, 32 ,40, 70, 2085, 2105, bug fixes).
  - Updated to ml85p 0.2.0 (security fix upstream).
  - Fixed GhostScript to work with IA64 (patch from Gwenole).
  - Fixed DSC comment in Mandrakeized CUPS test page.
* Sat Jan 04 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-84mdk
  - Updated Mtink to version 0.9.53 (Fix of security problem reported
    by iDEFENSE, several other fixes, updates for new printer models).
  - Removed SGID flag from "escputil" due to a security problem reported
    by iDEFENSE.
  - Fixed temporary file race condition in "ml85p" filter (For Samsung
    ML-85p laser winprinter) reported by iDEFENSE.
* Sat Dec 21 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-83mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 20/12/2002 (Fix Mandrake bugs
    594/641, a problem in "foomatic-gswrapper" that /dev/fd/3 is not
    always available, custom paper size for large format printers,
    fixed broken "Stc670p.upp" driver entry).
  - Updated GIMP-Print to version 4.2.5pre1 (Several bug fixes for Epson
    printers: Epson Stylus Pro 5000 works now, Stylus Photo 950, 960, 2100,
    and 2200 are tuned now, roll paper cutter on Stylus Photo 925, 950, 
    960, PM-950C, 2100, and 2200 works, Epson Stylus Color 640, 720 dpi in
    grayscale/monochrome fixed),
  - Updated ESP GhostScript to the CVS of the 20/12/2002 (Fixed problem
    of color profiles created with "cups-calibrate" being ignored,
    "configure" takes into account that "omni" needs standard  C++ library).
  - Fixed problem of broken japanese printing with GhostScript by running
    /usr/share/fonts/ttf/japanese/cidinst in the %post script.
  - Corrected paths for CJK fonts.
* Wed Dec 04 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-82mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 05/12/2002 (Fixed HPIJS
    support for the HP DeskJet 400C and 420C, HP DeskJet 33xx, Color
    LaserJets, DeskJet 1200/1600 supported by HPIJS now, support for
    PPD files and input files with "dossy" ("\r\n") line ends, margin
    adjustment for Lexmark Z31, custom paper size fix, added generic
    PCL, PostScript, dot matrix, and GDI printer entries, added HP
    LaserJet 4200, 4300, DesignJet 250C, 430, 450C, 455CA, 488CA, 700, 
    2500CP, Epson MJ 930C, Stylus CX3200, CX5200). 
  - Updated HPIJS to version 1.3 (Suppoert for LIDIL printers: HP DeskJet
    3320, 3325, 3340, 3345)
  - Updated GIMP-Print to version 4.2.4 (Many bug fixes, especially
    bug of color confusion on Lexmark fixed, support for many HP DesignJets,
    printing support for Epson Stylus CX3200/CX5200 MF devices).
  - Updated the "pnm2ppa" driver to version 1.12 (Bug fixes).
  - Updated ESP GhostScript to the CVS of the 04/12/2002 (More sophisticated
    alignment page, pswrite/pdfwrite patch from Red Hat bug 78450).
  - Added some forgotten GIMP-Print man pages.
* Wed Nov 06 2002 Stefan van der Eijk <> 1.0-81mdk
  - BuildRequires: autoconf2.5
  - Removed BuildRequires: autoconf automake (Required by rpm-build)
  - fix date on 1.0-80mdk changelog entry (Mon, not Wed)
* Mon Nov 04 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-80mdk
  - BuildRequires: cups-common (otherwise GhostScript gets compiled without
    "cups" device)
* Wed Oct 30 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-79mdk
  - Fixed X11 driver module ("-DGS_DEVS_SHARED
    -DGS_DEVS_SHARED_DIR=\\\"/usr/lib/ghostscript/7.05\\\"" is
    needed in XCFLAGS).
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 30/10/2002 (Printing in 600 dpi on
    the Minolta PagePro 8L works now, added the HP OfficeJet R40, fixed
    "foomatic-datafile" so that the KDE Print Manager produces correct PPD
    files, fix on the support for custom page sizes).
* Fri Oct 25 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-78mdk
  - Fixed "make" command line of GhostScript so that it finds the headers
    of the GIMP-Print library inside the build tree of the package, so that
    the package can be built without installed "libgimpprint1-devel".
  - Some fixes to get Omni built on PPC (from Stew Benedict).
* Thu Oct 24 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-77mdk
  - Security fix: Replaced "-dSAFER" by "-dPARANOIDSAFER" in the GhostScript
    command lines in all Foonatic files. This prevents PostScript code from
    being able to read arbitrary files. "-dSAFER" only prevents from writing
    into arbitrary files.
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 23/10/2002 (Release 2.0.2, custom
    paper size support, improvement of PPD file headers, "-dPARANOIDSAFER",
    fix for printing from Mac OS X clients, fixed "Best Grayscale" mode for
    the HP DeskJet 350 and 6xxC, no full-bleed for HP DeskJet 612x, fixed 
    "stc300.upp" driver, new support for Lexmark Z11, Z12, Z31, and 3200,
    page sizes bigger than A3 for the HP DesignJet printers, fixed default
    setting of the "Bidirectional" option of the "pnm2ppa" driver, added
    the HP DeskJet 450, 6122, 6127, PhotoSmart P230, PSC 2150, Business
    Inkjet 3000, DesignJet 5500, 5500ps, LaserJet 5100, Color LaserJet 2500,
    5500, Epson MC 5000, 1000, PM 700C, 730C, 750C, 770C, 780C, 790PT, 880C,
    950C, 2000C, 3000C, 3500C, 4000PX, 7000C, 9000C, 10000,  CL 700, 750,
    Epson EM 900C, 900CN, 930C, 930CN, MC 2000, 7000, 9000, MJ 520C, 5100C,
    6000C, 8000C, PM 760C, 800C, 820C, 850PT, 2200C, 3300C, 5000C, PX 7000,
    9000, Stylus Photo 825, 1290S, and EX3).
  - Updated GIMP-Print to release 4.2.3 (Better quality on Epson Stylus Color
    600, 800, 850, 1520, 3000, Stylus Pro 5000, 5500, 7000, 7500, 9000, and
    9500, fixed support for very long (40 inches/1 m) printouts, driver for
    Epson Stylus Pro 7600 and 9600 works now, black-and-white/grayscale
    printing on Epson Stylus Color 480, 580, C20, C40, C41, and C42 works
  - Updated HPIJS to release 1.2.2, applied enhancement patches (1200 dpi
    photo mode and 600 dpi presentation mode on old HP DeskJet 9xxC printers
    and compatible multi-function devices, real black text on HP DeslJet
    6xx, 8xx, 9xx).
  - Updated ESP GhostScript to the CVS of the 23/10/2002 (New "lxm3200" driver
    which also supports the Lexmark Z12 and Z31, Omni fixes, updated drivers
    for old japanese printers, new "rpdl" driver, fix for Landscape printing
    with native CUPS drivers, fixed "hl7x0" driver).
  - Forced usage of libstdc++ instead of libsupc++ in GhostScript, so that it
    can communicate with Omni.
  - New driver for the Lexmark Z11 ("lz11", allows different paper sizes,
    fixed bug in multiple-page printing).
  - Added Kyocera's PPD files for their PostScript printers.
  - Patched Omni's to work with autoconf 2.54.
* Tue Sep 17 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-76mdk
  - Fixed entity in Foomatic printer XML files.
* Fri Sep 13 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-75mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 13/09/2002 (300-dpi normal quality
    mode of the HPIJS driver did not work on the HP LaserJet 4L, removed).
  - Updated GIMP-Print to release 4.2.2 (final release, additional fixes
    for the margins on the Epson Stylus Color 660).
* Tue Sep 10 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-74mdk
  - Added ps2pdfpress (from Guiseppe Ghibo).
  - Updated ESP GhostScript to release 7.05.5 (Fixed wrong margins for
    native CUPS drivers, version 1.1 of the "cdj970" driver).
  - Updated GIMP-Print to release 4.2.2-rc3 (Resolutions lower than 360 dpi
    on Epson inkjets fixed, PPD option handling of PostScript driver in
    GIMP plug-in of GIMP-Print fixed, margin problem of native CUPS drivers
    fixed, margins of Epson Stylus Color 660 fixed).
  - Updated Omni to release 0.7.1.
  - Omni generated a debug output file named /tmp/blit_debug.out which
    prevented it from being run out of different non-root user accounts.
  - Reverted the "configure" script changes in ESP GhostScript 7.05.5 for
    Omni, they broke Omni.
  - Fixed bug in CUPS backend of MTink which made the backend showing
    noise in "lpinfo -v" when the mtinkd is not actually used.
  - Removed patches which were not applied.
  - Some clean-ups in the spec file.
* Mon Sep 02 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-73mdk
  - Patched GIMP-Print to fix 360x120 dpi and 360x180 dpi on Epson inkjets.
  - Updated to MTink version 0.9.33 (bug fixes).
* Sat Aug 31 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-72mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 22/08/2002 (Clean-up of "pnm2ppa"
    options, new driver "pbmtozjs" for HP LaserJet 1000, fixed support
    for HPOJ 0.9, added HP PSC 370, 380, 2110, 2210, fixed recommended
    driver for Epson Stylus Photo 950, 960, 2100, 2200, Stylus Pro 7600,
  - Updated Omni to the CVS of the 31/08/2002 (RC for Omni 0.7.1).
  - Updated the "pnm2ppa" driver to version 1.10.
  - Added the "pbmtozjs" driver for the HP LaserJet 1000.
  - Updated to MTink version 0.9.32 (Optional daemon "mtinkd" to print and
    monitor ink levels at the same time, many bug fixes).
* Sat Aug 24 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-71mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 22/08/2002 (Filter scripts give
    priority to option settings in stuffed into the PostScript against option
    settings done on the command line/in the ~/.lpoptions file).
  - Fixed bug of the GIMP plug-in inserting PPD options wrongly (PostScript
* Fri Aug 23 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-70mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 22/08/2002 (Foomatic data for HPIJS 
  - Updated to GIMP-Print 4.2.2rc2 (New Epsons directly supported, several
    bug fixes).
  - Updated to HPIJS 1.2.1 (Paper input tray selection, support for HP DeskJet
    4xx printers).
* Thu Aug 22 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-69mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 22/08/2002 (Added the Epson Stylus
    C41SX, C41UX, C42SX, C42UX, C61, C62. C82, Stylus Photo 830, 915, 925).
  - Updated to GIMP-Print 4.2.2rc1 and patched it for the new Epson printers.
  - Fixed typo in menu text for Oki 4w installation.
* Fri Aug 16 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-68mdk
  - Updated Omni to the CVS of the 16/08/2002 (RC for Omni 0.7.1).
  - Updated MTink/TTink to version 0.9.17.
  - MTink/TTink documentation got into printer-filters package accidentally,
    moved it to printer-utils. 
  - Really rebuilt with gcc-3.2-0.3mdk ("no" was not updated last time).
* Wed Aug 14 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-67mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 14/08/2002.
  - Rebuilt with gcc-3.2-0.3mdk.
* Mon Aug 12 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-66mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 12/08/2002 (Added HP PhotoSmart
    7550, added full-bleed printing for HP PhotoSmart 7x50 and DeskJet 555x,
    renamed "Quality" option of HPIJS to "Resolution" so that it gets
    accessable from thr GIMP).
* Wed Aug 07 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-65mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 07/08/2002 (HP DeskJet 6xx and
    Apollo printers do only 600x300 dpi max, used the GhostScript "stp"
    driver for GIMP-Print and not the IJS driver, the "stp" driver is
    more mature, "cdjXXX" and "chp2200" drivers have "Normal" as default
    quality setting now).
  - Set default values of GIMP-Print to get a better image quality: Image
    Type to "Photographs" and Gamma to 1.6.
  - BuildRequires: automake 1.4 (needed for z42tool).
  - Cleaned up "Obsoletes:"/"Provides:"/"Conflicts:", especially for 8.2 ->
    9.0 update installation.
* Tue Aug 06 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-64mdk
  - Made the IJS interface of GIMP-Print also working with non-english 
  - Corrected menu entries ("/" in text and wrong icon file names) in
    printer-utils package.
* Fri Aug 02 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-63mdk
  - In ESP GhostScript ("gs -h") the "stp" device was missing, fixed.
* Wed Jul 31 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-62mdk
  - Updated to GIMP-Print 4.2.2pre4 (Fix for uncomplete printjobs on
    Windows-hosted printers, improvements on the Epson Stylus Photo
  - Removed VFlib from the BuildRequires and from the Requires of
    GhostScript, it is not used any more.
* Tue Jul 30 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-61mdk
  - Updated GhostScript to version 7.05.4.
  - Corrected version number of the IJS library (must be 0.34).
  - Fixed GIMP-Print to print jobs on printers connected to a Windows
    server completely.
* Fri Jul 26 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-60mdk
  - Rebuilt with gcc 3.2.
* Wed Jul 24 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-59mdk
  - Use %perl_vendorlib (Gwenole).
  - Patch59: Mtink: look for Motif libraries in the right directories
  - Patch39: Compile DSO with PIC code (Gwenole).
  - Rpmlint fixes: hardcoded-library-path (Gwenole).
  - Fixed "-o docs" (help page) option of cupsomatic, it was broken when
    CUPS 1.1.15 is used.
  - Rebuilt for readline 4.3.
* Tue Jul 23 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-58mdk
  - Updated GIMP-Print to version 4.2.2pre3 (Added Epson Stylus Photo 950,
    2100, 2200, Stylus Pro 7600, 9600, 7-ink, quad-tone (4 grayscaled inks)
    support, Even Tone dithering, bug fixes for very low resolutions).
* Sun Jul 21 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-57mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 18/07/2002 of the stable 2.0 branch.
  - Updated ESP GhostScript to the CVS from 18/07/2002 (Re-introduced Red
    Hat's old japanese drivers).
  - Updated CJK CIDFonts for GhostScript (Fix Red Hat bugs 68009 and 61015).
* Thu Jul 18 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-56mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 18/07/2002 (Added HP DeskJet 670TV,
    843C, 916C, 933C, 934C, 935C, and PhotoSmart P130, HPIJS 1.2, CUPS page
    logging bug fix).
  - Updated ESP GhostScript to the CVS from 18/07/2002 (All drivers already
    in GhostScript, patches necessary only for X11 modularization, and PPC
  - Updated to HPIJS 1.2 (Support for newest HP models, for the HP DeskJet
    500/500C and compatibles, PCL-5 laser printers, 600-dpi high-quality
    grayscale mode for printers which to 600 dpi gray and 300 dpi color).
  - Fixed prefix in /usr/bin/ijs-config.
* Thu Jul 11 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-55mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 11/07/2002 (Added HP DeskJet 3820,
    5550, 5551, PhotoSmart 7150, 7350, Color LaserJet 4600, PJL fixes, auto-
    detection info of LaserJet 2100, updated documentation).
  - Updated ESP GhostScript to the CVS from 11/07/2002 (Fixes for PNG device
  - Updated Omni to the CVS from 10/07/2002 (Fixes for compatibility with
    ESP GhostScript).
  - Added Mtink (printer maintenance/ink monitoring for Epson inkjets).
  - Removed Perl version number from %files part ("foomatic" package), it
    breaks the package build when there is a new Perl version.
  - Foomatic rebuilt against Perl 5.8.0.
  - Added "%BeginDocument ... %EndDocument" around EPS file inserted into
    the Mandrakeized CUPS test page (, thanks to Mike Sweet
    (CUPS author).
* Thu Jul 04 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-54mdk
  - New tarball for "gdi" driver used.
  - Removed unused patches.
  - Re-activated the image format drivers which got lost on the last
    GhostScript update (PNG device).
* Tue Jun 18 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-53mdk
  - Built GhostScript against libintl2.
  - Added "pstoraster" wrapper script to make GhostScript being used as the
    cups-internal RIP.
* Sun Jun 16 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-52mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 16/06/2002 (Added HP DeskJet 957C,
    959C, 975C, and Epson AcuLaser C4000).
  - Updated GhostScript to ESP GhostScript 7.05.2.
  - Updated Omni to version 0.7.0 (Now Omni really works).
  - Updated Epson's laser printer drivers to version 3.0.2 (native GhostScript
    6.x support, Epson AcuLaser C4000 supported).
  - Moved HPIJS build into directory separate from GhostScript.
* Wed May 15 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-51mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 15/05/2002 (Added the Lexmark Z13).
  - Updated the Lexmark-Foomatic-Kit to also support the Lexmark Z13.
  - Removed the SVGAlib support from GhostScript.
* Wed May 15 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-50mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 15/05/2002 (Recommended drivers for
    laser printers are the old GhostScript drivers, not GIMP-Print)
  - Bugfixes and improvements in the Lexmark-Foomatic-Kit: now printing
    with the Lexmark drivers for the Z23/Z33 works.
  - Updated Omni to a CVS after 0.6.1 (14/05/2002).
  - Updated the "lm1100" (Lexmark 1xxx) driver to version 1.0.2a.
* Sat May 11 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-49mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to version 1.9 (No need of Perl libraries any more,
    libxml2 C library used instead, GNU autoconf, non-root users can browse
    database with KDE Print Manager of KDE 3.x or with Foomatic command line
  - Updated HPIJS to version 1.1 (draft modes, 1200 dpi on HP PhotoSmart P100,
    more paper sizes)
  - Updated GIMP-Print to version 4.2.1 (IJS GhostScript plug-in)
  - Introduced IJS library package.
  - OMNI temporarily removed, it needs gcc 2.x.
  - Built with gcc 3.1.
* Sun Apr 14 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-48mdk
  - Updated GIMP-Print to version 4.2.1-pre5 (Fixes Canon inkjets on high
  - Missing BuildRequires: libgtkmm-devel, needed for Omni 0.6.x.
* Sat Mar 23 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-47mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 20/03/2002 (HPIJS 1.0.4)
  - Updated HPIJS to version 1.0.4.
  - Updated Omni to version 0.6.0.
* Mon Mar 18 2002 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.0-46mdk
  - fixed bug in ps2epsi.
* Sat Mar 09 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-45mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 09/03/2002 (Added Canon BJC-255SP and
    BJC-265SP to the printer database, HPIJS B4/B5 paper size fix, "Photo Full
    Bleed" paper size in HPIJS only for HP PhotoSmart P100).
  - Patched HPIJS to print correctly on A6 paper.
* Fri Mar 08 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-44mdk
  - New HPIJS patch from David Suffield: It fixes not only the duplex but
    also printing on B4 and B5 paper.
* Thu Mar 07 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-43mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 07/03/2002 (When "foomatic-configure"
    creates a queue for LPRng, the permissions for the /var/log/lp-errs file
    are set correctly now).
  - Updated the "pentaxpj" driver to version 20020301-11.
* Wed Mar 06 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-42mdk
  - Added a patch for duplex printing with HPIJS from David Suffield.
* Wed Mar 06 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-41mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 05/03/2002 (New HP multi-function
    devices: HP OfficeJet D series, HP LaserJet 33xx MFP series, added
    Lexmark E210, bug in reading defaults of float options from PPD files
    fixed, fixed Red Hat bug 58319, fixed quoting in driver command line for 
    PDQ, assured that "foomatic-gswrapper" is used for every driver).
  - Added fix for duplex printing through IJS from David Suffield.
* Mon Mar 04 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-40mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 04/03/2002 (Brother MFC 9600
    prints 600 dpi with "hl1250", HP DeskJet 610CL prints best with "hpijs", 
    HP DeskJet 1125C and LaserJet 6P print best with GIMP-Print, fix for
    option default choices with "+" character in PPD files, fix with PJL on
  - Applied fix from Andre Duclos ( The package did not
    build on his machine without the fix ("foomatic-kitload" replaced by
    "tar" to add the GIMP-Print XML files to the Foomatic database).
  - Patched GIMP-Print to produce Foomatic data for the HP DeskJet 1125C and
    LaserJet 6P.
* Fri Mar 01 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-39mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 01/03/2002 (Many new printers,
    especially Canon, "ppmtomd" driver, DeskJets have "hpijs" as default
  - Added "ppmtomd": Unix driver for MicroDry Printers.
  - Patched GIMP-Print to produce Foomatic data for more printers.
  - Reworked patch 48, because PPC compilation was broken (Stew Benedict).
* Thu Feb 28 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-38mdk
  - Fixed chinese character support in GhostScript 6.53 (Du Xiaoming).
* Mon Feb 25 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-37mdk
  - Re-activated the "x11alpha" (anti-aliasing X11) device, it was deactivated
    in GhostScript 6.53 (Francois Pons).
  - Removed the "-ffastmath" optimization option from the GhostScript
    compilation. it breaks IJS/HPIJS (600 dpi on Letter/Legal paper did not
* Thu Feb 21 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-36mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 20/02/2002 (HPIJS 1.0.3, bugfixes).
  - Updated GhostScript to version 6.53 to fix a rather serious security
    problem, which allowed PostScript code to execute arbitrary commands.
    It has also the IJS plug-in interface and CJK support integrated.
  - Removed VFlib support and the VFlib-based drivers for japanese printers
    from GhostScript. The patches do not compile under GhostScript 6.53 due
    to the changes introduced with the security fix.
  - Updated patches for X11 and SVGAlib drivers to be shared libraries for
    GhostScript 6.53 (Francois Pons).
  - Fixed bug in the printer test pages which prevented native PostScript
    printers (PS Level 1 & 2) fromm printing the Mandrake logo.
  - Corrected /usr/sbin/alignmargins to work with any GhostScript version.
  - Patched GIMP-Print to support small paper sizes on Epson Stylus Pro 
* Tue Feb 05 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-35mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 05/02/2002 (Support for HPOJ,
  - Fixed Omni compilation for PPC (Stew Benedict).
  - Used %ix86 macro (suggestion from Jeff Garzik)
  - Used "drv_z42" tarball with pre-built Glade GUI because Glade needs
    a working X display, even in the window-less "-w" mode (bug reported
    by Jeff Garzik).
* Thu Jan 24 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-34mdk
  - Applied GIMP-Print patch to correct print head offsets on Epson Stylus
    Photo 700 (this bug lead to a poor printout quality).
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 24/01/2002 (Epson EPL-5900 works
    better with "pxlmono").
* Sun Jan 20 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-33mdk
  - Updated HPIJS to version 1.0.2.
  - Updated drv_z42 to version 0.3.4.
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 20/01/2002 (PPD file fix for
    GhostScript 6.52).
* Fri Jan 18 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-32mdk
  - Updated the Epson-Kowa laser printer drivers to version 1.0.4, to
    support also the Epson EPL-5900 and the Epson EPL-N2120.
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 18/01/2002 (New Epson lasers).
* Wed Jan 16 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-31mdk
  - Updated the "hpijs" driver to version 1.0.1 (bugfixes and completely free
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 16/01/2002 (CUPS queues are set up 
    with PPD-O-Matic PPDs, auto-detection of file converters, bug fixes).
* Tue Jan 15 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-30mdk
  - Updated GhostScript to version 6.52.
  - Updated gs-cjk to M2-R3 (xming).
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 14/01/2002 (several bugfixes).
  - Removed slashes from menu entry for the Z42/Z43 maintenance tool.
  - Removed Patch4, GS 6.52 could not create temporary files when this
    patch was applied (Found with an HP DeskJet 990 and HPIJS1.0).
* Fri Jan 11 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-29mdk
  - Added Canon BJC-250/-1000 driver for GhostScript from Gergely Szasz
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 11/01/2002 ("bjc250gs" driver data,
    several bugfixes).
* Tue Jan 01 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-28mdk
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 01/01/2002 (Worked around a bug in
    HPIJS 1.0 which breaks the paper size setting via PostScript commands).
* Fri Dec 21 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-27mdk
  - Updated the "hpijs" driver to version 1.0.
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 20/12/2001.
  - Used "%make" instead of "make" for the Omni driver and added 
    "CFLAGS=$RPM_OPT_FLAGS ..." so that $RPM_OPT_FLAGS is used.
  - Made GIMP-Print user's guide being included.
  - Added GhostScript wrapper for the Pentax PocketJet series.
  - ml85p works again, re-activated.
* Wed Dec 05 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-26mdk
  - Rebuilt and re-introduced to the Cooker, the package was automatically
    deleted by a bug in new upload scripts.
* Thu Nov 29 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-25mdk
  - Updated "pcl3" driver to version 3.3.
  - Updated Omni to version 0.5.1.
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 30/11/2001.
* Sat Nov 24 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-24mdk
  - Updated Lexmark Z42/Z43 driver (drv_z42) to version 0.3.3.
  - Updated GIMP-Print to version 4.2.0 final.
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 24/11/2001.
* Tue Nov 20 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-23mdk
  - Made Omni data only visible when Omni is installed, Omni is still in
    experimental state
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 20/11/2001 (Updated docs).
  - Omni produced garbage in /etc/, fixed.
* Fri Nov 16 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-22mdk
  - Added "z42tool" a maintenance tool for the Lexmark Z42
  - Updated GIMP-Print to version 4.1.99rc1.
  - Updated Foomatic to the state of the 16/11/2001.
  - Added "$CFLAGS" to all direct calls of gcc (to allow cross-compiling the 
  - Added patch to build Samsung SmartGDI printer driver - PPC (Stew)
  - Reworked hpijs ENDIAN patch - PPC (Stew)
  - Added "unzip" to the BuildRequires.
  - Fixed libgimpprint info file entry (/usr/share/info/dir conflict) (Stefan
    van der Eijk)
  - Removed obselete BuildRequires: docbook-style-dsssl ghostscript jadetex
    openjade perl-DateManip perl-Parse-Yapp perl-XML-Parser perl-libxml-perl
    tetex (Stefan van der Eijk)
  - New %makeinstall totally broken, replaced by %old_makeinstall
* Sun Oct 21 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-21mdk
  - Corrected path setting for libxml in "setit" file and XML parser 
    Makefile of Omni
  - New Foomatic data generator with cleaned-up printer, manufacturer, 
    option, and choice names.
* Wed Oct 17 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-20mdk
  - Updated Omni to version 0.5.0 (bugfixes, new printers)
  - Updated GIMP-Print from CVS (bugfixes, new printers, User's Guide)
  - Added Foomatic data for Omni
  - Rebuilt GIMP-Print for libgimp1.2_1
  - ml85p does not work with current kernel, deactivated
* Wed Oct 10 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-19mdk
  - Inserted new Mandrake logo in the alternative test pages
  - GIMP-Print patch to make "Glossy" paper with 600x600 dpi working on the
    HP DeskJet 810C/812C/840C/842C (fall back to "Premium" paper).
  - Updated Foomatic: new printers, removed HP LaserJet 6L from
    "lj5gray"/"lj5mono" drivers.
* Wed Oct 10 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-18mdk
  - Added driver for the Lexmark Z42
  - inserted new Mandrake logo in test page
  - Corrected marginless printing on the Epson Stylus Photo 890/1290
* Thu Oct 04 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-17mdk
  - Updated Foomatic: Paper tray selection for all PCL lasers, new printer
    models, various bugfixes.
  - Updated GIMP-Print from CVS: near 4.1.99b3 (bugfixes)
  - Added BuidRequires: libcups-devel, all Perl libraries needed to run 
  - Really make ml85p %{ix86}-specific
  - Fix of some font names in of vflib
* Tue Sep 25 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-16mdk
  - Fixed bug of sometimes options defined in the Foomatic database missing
    in the driver description files for the spoolers.
  - Fixed bug of the Lexmark Z23, Z33, and Z53 not working with Lexmark's
  - Changed priorities to make the "lxm3200" driver the default driver for
    the Lexmark 3200, GIMP-Print is broken for this printer.
* Sun Sep 23 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-15mdk
  - Fixed bug of GhostScript ignoring the "Quality" option on the Lexmark Z52
    and other printers (GIMP-Print driver).
* Sat Sep 22 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-14mdk
  - Fixed the "lexmarkwrapper" so that it works also with LPRng and PDQ.
  - Fixed "foomatic-configure" to call "checkpc -f" after every manipulation
    of LPRng queues, this corrects the permissions so that LPRng does not
    refuse to print.
* Fri Sep 21 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-13mdk
  - Updated to GIMP-Print 4.1.99 beta 2 final (Fix for Epson Stylus Color 660,
    it only spilled empty pages before).
* Wed Sep 19 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-12mdk
  - Updated GIMP-Print from CVS: near 4.1.99b2 (Fix of Epson output quality
* Sat Sep 15 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-11mdk
  - Removed automatic ownership/permission setting for /dev/oki4drv in the
* Sat Sep 15 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-10mdk
  - Activated "cfax" driver in GhostScript (for capifax, isdn4k-utils,
    Bugzilla 3923)
* Thu Sep 13 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-9mdk
  - Patched dvipdf for better quality PDF output (patch from Giuseppe Ghibo)
  - Made cupsomatic handling the "sides" (Duplex) option of CUPS handling
* Wed Sep 12 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-8mdk
  - Foomatic updated for new inkjet drivers from Lexmark.
  - HP LaserJet 5L does not work with lj5gray/lj5mono drivers, fixed.
  - Options with On/Off, Yes/No, or True/False as choices broken, fixed.
  - Removed entries for japanese printer drivers which are not supported
    by our GhostScript.
* Mon Sep 03 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-7mdk
  - foomatic-configure supports setting a default printer now.
  - Documentation files of Foomatic updated.
  - Alps MD-1500 works also with the "ppmtocpva" driver.
  - Updated GIMP-Print from CVS: 4.1.99b1.
  - Adapted libgimpprint(-devel) packages to the library policy.
* Sun Sep 02 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-6mdk
  - Foomatic overview generation also accelerated with the C program, so also
    the overview does not need to be pre-built.
  - Bugfix in the determination of the default driver
    (foomatic-preferred-driver), for some printers the default driver entry
    did not get into the printer XML file.
  - Added Apple LaserWriter 4/600.
  - The HP LaserJet 5Si and 3200se support PJL, fixed appropriate database
  - Various small fixes on the Foomatic database.
* Tue Aug 28 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-5mdk
  - Foomatic data generation accelerated substancially by a C program,
    so no pre-building of the Foomatic data necessary any more (saves 30 h
    of package build time and 30 MB of disk space on the destination machine).
  - Added HP and Apollo printers: Apollo P-2100, P-2150, HP DeskJet 816C,
    980C, e-printer e20, PhotoSmart P1215, P1218, OfficeJet K60, K80, V40,
    PSC 300, 750.
  - Added new Epson EPL and AcuLaser printers.
  - Added HP DesignJet 750 (supported by GIMP-Print).
  - Updated Foomatic data for the hpijs driver (inkjet driver of HP).
  - Updated the Brother HL-1240/1250 driver to version 0.4.
  - Added Omni 0.4.
  - Added the laser printer drivers provided by Epson.
  - Added the japanese printer drivers from Red Hat.
  - Check whether the printer list of GIMP-Print does not contain printers
    not existing in the Foomatic database.
  - Updated GIMP-Print from CVS: 4.1.99a3.
  - Adapted "alignmargins" script to GhostScript 6.51 and fixed a bug of the
    CUPS default printer not being listed.
  - Foomatic obsoletes out the rhs-printfilters and printtool packages now.
* Sun Aug 12 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-4mdk
  - Let printer-filters not activate the oki4daemon by default
* Sat Aug 11 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-3mdk
  - Fixes on the usage of rlpr, nc, and smbclient by foomatic-configure
* Thu Aug 09 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-2mdk
  - Precompiled Foomatic database
* Sun Aug 05 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-1mdk
  - GhostScript was not able to open temporary files, removed O_CREAT flags
    in src/gpmisc.c to fix it (ghostscript-6.51-10mdk).
  - New CVS of GIMP-Print 4.1.99a2.
  - Added Foomatic.
  - Added tools and PostScript PPDs from former cups-drivers package.
  - Updated "ppmtocpva" driver to version 1.0.
  - Added some different test pages.
* Fri Aug 03 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.0-0.1mdk
  - New CVS of GIMP-Print 4.1.99a2.
  - GhostScript requires libpng and libintl1.
  - Let all packages providing printer drivers being built by
    the "printer-drivers" source package,
    merged the source RPM/specfile of ghostscript, foomatic, cups-drivers,
    and the GIMP-Print plugin for GIMP together, because they all depend on
    the same GIMP-Print source tarball.



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