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Packages beginning with letter Y

yabause-0.9.11-1 Yabause - A Saturn emulator linux/i586
yabause-gtk-0.9.11-1 Yabause - A Saturn emulator - GTK+ interface linux/i586
yabause-qt-0.9.11-1 Yabause - A Saturn emulator - QT interface linux/i586
yacas-1.3.2-1 Yacas, a computer algebra language linux/i586
yagf-0.9.2-1 Yet Another Graphic Front-end for Cuneiform linux/i586
yaml-cpp-0.2.7-2 A YAML parser and emitter for C++ linux/i586
yaml-cpp-devel-0.2.7-2 Development files for yaml-cpp linux/i586
yate-4.1.0-1 Yet Another Telephony Engine linux/i586
yate-alsa-4.1.0-1 ALSA sound driver for Yate linux/i586
yate-client-common-4.1.0-1 Common files for all Yate clients linux/i586
yate-gsm-4.1.0-1 GSM audio codec for Yate linux/i586
yate-h323-4.1.0-1 H.323 protocol driver for Yate linux/i586
yate-isdn-4.1.0-1 ISDN PRI card and protocol drivers for Yate linux/i586
yate-mysql-4.1.0-1 MySQL database driver for Yate linux/i586
yate-openssl-4.1.0-1 OpenSSL based encryption support for Yate linux/i586
yate-pgsql-4.1.0-1 PostgreSQL database driver for Yate linux/i586
yate-qt4-4.1.0-1 Qt-4 client package for Yate linux/i586
yate-scripts-4.1.0-1 External scripting package for Yate linux/i586
yate-speex-4.1.0-1 Speex audio codec for Yate linux/i586
yate-zlib-4.1.0-1 Zlib compression support for Yate linux/i586
yoshimi-1.0.0-2 ZynAddSubFX with improved RT capacities linux/i586
youtube-dl-2012.02.27-1 Small command-line program to download videos from YouTube linux/noarch

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