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RPM of Group Development/KDE and Qt

associationsubscribersmanager-devel-3.2.0-2mdv2011.0 Devel files needed to build apps based on associationsubscribersmanager linux/x86_64
calligra-devel-2.4.3-1 Header files for developing calligra applications linux/x86_64
devicesync-devel-0.1-1mdv2009.1 Header files and documentation for compiling devicesync applications linux/x86_64
edyuk-1.1.0-4mdv2011.0 Edyuk - fully-featured, highly flexible IDE for Qt 4 linux/x86_64
esvn-0.6.12-3mdv2011.0 The eSvn is a cross-platform (QT-based) GUI for Subversion linux/x86_64
gluon-devel-0.71.0-1 Headers files for gluon linux/x86_64
kftpgrabber-devel-0.8.99-0.878879.1mdv2009.1 Header files and documentation for compiling KFtpgrabber based applications linux/x86_64
kmymoney-devel-4.5.3-2 KMyMoney Development library linux/x86_64
koffice-devel-2.3.3-6 Header files for developing koffice2 applications linux/x86_64
lib64edyuk1-devel-1.1.0-4mdv2011.0 Edyuk development files linux/x86_64
lib64kdevideo-devel-0.9.0-0.986125.1mdv2010.1 Kdevideo libraries linux/x86_64
lib64pyside0-0.4.2-2mdv2011.0 PySide core library linux/x86_64
lib64qpxtool-devel- Development files for qpxtool linux/x86_64
lib64qpxtool0.6.2- Shared libraries for qpxtool linux/x86_64
lib64qt-gstreamer-devel-0.10.1-1 Development files for QtGstreamer linux/x86_64
lib64qtexengine-devel-0.2-1mdv2011.0 Development files for qtexengine linux/x86_64
lib64qtlockedfile-devel-2.4.1-2 Development files for qtlockedfile linux/x86_64
lib64qtlockedfile1-2.4.1-2 QFile extension with advisory locking functions linux/x86_64
lib64qtsingleapplication-devel-2.6.1-1 Development files for qtsingleapplication linux/x86_64
lib64qtsingleapplication1-2.6.1-1 Qt library to start applications only once per user linux/x86_64
lib64qtsinglecoreapplication-devel-2.6.1-1 Development files for qtsinglecoreapplication linux/x86_64
lib64qtsinglecoreapplication1-2.6.1-1 Qt library to start applications only once per user linux/x86_64
monkeystudio- Free crossplatform Qt 4 IDE linux/x86_64
pyside-tools-0.2.9-1 PySide development tools linux/x86_64
qconf-1.4-6mdv2010.0 Allows you to have a nice configure script for your qmake-based project linux/x86_64
qsvn-devel-0.8.3-2mdv2011.0 Development files for qsvn linux/x86_64
qt-gstreamer-0.10.1-1 C++ bindings for GStreamer with a Qt-style API linux/x86_64
qtgtl-devel-0.9.1-3mdv2011.0 Development files for Qtbindings for OpenGTL and OpenShiva linux/x86_64
scribo-devel-0.2.0-1 Devel headers for nepomuk support linux/x86_64

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