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Packages beginning with letter R

rapid-photo-downloader-0.4.3-1 Images downloader for external devices linux/noarch
razorqt-0.4.1-2 Razor a lightweight desktop toolbox linux/i586
razorqt-appswitcher-0.4.1-2 RazorQt application switcher linux/i586
razorqt-config-0.4.1-2 RazorQt config tools linux/i586
razorqt-data-0.4.1-2 RazorQt resources and shared data linux/i586
razorqt-desktop-0.4.1-2 RazorQt desktop linux/i586
razorqt-devel-0.4.1-2 RazorQt development package linux/i586
razorqt-panel-0.4.1-2 RazorQt panel linux/i586
razorqt-power-0.4.1-2 RazorQt config tools linux/i586
razorqt-runner-0.4.1-2 RazorQt runner application linux/i586
razorqt-session-0.4.1-2 RazorQt session linux/i586
rbutil-1.2.11-1 Rockbox (rbutil) firmware for mp3 players linux/i586
rdnssd-1.0.2-1 IPv6 recursive DNS server discovery daemon linux/i586
reaction-1.0-1 First-person shooter based on modified Quake 3 engine linux/i586
reaction-data-1.0-1 Data files used to play first-person shooter Reaction linux/noarch
recoll-1.18.1-1 Desktop full text search tool with a Qt gui linux/i586
recorditnow-0.8.1-69.3 Desktop session recorder for KDE 4 linux/i586
recoverjpeg-2.1.1-1 JFIF/JPEG File Recovery Tool linux/i586
redeclipse-1.2-1 Fast aced first person ego-shooter linux/i586
redeclipse-data-1.2-1 Data files for RedEclipse game linux/noarch
redmine-1.4.1-1 A flexible project management web application linux/noarch
redmine-bzr-1.4.1-1 A flexible project management web application - bzr backend linux/noarch
redmine-cvs-1.4.1-1 A flexible project management web application - cvs backend linux/noarch
redmine-git-1.4.1-1 A flexible project management web application - git backend linux/noarch
redmine-hg-1.4.1-1 A flexible project management web application - mercurial backend linux/noarch
redmine-mysql-1.4.1-1 A flexible project management web application - mysql connector linux/noarch
redmine-pg-1.4.1-1 A flexible project management web application - pgsql connector linux/noarch
redmine-sqlite-1.4.1-1 A flexible project management web application - sqlite connector linux/noarch
redmine-svn-1.4.1-1 A flexible project management web application - subversion backend linux/noarch
redshift-1.7-1 Adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to time of day linux/i586
redshift-gtk-1.7-1 GTK integration for Redshift linux/i586
rescan-scsi-bus-1.56-1 Rescan SCSI bus in Linux linux/noarch
rexloader-0.1a.rev207-1 Advanced multi-threaded download manager with Qt4 GUI linux/i586
rfcdiff-1.41-2 Draft Diff Tool linux/noarch
ristretto-0.3.3-1 A picture viewer for the Xfce desktop environment linux/i586
rocrail-1.3-0.rev986.2 Model Railroad Control System linux/i586
rpm44- The RPM package management system linux/i586
rpm44-build- Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/i586
rpm46-4.6.0-0.2 The RPM package management system linux/i586
rpm46-build-4.6.0-0.2 Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/i586
rsibreak-0.11-1 Assists in the Recovery and Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury linux/i586
rsl-1.42-1 TRMM Radar Software Library linux/i586
rsl-data-1.42-1 TRMM Radar Software Library data files linux/i586
rsl-doc-1.42-1 TRMM Radar Software Library documentation linux/i586
rss_glx-0.9.1-1 Really Slick Screensavers Port to GLX linux/i586
rsvndump-0.6-1 Remote Subversion repository dump linux/i586
rtirq-20120505-1 Realtime IRQ thread system tunning linux/noarch
rtorrent-0.9.2-1 Curses based BitTorrent client linux/i586
ruby-daemons-1.1.6-1 A toolkit to create and control daemons in different ways linux/noarch
ruby-wirble-0.1.3-1 Enhancements for Irb linux/noarch
rubygem-aruba-0.4.11-1 CLI Steps for Cucumber, hand-crafted for you in Aruba linux/noarch
rubygem-bacon-1.1.0-1 A ruby-based testing framework linux/noarch
rubygem-bcrypt-ruby-3.0.1-2 OpenBSD's bcrypt() password hashing algorithm linux/i586
rubygem-bcrypt-ruby-doc-3.0.1-2 Documentation for rubygem-bcrypt-ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-bundler-1.0.22-1 The best way to manage your application's dependencies linux/noarch
rubygem-bundler-doc-1.0.22-1 Documentation for rubygem-bundler linux/noarch
rubygem-childprocess-0.3.0-1 A simple and reliable solution for controlling external programs running in the background linux/noarch
rubygem-childprocess-doc-0.3.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-childprocess linux/noarch
rubygem-cucumber-1.1.4-1 Behaviour Driven Development with elegance and joy linux/noarch
rubygem-cucumber-doc-1.1.4-1 Documentation for rubygem-cucumber linux/noarch
rubygem-data_objects-0.10.7-1 DataObjects basic API and shared driver specifications linux/noarch
rubygem-data_objects-doc-0.10.7-1 Documentation for rubygem-data_objects linux/noarch
rubygem-datamapper-1.2.0-1 An Object/Relational Mapper for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-datamapper-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-datamapper linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-aggregates-1.2.0-1 DataMapper plugin providing support for aggregates on collections linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-aggregates-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-aggregates linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-constraints-1.2.0-1 DataMapper plugin constraining relationships linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-constraints-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-constraints linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-core-1.2.0-1 An Object/Relational Mapper for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-core-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-core linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-do-adapter-1.2.0-1 DataObjects Adapter for DataMapper linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-do-adapter-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-do-adapter linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-migrations-1.2.0-1 DataMapper plugin for writing and speccing migrations linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-migrations-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-migrations linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-serializer-1.2.1-1 DataMapper plugin for serializing Resources and Collections linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-serializer-doc-1.2.1-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-serializer linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-sqlite-adapter-1.2.0-1 Sqlite3 Adapter for DataMapper linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-sqlite-adapter-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-sqlite-adapter linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-timestamps-1.2.0-1 DataMapper plugin for magical timestamps linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-timestamps-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-timestamps linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-transactions-1.2.0-1 Adds transaction support to datamapper linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-transactions-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-transactions linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-types-1.2.1-1 DataMapper plugin providing extra data types linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-types-doc-1.2.1-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-types linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-validations-1.2.0-1 Library for performing validations on DM models and pure Ruby object linux/noarch
rubygem-dm-validations-doc-1.2.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-dm-validations linux/noarch
rubygem-do_mysql-0.10.7-1 DataObjects MySQL Driver linux/i586
rubygem-do_mysql-doc-0.10.7-1 Documentation for rubygem-do_mysql linux/noarch
rubygem-do_sqlite3-0.10.7-1 DataObjects MySQL Driver linux/i586
rubygem-do_sqlite3-doc-0.10.7-1 Documentation for rubygem-do_sqlite3 linux/noarch
rubygem-erubis-2.7.0-1 a fast and extensible eRuby implementation which supports multi-language linux/noarch
rubygem-erubis-doc-2.7.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-erubis linux/noarch
rubygem-fastercsv-1.5.4-1 FasterCSV is CSV, but faster, smaller, and cleaner linux/noarch
rubygem-fastercsv-doc-1.5.4-1 Documentation for rubygem-fastercsv linux/noarch
rubygem-ffi-1.0.11-2 A ruby extension for programmatically loading dynamic libraries linux/i586
rubygem-gemcutter-0.7.1-1 Commands to interact with linux/noarch
rubygem-gemcutter-doc-0.7.1-1 Documentation for rubygem-gemcutter linux/noarch
rubygem-gherkin-2.7.4-1 Fast Gherkin lexer/parser linux/i586
rubygem-hoe-2.13.0-1 Hoe is a rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles linux/noarch
rubygem-hoe-doc-2.13.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-hoe linux/noarch
rubygem-json-1.6.6-1 JSON Implementation for Ruby linux/i586
rubygem-json-doc-1.6.6-1 Documentation for rubygem-json linux/i586
rubygem-json_pure-1.6.5-1 JSON Implementation for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-json_pure-doc-1.6.5-1 Documentation for rubygem-json_pure linux/noarch
rubygem-libxml-ruby-2.2.2-1 Ruby Bindings for LibXML2 linux/i586
rubygem-libxml-ruby-doc-2.2.2-1 Documentation for rubygem-libxml-ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-metaclass-0.0.1-1 Adds a metaclass method to all Ruby objects linux/noarch
rubygem-metaclass-doc-0.0.1-1 Documentation for rubygem-metaclass linux/noarch
rubygem-minitest-2.12.0-1 minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities supporting TDD, BDD, mocking, and benchmarking linux/noarch
rubygem-minitest-doc-2.12.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-minitest linux/noarch
rubygem-mocha-0.10.5-1 Mocking and stubbing library linux/noarch
rubygem-mocha-doc-0.10.5-1 Documentation for rubygem-mocha linux/noarch
rubygem-mongrel-1.1.5-1 A small fast HTTP library and server for Ruby apps linux/i586
rubygem-multi_json-1.0.4-1 A gem to provide swappable JSON backends linux/noarch
rubygem-nokogiri-1.5.0-1 Nokogiri (鋸) is an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser linux/i586
rubygem-nokogiri-doc-1.5.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-nokogiri linux/noarch
rubygem-openssl-nonblock-0.2.1-1 Non-blocking support for Ruby OpenSSL linux/i586
rubygem-openssl-nonblock-doc-0.2.1-1 Documentation for rubygem-openssl-nonblock linux/noarch
rubygem-racc-1.4.7-1 Racc is a LALR(1) parser generator linux/i586
rubygem-racc-doc-1.4.7-1 Documentation for rubygem-racc linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-1.3.2-1 A modular Ruby webserver interface linux/noarch
rubygem-rack-doc-1.3.2-1 Documentation for rubygem-rack linux/noarch
rubygem-rake- Ruby based make-like utility linux/noarch
rubygem-rake-compiler-0.8.0-1 Rake-based Ruby Extension (C, Java) task generator linux/noarch
rubygem-rake-doc- Documentation for rubygem-rake linux/noarch
rubygem-rexical-1.0.5-1 Rexical is a lexical scanner generator linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-2.8.0-1 Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-core-2.8.0-4 Rspec-2 runner and formatters linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-core-doc-2.8.0-4 Documentation for rubygem-rspec-core linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-expectations-2.8.0-1 Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-rspec-mocks-2.8.0-1 Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-sequel-3.31.0-1 The Database Toolkit for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-sequel-doc-3.31.0-1 Documentation for rubygem-sequel linux/noarch
rubygem-sinatra-1.2.6-1 Classy web-development dressed in a DSL linux/noarch
rubygem-sinatra-doc-1.2.6-1 Documentation for rubygem-sinatra linux/noarch
rubygem-sqlite3-1.3.5-1 This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 database engine ( linux/i586
rubygem-sqlite3-doc-1.3.5-1 Documentation for rubygem-sqlite3 linux/noarch
rubygem-stringex-1.3.2-1 Some [hopefully] useful extensions to Ruby's String class linux/noarch
rubygem-stringex-doc-1.3.2-1 Documentation for rubygem-stringex linux/noarch
rubygem-term-ansicolor-1.0.7-1 Ruby library that colors strings using ANSI escape sequences linux/noarch
rubygem-thin-1.3.1-1 A thin and fast web server linux/i586
rubygem-thin-doc-1.3.1-1 Documentation for rubygem-thin linux/noarch
rubygem-tilt-1.3.3-1 Generic interface to multiple Ruby template engines linux/noarch
rubygem-tilt-doc-1.3.3-1 Documentation for rubygem-tilt linux/noarch
rubygem-uuidtools-2.1.2-1 UUID generator linux/noarch
rubygem-uuidtools-doc-2.1.2-1 Documentation for rubygem-uuidtools linux/noarch
rxtx-2.2-1.pre1.20111029 Serial and parallel I/O libraries supporting Sun's CommAPI linux/i586
rxvt-unicode-9.15-1 A color VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System linux/i586

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