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Packages beginning with letter M

macrofusion-0.7.3-1 GUI for HDR tool Enfuse linux/noarch
maildrop-2.5.5-1 Maildrop mail filter/mail delivery agent linux/i586
mandriva-xfce-config-Flash-2011.0-7 Mandriva Xfce Flash configuration files linux/noarch
mandriva-xfce-config-Free-2011.0-7 Mandriva Xfce Free configuration files linux/noarch
mandriva-xfce-config-One-2011.0-7 Mandriva Xfce One configuration files linux/noarch
mandriva-xfce-config-Powerpack-2011.0-7 Mandriva Xfce Powerpack configuration files linux/noarch
mandriva-xfce-config-common-2011.0-7 Mandriva Xfce common configuration files linux/noarch
mangler-1.2.2-1 Mangler is an open source VOIP client linux/i586
mangler-devel-1.2.2-1 Header files and static library for mangler linux/i586
marathon-1.0.1-1 3D first-person shooter game linux/noarch
marathon-infinity-1.0.1-1 3D first-person shooter game linux/noarch
marathon2-1.0.1-1 3D first-person shooter game linux/noarch
marsshooter-0.7.4-1 M.A.R.S. - A Ridiculous Shooter linux/i586
mathomatic-16.0.3-1 General purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System) linux/i586
maxima-5.27.0-1 Maxima Symbolic Computation Program linux/i586
maxima-gui-5.27.0-1 Tcl/Tk GUI interface to Maxima linux/i586
maxima-lang-de-utf8-5.27.0-1 Maxima German UTF-8 language pack linux/i586
maxima-lang-es-utf8-5.27.0-1 Maxima Spanish UTF-8 language pack linux/i586
maxima-lang-pt-utf8-5.27.0-1 Maxima Portuguese UTF-8 language pack linux/i586
maxima-lang-pt_BR-utf8-5.27.0-1 Maxima Brazilian Portuguese UTF-8 language pack linux/i586
maxima-runtime-clisp-5.27.0-1 Maxima compiled with clisp linux/i586
maxima-runtime-ecl-5.27.0-1 Maxima compiled with ECL linux/i586
maxima-runtime-gcl-5.27.0-1 Maxima compiled with GCL linux/i586
maxima-runtime-sbcl-5.27.0-1 Maxima compiled with SBCL linux/i586
mazeofgalious-0.63-1 A side-view, flick-screen platform game linux/i586
mc46-4.6.3-1 So called russian fork of Midnight Commander linux/i586
mcomix-0.98-1 MComix is a fork of the Comix project linux/noarch
md5deep-4.1-1 Compute MD5 message digests on an arbitrary number of files linux/i586
mdf2iso-0.3.0-1 Alkohol 120 CD Images (.mdf) to ISO converter linux/i586
meandmyshadow-0.2-1 Me and My Shadow is a puzzle/platform game linux/i586
medit-1.1.0-1 Multiplatform GTK+2 text editor linux/i586
mednafen-server-0.5.0-1 Mednafen Network Play Server linux/i586
mednafen0.9-0.9.26wip-1 Multi-consoles Emulator linux/i586
megaglest-3.6.0-0.1 Open Source 3d real time strategy game linux/i586
megaglest-data- Mega Glest data files linux/noarch
megamario-1.7-1 Super Mario Bros 1 clone linux/i586
megatunix-0.9.23-1 MegaTunix Tuning Software linux/i586
meka-0.73-1 Sega 8-bit machine emulator linux/i586
memtester-4.3.0-1 Memory tester linux/i586
mercurial-2.3.2-1 A fast, lightweight distributed source control management system linux/i586
mercurial-server-1.2-1 Mercurial authentication and authorization tools linux/noarch
metasploit-4.4.0-1 Penetration Testing Resources linux/noarch
metasploit-4.3.0-1 Penetration Testing Resources linux/noarch
metasploit-gui-4.4.0-1 GUI for metasploit linux/noarch
metasploit-gui-4.3.0-1 GUI for metasploit linux/noarch
mgarepo-1.10.2-1 Tools for Mageia repository access and management linux/noarch
mgarepo-ldap-1.10.2-1 Mgarepo plug-in to retrieve maintainer information from LDAP linux/noarch
mib-ossigeno-icons-4.3.0-69.3 MIB-Ossigeno icon theme linux/noarch
mib-report-0.8-2 A tool to generate packages reports for Rosa, MDV and MGA repos linux/i586
midori-0.4.3-1 Web browser based on WebKitGtk linux/i586
midori-vala-0.4.3-1 vala supported extensions for midori linux/i586
minetest-0.4.1-1 An InfiniMiner/Minecraft inspired game linux/i586
mini_sendmail-1.3.6-1 Accept email on behalf of real sendmail linux/i586
minidlna-1.0.22-1 A DLNA/UPnP-AV compliant media server linux/i586
minitube-1.8-1 A native YouTube client linux/i586
miredo-client-1.2.5-1 Tunneling client for IPv6 over UDP through NATs linux/i586
miredo-server-1.2.5-1 Tunneling server for IPv6 over UDP through NATs linux/i586
miro-4.0.6-1 Miro Player linux/i586
mixxx-1.10.0-1 Music DJing software linux/i586
mma-12.02-1 Musical MIDI Accompaniment linux/noarch
mnemosyne-1.2.2-1 Flash-card learning tool linux/noarch
mock-urpm-1.1.12-9 Builds packages inside chroots linux/noarch
mongodb-2.0.3-1 MongoDB client shell and tools linux/i586
mongodb-server-2.0.3-1 MongoDB server, sharding server, and support scripts linux/i586
monit-5.3.2-1 Process monitor and restart utility linux/i586
monosim-gtk- GTK user interface to manage sim card contacts linux/noarch
monosim-qt- Qt user interface to manage sim card contacts linux/noarch
moon-buggy-1.0.51-1 Drive and jump with some kind of car across the moon linux/i586
moserial-3.0.5-1 Serial terminal for the Gnome desktop linux/i586
motogt-20110505-1 MotoGT is a free motorcycle racing game linux/i586
mozilla-plugin-dejavu-4.8-1 UNIX-based DjVu Netscape plugin linux/i586
mp-5.2.2-1 Minimum Profit - Programmer Text Editor linux/i586
mp3packer-1.23-1 MP3 reorganizer and repacker linux/i586
mp3splt-2.4.1-1 Command line utility to split mp3 and ogg files linux/i586
mp3splt-gtk-0.7.1-1 GTK2 utility to split MP3 and Ogg Files without decoding linux/i586
mpc-0.22-1 MPC, command-line client for MPD linux/i586
mpd-0.16.7-2 MPD, the Music Player Daemon linux/i586
mpdscribble-0.22-3 Mpd client which submits information about tracks being played to Lastfm linux/i586
mpop-1.0.27-1 A POP3 client that retrieves mail from POP3 mailboxes linux/i586
msmtp-1.4.28-1 An SMTP client linux/i586
mtd-utils-1.5.0-1 Utilities for dealing with MTD (flash) devices linux/i586
mtd-utils-ubi-1.5.0-1 Utilities for dealing with UBI linux/i586
mtdev-1.1.2-1 Kernel multi-touch transformation library linux/i586
mtpfs-1.1-1 FUSE filesystem that supports MTP devices linux/i586
mtr-0.82-1 Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool linux/i586
mtr-gtk-0.82-1 Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool - GTK Interface linux/i586
munge-0.5.10-1 Enables uid & gid authentication across a host cluster linux/i586
mupdf-1.1-1 MuPDF is a lightweight PDF viewer and toolkit written in portable C linux/i586
mupen64plus-1.99.5-1 Nintendo 64 Emulator (GTK Gui) linux/i586
mupen64plus-plugin-audio-sdl-1.99.5-1.5 SDL Audio Plugin for the Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i586
mupen64plus-plugin-input-sdl-1.99.5-1.5 SDL Input Plugin for the Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i586
mupen64plus-plugin-rsp-hle-1.99.5-1.5 RSP High-Level Emulation Plugin For the Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i586
mupen64plus-plugin-video-rice-1.99.5-1.5 Rice Video Plugin for the Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i586
mupen64plus-ui-console-1.99.5-1.5 Command Line Frontend for the Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i586
myagent-im-0.4.6-1 Instant messenger that supports protocol linux/i586
mygui-3.0.1-2 Fast, simple and flexible GUI library for Ogre linux/i586
mygui-doc-3.0.1-2 Development documentation for MyGUI linux/noarch
mypaint-1.0.0-1 A simple paint program linux/i586
myrulib-0.29.8-1 E-Book Library Manager linux/i586
mysql-workbench-oss-5.2.39-1 Extensible modeling tool for MySQL 5.x linux/i586
mythtv-backend-0.24.2-1 Server component of mythtv (a PVR) linux/i586
mythtv-doc-0.24.2-1 MythTV documentation linux/i586
mythtv-frontend-0.24.2-1 Client component of mythtv (a PVR) linux/i586
mythtv-setup-0.24.2-1 Setup the mythtv backend linux/i586
mythtv-themes-base-0.24.2-1 Base themes for mythtv's frontend linux/i586

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